“Congress has done nothing for Muslims”: RSS ‘Muslim Morcha’

New Delhi: Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM), an RSS offshoot, held a press conference here at the Press Club of India on 12 January wherein it stated that the objective of the press conference was to create a public awakening against Congress government’s votebank politics, corruption, growing criminal activities in Delhi and overall deteriorating conditions. It was stated that Congress had always used Muslims for its votebank and by describing them as “minorities”, developed an inferiority complex among them. It is the favourite pastime of Congress to sow the seeds of dissension and differences between Hindus and Muslims because of which it divided the country’s Ganga-Jamuni civilization into many factions. Innocent Muslims have been kept away from education and their health and development got stagnated as a result of this conspiracy. Congress leaders, MPs, officials and ministers like A. Raja, Shashi Tharoor, Suresh Kalmadi etc got exposed before the masses as corrupt persons who filled their pockets with huge parts of people’s welfare budgets and now they have become big liabilities for the Congress.

According to Mohammad Afzal, the convenor of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch, the sincere efforts and intentions of the outfit seek to promote communal unity and brotherhood. “We shall not allow Congress to harass innocent people and create difficulties for them, as it has been doing. Today Congress has falsely implicated Indresh Kumarji, though people have seen that he has been honourably released and freed from all the false accusations,” Afzal said.

He further said that workers and members of MRM are actively working in 158 districts of 25 states of the country and their slogan is ‘education for life and life for education’ and they are trying for promoting religious education alongwith modern education in madrasas. Madrasas should be equipped with technology and for this we are helping them financially also, he said. He demanded that all innocent persons who are rotting in jails should be freed at the earliest.

In reply to a question about Indresh Kumar, he said that if after Gandhiji someone has talked and worked for Hindu-Muslim brotherhood, it is Indresh “whose tireless efforts have made Congress spend sleepless nights because it is now worried that its own misdeeds will be exposed and hence he was falsely accused and implicated.” He said, Congress should reconstitute an inquiry committee which should examine and investigate all the communal riots that took place in the country from 1947 till date. If it is sincere and true to its words, it should clearly answer if secret agencies of the country are not working as its private agencies which know beforehand all the impending bomb blasts and subsequently it comes to know that such-and-such persons/organisations are behind these blasts!