Arrest of the informer who got Mumbai Haj House Imam arrested

Mumbai: Sajid Javed Sheikh, a police informer of Malegaon who got Mumbai Haj House Imam Ghulam Yahya Bakhsh and three suspected Kashmiri terrorists arrested by ATS was himself arrested because of the presence of mind of senior Police Inspector Shamsher Khan of Paedhoni Police and put behind bars.

DCP Anil Kumar, who was earlier posted in Malegaon, enjoys a good reputation among Muslims. One day he chanced to meet Sajid Shekih, the police informer who had given secret information to the DCP that in Malad area of Mumbai a group of terrorists is active and that training in jehad is imparted near the Masjid of Ahl-e Hadees. He also told the DCP that his friend Imran Sheikh has detailed information about it. When the DCP called Imran and asked him about it, he said that he had overheard terrorists talking like this: ‘Anjuman is going on. The vehicle needs to be started. Our mission should not fail this time.’

When the DCP heard all this confusing conversation, he handed over the responsibility of investigating this enigma to Shamsher Khan Pathan. Using all his tricks and intellect, Pathan came to the conclusion that the police informer and his friend wanted to implicate Khurshid Khan and Saleem Khan. Both these person’s names were registered in a Malad property dispute case. Rasheed Khan had sold his property to one Mahmood Khan (45) and it was he himself who had given the supari to Sajid in order to bring the property dispute to an end, and to grab the whole property and to falsely implicate Khurshid and Saleem. Mahmood is a relative of Imran Sheikh and it was Imran who, in league with Sajid, had prepared the whole plan and had arranged explosive material from Malegaon which is used for making crackers. He had put this explosive material in a bag and placed it near Saleem’s garage. Saleem’s mechanic took the bag and threw it away in the gulf of Bango Nagar.

When police came to know that Imran, Sajid, Mahmood and Shakeel had placed this bag there, they arrested Sajid first and questioned him as to why had he put the bag there. When Sajid told the police that he had done this with the help of Imran Sheikh because he wanted to implicate Saleem. Thereafter, he gave the names of his helpers to police, after which Paedhoni police with great efforts arrested the informer Sajid Javed Sheikh (29), Mahmood Khan (45), Imran, Shakeel Ahmad Wakeel Ahmad and Malegaon police arrested Maqsood Ahmad (32) who too was complicit in this case.