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MG Very good newspaper. Kindly continue and serve community and nation.          H M Khan, Jaipur - 302018 Rajasthan II The Milli Gazetteis very informative. It is good to know a lot of news and views. Wishing all the best. National Council of Churches in India(NCCI), Delhi - 110001 III Lots of appreciation to you guys for doing the great job for our community. Keep up the excellent work. M Hanif J Dagia, Bharuch 392001   Congratulations, Mr Obama Thank God the lesser of the two evils has grabbed power in the US of A. Is American democracy well-defined or ill-defined is a subject to debate. Democracy involves a series of institutions, a constitution, a set of accepted norms for civil society, and free periodic elections. Many nations covertly violate their own definitions as we have experienced over the last 65 years by one of the most corrupt democracies in the world (India) particularly in state politics much more than in Union politics. On the wider international scene, take the case of the Israeli Government for instance. Israeli politicians contradict the well-defined democratic principles, violate their own national constitution and routinely commit many undemocratic actions such as occupation, torture, annexation, civil structural demolitions, martial law and so on. Even in the US, it is becoming increasingly a relevant topic where the constitutional processes are being bypassed by the executive branch and ignored by the Congress. National constitutions state that a democracy must put its military under civilian control. On paper, this is correct but in practice it is a different story. We see this vividly here in Kashmir. The U.S. economy is largely influenced by military corporations, and since much of its budget is off the record, there certainly is no democracy in the control and running of the U.S. military. The world wonders whether America is a democracy or an effective plutocracy well controlled by the filthy super-rich and the Military Industrial Complex. Elections are necessary in a democracy but are elections alone sufficient to create a true and clean democracy?. This provides an interesting contrast to the U.S. spectacle of never-ending election cycles and processes that carry on for months and years and require hundreds of millions of dollars to win - a grand spectacle but hardly a democratic process in an almost single party state particularly as far as foreign policy goes. There is the self-proclaimed belief that the U.S. is the ultimate model of democracy, and that free markets and trade liberalization (in fact corporate control of the world’s finances) are democratic. Can any political analyst deny the many interventions made by the U.S. to destroy democratic governments (Iran, Chile, Brazil, most of Central America, Greece, Grenada to name a few) before they proved to be a good alternative and democratic working model to the U.S. system. Pamohamedameen(via email)   Progress downhill Is it progress when, explaining ‘digital vigital’ of T. V. a daughter tells her father how maximum joy can be had from the idiot box which seldom refrains from showing shameless scenes of fashion show, catwalks, body baring cheer girls, half-naked game players? It seems man is racing to overtake devil in every field. Will this monkey business root out corruption or spread it further in every field with no one trusting another any more. Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Is Media anti-Muslim by nature? National Hindi / Hindustan / 11/11/12 published a full page report about the novel “Jismon Mein Qaid Dastaney” written by Shazi Zaman. Media give coverage to Muslims play, drama, novel afsana, sham-e-ghazal programmes. But media did not give any space to the historical book “Who Killed Karkare” and “Framed, Damned and acquitted”. Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan Amir Khan, Naushad, Amjad Khan etc. are hot cakes for media but media blacked out the news of release of Syed Kazmi from jail after eight months. Our national media by nature is harshly anti-Muslims. This is fourth crumbling pillar of our democracy. Is judiciary hearing? For justice Muslims life ruined. S.C. quashed the corruption case against former union minister C. K. Jaffer Sharief in a case filed about 1995 London tour (9 October 2012). A. P. high court lifted the ban on Md. Azharuddin whose world record of consecutive centuries in debut is still a record after 12 years. Syed Kazmi, noted journalist, was framed by police. He was released from jail after eight months of imprisonment. Md. Aamir was released from jail after 14 years of imprisonment. Unending stories of Muslims agony will be covered in the “White Paper” editor MG and his team is working on. It is obviously clear that Muslims could get justice only after their career, life and family get ruined. Is our judiciary ready to hear this? S. Haque, Patna   Dawoodi Bohra Community: Need of Immediate Reform The article ‘Bohra: An Islamic sect reduced to a cult’ by Mr Saifuddin Insaf (MG, Dec. 1-15) engenders a host of relevant questions. This Shia sub-sect’s servile veneration for the Syedna is against the very essence of Islam which doesn’t allow any mediator between banda  and Khuda. But this religious head, Syedna, demands complete surrender and submission from his followers. Here, I’d like to adduce a rather straightforward analogy by placing Syedna cheek-by-jowl with the late Bal Thackeray. Thackeray forcibly elicited respect from the people of Bombay and Maharashtra. Similarly, the Dawoodi Bohra religious head demands grovelling respect from his followers or else, they’ll be excommunicated. This fear of banishment makes most of the Bohras kow-tow to this grand patriarch. Almost a year back, the magazine ‘Open’ wrote that Syedna must stop the un-Islamic practice of female circumcision of Bohra females. This is still vogue among some North African Muslim communities in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, among others. But it’s basically an African tribal ritual and Syedna allows it in his fiefdom. It’s his unique way to exert complete hold over the community and congregation. More than a decade back, Syedna’s goons thrashed the Bohra reformer Asghar Ali Engineer at Indore airport. Syedna has the audacity to think that he’s on a par with Allah. But he must realise that ‘Ain imaan hai Anal-haq ka tarana lekin/Hai yahi kufr agar deeda-e-Mansoor na ho’ (Proclaiming ‘I’m god’ is completely in sync with the highest parameters of faith/ But it’s a sheer blasphemy if isn’t seen by one who doesn’t have the eyes of Mansoor Hallaj, the Arab mystic who was excoriated for proclaiming ‘Anal-Haq’ in 940 AD). The point is: Who’s this Syedna who’s inebriated by absolute power of pelf? Why don’t Bohra reformers dethrone him and do away with the priesthood that has been leeching on the helpless Bohra Muslims? If Ahmadiyyas are heretics in Pakistan and unofficially in India as well, how come Bohras are still tolerated?  Dr. Sumit Paul, Pune II Apropos of the article in MG 1-15 December 2012 by Saifuddin Insaf under the heading “Bohra: an Isalmic sect reduced to a cult.” Insaf deserves heartiest congratulations for exposing un-Islamic, inhuman and anti-Muslim activities of the religious head of Dawoodi Bohra community HH Dr. Syedna saheb. The writer of the article has also highlighted the corruption and malpractices in the Dawoodi Bohra trusts and Jamaats headed by H H Dr. Syedna saheb. Two enquiry commissions’ findings are ample proof of this. It requires tremendous courage to challenge powerful religious heads. Insaf Saheb: may your tribe increase. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani,Rajkot Gujarat   Benefits of Namaz When we become dirty we take bath. Our soul also collects dirt and dust from our surroundings. Thoughts on lower level, jealousy, bad words to others, anger, dee to do unlawful things and such other dirt cover our soul and make the light of our soul very dim. Our soul needs bath. It needs bath regularly. Namaz is a bath of our soul. Islam only tells us to take bath five times a day to get rid of the dust and dirt surrounding our soul. Namaz leads us on right path. Namaz cleanses the soul and help soul send right messages to our mind. The mind leads us to do good deeds. Namaz helps in solving many problems. Sometimes result of our good deeds are delayed but not to worry. Allah has His own ways to shape us and mould us. He sends Noor( light) on the face and body of the Muslims who perform Namaz regularly. Nazneen O. Saherwala (Surat)   Lalu Yadav in Pak national assembly What a coincidence when Bihar C. M. Nitish Kumar was returning from Pakistan tour Lalu Yadav was remembered in Pakistan National assembly when M. Q. M. law-maker Sajid Ahmad made the suggestion in national assembly that the country’s railway should be handed over to former Indian railway minister Lalu Yadav if the govt. was unable to tackle the state run entity numerous problem (16/11/12). Lalu Yadav will be remembered as a hero who killed communalism in Bihar and stopped the blood-stained Advani rath yatra. S. Haque, Patna    Yaad aye Muslmaan Jharkhand government led by Arjun Munda BJP with coalition of JMM. Now J. M. M. superemo announced that CM post would change as per contract of 28-28 months rule. The Jharkhand government is rocking. Suddenly Jharkhand minority department announced that Urdu teachers will be appointed, Haj House construction soon will be completed and staff of Haj House will be appointed. Whenever any govt. rocks or election at hand, Muslims are remembered for votes. After result announcement or stablity reached, Muslims are dumped. S. Haque, Patna   Why intel agencies have RSS mentality A senior member of the AIMPLB Sheriff Qureshi said (09/11/12) that mentality of intelligence agencies was that of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh. He said that in the name of fighting terrorism, Muslim youths were being arrested and subjected to all kind of torture. This revelation is not new but our side is at fault that announcement came in every late and Muslims had not diagnosed the reasons why saffron mentality penetrated into intel agencies? We must know that Pandit Nehru cabinet issued a secret circular not to recruit Muslims in sensitive government departments. This is the vital reason saffron mentality penetrated in intelligence, police department. Without reservation to Muslims in intelligence and police departments, saffron mentality penetration cannot be checked, thus justice cannot prevail in society. S. Haque, Patna   Another fake announcement by Congress-led UPA “Congress net to trap Muslim votes” (MG / 1-15 Nov. 2012) will stretch till 2014 election. Now newly recruited “Muslim” minister for minorities Mr. K. Rahman Khan announced that five minority universities will be established (1 Nov. 2012). He said, for educational excellence five universities with minority character would be established especially for Muslims in different states and a plan is being prepared to start central schools in 93 minority dominated districts. At least Muslims will be glad by just hearing that predecessor of Rahman Khan had announced on 24 May 2011 to establish three minority universities named Rafi Ahmad Qidwai University of Health & Medical Sciences at Kishan Ganj, Khwaja Gharib Nawaz University of Professional Technology at Ajmer and Tipu Sultan University of Sciences and Technology at Bangalore. Congress-led UPA kept the fund allotment for AMU campus at Kishan Ganj hanging for more than one year after the Bihar government gave the land. These are nets to trap Muslim votes. S. Haque, Patna   RSS in the south In the month of May-June 2010, I was on the trip to South India. I was very much shocked see the incidents of encroachment by the saffron brigade on the lands of monuments and built up temples on the heritage monuments land. At Golkunda Fort at the top near about 1 to 2 kms of land has been grabbed for a temple. People are doing puja and a priest is sitting in the temple. Similarly I had seen a big veranda of Charminar captured by the saffron alliance and a temple has been built there. Why these saffron elements wanted to grabbed the land of monuments built up by Muslim kings. I have not come across any incident of encroachment for temple on the monuments created by Hindu kings by these elements. This is a planed game by them to wipe out the good work done by the Mughal or Muslim kings in India. In May 2012 I had a trip to the cities of M. P. Indore, Dhar and   Mandu. I observed a couple of mischievous facts created by the saffron elements. At Dhar, mischievous problem makers try to grab the Jama Masjid which was was built in 1305 by Ainul-Mulk Multani for the dargah of Sufi saint Kamalludin Maula, a disciple of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. Trouble started in 1902 when Kashinath Krishna Lele, who was the District Superintendent of Education, found that some slabs of Kamal Maula mosque had engravings in Prakit and Sanskrit. On the basis of this, Lele said that this was a Bhojshala. Subsequently, in 1904, the complex was declared a protected monument under the British. It was in 1935 that for the first time the name Bhojshala was officially attached to Kamal Maula when the civic administration placed a board outside the complex calling it Bhojshala-Kamal Maulan mosque. And here lies the genesis of the dispute over the monument and Hindus forcibly started puja there and Muslims are restricted from entering in the premises every Tuesday. The second incident relates to Karbala Maidan which was in the legal possession of Muslims well before 1947 but saffronites wanted to build a temple of Nagdevta and a temple of Hanuman in the middle of the ground. Bajrang Dal, VHP along with the BJP MLA forcibly installed some stones there and the place has become disputed. Zuber Ahmad Khan, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 410210   Equal justice Verily terrorism recognises no religion and often terrorists kill people of their own community. Therefore, the blasters of Samjhota Express should also be dealt with like A. A. Qassab (butcher). When will be the real killers be caught? S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150   India-Israel friendship Before deciding to issue a postage stamp commemorating twenty year relationship, we should have realised that the grabbers of Palestinian land were different from Jews. The grabbers are Ashkenazi (European) Zionists who are acting totally against the humanism taught by the great Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150   India vs Shiv Sena Great work to reinstate the justice in Shaheen & Rinu’s case. You all are mighty warriors of justice & guards of helpless people. Nation has to award you all: the Times, Katju, Shreya Singhal, Shaheen & Rinu. Athikula Aziz   Modi Is there any need of this letter (by Syed Shahabuddin to Modi) when we all know the sick mentality of this guy Narendra Modi. This is just to insult our own self. If anybody seriously wants something to do for the Muslim community, then empower yourself first and bring yourself to the bargaining capacity. Strengthen Muslim politics in India, form strategy for Muslim parties to win, make an umbrella of all the Muslim parties, educate Muslim children, encourage them to fight for govt jobs and enter security forces. Then you will be in a position to write any letter and the person will listen to you. At this point, he will throw your letter in to the bin even if you write a nice one. This is the time for all Muslim organisations to get active. Anonymous (by email)   Publish White Paper on fake police encounter Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausarbi were murdered in a fake police encounter in Modi’s Gujarat in November, 2005, Sohrabuddin’s close friend Tulsiram Prajapati, who was a witness of the murder, was also killed by Modi’s police in 2006. In this regard eleven accuseds, including three former I.P.S. officers namely D. G. Vanjara, Rajkumar Pandian and Abhay Chudasama are in Jail. According to the C.B.I. Amit Shah, former minister of state for Home in Modi Govt. was the “kingpin” of the conspiracy. In this regard he was also in jail. There have been dozens of such fake police encounters in Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka etc. where large number of innocent Muslims were murdered. U.P.A. Central Government should hold high level judicial probe to punish all the culprits and their masters. To keep people’s faith in clean democracy and judiciary, the sooner criminals and law breaker are punished the better. When people loose faith in democracy and judiciary, they take law in their own hands. G. Hannain, Bhandara, Maharashtra - 441904   India - a democratic state or a police state? The recent arrest of two girls in Mumbai for posting a political comment on a facebook is decidedly a case of clear abuse of authority and grave violation of human rights. The girl had not surrendered any body. She had only expressed the view that there was no need for Mumbai to shut down on the death of a political leader i. e. shiv sena chief. What was the criminality involved in it. Even more bizarre is that the other girl was arrested for merely indicating that she agreed with her friend. These arrests raised the question whether we are living in a democratic state under whom citizens irrespective of religion, race and language enjoy the most important right of expression or in a police state where we have no rights. The Maharashtrian govt. should take stern and deterrent action against the erring police officers and thus tell the world that Maharashtra is not ruled by shiv sena but by the congress which stands for real democracy. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M. P., New Delhi - 110091   Chat ghat accident death and police firing deaths 17 innocent people lost their liveis in the 19 Sept. accident in Patna. Bihar government distributed compensation Rs. 2 lakh each the very next day and ordered an inquiry by chief secretary home Aamir Subhani. The inquiry sat on 22-23 Sept. In contrast, four precious Muslim lives lost in SSB/police firing in Araria (20/12/12) and Forbesganj (3 June 2011). Chief secretary Aamir Subhani was enstrusted to inquire that too. For Forbesganj police firing a belated judicial inquiry was instituted. More than one and a half years have passed since but no one has heard what happened to these inquiries and where are the reports. Muslim organisations are pocket organisations. Muslim media is busy in praising government. Muslims are busy in organising mushairas. S. Haque, Patna   Sher Shah’s priority was public welfare & development The great king Sher Shah Suri considered roads necessary for welfare and development. The Grand Trunk Road from Peshwar to Kolkata is always mentioned but Sone river submerged a long stretch of the old GT road. The GT road was constructed during 1540-45. Now its breadth 17 feet can be seen at different stretches in Dehri-on-Sone. Irrigation department has costed the stone and other metals amounting to Rs. 1.29 crore so that it can be utilised for other use. (See MG / 16-31 Oct. 2012 letters). There is a conspiracy to wipe out Sher Shah’s name. People realised the importance of this road even in Chat festival. S. Haque, Patna