The Augean stables of RSS

Recent disclosures have made it clear that the enemy within the country is beyond doubt of local origin. Rashtrya Swayamsevak Sangh is not a voluntary force for the defence of India. Its very opposite is true. It is hell-bent on destroying India in the name of a narrow ideology of hatred for and genocidal instinct against the minorities, particularly the Muslims. These revelations leave no room for doubt that the RSS has successfully adapted the ideology of fighting terror to the detriment of the Muslims. The new facts emerging from the laptops of Dyanand Pandey and the voluntary confession of Swami Aseemanand, the tactic of igniting communal riots had been in vogue, thanks to the RSS and its demagogues like Advani. Then it transmogrified into terrorism.  What else can you make of the conversation recorded by Pandey of the saffron brigade of Abhinav Bharat who went on record saying that they were involved in Mecca mosque blast in Hyderabad in 2007? The laptop of Pandey was seized after his arrest in November 2008. For two years this was ignored as a lead. The plethora of bias against the Muslims is the cause of communal riots. So the bomb blasts in the name of terrorism were ascribed to Muslims to prejudice the populace against them. ‘The end justifies the means,’ or ‘different means but one end’ being their mottos. That glaring negligence on the part of investigating agencies and the police prompted Christopher Jaffrelot to say “as if in the rule of law prevailing in India, Muslims had to be guilty of violence, whereas Hindus could get away with it. This is the perfect recipe for communal disaster”. If Muslims feel outraged by these how long will it take for the extremists among the Hindus not to let the Muslims beg mercy for their plight? Competitive communalism will not disappear even after what Aseemanand said, “I understood that love between two human beings is more powerful than the hatred between two communities.” Can this tragic realization wash the Augean stables of sangh parivar?

There is a context bound exposure that makes the case against the RSS more cogent than was the matter a week ago. Context bound exposure means that Swami Aseemanand had written separate letters to the presidents of India and Pakistan explaining why he had chosen to confess voluntarily. But the offices of the presidents of India and Pakistan have not so far received the letters. He had entrusted the letters to his brother. It boils down to the fact that he wanted to make it doubly sure that the role of the RSS must be exposed by all the means.

Another matter that calls for attention is that the Swami knew that Indresh Kumar, the doughty RSS leader, was a true Machiavellian.

He had successfully removed the link between him and the perpetrators who executed his design to liquidate Sunil Joshi. Joshi was that link and with his death there is no direct or indirect proof against Indresh Kumar. But it is not as easy as it is said. The investigation agencies have an uphill task to find out more about Kumar. His case is like that of the other right wing politician, the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. His meeting with the bureaucracy and police on the night of February 27, 2002 is a top-guarded secret of India. There is so much of infiltration of RSS into the government organs that it would require Herculean efforts like washing the Augean stables to unearth the truth!

That is why the veteran Congress leader Digvijay Singh remarked “Those persons arrested by the MP Police in the case are only foot-soldiers. The orders for eliminating Joshi came from the top in the RSS. The MP Police will never probe that aspect.” Lt. Col Shrikant Prasad Purohit stumbled upon Indresh Kumar’s role when he was in charge of the military intelligence. He had alerted Swami Aseemanand to be wary of Kumar and have him under a scanner. If Indresh Kumar could provide two Muslim boys to bomb Ajmer shrine he could be capable of doing anything. Given close association of Mossad and RSS, it should not startle us tomorrow if Kumar is also linked to Ajmal Kasab phenomenon materializing on the floor of the VT station. So a thorough probe is the crying need of the hour, conspiracy theories or no conspiracy theories. It was Central Bureau of Investigation chief Ashwin Kumar who had said that the evidence in the case of Mecca Masjid was very thin! He even categorically denied that the CBI had ever interrogated any RSS leader. He remarked so when Devendra Gupta the RSS paracharak holding position of responsibility was arrested. The same prejudice gathering over the decades is seen in civil liberty people giving Devendra Gupta’s RSS background while Anti-Terrorism Squad disregarding it for a long time.

The accumulations of arms over more than eight decades of RSS was on display in Dewas on Sunday January 16 2010. The cadres included school children, retired and serving employees of the government, public prosecutors, government pleaders as well as editors. They were marching seven kilometres stretch of the road in the town of the most dangerous terrorist of the saffron brigade, Sunil Joshi. His fellow RSS workers murdered him. The speakers gave ominous hints that the communalism threat was palpable and real and would come to the fore to defend itself. The pointed references to the present hunt for fugitives from law Ramji Kalsangra, Sandeep Dange and others and central government’s tacit approval to let the investigation agencies pursue the matter undeterred by BJP and other groups of Hindutvawadi calling it a witch-hunt. The volunteers brandished swords and shouted war like slogans of Jai Sriram, Jai Shivaji, Jai Bhavani.

Among the speakers was Suresh Joshi who asked rhetorically: “Is it right to malign an entire community for some small (“chhota mota”) incidents?” “Will anybody be safe if Hindus take to terrorism?” More frightening was the Nazi like behaviour of the marchers. They looked straight ahead of them, did not talk with each other.

Hundreds of miles away from Dewas there were two meetings on Friday January 14, 2010. Malegaon is the town, which Sunil Joshi targeted for bomb attacks on September 8, 2006. More than thirty-five people lost their lives and several hundred were injured. The police called twenty suspected Hindus for questioning but strangely did not follow it up.

They began arresting Muslim youths who were not terrorists at all.

They have been languishing in prison for more than four years. The confession of Swami Aseemanand has made it abundantly clear that they are innocent. The founder of Nirdharmiya Rajkiya Vichar Sanghatan (Organization of people of non religious Political thought) and former MLA Nihal Ahmed threatened to go on court-arrest movement or jail bharo andolan if the innocents are not given bail soon. Thirty thousand people had gathered to hear him though he had not sought permission to hold such a meeting. Such a situation is fraught with danger of spinning out of control. In another part of the town Lok Sangharsh Samiti held a meeting where Colonel Sudhir Sawant pointedly asked, not all Brahmins are terrorists but why all recently arrested saffron terrorists are Brahmins?

These two places Dewas and Malegaon are diametrically opposed in every sense but quintessentially in communal groupings. What is worrying is the raising of the ugly head of the great divide.