Khaqsaars in Ayodhya!

The site of two whistle-blowing individuals, with polished shoes, well crafted belts in their waists with a look alike police uniform, controlling traffic, in Ayodhya, would necessarily arrest one’s attention.

“I am the salar-e-shehr,” (leader of the city) would come as introduction, complimented by a salute, by Muhammed Akram Khan. He is now 52 years. The same would be done by Ali Ahmed now 42 years. “There are five khaqsaars in Ayodhya and around 22 in Faizabad. I am associated with the Kul Hind Tahreek Khaqsaar-e-Haq from 1984 and is also an employee with ICICI bank.

What is your mission? “We are the followers of Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi and our mission and motto is khidmat-e-kahlq, i.e. service to Mankind. Our Ameer (chief) is Professor Muhammed Atif Khan.  He, however, was resentful for almost no funds available for this social service but vouched that he would continue to serve the mission of Mashriqi until he has blood in his veins.