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Who killed Karkare? Please accept our hearty congratulations for your wonderful book —‘Who Killed Karkare?’ I was told about your bold, truthful account of ‘Brahminocracy’ – a word coined by our mentor, leader Periyar E. V. Ramaswamy in the year 1924 - even when he was in Indian National Congress, understanding the cunningness of Brahmins. He observed Independence Day as mourning day for which he was abused and his black shirt followers suffered in the year 1947. Mr. Rajasekar of Dalit Voice Bangaluru met me and told about your book. Then I searched for the book. Only on 16.12.2009 our Popular Front friends were kind enough to send me a copy. The Dravida Kazhagam is the only movement in Tamilnadu — the land of Periyar — which stands very strongly opposing the Brahminical forces like RSS — BJP. We would like to applaud your efforts and to arrange felicitation meeting at Chennai. K. Veeramani, President, Dravidar Kazhagam, Chennai II “Who Killed Karkare? The real face of terrorism in India”, is written by former I. G. Police of Maharashtra, S. M. Mushrif. He is an honest, efficient and courageous Police officer who had unearthed Abdul Karim Telgi stamp paper scam. He is also to be credited to have raised question mark over the death of ATS Chief Hemant Karkare. Karkare had almost exposed the conspiracy of Col. Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, and Dayanand Pande etc. for making and exploding bombs and waging war against the state. Karkare had exposed the real face of terrorism in India on the basis of facts and evidences. Mr. Mushrif writes that Pakistani terrorists attack on Taj, Oberoi and Trident was a reality but CST, Cama Hospital; Rangbhavan Lane attack was saffron insider’s conspiracy to kill Hemant Karkare. He adds the killers of Karkare were speaking fluent Marathi as reported by two witnesses who talked to them. The killers had SIM cards of Satara Maharashtra. 284 calls were made from Pakistan during 58 hours terrorist operation and received by Taj, Trident and Nariman House attackers. But none was received by CST, Cama Hospital, Rangbhavan Lane saffron terrorists. Mushrif has raised many important questions in this regard and proved that killers of Karkare were saffron insiders. It is a very serious issue and a warning for India. Highest level judicial probe is the need of the hour. G. Hasnain Kaif,Bandara (MS) 441904   III What is most exciting is your publication of the book on ‘Who Killed Karkare?’ by S.M. Mushrif, former I.G. of police, Maharashtra thoroughly exposing the myth of Islamic terrorism in India. Whenever terrorist attack takes place in our country suspicion will fall on the peace loving Muslims because the media is in the hands of our enemies who sell falsehood as truth and create a bad image about Islam and Muslims. Consequently Islam has become a religion of terrorism and Muslims have become terrorists. No history of any country in the world has suffered a casualty of truth as much as Indian history at the hands of the Brahminical historians who make or mar the history of our country. What is taking shape in our country is not democracy but democracy for the fate which befell the brave and impartial Brahmin officer Mr. Karkare.

Mr. S.M. Mushrif the author of ‘Who Killed Karkare?’ is a seeker of truth. I hope his book in due course will not be suppressed or kept out of the reach of readers. Genuine history packed with truth is condemned in country and its writers are punished. For example Jaswant Singh’s book on Jinnah. But grave diggers of history here are encouraged and praised sky high. What a pity in our country.

Prof. K.S. Faiyaz Pasha, Former Head, Deptt. of History, Govt. Arts College, Krishna Giri, Vellore, Tamil Nadu   Mishra recommendations The Millat Bedari Muhim wholeheartedly welcomes the presentation of the Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission Report by the UPA government on  the last day of the current session of the Lok Sabha. Office bearers of the committee welcomed recommendations of the Commission headed by former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Justice Ranganath Mishra and expressed view that 10% reservation exclusively to the Muslims would go a long way in ameliorating their social, economic and educational status. The MBMC demands the revocation of the Presidential Order of 1950-1951 which discriminates the scheduled caste/ scheduled tribes on the basis of the religion by denying the benefit to the Christians, Parsis and Muslims as many castes like gadaas, qabar-khodu, saify, teliya etc. belonging to the Muslim community should also be entitled to avail the benefits of the reservation under SC/ST category. The MBMC welcomes the recommendation of the Ranganath Mishra Commission in this regard. The meeting called upon the union government to expedite the implementation of the report as the report submitted to the government as early as 2007 deserves immediate attention of the government. The meeting was attended among others by the President Jasim Mohammad, Secretary Jamal Ansari, Nadeem Khan, Mohammad Farooq Khan, Shahzad Alam etc. Jasim Mohammad, Aligarh   ‘Vande Mataram’ Discussing this problem in Gujarat Today (Ahmadabad- 28) Shri Yashwant Mehta has written that even in the Thirties of the last century the word ‘Vande’ had created a lot of trouble. He has recalled that Subhash Chandra Bose had asked the opinion of Rabindranath Tagore about this whereupon the latter had replied that “….However much a Muslim may be patriot he can never be expected to worship a Devi having ten hands as ‘swadesh = vatan’.” May I suggest all intelligent and honest scholars to read Prabhakar Vaidya’s Marathi book ‘Vande Mataram - Jana Gana Mana’ published by Loka Wangmay Gruh, 190-B, Khetwadi Main Road, Girgam, Mumbai- 400004. S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh- 392150   II Safiya Sameena’s letter (MG 1-15 Dec’09) needs to be commented upon. How could she assert that no one is forcing Indian Muslims to sing Vande Mataram and targets Islamic scholars (Jmaite -e-Ulama Hind) fatwa as “silly fatwa”. Either she is unaware of the facts about the controversy or she is being elusive from disclosing the truth. I would think that one should endeavour to ascertain the fact before giving opinion and criticizing others. It is unfair to address all the Ulamas as “so called Islamic scholars” when these learned leaders are doing their religious duties to guide Muslims. It is a well known fact that this song has been controversial since many years now and during the centenary year of the song. According to the media reports, BJP had issued directive which was mandatory for everyone to sing Vande Mataram and had insisted this was to be sung in madrassas also. Hence, the fatwa was rightfully issued against the dictatorial directive for Muslims to sing lines which are in praise of Matra Bhumi, associated to Goddess Durga, which certainly is against one of the fundamental Islamic tenents to worship deities other than Allah (s.w.t.). Few Hindu scholars have also agreed and criticised the song which is in praise of Goddess Durga. Does Safiya Sameena honestly still maintain it was wrong on the part of the scholars to issue the fatwa? If these Muslim religious leaders had not taken appropriate steps to issue the fatwa; they would have been branded as “puppets”by no other than some Muslims themselves. Now if there has not been compulsion, why should there be Supreme Court judgement which has very clearly said, “Nobody can be compelled to sing the song.” Indian Muslims should not fall prey to manipulative reasons advanced by few who call themselves Muslims, while ignoring the tenets of the great religion Islam. Such individuals are capable of manoeuvring any issues to satisfy their self-asserting egoism.Indian Muslims should identify with people of all the faiths and not remain at the receiving ends. They should endeavour to work with cooperation and harmony and be loyal to their country, not at the expense of their religion. “People often hate those things which they do not know or cannot understand,” is a saying of a noble man”. A.M.A. Pira, London (via email)   Secular Parties government (UPA) forgets E. Ahmad Secular parties remember Muslims during election and after getting votes of Muslims they forget Muslims and after government formation they forget even Muslim ministers. On 1st December an advertisement published on the eve of Aids Day by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, National Aids Control Organisation and Ministry of Railway brought about Red Ribbon Express.The advertisement carries picture of Sonia Gandhi, Sheila Dixit, CM of Delhi, Health Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad and four state ministers, S. Gandhi Silvam, Dinesh Tripathi with Manmohan Singh, and Mamta Banerjee, Minister of Railway but why they forgot E. Ahmad, Minister of State for Railway? E. Ahmad name is deliberately omitted? S. Haque, Patna     America’s war on terror Please go through the marked portion of the article published in a journal. If is clear that the Jews and fascists are behind the bomb blasts across the country. The Media and Govt. agencies are simply leveling charges against the Muslims and sending them to prisons. As a vow Jews are in fields with the full support of anti-Islamic elements to holocaust the Muslims population in the world. It may be noted that when the World Trade Centre of America was demolished, more than four hundred Jews were absent on that day from their duty. It was clearly stated by several Medias that the demolition was made by the Jews as pre-planned to occupy Afghanistan in the name of Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden. America and its allies succeeded to certain extent in the coup and trap. They created the terrorism drama and easily conquered Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and part of Pakistan. The treacherous Jews have so many centres across the country to train terrorists and make sabotages in the name of Muslims - US and Jews are spending crores of rupees to implement their policies. Poor rulers and politicians are in the circle of these evil axes. Raj Mohan, Kochi, Kerala   Liberhan Librahan Report is in Parliament. It will be a great misfortune for our nation to popularize or make tom tom the gravest crime of demolishing the Babri Mosque. If the Parliament can give legitimate punishment to the perpetrators it is alright but if it is to gain some political mileage it will be dangerous to the nation at large. The punishment will be imparted by the Almighty. It may be losing our sovereignty to other nations such as America or China. The attack of China will be cumbersome. Or our courts will lose the authority to punish the criminals, the country may transform into a hub of criminals and terrorists. The masterminds of this tamasha should take the lesson from the plight of late Narasimha Rao. The second one is LK Advani and his party. If the Congress party has the same evil designs it will also face grim punishment from G.od Our priest politicians and astrologists should see the Panchang and assess the impending calamities on our nation. Now it is enough is enough. The famous Urdu poet Ghaib has said JAMA KERTE HO KEON RAQIBON KO EK TAMASHa HUWA GILA NA HUWA Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   II Answering a question on the promise of the then prime minister Narasimha Rao’s government to rebuild the Babri Mosque following its demolition on Dec 6, 1992, party spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi said the party “did not want the remedy to be worse than the disease”. Didn’t the Congress know this while committing itself to rebuild the mosque? Is it not the duty of a government not to let the remedy be worse than the disease? Further he stated that a court verdict or comprehensive settlement accepted by all stake-holders was the only possible solution to the Ayodhya dispute. Should not the Congress consider itself stake holder in the safety of life of the biggest minority of the country whom it has been milking of votes for decades? What has the Congress contributed towards “the comprehensive settlement” of the dispute? BJP’s Raj Nath Singh’s plea to the UPA government not too long ago to facilitate dialogue between the two communities has been ignored.Lately, Syed Shahabuddin of Babri action committee has asked the central government to make clear their stand in the event of the court verdict going in favor of Muslims and to give categorical assurance that the verdict will be implemented. Has the UPA government replied to him? Has the UPA any options other than throwing the community to wolves? Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai   AMU is a centre for students from all sections of society It is a well established fact that the Indian Muslims all over India are very backward in education. Keeping the above mentioned truth in mind, the role of Aligarh Muslim University in imparting modern education to the Muslims of India cannot be negated. For over a century the Muslim community has continued to nurture AMU with its blood and soul. History has been a witness to this steady and meteoric rise of the university. But it’s quite pathetic that now the same youths of the Muslim community of India are facing difficulty to get admission in the University- a dream and a desire which they carry since their childhood. There’s no denying of the fact that an average Muslim sends his/her children to AMU for better education and that too at an affordable cost. But now a days student community seems to have been suffering on many fronts especially because of the hike in entrance examination fees. I was told by many students from various cities that the application to appear for the MBBS entrance costs a whopping Rs. 800 and entrance examination fees and cost of the admission froms for other courses has also been raised. Even in year 2009 most of the poor Muslim students from Bihar. West Bengal and UP couldn’t apply for admission tests because of high cost of admission forms. If we will compare the cost of admission forms from other central universities then it is obvious that the University is charging an exorbitant price for admission forms. Now Application Form & Guide to Admissions for the Session 2010-11 will tentatively be available in the 2nd week of January 2010. University administration should keep in mind that most Muslim parents are self employed and raise barely subsistence level incomes. It is certain that majority of Indian Muslims can not afford to pay that money. After all how many can now even dare to buy the admission form? AMU Administration always justifies some of the stands taken by it on behalf of giving examples of improved educational atmosphere or betterment in the infrastructure. The best thing would be that the University administration should seek other alternative for generating funds rather than hike in the fees. I hope that the Vice Chancellor would pay more attention towards this pressing need. Abdullah Khan, ETV News (Urdu), Hyderabad   Haj and Eid-ul-Azha (Baqar Eid) Haj pilgrimage is one of the fundamentals of Islam. It is obligatory for Muslims, male and female, once in life. Haj purifies the soul and revolutionises the life of a Muslim.Muslims, Christians and Jews all believe in the prophethood of Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham). Haj reminds us how this great prophet taught people to worship only one God and faced a lot of difficulties. He was compelled to leave his native place. To gain God’s blessings and gratitude he became ready to sacrifice his beloved and obedient son Hazrat Ismail. God accepted his supreme sacrifice and saved Hazrat Ismail. The Haj and animal sacrifice is, infact, the commemoration of traditions of Hazrat Ibrahim. Haj and Eid-ul-Azha (Baqar Eid) bring the message of total obedience and sacrifice in the way of God and for His will and pleasure. It is symbolically to emulate their example that eligible Muslims sacrifice goats etc. on that day. More than 2½ million Muslims from every nook and corner of the world go to Saudi Arabia, every year, for performing Haj. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, (M.S.) 441904   Blowing Bubbles The recent provision of Abu Dhabi to Dubai $10bn. lifeline has made stocks surge. The business world has become a world of bubbles. Whether there is a problem with economic cycle, fraud, mis-management or political turmoil businesses do falter and burst creating problems to hundreds of creditors, customers, employees, investors and their families. The stock markets always blow hot and blow cold due to various stimuli, without any concern to the fundamentals and in the process many investors end up losing, only a few lucky ones end up making money. The investors should be knowledgeable and aware of the risks involved in bubbles. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh – 11443   New states The carve-up of big states, like U.P., into smaller ones will help establish a better administration; many of the regions having no representatives in the cabinet are often victims of negligence by the state governments. However, a language-based division will harm the spirit of democracy as it will pave way to lingual chauvinism similar to that in Maharashtra and Assam. A Hameed Yousuf,Ulsoor, Bangalore