Understanding Communalism and Terrorism
A new book by Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer
The Essays presented here discuss briefly but seriously contemporary events and issues pertaining mostly to Islam,  Muslims and minorities from secular perspective. The author lays stress here on the importance and need of humanism  and dignity of all human beings, irrespective of one’s religion, race, language or culture.

In Asia, particularly in South Asia both religious and ethnic minorities are being discriminated against. They suffer  doubly from majority prejudices as well as from repression by the state organs. The author highlights the problem and gives the answer.

The author feels that Muslim women suffer a lot. They are a minority within minority. In many cases, Muslims themselves discriminate against their women and impose on them restrictions not called for even from Islamic point of view. Their Qur’anic rights, the author stresses must be honoured by Muslim men.

It is hoped that this book, like author’s other books, would attract concerned people’s attention and help spread  proper awareness about minority rights and make the world less irritating and more pleasing.

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