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MG I find your magazine The Milli Gazette excellent in which I come across a mine of information championing the cause of the Muslim community. I regret to state that I am not taking maximum advantage of your magazine though I read it regularly. Let the Milli Gazette grow from strength to strength. Prof. K.S. Faiyaz Pasha, Vellore, Tamil Nadu   II I am very glad to know that The MG is going to complete its 10 years. It is a fact that MG's content is so much informative, knowledgeable & related to Muslim affairs, whatever is happening all over the country and the world.

As a matter of fact newspapers are major form of media communication. It has revolutionized the process of thinking. It has modified the way of life. But it is regrettable matter that Muslims are so far in journalism stream than others. There is no doubt Muslim communities publish so many Urdu Papers & Magazines but they are cipher for publishining English papers. In this sensitive era some Muslim organizations are feeling their responsibility like MG. May Allah give it a long life for preaching Islam.

Anis Reyaz,   Muslim Periodicals There is no denying that these periodicals have their value and bring awareness about some important issues concerning Muslims. The utility of this exercise cannot be underestimated. At the same time, it is quite noticeable that the Muslim magazines normally and mostly say only those things which the readers would like to listen, playing to the gallery – in other words. No genuine change ever happens with this approach. I assume.

We mostly like to listen to only those stories which are soothing to our ears and ego and which place the blames squarely on others. Why? Because by doing so we don’t need to do much of the soul-searching and the process of analysis very easily reaches to its logical conclusion. It is probably a blessing in disguise that these magazines are not that widely circulated. If it is really circulated far and wide more and more Muslims may be lulled to sleep, carried away from the real issues and think always in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’.

I don’t know much about it. But I feel that the nature is trying to teach us a lesson here i.e. make bigger concerns your concerns and come to the mainstream – with required qualifications. This is, however, not easy with the existing thought patterns. Therefore, what we really need is something which is more in line with the Tahzeeb al-Akhlaaq and which turns the searchlight more inward than outward. Let us give it a thought.

Dr Wasim Ahmad, Department Head of Islamic Studies Preston University Ajman,   Antique of Begum Hazrat Mahal in Nepal I am pleased to inform you that National Museum of Nepal accepted some historical items that belonged to Queen Begum Hazrat Mahal. It is my achievement to display something in the memory of a warrior lady (national glory of India) at Kathmandu.Yet I have preserved some objects used by my belovd ancestor queen Begum Hazrat Mahal. I want to offer these items to the concerned museum or the successor of Begum in India who wish to have in this collection: a Copper made tray, a Water pot (lota) made of brass, and a Cutter made of iron. Mohamad Samsid,   Pakistan arrests American terrorists It is thrilling news that five US men arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of ploting terror attacks had contacted some links to the Al-Qaeda and arrested just before a scheduled meeting, police said. How one can believe that a country which is fighting tooth and nail against terrorism investing billions of Dollars and sacrificing its strong armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan the citizens of the same country are involving in terrorist acts. We cannot imagine that the US men may have been tempted towards this venture to gain some money. Instead we can suspect that Americans like Ivon Ridley might have been influenced by Al-Qaeda philosophy and darely decided to help them against their government’s policy. In the same fashion some Americans, we can expect are involved in our country also. Our CBI and security agencies under the fair impression about the US citizens might have neglected them. We can also doubt that some US agents are behind the Telangana movement to destabilize India. Even we cannot rule out the involvement of such elments in the Mumbai terror attack. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   A severe mental punishment Mr. L. K Advani has commited a henious crime of demolition of Babri mosque. He is destined to get severe, slient and mental punishment from Almighty. This punishment will spread throughout his life span. Like crores of his well wishers including myself cannot stop this punishment. Though the meeting is held tomorrow but I can predict that he will have to resign as the leader of BJP parlimentary committee. This desion will be a severe mental blow and Mr. Advani reluctantly has to accept it. In future, we do not know how namy such mental punishment he has to endure. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Where we stand among 52 Indian billionaires  and 30 powerful Indian “Growth of Muslim population - No case for rejoicing” by Dr. M H Farooqui (MG 1-15 December 2009) is itself an eye opener. We know zero either in million numbers will be zero. Million zeros without any digit is zero. Muslim population has become zero with out any digit. In this case digit is Education Leader, Business, or Constructive Mentality.Recently 52 billionaires list is published among 52 there is one Muslim (Azim Premji) and another list “the power list India abroad” which displays 30 powerful Indians abroad who have vital impact on abroad society. Not a single Muslim gotplace in 30 powerful Indians abroad lists. In Nobel Prize list Muslims have 0.001 percentage representation whereas out of 195 countries 54 are Muslim countries. After 900 yrs. rule in India our status is below details and after 700 yrs. of rule in Spain we were killed, butchered and thrown out why?Why Muslims are treated like anything? We never ponder upon the answer instead of this we held mushaira programmes andgather in thousands to clap whole night. Even Media by showing Salman/Shahrukh/Saif etc. as successful they force Muslimyounger generation to follow them. By this lakhs and lakhs of Muslim youth get spoilt. The main reason for our sliding to lowest level is we forgot “Quraan” and even the first revelation “Iqra” (Read). S. Haque, Patna   Federation in crisis When did this begin? The carving out of smaller states from a larger province? Uttar Pradesh was divided into Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Bihar had to give up Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh stands divided into Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Now the recent Telangana crisis has left Andhra Pradesh in the lurch. Everyday the issue seems to be taking a new twist. Politicians are busy baking their bread over the heat that burns the common man, including the youth who have had a raw deal as they sat helplessly watching the deadlines for sending applications for admissions go past them, while those who actively participated in the demonstrations have suffered in terms of physical and mental injuries. Does having smaller states or administrative units help in better governance or is it just the creation of one more power center such that there is one more State Assembly, one more Municipal Corporation, one more Police Force... in short an entire new set up and perhaps increase in the expenses among other things, in the electoral process too. And do the states so divided gain anything in importance or does the population therein gain by way of better opportunities in life? And how far can this division of state within states be allowed to go on? In fact I think divisions actually result in impoverishing a unit as its resources and strength are divided. I have to this date not seen an example where division or separation has worked well in fostering relations or bringing about development and progress of a people or a region. We are indeed living in a world full of ironies. On the one hand one often hears of people in favour of an Akhand Bharat which would ideally include the erstwhile undivided India and its smaller neighbours as one unit and on the other hand within one Indian Nation we talk of several divisions on the basis of language, religion or some such other conflicting ground.There should be a logic behind a demand or a proposal to justify it. The Indian Republic is already a mix of great contrasts coming together and finding some points of common interest as a justification of their union as a Nation. Every Indian state is a complete entity in itself as in its language, customs, food habits, dress, living conditions, literature etc. and yet there is a common bond that holds us as a country.The argument that suggests to drive out some people from a region or to divide a region for whatever reasons, can never be justified. The development of a region or a race depends on many factors and every component of the setup contributes according to its ability. In the process the weaker links are taken care of too. We have to only look at how Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh are lagging behind and how Uttar Pradesh seems to have lost some of its beautiful tourist attractions in the divisions that took place, to realise the futility and the dangers of "divide and rule".         Zohra Javed, Navi Mumbai   Pakistan in turmoil Why did Musharraf withdraw Swiss 'kickback' cases against Zardari? Thank God, at times, the truth comes out inadvertently. A 17-Judge bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is hearing challenges to the immunity granted to Zardari and over 8, 000 others in graft cases. In the hearing, Kamal Afzar (Govt lawyer) made an amazingly telling remark that the Central Intelligence Agency and the General Headquarters of the Pakistan Army posed greater threats than theTalibans to the democratic government in Pakistan. Should the people of Pakistan find ways and means either peacefully or by a peaceful people's revolution to eliminate the two undesirable threats? That is, the CIA and the Military Generals who are heavily bribed by the CIA? Can real democracy and secularism based on successful Indian model, be promoted by Pakistanis themselves if such threats are removed? But for the pat 60 years, the story remains the same. The military juntas who come to power mostly with the help of the CIA (or ratified and approved by the CIA later) serve the interest of Americans more effectively than the welfare of the people of Pakistan. Zardari wears an excellent mask of democracy because he was/has been/ and is much more corrupt than the military Generals and he serves the US interests in South Asia forcefully, effectively and against the wider Islamic perspective. Palkodimir(via email)   Fate of India The fate of our country is lingering between the two super powers, America and China .We are not more than Qurbani ka Bakra .Much hype was made about nuclear deal but so far we could not gain any solid thing out of this deal. The terrorism is linked with the presence of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Taliban and Al-Qaeda are fighting against the invasion of US .They are also defiant towards the allies of US such as India .US requests us to counter Taliban's but it never refers Maoists and Naxalies which are the greatest menace .They are killing the police and damaging the property hundred times more than the Pakistani terrorists did in Mumbai .We have made it a Wailing Wall .Being a rising super power we could tolerate the injury and retaliate Pakistan in a befitting manner. .Instead of that we are continuously displaying the wound to the world downgrading our national dignity .On the other hand Pakistan had number of terrorist attacks more sever than Mumbai attack but not weeping or wailing before any other country .The congress government, the defense minister and the chief of army Mr. Deepak Kapoor are the most timid persons .They lost credibility, they must resign forthwith .A strong coalition government be formed to safeguard our national respect and honor.Mr. Man Mohan Singh has not revealed the deal of two tons of gold which he bought from IMF out of the way. The Times of India tried to leak the important news .The present policy never suits to our large and strong country. It must be scrapped soon. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Media’s role in burning issues The electronic media is responsible for creating the messy situation in Andhra Pradesh. With the sole objective of catching more and more eyeballs to increase their TRP ratings, the 24x7 channels have vied with each other by spicing up the news. Mr.K.Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) played the final gambit to announce fast-unto-death for his political survival.His party (TRS) had bitten the dust in the recent Assembly elections and he did not have the nerve to contest in the Greater Hyderabad elections held a few weeks back. As though there is no other issue of national importance, the media puffed-up the Telangana issue – forcing the doctors attending on KCR to issue frequent health bulletins on his condition, highlighting the suicides committed by students, repeatedly telecasting the visuals of police lathi charge in Osmania University etc. This led to a knee-jerk reaction by the Centre to announce the initiation of the process for a separate state. The least the UPA government should have done was, to form an all-party committee to evolve a consensus on such a delicate issue. Ironically, though KCR’s ten days fast was focused in the headlines by all 24x7 channels, hardly any channel has brought to limelight, about the ongoing 9-year old fast-unto-death by Irom Sharmila, who is demanding the withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (APSPA) in Manipur. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (AP)   A rape that has left people wishing her dead Dear Shiv Sena, MNS:  In your political squabbles, neither of you has bothered about what happened to Aruna Shanbaug 36 years ago [She was working at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai is a nurse and was assaulted & sexually abused by a Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki, a ward boy at the hospital. She since the assault has been in a vegetative state till date].  Isn't 'Shanbaug' a Marathi name?  Are your duties limited only to changing my city's name, or to throwing non-Marathis out of Bombay?  How come you allowed Aruna's rapist to get away so lightly?  He served just 7 years in prison and now no-one knows where he is, what he looks like.  Meanwhile, Aruna still serves time at KEM Hospital for a crime she didn't commit - 36 years and counting. I promise I will start calling my city MUMBAI - if you promise to track that cockroach down, expose him for what he is, make his face known to the entire country, make his life too a living hell on earth.  Can you do this, Uddhav, Raj?  Or is it not vote-friendly enough? Bharatram Gaba, Bombay,   Sexual reorientation for gays and lesbians What Research Shows , a study published by the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality based on over one hundred years' experience derived from clinical studies and research, proves that it is possible for men and women to diminish their unwanted homosexual attraction and to develop their heretosexual potential without suffering any harm. This is a very convenient fact as the homosexuals' experiences and risk factors related to medical pathology and of psychological origin or arising from relationships are much greater than for the population as a whole. In spite of AIDS, homos  continue practicing unsafe sex, being the group with the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases. It is a fact that over one third homosexuals are drug addicts and 40% of teenager homos report suicide attempts.   Also, the number of mental disorders suffered by homosexuals is higher than for heterosexuals: eating disorders and personality disorders such as paranoia, depression and anxiety. Also, homosexual relationships are especially violent. NARTH, according to 600 clinical reports concluded that the sexual reorientation treatment was successful in many cases for many individuals who experienced unwanted behaviour/homosexual attraction but who had a positive approach, as a result of therapy or religious assistance.

From an ethical point of view, psychologists and psychiatrists must provide psycho-educational and therapeutic assistance to those gays and lesbians wanting a change of direction in their sexual orientation.

Lisa Justiniano, Madrid,   Students Union in AMU In my opinion election for Students Union in educational campuses is deadly. As for the A.M.U. is concerned it has a great tradition for Students Union. It must be restored but not by election but by selection through vocal debate. I have some topics in my mind for the debate.1. A.M.U. past, present and future. 2. I love A.M.U. most why? 3. Sacrifices of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan for A.M.U. 4. Great tradition of A.M.U. 5.               Sir Syed a ray of light for the community. Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow