Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor

Aah Uzair Lakhani

Innaa lillah we innaa ilayhi raajioon

May the Most Merciful Allah grant Sabre Jameel to our dear journalist Br. Abdul Hafeez Lakhani and also to his respected family. Stunned to read in Gujarat Today on 18 Nov. 2009 that Br. Lakhani's 12 year-old son Uzair met with a fatal accident on an Ahmadabad road on 17 Nov. 09. The growing flower was very brilliant in both Deeni Madrasas as well as in secular school. He had already done Hifze Quraan at this young age. Only Allah can grant strength to the bereaved family to bear this terrible shock. None of us can do anything except Du’a. May Allah accept and raise the ranks of the Faithful family in both the worlds - Aameen.      S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh- 392150