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MG I am an ardent fan of MG since a decade. It is really a mouthpiece of Muslims. I enjoy reading all the articls with interest. It gives me peace and happiness through its mind boggling informative articles. In my view this is the only English fortnightly which is serving the Umma selflessly. I congratulate the editor for his untiring yeomen service. Long live Milli Gazette. G. A. Rahim IPS (Rtd) Hyderabad, AP II With utmost pleasure,I would like to congratulate you on successfully completing 13th year of MG. I would also like to thank you for publishing the article titled “Bohra community - reduced to a cult” by Saifuddin Insaf in the 1-15 Dec issue. May Allah bless you more and more in your efforts.  Rehana Shabbar Hussain, Indore  (M.P) III
I appreciate kind of work you are doing for our Muslim community, Inshallah MG will reach each and every Muslim all over the country. Hussain Shaikh, Mumbai IV The MG is indeed a think tank of the ‘Ummah’ which covers the topics comprehensively for the betterment of the society at large. U. F. Malek, Ahmedabad - 380055 (Guj) V May Allah bless Milli Gazette with a very long purposeful healthy life, its editor and team with huge rewards and happiness in both worlds and the taufeeq and means to the community to value and support this very very special organ. Ameen” Mohammad Ghazali Khan, London VI Congrats! Best wishes to   for its future journey. Live Long. Erfan Majid VI Many more years and years and years and years and years and come. Amee! S Farman Ahmad Naqvi, Allahabad VII Great, My good wishes with MG & InshAllah MG must always be there for being the voice of the unheard  Mushtaq Ul-Haq Ahmad Sikander VIII-XII Mabrook! May MG scale new heights every year and continue successfully for hundred of years. Nisar Ahmad Khan Wishing many many happy returns. Sunil Jasuja Congratulations ! may Allah give more Barakah Yunus Mohammad Mashallah... may “ALLAH” alwayz help & bless u all to stay with the truth & ease ur hardships.... Aameen Touseef Siddiqui Alhamdolillah! May Allah bless all ur efforts. Aameen. Farah Shakeel   Muslim - Christian dialogue Apropos of John Dayal, “Why no dialogue between Christian and Muslims?” (MG, 16-30 November). Muslims being the second largest majority of India but Muslims are  downtrodden and target of oppressions (khaki terror, administrative biases with political conspiracy and saffron attacks are perennial in India) which made Muslims 3rd class citizens. That is why Muslims lost the revolutionary character to save and protect and help the needy. Fortunately Christians in India have very good chain of standard schools. If Christians give some priority in admitting Muslim students in their schools, within 15-20 years Christians would find a large number of Muslim officers who would protect every downtroddens, poor and weak including all the minorities.                 S. Haque, Patna   Muslims youths - targets of ATS & Police It is really shocking that the police, ATS and security agencies across the country have been using nefarious and draconian laws on sedition and terrorism to implicate Muslims especially Muslim youths. For several years this sinister campaign of the police and security agencies, which is wholly illegal has expanded to include thousand of Muslims especially Muslims youths. It has now being fully exposed to expand through numerous court judgments and also journalistic investigations that all such cases are fabricated. But what is most unfortunate that this vicious campaign of police and security agencies has labeled the entire Indian Muslim community the largest minority of the country as suspects in the eyes of the country. No charge sheets are filed for months and even for years and cases do not go to trials for several years. Despite all this when trials are held courts end up and declare the accused as innocent. But that by then several more than a decade has passed. What else than the worst example of great justice! One of the hundreds of such shocking case is that of N. Amir Khan who was 18 years old when he was arrested on charges terrorism and has been in jail for 14 years before the court acquitted him of all charges. The less said about the performance of ATS the better. They associate any and every bomb blast with Indian Mujahidin, but have failed to prove the existence of such an organization. Thousand of Muslim youths are its victims and are languishing in jails. The need of the hour is that this nefarious and illegal anti-Muslim activities are ATS, Police and security Agencies which is a blot on Indian Democracy should be ended and the guilty responsible for this should be punished. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai,ex-M. P., Delhi - 110091   Nationwide terror alert Union home secretary R. K. Singh on 30 Nov. said nationwide terror alert following the execution of Pak terrorist Kasab continued. He said terror groups had been issuing threats. He explained these when he was in Patna. The very next day news came that two persons died on spot in a motorcycle blast and the third injured person fled from the scene at Bhagwanpur in Begusarai. But in the newspapers his name not disclosed and the news of the massive blast in the motorcycle  appeared only on page 18 downplaying the gravity of the blast. Knowing the media mentality, we must probe such news. S. Haque, Patna   Viva Palestine! The establishment of Palestine as a non-member observer state, although late, is a well-deserved and well-earned recognition of the Palestinian people’s long desire and struggle for statehood. The UN member states especially the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) countries who on 29 November 2012 voted in favour deserve appreciation for their bold and judicious decision to recognize the lawful demand of the Palestinians who have lost thousands and thousands of their near and dear ones in pursuit of their genuine demand. But it was very unfortunate on the part of some of world’s most important and powerful countries not to have voted or having simply abstained from it. Unless genuine demands of people are met or at least recognized, the slogan of equality, justice and human rights will remain only hollow claims and efforts to making peace a norm rather than an aberration will remain unsuccessful. Manzar Imam, New Delhi -110011   Rape is a national shame Something is terribly wrong somewhere. Recent gang rape incidence in the capital is very shameful and heart wrenching. This barbaric crime reflects distortion of our social fabric. Too a great extent, internet and cinemas are responsible for increase in crimes against women. We should put strong control over it otherwise, scenario will be worst. Parents should educate their children. Prompt action should be taken against the culprits.                 M. Yunus Khan, Aligarh. II The guilty rapist should be made khassi. Castration can be an effective deterrent. Abdur Rasheed,Solapur - 413003   Sheer Ostentation On his 58th birthday, the flamboyant Vijay Mallya offered 3 kg gold, worth Rs. 6 crore, to the temple of Lord Venkateshwar. His staff of now defunct Kingfisher Airlines didn’t get their salaries for months and here this man is offering 3 kg gold to god!!!. Isn’t it sheer ostentation and flagrant audacity? Had he been in any western country, he’d have been questioned by police and put behind the bars.   Sumit Paul, Pune   India - a democratic state or a police state? The recent arrest of two girls in Mumbai for posting a political comment on a facebook is decidedly a case of clear abuse of authority and grave violation of human rights. The girl had not surrendered any body. She had only expressed the view that there was no need for Mumbai to shut down on the death of a political leader i. e. shiv sena chief. What was the criminality involved in it. Even more bizarre is that the other girl was arrested for merely indicating that she agreed with her friend. These arrests raised the question whether we are living in a democratic state under whom citizens irrespective of religion, race and language enjoy the most important right of expression or in a police state where we have no rights. The Maharashtrian govt. should take stern and deterrent action against the erring police officers and thus tell the world that Maharashtra is not ruled by shiv sena but by the congress which stands for real democracy. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M. P., New Delhi - 110091   Common court of Hindu terror cases N. I. A. (National investigating agency) has to stretch it presence over three places. Panchkula for the Samjhauta Exp. Blast case, Hyderabad for Makka Masjid blast case and Jaipur for Ajmer dargah blast case for hearing the cases. The agency is also saddled with probes into the Malegaon blasts, Modasa blast and Sunil Joshi murder. After Hyderabad court observed that there were too many obstacles hindering the possibility of a trial into the May 2007 Mecca Masjid blast case, NIA likely to seek common court for Hindu terror cases. At last NIA agreed that Hindu terror is vastly conspiracy aggravated alarming problem in India. S. Haque, Patna   Indian Spring? Looking at events happening at Parliament house, Rajpath and Vijay chowk in Delhi today, one wonders, is this the Indian Spring that we were talking about? These grand mansions of parliament house, president’s house were built by our british colonisers and then our India masters quietly sneaked into them. Not only sneaked into the same buildings but into the same role of suppressing the populations using the same draconian laws and bureaucracy. A country with one of the highest number of the poor, illiterate, malnourished, blind, etc population. The president lives in a mansion of 350 room!! Where as we have only one AlIMS (all india institute of medical science) for One Billion plus Population. Tariq Anwer   19 December 2012 Many people, including women, are calling for the castration and hanging of the men who so bestially treated a young woman in a bus in Delhi. I have spoken elsewhere of the doubtful effectiveness of deterrent punishment and of the need to instil basic humanity in males from the time when they are little boys. Here I shall speak of something else because I think it is crucially relevant to the current outcry. Among the two thousand Muslims who are estimated to have lost their lives in Gujarat in 2002 were many women and girls who were raped before being shot or skewered or thrown on fires. These facts were established, beyond any doubt, in the weeks and months following. The rapists of that time have not been castrated or executed. Indeed, no one called for those punishments for those beasts. Clearly my simple mind is mistaken in holding all acts of rape to be bad. Clearly rape can also be a valiant act meant to uphold high or sacred ideals. Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091 MG: Dear MD, I have the fullest sympathy with this hapless victim and want the criminal beasts punished in an exemplary manner. But a question has been nagging me since I started watching on the small screen screaming young and not so young people demanding quick justice: would they react in the same manner if the victim was a dalit or an OBC or a Muslim or a Christian? MD: Someone made a post on FaceBook whose thrust was that only Upper Caste Hindu women count.   Murderers must get death punishment Murderers, terror acts, rapes, heinous crimes against women and weaker sections of society are getting more and more common in our country. Justice demands that such criminals should be awarded death senences. Many murderers sentenced to death were found to be habitual criminals who had earlier committed, murders, rapes, dacoities etc. It is a fact that there is a direct relation of abolishment of eath sentence to crime rate. Statistics bear testimony to the fact that in countries where death sentence is abolished the rate of crime particularly of murders and rapes is very high, while in those states where death sentence is awarded crime rate is very low. In this regard I would like to quote the examples of America and Saudi Arabia. In educationally and economically most advanced American society where death sentence is abolished crime rate is highest, while in under developed Saudi Arabia where death sentence and other Islamic criminal laws are in force, crime rate is lowest. The Holy Qur’an says murder of single human being amounts to the murder of the whole mankind. Death sentences and harsh punishments, no doubt, act as a terror to the minds of the criminals. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (Maharashtra) - 441904   Crazy country recalcitrant citizens’ note French President Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy accursed Jew, leading jungle & barbaric law in his country. Ladies appearing before public with neat dress, covered body with burqa and dignity were fined and their husbands punished. His wife Carla Bruni like ladies are perambulating through markets and streets like cattles with or without bikini which attracts all the men and they earn crores Carla Bruni snatched crores from riches. World leaders who defy burqa and full dress but ladies may adopt Curla brunis’s and Sarkozy’s code of conduct for building better future and becoming wealthy. No fine no charge - Be the great; Note: In France a rule enforced that ladies who wear burkha will be fined 130 pounds (Rs. 8830/-) and the husband of such ladies liable to pay penalty pounds 1300 (Rs. 8,80,000/-) and one year imprisonment: ladies like Carla Brunini will be rewarded. This is a draconian law of the France. Khan Vellayani, Trivandrum - 685009    Islam is peace Our new generation is intelligent but we have failed in making them understand the true meaning of Islam. Islam is peace and it means surrender to Allah the most benevolent the merciful. Throughout the Quran Allah’s name is thus invoked no less than113 times. Jihad means to struggle or to strive hard that is, to exert oneself to the utmost to achieve one’s goal.. The Quran says : “Do not yield to the unbelievers, but fight them strenuously with it.” (25:52). What this verse actually means is that we must engage ourselves to explain teachings of Islam. and spread the message of kindness and love. There is no mention of military action where word Jihad is concerned. Thus Islamic Jihad is a positive and continuous process. It is at work in the entire life of a believer.. The study of our Prophet’s life shows that he preferred to choose peace talks. He fought only three wars and they did not last for long period. According the Islamic Shariah, peace is the rule in matters of Jihad, while war is the least desirable option. The truth is that Islam being peaceful religion, it has stood the taste of time. The goal of the Islamic mission is to make people realize that there is one and only Allah and we must worship him. Islam is truth. Truth cannot die. We need to revive Islam with its beauty and knowledge. Nazneen O. Saherwala (Surat, India).   Emotion not to over come law While showing his re-action upon the statement of Maharashtra C. M. Shri Prithviraj Chavan Mr. Manohar Joshi the senior Shiv Sena leader addressing to the reporters bluntly said that we do not care if any law is coming in the way to raise Balasaheb’s memorial at Shivaji Park, Mumbai. Prior to Mr. Joshi, Mumbai shiv sena categorically refused to budge upon any solution except the Memorial in question irrespective of legal obstacle. Khap panchayats are very active specially in Northern and North-West parts of India where they have framed their own regulations and impose them with full force without caring for the law many a time in an horrible and heinous way specially against the young couples performing love marriages against the will of their parents and social traditions. The recent case of Abdul Hakim and Mahvish at Bulandshaher (U. P.) took place on 22nd November last as honour based killing. Another honour based killing took place at Jalalkheda, Dits. Nagpur where the deceased was starangulated by Nitin Keshav Kanhare brother of Geeta who married to Deepak Marotrao Charpe against the wishes of her parents and elders of the society. Microscopic analysis of the above events and other such happenings shows such emotion based activities are spreading unchecked in an increased way at the regular interval thus posing a great challenge for Indian legal system which ocularly warn that within a short span of time overtly the emotion may become the rule of law in future or may be treated rusty process whereas emotion based action would be taken as fast activities are going on in an unbecoming way specially by the political parties and their stalwart who hundred of time solemnly affirm their faith in India constitution and law of the land whereas practically they under the so-called emotional fabric never hesitate to toe-down the legal system if it is unsuseptible so what to say about a common man.         Faheemuddin, Nagpur   Punish criminals of Gujarat genocide In fact Narendra Modi was the planner and executor of state sponsored genocide and carnage in Gujarat, where 2000 Muslims were killed, 6000 were injured and one lakh became homeless. Houses, mosques, dargahs, shops etc. worth hundreds of crores were looted, burnt and destroyed. The entire nation, barring a small section, had condemned Modi for the dance of death and destruction. Even prime minister A. B. Vajpayee had called Gujarat violence a blot on fair name of India and a matter of national shame. Supreme court had ordered an special investigation team to probe the role of Narendra Modi and 49 politicians and civil and police officers in the Gujarat violence. The apex court had also ordered a fresh probe in 14 post Godhra anti-Muslim riots cases in Gujarat. The court had also ordered transfer of riots cases from Gujarat to Maharashtra. Suhrabuddin and his wife Kausar Bi were abducted by Sohrabuddin’s close friend Tulsiram Prajapati, who was witness of murder was also killed by Modi’s police in December, 2006. In this regard eleven accuseds including 3 former I. P. S. officers D. G. Vanjara, Rajkumar Pandian and Abhay Chudasama are in jail. According to the C. B. I., Amit Shah, former minister of state for Home in Modi govt. was the “kingpin” of the conspiracy. He was also in jail in this regard. Recently Modi govt’s minister Maya Kodnani is awarded 28 years sentence for organising the massacre of 95 innocent Muslims at Naroda Patia in Gujarat. Justice demands that Narendra Modi, his ministers, civil servants, police officers, party leaders and workers involved in the carnage, should be prosecuted and punished for their heinous crimes. Rioters, murderers, arsonists, rapists should also be awarded severe punishments.  G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M. S.) - 441904