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A person needs to have study the modes of operation of spiritual  powers in the world. This power is related to Almighty God. It works latently and non of the human eye can see it. The leakage of the Liberhan Commission  Report  in Indian Express stating that Mr. AB Vajpayee was also involved in the demolition of Babri Masjid  the government should have taken action against him and all the 68 persons who demolished the Mosque. Instead the government posed as it was not its duty to apprehend the perpetrators. The spiritual powers started its function. The telangana people started their movement. The youths pelted stones and damaged the public and private property, raised slogans against the central government. KSR started his fast unto death. In Parliament the members were busy in allegations and counter allegations.The remote state of AP is now boiling.The students of Osmania University are on rampage. In case KCR dies the situation will be uncontrollable. Firing, arson military intervention has to be resorted  then. The central government could save the Mosque by sending the army. Now the same army has to attack on our own students. This is all may be perceived as the action of spiritual power. But our priests fail to understand this network of spiritual power. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Hyderabad II Mr. P. Chidambaram must be appreciated for presenting himself throughout the commotion, indicting the communal leaders and at the same time holding guilty for the lapse committed by the Prime Minister of his own party. The opposition parties' behaviour was not unexpected as not only that they are guilty but it is part of their gene to cast indecency, indiscipline and confusion in every segment of life including the highest body of Parliament. 8th December 2009 has presented the most shameful day in the Parliament's history thanks to the ugly behaviour of the BJP and their allies. Now the major question arises whether the government is serious about taking appropriate action against the culprits who are indicted by Justice Liberhan and particularly when the home minister himself has called the demolition of the mosque as "a pre-planned, calculated and cold-blooded" action or the culprits will be allowed to enjoy the benefits of power brazenly declaring that "yes, we have committed this crime, will you dare touch us"? The expedition of the suits pending in different courts not extending to many years, will be appreciated by the secular minded majority of the country K. Malikul Azeez, Perambur High Road, Chennai-12
Nwwspapers have reported extensively on VHP's Ashok Singhal's recipe for Hindu-Muslim unity. The VHP leader has reportedly claimed that "VHP wants a permanent bond of love between Hindus and Muslims". He suggests that the bugbears in the path of communal harmony are Ayodhya's Ram Janmabhoomi, Mathura's Krishna Janmabhoomi and the Kashi Vishwanath disputes. "Only withdrawals of claims by Muslims on these three places and handing them over to Hindus by law of Parliament can ensure strength for real Hindu-Muslim unity." One would ask, if it is so simple why aren't Muslims over decades giving a serious thought to it. It is not so simple. Ask any Muslim leader or activist why Muslims cannot consider giving away Babri Masjid instead of letting it be a cause for so much strife. The answer will be: it is not one Masjid they want. They have a list of 3000 structures, which they will raise once Muslims surrender Babri. "Not 3000, Sir. 30000," another will add. Also it is the feeling among Muslims across the board that RSS and parivar are inimical to Muslims.
The statements like the one Ashok Singhal made, if they come more frequently, may go a long way in building bridges between the communities. The Sangh parivar should convince by words and deeds that their hostility towards Muslims is imaginary and only a propaganda by the political parties. I happened to meet VHP's Ashok Chowghule. I asked him about the concerns of Muslims about VHP asking for 3000 to 30000 places of worship from them if they surrender Babri Masjid. Since this conversation took place in late 2002 or early 2003, I do not recollect the exact words but I am sure what Ashok Chowghule conveyed was that it is not true that the VHP wants anything more than these three places, and that if Muslims can consider lifting their claim on these three places they can talk with us and we will clear their doubts and allay their apprehensions. Now, does this not show a big communication gap or a misplaced mistrust?
Another display of mistrust between the two communities was visible today. In a talk show in a news channel on the subject of Babri Masjid Syed Shahabuddin stated that Muslims will abide by the court verdict and will withdraw if the judiciary gives a decision that a temple existed at the Babri site. When the programme anchor repeatedly asked one panelist from the Hindu group if Hindus give a similar commitment to abide by the judiciary's decision, the answer was a question pointing towards Syed Shahabuddin "Can you trust him?" Muslims are not sure that thousands of cases will not crop up if they negotiate in one case. Their sense of insecurity is all too visible. They are pinning their hopes on court verdict. Foolishly, one should say, when the BJP, VHP and others give no indication of intention to abide by the judiciary's decision. The BJP's vision document 2004 states, "In the matter of Ayodhya we are for a negotiated settlement in an atmosphere of mutual trust." A very political way to suggest that the court verdict is not the end but the fresh beginning of Babri dispute. Muslim leaders are determined not to have any talks with Hindu groups until the court decision. Apparently they think they will talk from the position of strength then. Why does a brother want to talk with the brother from the position of strength? Not to agree for talks before court verdict , is fraught with risk of managment of Babri dispute going more into what Liberhan has called the "rabid elements" of Muslim leadership. Muslims must agree to enter into dialogue at an early date. And If the BJP and others have made up their minds that "the negotiated settlement in an atmosphere of mutual trust" is the best way, they should be pro-active in their efforts in creating that "atmosphere of mutual trust".
Apparently UPA does not seem to be seeing any role for the Central government in resolving this epic wrangle. Indian National Congress by playing its dubious role or non-role in the dispute at different times has not done itself any credit. BJP's Rajnath Singh's plea to the UPA government to facilitate negotiations between the two communities made by him not too long ago has fallen on deaf ears. It is not for nothing that the Congress is said to be having a stake in a low intensity hostility between Hindus and Muslims. The party has hardly ever encouraged Muslims to have a fruitful dialogue with Hindu groups. Sonia Gandhi should correct the situation. The party's active participation in resolution of Babri dispute will help in dispelling the impression that it has always exploited communal tension. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054
AMU The misguided and misbegotten episode at AMU that just ended has exposed the hollowness of the mindset of the large AMU community. Weeks were spent in writing hundreds, if not thousands of emails and reading them, but some essential questions were not broached, and when broached, they were avoided. I had asked some very simple questions, but never got an answer. Simply because he could not. Apparently the melodrama and the hyperbole of intemperate language were more important. The crisis is over. But though it may sound good to say let the by gone be by gone, or all is well that ends well. It may be right for our limited lives, but the life of an institution goes on beyond our limited lives or perspectives. The grandeur of the past lifts the institution and the pettiness of the past haunts it for a long time, because both become part of the tradition. The endless carping about all the past Vice chancellors has haunted the AMU for many decades, because it has become part of the tradition and thus acceptable. Endemic strikes, loose talk and building of street smart leadership have also become a part of the tradition and therefore are deemed to be acceptable. It has replaced the educated parliamentary leadership of winning for a cause by the dint of intellect that Sir Syed so valued. I am again posing some questions: 1. Ostensibly the agitation started because of the murder of the unfortunate student. Supposedly the rage was on his behalf demanding justice for him. Not once did I read in any of the voluminous record of writing as to what is going on with the investigation, what needs to be done, etc. Why? The sad part is that apparently no one cared it was crutch to advance an unrelated set of agenda; 2. Some were criticized for comparing the strikers with Talibans (if I remember correctly). Did any of those people criticize the person who compared the VC with the murderous warmongering record of Bush and NeoCons. Insulting ones teachers and elders used to be a greater sin in the culture and tradition that we so fervently rave about; 3. This is not to say that many of the grievances of the students were not genuine, but they completely misused the sad occasion of the death of a poor student; 4. If the demand for the resignation of the VC was so pivotal that the students in the Gandhian manner were fasting to death. Why did they fold up using the crutch of some petty politician's intervention? Are the principles so easily traded? In the present day street politics, yes, but then we know that they are pressure points not principles.
Often the Students Union has become the reason for dispute. It was part of the plethora of demands this time as well. I have a few ideas about it. In the interest of brevity I will leave it for later, if people are interested, I would write about them later. These are the glaring questions that we need to think about and answer, if we care to have decent and laudable traditions, other wise the crowing about slowly strangulated tradition while violating all sense of decency also becomes a tradition. Apparently it already has. With sadness,      Mirza A. Beg
II AMU is again engulfed in the flame of vested interest. Mafias are so active that they make students their tools to protest in some other ways and create anarchy in the campus.  The present VC, Dr Abdul Aziz is of Dynamic personality and has done commendable work for the University. He has recruited so many courses and various branches of AMU throughout country. The main demand of students is to lift the ban on student's Union. No doubt it is the fundamental right of students. But the present system of election in the campus, creates chaos groupism, Mafiaism, quarrel and even murder. The academic atmosphere dies for several months. It is a great loss of students. Being an old student and well wisher of the University I have a suggestion if heeded that the students Union must be resolved but not through election but through debate. The jury must be outsider, so that the selection must be fair and impartial. Through debate able candidate will get the chance, and the reputation of students Union will be maintained. Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Khan
Member of Old Boy's Association, Aliganj, Lucknow          
Afghanistan and Silver Spoon The statement of Mr. McChrystal - there are no silver bullets for Afghan win. It is true that there are no short cuts to exit from Afghanistan.  Years of conflict and wars has put Afghanistan in the worst condition. The presence of foreign troops has not helped the local Afghan population. It is high time that the coalition forces get together and chalk out a strategy to help the Afghan population and rather then policing them, they should help them in eliminating corruption, building infrastructure and education, provision of sanitation and jobs.  This will go a long in improving the life of common man in turn reducing the desire for people to terrorize.  Providing a silver spoon is better than searching for a silver bullet. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh - 11443 Why only Telangana?
Even after formation of Telangana what is the guarantee that some other leader from north or south Telagana will not arise and claim separate north or separate south telangana. The people of Rayel Seema will also claim a separate state.This separation trend may go till the separate districts. The buck which is creating trouble is the faulty system of governance. All our political leaders with few exceptions are corrupt, selfish, and money mongers and involve in nepotism. After formation of new state some other movement will start. There is a perception that British rulers did not loot India as our indigenous leaders did.They opened foreign accounts in foreign countries. Andhra people have developed our thousands acres of land which we could not do. We lack resources and we do not have harbors In case of separation we shall have to forgo all the benefits which presently have got. It is clear that the idea of separate state is politically motivated. We are responsible for our backwardness. The demand of separate state is not the solution. The famous poet Iqbal has said, "Khuda ne aaj tak us qaum ki halat nahin badli; na ho jisko khayal aap apni halat ke badalne ka" Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
II The announcement of the U.S. president Barack Obama to start withdrawing forces from Afghanistan from 2011 indicates that America has lost the war and it could not come up to the expectation of the world. Even seven-year long battle with the Taliban, could not suppress them completely. Before, withdrawing from Afghanistan, U.S. must establish there a stable government led by one who gains public support; other than Hamid Karzai. Karzai's alleged resort to corruption in the presidential election is a witness of him not being accepted by people. A Hameed Yousuf, Ulsoor, Bangalroe-08
III The U.S. President Barack Obama's decision to continue the war in Afghanistan by sending 30,000 additional troops in Afghanistan has dismayed all those who believed that he could deliver his promise of 'change'. His 4th June speech made through the pulpit of Al Azhar University: "I've come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world" does not reflect the intent of walking the talk. The Norwegian Nobel Committee which awarded the Peace Prize to Obama should have taken aback for their wrong choice.  What is more worrisome is the fact that, at a time when even the NATO allies of the U.S. are trying to draw their feet from the Afghan quagmire, India is slowly falling in the trap of imperialist design laid by the sole superpower.      Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)      
Islamophobia The decision to ban Mosque minarets in Switzerland is an act of religious discrimination and intolerance. It simply means everyone but Muslims are free to build their house of worship using their preferred architectural style. It is a sad moment for all people who cherish religious freedom to see a discriminatory law receive wide popular support in the country that witnessed the birth of modern democracy. Switzerland has made today a giant step backward in the direction of the religious intolerance of medieval Europe. The vote was surprising to many as it is diametrically opposed to the democratic values and the enlightenment spirit that are the source of a great pride to Swiss society. The Swiss vote will undoubtedly invigorate the European far right, who will see this as a green light to further isolate and marginalize European Muslims. It is now the time for liberal voices in Switzerland, indeed in Europe and beyond, and all those who care about the future of freedom to show their true metal and challenge this draconian measure. Swiss and European Muslims should challenge the law in the courts and make sure that this palpable discrimination against the free exercise of religion does not stand. Safiya Sameena, Moghalrajpuram road, Vijayawada - 520010

The Infallible Zionists
Soon , Israel shall bomb Iran
the whole world shall complain
the UN shall condemn it
the USA shall ask for explanations
but......... Israel shall invoke the Holocaust
Husny Mubarak shall blame the Algerian footballers
the Saudi King shall dance until midnight
Sarkozy shall sell Iran the new radars
Russia shall update its own scrab
But Israel shall invoke the Holocaust
Qatar shall send medical help
Dubai shall offer free skying holidays
Syria shall make an alliance with Turkey
and then Turkey shall lead the Muslim world.
Hezbollah shall bomb Haifa and Yaffa
Israel shall bomb Beirut,while avoiding
the palace of Harriri and the villa of the Gemayel´s
and Israel shall invoke the Holocaust , again.
France and Russia shall rebuild the Nuke´s of Iran
with a whole-sale-discount of 15%
Gaza shall reroute its tunnels directly to  Algeria
Abbas shall get a new air-conditioned-Mercedes
as for Israel , it will again invoke the Holocaust,
Ann Frank and the Shoa.....
Bernard Madoff shall get amnesty
and then share a Nobel Prize with Nathaniahu
Hilary shall have a face-lift paid by AIPAC
and Obama shall become as white as Michael Jackson
while Israel,
it shall invoke the Holocaust, again. Sherlock Hommos the fortune-teller (Raja Chemayel)