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MG MG is eminently successful as a 'think tank' of the community. I will be happy if MG transforms itself into a daily. M.A. Nabi, Zilla School Road, Bhadrak- 756100, Orissa II I think Milli General Knowledge must be publish in MG. Also I appeal to the Muslim community to avoid the Baraat ceremony as well as jahez (dowry). Both are disliked by Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and Allah.             Afkaar G. Naushahra, Balrampur, UP   Illusionary Promises Reference on Thackery's comments on Muslims. Unfortunately most of the governmental and non governmental announcements and inducements offered to Muslims were not implemented in letter and spirit.  A vast majority of them had their own political and personal motives. But these have definitely provided anti-Muslim politicians an illusionary whip to wield dangerously towards Muslims. In-spite of many reports and studies pointing to the backwardness and severe under representation nothing concrete has been done other than lip services.  It is high time that recommendations of various committees be implemented to alleviate the backwardness and sufferings of this community. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh - 11443   Rahul at AMU Rahul Gandhi in Aligarh said that even a Muslim can get the top job provided he is capable and has the necessary qualifications (qualities). Let me ask him that since independence was their no man in Muslims, out of twenty crores was not capable to become the PM. His father Rajiv Gandhi was after all a pilot he was made PM because he was the grandson of Nehru. This assignment is more or the less like the president of India, he cannot make use the powers and take independent decisions. Mr. Rahul Gandhi is in dark about the atrocities meted out to Muslim youths. .Can he tell how many Muslim youths were killed in fake encounters, they are tortured in jails to downgrade their morals. They cannot think about any top assignment. Only persons like Salman Khursheed, Shakeel Ahmad who revere the bosses of party can become ministers of lower ranks subject to the condition that they can sacrifice their fundamental beliefs. Mr Rahul is unaware about the killings of Muslim youths of Aligarh every year .But the intellectuals know pretty well who are they. The encounter of Batla House is another example. Rahul and his mother are naïve regarding these affairs. Tomorrow he will be made the prime minister but his both hands will be tied in the back . Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Ban Gutka, the deadly poison Due to lack of moral values youths are becoming drug addicts. Poisonous drug Gutka is being consumed on large scale by boys, girls and even children. Medical researches bear testimony to the fact that the main causes of mouth and throat cancer are chewing Gutka and smoking tobacco. Today, there are about four lakhs mouth cancer patients in India. Ninety percent of these are Gutka eaters and smokers. About 50 lakhs boys and girls in their teens are Gutka eaters. Gutka is a grave threat to their health and lives. Moreover, it is a threat to India's economy, progress and prosperity. Central and all state governments should ban Gutka at the earliest. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (MS) 441904   Human Welfare Foundation - a personal experience As my daughter and nephew were selected for felicitation, I too was present in person with them as a guardian. But I returned with very bad impression. I found it totally mismanaged programme of no worth. When they had invited a specific number of students and they had clearly mentioned on the invitation card that only one person will be allowed as guardian, how they made arrangements for a smaller number. Even the sufficient chairs were not available which they arranged from somewhere and somehow after the start of the programme. They had arranged a breakfast packet for students and guardians, which was clearly mentioned on invitation card and the coupon for which as well as lunch was given to all on arrival, but the number of packets was so short that two third of them could not get their packets. I am surprised that the same happened at lunch time too when they had already faced the shortage of packs at breakfast and when they were knowing how much packets are needed because they knew how many coupons they had distributed. As far as the award is concerned, they awarded Rs 1000 in cash and a certificate. That in my opinion was too little for the students coming from far away places like Ballia and Meerut. They paid fare for students too but only bus or train fare from their station to Lucknow  - what about the fare from home to station which is much costly for the students belonging to remote villages and from Lucknow station to the venue while they paid nothing for accompanying guardian. Do they think that a person accompanying his son or daughter comes on foot to his station then takes a train or bus to Lucknow station and from there comes to the venue walking and after taking Rs 1000 goes back in the same way without anything to eat and any right to stay in Lucknow. If he stays (two persons) and takes food, what will Rs 1000 will do, not to speak of the worthless certificate (the Education Board has already given them a certificate). Dr. Athar Iqbal, Kotila, Azamgarh, (UP)   Had Bhopal occured in the US Imagine, what would have happened if the same sort of Bhopal gas tragedy occurred in the United States? The perpetrator would have been stopped to leave the country in the first place, unlike the safe passage given to Warren Anderson, the chairman of Union Carbide Corporation. The hapless victims of the gas leak would not have been allowed to die in wretched conditions and each sufferer would have got much more than the paltry Rs. 25000 given to their Indian counterparts. It is really a shame of the government which lacks the resolve to arrest Anderson and instead declared him as untraced. Should the 20000 plus victims of Bhopal pay the penalty for the Indian government's nonsensical objective of attracting foreign capital? Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Soaring prices expose UPA concern for aam aadmi The soaring prices of general articles have torn apart the tall claims of UPA-II that its had is with aam aadmi. Around 77% Indians in unorganized sectors who live on less than 20 rupees per day find it difficult to even arrange meals due to price hike of essentials. One of the reasons behind this is that the grains already available to us are rotten in governance warehouses. Less production of the commodities is of course, a problematic aspect of the food crisis. As a long term strategy to check soaring prices, farmers must be encouraged to cultivate more, through subsidized seeds & fertilizers, assurance of better irrigation facilities and most importantly reasonable return for their production. This will not only help balancing supply to the demand but also save lives of our peasants committing suicide on daily basis. A Hameed Yousuf, Ulsoor, Bangalroe-08   West Bengal Despite Home Minister P. Chidambaram's affirmation that the sending of Central team to West Bengal need not be seen through the prism of Article 356, the intent of the Congress-TMC combine to fish in troubled waters is palpable. The chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution Dr. B. R. Ambedkar had clearly warned against the abuse of the power under Article 356 by the Union Governments for political purposes, stating it as an invasion on the sovereign authority of the province. His hope that the article will never be put to operation was short lived, as the deliberate abuse of this power was started in 1959 when the Communist Government in Kerala was dismissed by Jawaharlal Nehru. That the statute, which was framed for usage in the rarest of the rare cases was abused over a hundred times since the past fifty years, speaks volumes about the attack on the democracy in our country. The Congress-led UPA government which is basking under the recent electoral victories would do well by not resorting to any misadventure. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Imam invites people to sing Vande Mataram For all we know Betul Bazaar in Madhya Pradesh will be remembered as the seat of a historical event which took place on 8 November 2009. The Imam of the Jama Masjid Hafiz Abdul Razique defied the fatwa of the Dar-ul-uloom and the resolution of Jamiat-e- Ulama-e Hind. He invited a large number of people from all sections to sing Vande Mataram in front of the mosque. Perhaps this will mark an end to the unnecessary resistance to the national song which Muslim Ulemas and certain Muslim groups have been voicing off and on through all the years of independence. The controversy on the national song should have been buried in 1937 when the prudent leaders abridged the song to only two innocuous stanzas to make it acceptable to all non-idol worshippers like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs etc. For reasons best known to them certain Muslim groups have kept the pot boiling, thereby exposing the community to unpleasant barbs and slogan-mongering from Muslim baiters. The song thus has remained a cause of perpetual hostility between Hindus and Muslims instead of being a unifying force as it was intended to be. Hopefully the Imam of Betul Bazaar will receive endorsement and backing from Muslims all over India and as it happened in Betul Bazaar, the song will bring the communities closer. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai   Tamasha of Secular Parties harmful to Muslims In the last Parliament UPA government ruled for 5 years. The govt. was led by Congres with the support of parties like RJD, NCP, Samajwadi etc. The UPA announced to establish AMU campuses in three areas including one at Katihar. After the announcement, for three-four years we witnessed many gimmicks of these secular parties. Nothing happened in those days until the election held last March. Congress and RJD/LJP etc. lost in Bihar. It was only then that the Bihar ruling party (NDA) announced to give 100 acre of land at Kishanganj for the AMU campus. After the announcement to establish the AMU campus and to give 100 acres to AMU, both became great secular parties with no result to show. This is the tamasha of secular parties played to deceive Muslims. But look at Mr Kapil Sibal, Human Resources Minister, announcing to establish 14 universities and simultaneously proposing a university at East Champaran which is cleared by Bihar government also because this proposal was made by Bihar government first and okeyed by central government later. The C.M. of Bihar Nitish Kumar gave assurance to the people of East Champaran to establish a university in their region. The state government cleared the land, plan, infrastructure, hospital, bazar, airport, availability of water etc., in other words, all the facilities required for university. The same tamasha by secular parties was played in establishing Mazharul Haque University since 12-13 years and the university is running in govt. flats while five universities announced much after the announcement of Mazharul Haque university have started functioning independently. The tamasha of secular parties played to deceive the community. And for this, are Muslim leaders not responsible? MG should start a debate. S. Haque, Patna   Indian prostration in front of Uncle Sam This refers to the media report that Obama talked to Dr. Manmohan Singh seeking India's support in Afghanistan. Close to the heels of voting against Iran in the United Nations, the UPA government is clearly kneeling down to the U. S. pressure to drive the last nail into the coffin of Non Aligned Movement. Mr. Obama's surge plan to add 30,000 troops in Afghanistan is bound to spiral the ongoing internal strife in the Af-Pak region. India's involvement into the bloody mess, even in the name of 'construction and rehabilitation' is tantamount to inviting more trouble to our country. The U. S. is caught in the vortex of an unending war in Afghanistan and it is trying to avoid a shameful exit. Dr. Manmohan Singh would do well by saying a clear "NO" to Obama's call, as the NDA government had done to a similar request by Mr. George W. Bush for sending troops to Iraq. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)       Open letter to Mr Aziz Burney Please refer to your your article"Azad Bharat ka itihas" (series 51 & 52). Your idea of making a National Monument on the land of Babri Masjid shall not be acceptable to the muslim mass despite being appriciated by one Muslim Haji MP. If you make a  monument,then what after Babri monument? monument on Gyan wapi Mosque ,monuments on thousands of muslim mosques,dargah including Taj Mahal which are proclaimed temples by fanatic Hindus.And will you also suggest monuments on Best Bakery, Moradbad etc writting "Welcome to kill,we want few more monumants". Dear Mr. Burney It is the responsibilty of state to impelement the judgements and book the guilty with out any partiallity or discrimination and it cannot exuse giving the law and order situation.If a Government not able to implement court judgement and can not establish peace and harmony it has no right to continue. Mr.Burney, Babri Masjid will remain Masjid for ever and only court decision can be accepted,  It is not a Masjid only but it also a identity of 20 million Muslim of the country , and decision of ummah can not be taken by a Muslim Haji MP or a devouted reporter of Ummah.These politicians have made us LOOSER from 1947 to 1992. Zaheen Usmani-
Who killed Karkare?: the real face of terrorism in India The book Who Killed Karkare published by you shows that our police force is the biggest band of liars who very often manufacture most heinous antihuman falsehoods. In the past our judiciary has labelled it as a lake full of stinking fish.
Of course there are a few high ranking police officers born in every religious community who have told the truth at every risk. May their number multiply. Mr. Mushrif's book deserves to be published in every provincial language as soon as possible.     Sultan Akhtar Patel, Khanpur Deh- 392150 II The above titled 320 pages book is a research work of S.M. Mushrif, former Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra state. It is published by Pharos Media and Publishing Pvt. Ltd., D- 84, A.F. Enclave- I, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi- 110025, Price Rs. 300/-. It is also available in Hindi and Urdu also.
The scholarly and explosive book is based on facts and evidences. Such authentic and truth revealing book is ignored by the national print and electronic media. Papers owned and edited by Muslims have written much about the book and its author. Only one paper "Pune Mirror", a "Times of India" publication has published an exhaustive interview of the author Mushrif. Well known scholar Dr. Sumit s. Paul's detailed review of the book is also published by the "Pune Mirror".
In the book and in interview, Mushrif has stated that the intelligence agencies had specific information from USA and RAW about 26/11 Mumbai attack about Pakistani terrorists coming from the sea. The agencies did not inform Western coast guards, Maharashtra Govt. and the police. Had the agencies informed immediately, the attack could have been avoided. Mushrif alleges that the agencies did it to give opportunity to the Saffron Brigade to kill ATS Chief Hemant Karkare etc. in the side operation. Karkare had arrested and exposed real saffron terrorists Lt. Colonol Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Mahant Dayanand Pande etc for many big bomb blasts and waging war against the state to establish their "Hindu Rashtra" in India. A highest level probe by a panel of sitting Supreme Court Judges is the need of the hour. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (MS) 441904

I have complete agreement with Nilofar Suharawardy when she says in her article "Media & Terrorism" that today's media has extended its scope from merely being a source of news to develop a certain mindset. To take an example the word 'terrorist' has adopted a meaning similar to 'a Muslim' only because of media's biased propaganda. Consequently, when union minister P Chidambaram said that 'Hindus too are terrorists' a certain group raised so much hue and cry as if the minister had committed a heinous crime of telling white lie. Everyone is now aware that Hindutva elements are behind the terror acts of Malegaon and Goa bomb blasts. Why can they not be called terrorists? In an attempt to bring sensationalization in the news, media does not hesitate even to attribute to some youth what they never did. With the claim of being impartial, it does not suit media to convict an innocent without any evidence.    A Hameed Yousuf, Ulsoor, Bangalroe-08