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Patriotism not by singing but serving the people No one is forcing the Muslims to recite Vande Mataram and the so-called Islamic scholars should not have raked up this issue by bringing a fatwa against it. There are other more important concerns facing the community which these scholars should be bothered about rather than issuing silly fatwa's and creating controversies. Also, the Gujarat DG, SS Khandwawala is absolutely wrong when he says that we salute the motherland when we bow down in prayer. It looks like he is completely ignorant about the meaning of Namaaz and the interpretation of the actions performed in it. Bowing down or prostration in Namaaz is a way of expressing gratefulness to Allah alone and complete surrender to Him. It is a position of complete humility in front of Allah and the closest one can be to Him. It will be better if the Gujarat DG makes a proper study of the subject before making such ridiculous statements. Safiya Sameena, Vijayawada 

India's constitutional national anthem is Jana Gana Mana and not Vande Matram. Writer of Vande Matram, Bankim Chandra Chatterji was not a nationalist. He was stauch British loyalist and rabidly anti-Muslim. He was the first Indian appointed Dy. Collector by his British masters in 1858 and retired as Collector in 1891. Bankim was awarded the titles of Rai Bahadur and C.I.E. by British rulers. Bankim glorified the British rule in India. He writes in his pro-British and anti-Muslim novel "Anand Math", "Without the British rule there is no chance of resurgence of Hindu Dharma. It is our duty to make the British our rulers. The British are our friends."
The song "Vande Matram" was taken from his novel "Anand Math". It depicted the armed struggle of a terrorist organisation "Sanatan" against Muslim rule. It contains venom and hatred against Muslims. According to "Anand Math" Hindus would be happy in the British regime. In "Anand Math" a militant mob chanting "Vande Matram" shouts "When shall we raise mosques down to the ground and build Radha Madhav's temples in their place? One character of the novel has been quoted to have stated to Satyanand, a main militant leader, that "Today your task is over since the Muslim rule is destroyed." In this anti-Muslim background "Vande Matram" was recited by the rabidly communal and terrorist organisation "Sanatan" as their devotional song. Apart from Anand Math's and Vande Matram's idolatrous, unislamic and unconstitutional character, their background and contents are anti-Muslim and Pro-British-imperialists. Is it patriotism and Indian nationalism? G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) 441904  
Muslims and Muslimas have a right to define what is good for the nation and world. Worshipping a picture of woman symbolising is not necessary while appreciating the providence of Almighty. These misguided fellow citizen of my beloved motherland asking Muslims need to concentrate on the elimination of usury from the finance system that is driving people to suicide, corruption that is depriving poor from the entitlements and safeguarding interfaith common cultural ethos that is getting marginalised with the globalisation of atheistic neoliberal and ecologically hostile culture of leisure and pleasure including drinking intoxicating drinks, gambling, dancing and exhibitionist dressing. They are suffering from linguistic chavinism ignoring the realities of relationship between the languages and scripts in Asia and Europe. These are diversionary techniques. Sare Jahan se Achcha Hindustan Hamara is a good song. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Alam, Ashok Vihar-III, Delhi-110052
Assault on Abu Asim
The physical and verbal assault of Abu Asim Azmi for taking his oath in Hindi signifies a lot of things, some apparent and some not so apparent. The media has aggressively and rightly gone overboard to highlight the wider significance of the attack in terms of a pan-national identity over regional identity. But what has been not so apparent is an analytical look into the circumstances and the process which propelled MNS to a position from where it cannot only practice "street fighting" on streets with common man but also efficiently play and win the one sided "street fighting" matches in state assembly. What many have failed to realize is the fact that Raj Thackeray is not only a political manifestation of local sentiments over overburden on limited resources by migration from several parts of India but also he is unwittingly part of wider experiment being played by a national party and its off-shoot for weakening Shiv Sena. This national party has a history of deliberately making heroes out of ordinary hooligans and letting small and non-trivial issues gain momentum by turning blind eye to them for its own short term political gains. But these short term gains have always come at the expense of many poor souls, mostly minorities; in these particular case north-Indians. Also in the long run it has not paid the intended dividends for the party itself, In fact it had in some instances even lead to violent deaths of its own top leaders after the perceived controlled experiments have gone uncontrolled. Its time the national party realize its mistake and flawed political strategy and scrap its controlled political experiments before it manifest itself into yet another uncontrolled catastrophe leading to new wounds and divisions on a larger scale. Sameer Qaiyum, Aligarh
Abuse of prisoners It is appalling to know the kinds of abuses done by the British forces in Iraq; it reminds us of the Abu Gharib abuses. The military is trained to kill and should not be deployed in civilian areas. We are aware of the cases wherein the military stationed in the civilian areas of the same country have abused the local residents. There should be an international enquiry and the guilty should be severely punished and penalized. Steps should be taken to avoid recurrence of similar incidents in future. The victims should be properly rehabilitated. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh
Jaswant's mistake
I am reading Jaswant's book on Jinnah. On page 602 he explains "Aqiqa" and says the blood of sacrificed animal is poured on child's head and then the head is shaved.Ya Allah, where did he get this from?I think he should be informed that this is wrong, otherwise people who read it may think Muslims make their children bloodthirsty from the very infancy. He must omit this item from reprints of the book. MZ Chida, Chennai (via email)
Manmohan's US visit
The invitation of Mr. Obama the president of US to Mr. Manmohan Singh seems it is in his backdrop of visit to China from where he had released a joint statement asking India to solve its problem with Pakistan taking the help of some mediator subsequently rejected by India categorically Mr Obama instead of visiting India has called our prime minister to Washington to sooth him and to explain the situation in which he has to release the statement. The friendship with America should entail into safety and security from its hostile countries but not in purchase of costly weapons from US.
Prime Minister should pose the questions about the Chinese threat to India, terrorism of LeT Chinese intervention in Kashmir affairs, Oil pipe line project of Iran, increasing Maoist menace in India, supporting of ULFA terrorist in Assam, What these diplomat and dignitaries shall advise the President of America who perceives India his best friend. If they fail to give proper guidance to the US president the respect, honour, dinners etc are nothing but a futile exercise and the people of India will think to remain friend of United States or not. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga
Who is correct: Saffron brigade or Swami Vivekanand?
The Saffron brigade is a master in coining meaningless idioms. We saw Chal Chehra Chritra/Babar Ki Aulad/Mandir Wahin Banaenge/Jehadi Terror etc, and simultaneously we came across humourous things like "Ganesha Sucking Milk" which had effect far and wide and news started pouring in that Ganesha gulped milk in Britain, USA etc, while, in fact it was only capillary action. Now a term "Love Jehad" or "Romeo Jehad" has been coined by the Saffron brigade in Kerala & Karnataka. Karnataka Minister V.S. Acharya said that "Love Jehad" is a dangerous plan of Jehadi groups to convert Hindu and other community girls to Islam for marriage. Even a court was impressed by this propaganda as in one case Karnataka high court asked police to furnish a report about Love Jihad. Earlier the Saffron brigade targeted Islam by saying that "Islam spread with sword", that  Muslim rulers demolished 3,000,000 mandirs and that they forced others to convert. The Saffron brigade teaches these lies in its schools. The Saffron brigade cannot survive without turbulence and rift among communities but Swami Vivekananda accepted that "The victory of Muslims in India came like a liberation to poor and oppressed" ("Vivekanand Krantikarak Vichargalu" JA. HO. Marayna Swamy, pages 62f.) S. Haque, Patna
He Is Corrupt But He Is Our Guy
French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said, according to New York Times on 5th November 2009, quote : "Afghan President Hamid Karzai is CORRUPT, but NATO has to accept that HE IS OUR GUY in Afghanistan" unquote. Repeat, 'he is our guy'. This is an uprightly honest statement by a senior European politician. A similar statement was made by former US President Bill Clinton about the Indonesian dictator Suharto. Since Suharto (a favourite of the US, most of oppressive dictators have always been the pets of Americans) took power in 1965, army led massacres slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, with the assistance of the US and with an outburst of euphoria from the West.
And Clinton administration called him, quote " he (Suharto) IS OUR KIND OF GUY" just because Suharto compiled one of the most horrendous records of slaughter, torture, and other abuses of the late 20th century enabling American multi- nationals siphon of huge profits from the most populous Muslim nation. The West and the Americans consider their crimes or the crimes of their dearest dictators against the weak as normal. The West is willing to tolerate corrupt leaders like President Karzai, as long as the West is able to achieve its neo-colonial goals in the third world States.
Once Madeleine Albright (former US Secretary of State) made the following statement over a national TV. When she was questioned about the estimates of a half million deaths of Iraqi children as a result of the sanctions on Iraq. She recognised that such decisions were a hard choice for her administration, but said, quote "we think the price is worth it".  What an atrociously heartless statement from a great intellectual. People like me seem to have a late realisation on the observation of a great Palestinian scholar Edward Said that intellectuals can be ruthlessly dishonest and many do have a one-track mind.
In the eyes of intellectuals like Madeline Albright and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, human beings are not equal. David Ben Gurion (Occupied Palestine's first Prime Minister) said, quote: "What the goyim (non-Jews) says is of no importance, only what the Jews do is of importance". And the late Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Kook, went a step further and wrote, "the difference between the Jewish soul and the souls of non-jews is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle." This is highly despicable because violent and murderous states quite commonly justify their actions as "counter terrorism" but genuine liberation movements and fight against oppression and social injustice are branded as hard-core and senseless terrorism. The world is woefully short of morally upright and honest intellectuals who dare to challenge the political hypocrites. Palkodimir (via e mail)
Shiv Sena thuggery
The attack by Shiv Sena cadres on the IBN-7 Lokmat TV channel's offices in Pune and Mumbai is condemnable not only because it contradicts the norms set for registering one's protest in a democratic country, but also because it resembles a step to demolish the fourth pillar of the world's largest democracy. What is wrong if a channel airs realities about SS? Actually, frustrated from the poor performance in the recent assembly elections- due to MNS which in the name of Marathi Manoos managed to grab a huge chunk of Marathi votes-Sena again has resorted to politics of regionalism which it took as a ladder to success in the sixties when it had instigated an anti-South Indian campaign apparently for the sake of Marathi Manoos. The ruling alliance of Congress and NCP are responsible for giving a free hand to the hooligans of Shiv Sena and also MNS. Congress believes that it will ensure that at least non-Marathi votes remain in its fold. A Hameed Yousuf, Ulsoor, Bangalroe-08 II
If anybody is to be made accountable for Shiv Sena's attack on IBN-Offices in Mumbai and Pune, it should be none other than Maharashtra's Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and his Home Minister, R. R. Patel.  What kind of intelligence services are maintained by these people, who could not even take precautionary measures to forestall any attack by political groups residing within our own midst; and we expect their intelligence services to counter 26/11 like attacks by outsiders. Some blame lies with the people too, who do not find such hooliganism, either in the Assembly or on the road. There has to be an organised and most vocal agitation against such street side goonda-ism of the political parties. None should be excused, be that ruling or opposition political groups. Each seems to compromise with other to play their games at the cost of the people's peace and security. That should not be tolerated by the people themselves. This should be outlawed and people should demand the state authorities to take advance precautionary measures, going to the extent of serving court injunctions on such political groups, on the pain of their leaders personally being made responsible to answer for such criminal acts. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai III
BJP's Virtual Silence On MNS Goondaism
Unnecessary and uncalled-for act of MNS in creating violence in Maharashtra assembly on oath-taking in Hindi, will bounce back for MNS Chief Raj Thackrey who till now had been cashing for his political uplift by provoking regional sentiments of Marathi people. It is the most appropriate time for Congress-led Maharashtra government to exhibit a strong governance by taking stringent-most action against MNS Chief Raj Thackrey for his provoking talks now against Hindi, because such an action will get support from general public of Maharashtra which is definitely not against Hindi. It is proved when many MLAs who were earlier willing to take oath in Marathi, later took oath in Hindi, Sanskrit or English as mark of protest against MNS goondaism in the state-assembly on oath-taking by Abu Azmi in Hindi.  Virtual silence by BJP and Shiv Sena on the whole episode is worth-noting. Madhu Agrawal, Dariba DELHI 110006
America is mourning over Muslim population!
Recently some news dailies published with an exclamation that the Global Muslim population is 1.57 billion. A study revealed at Washington by a demographic organisation. The organisation has narrated India has the third largest number of Muslims. 161 million, Indonesia 203 million, Pakistan 174 million, China 22 million and Russia 16 million. It is also stated India is the country where Islam is not majority relilgion, it has the third largest population of Muslims.
It is not known why the organisation has so interest abut to study about Muslims population. The hope of Vatican was annoyed about the growth of Muslim population and he announced during his sermon, Muslims are gathering in the Mosques more than Christians gathering in the Churches. Really people who follow monotheism will gather in Mosques and the wise are embracing Islam and they live as Muslims.
The US and its allies have slaughtered about one million Muslims in Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. Now they are targeting Iran. The US has approved the deployment of another 13000 troops in Afghanistan only in the aim of holocaust of Muslims. In India too, tens of thousands Muslims slaughtered on a mass scale in Gujarat, Bombay. Delhi, Ayodhya-UP on demolition of Babri Mosques at Ayodhya, thousands of victimised Muslims are settled in the Relief Camps of Gujarat, Assam and Kolkata. They are living like some creatures. They have not been included in the census. The so-called UNO is giving green signal for the atrocities on Muslims through out the world. Anyway the PEW of Washington issued not the exact figures of Muslims. It is much more than the population figures furnished by PEW. Khan Vellayani
Kamaleswaram, Trivandrum- 695009