Masterminds of bomb blasts in the eyes of Police

All Muslims of India are not terrorists but all terrorists caught are Muslims. After learning this lesson from CIA and Mossad, Indian police have found out a way of always harassing and humiliating Muslims. Now whenever a bomb blast takes place in any part of India, police does not exert itself in deep investigation nor media has to take any trouble for identifying the terrorist. The accusing fingers are pointed towards any Muslim by these agencies, his connection with SIMI, Lashkar-e Taiyyba, Hizbul Mujahideen or Jaish-e Mohammad etc. is found in any case and every Muslim caught in this connection turns out to be the mastermind. A person who has never used even an air gun is found to be in possession of AK-47s.

A Moulvi who teaches Quraan in a Madrasa after learning Arabic for several years when arrested is not only found to be a polyglot but is also found to be a computer expert and top class scientist. In this way as many master minds have been discovered and arrested as there have been bomb blasts. Police sleeps soundly before bomb blasts but becomes so agile and active after bomb blasts that within two or three hours it obtains so much information about the arrested terrorist that even his parents who are with him throughout life, do not have.

The speed with which police reaches the mastermind of bomb blasts, our electronic and print media immediately presents the achievements of our ‘efficient’ police even more speedily and in a more interesting and suspenseful manner before the world.

After this every Indian heaves a sigh of relief that now we can enjoy a peaceful and sound sleep and go fearlessly for shopping and will be able to travel in trains and buses without any fear because the terrorists and bomb blasters are in the custody of police but during all this joy and praise of police the news of bomb blast in some other city makes the atmosphere even more gloomy.

The question now arises that if those arrested were master minds, why bomb blasts are taking place again? We should either admit that those arrested were innocent and the real criminals are roaming free or we should agree that the network of terrorists is so widespread that it is beyond the capability of police to control it. If it is true, the inefficiency of our police and secret agencies becomes obvious. Police has also no answer as to how when it always fails to catch hold of thieves and pick-pockets and cannot reach the mastermind in Aroushi murder case in a small house where only two or three persons live, reaches the masterminds of bomb blasts in just a few days.

By shooting dead Mahatma Gandhi, Nathu Ram Godse presented the first incident of terrorism. Bal Thackeray founded his Shiv Sena on the basis of his anti-Muslim mentality only. Narendra Modi wrote a new chapter in politics by massacre of Muslims in Gujrat. Satwant Singh and Beant Singh made the post of guard stained by killing Indira Gandhi in broad day light. Those who blew off Rajiv Gandhi with bombs were not Muslims. Nankaoo Das, the man who was caught red handed in Faizabad court compound with live bombs was a criminal under Gangsters Act but till date no newspaper has ever written that the entire Hindu nation is very much tolerant but some of its organizations are anti-national and traitors and that some leaders are blots on the peace loving and tolerant image of Hindu nation. Even Hindu nation which believes in non-violence, instead of raising its voice against killers and oppressors not only gave respectable place to killers and oppressors but also made them rulers.

Police have no doubt encountered and killed Muslims sometimes by dubbing them as terrorists and some times by calling them spy of the enemy country but no Muslim was declared a terrorist by courts on the basis of evidences and proofs. Men like Aftab Ansari and Iftekhar Gilani whom police had presented as terrorists were found innocent by court and acquitted. Media left no stone unturned in humiliating and insinuating them and by mercilessly thrashing whom lawyer had given proof of their patriotism.

It has now become clear who has been indulging in acts of terrorism right from the independence of India till date, who were punished and sentenced by courts, who was hanged for his crime of terrorism and who are accused as "terrorists" by police but acquitted by the courts. Now it is for the police, media and lawyers who are supposed to be keepers and defenders of law to decide whether it is terrorists or Muslims who have to be eliminated from the country.