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MG When I received MG, something flashed in my mind forcing me to  display my feelings. It is very great that you point out the problems faced by Muslims and try your level best to solve them not only in India but also in other parts of the world. This makes it indeed the organ of Indian Muslims and their leading newspaper. I pray to Allah to reward you for this great deed. Musaddiq Mubeen,Kerala II Keep up the good work. May Allah give you greater strength and deeper vision. Sharif Ali(via email) III I am a regular reader of MG. I have a suggesation: you should publish career and educational information. You should also publish sport information because when we tell someone you should read MG, he replies that it does not contain such and such information. I know very well that MG is a collection of Islamic news but there is public demand for what I have mentioned. Also there should be networking among students. According to my knowledge, MG is the best newspaper and inshaalllah it will remain the best. Imran Khan, Varanasi   Dahej - Killings Indian Muslims & their Assets During my recent visits to Kolkata, I saw some four Muslims families which have sold their land and buildings in order to marry off their daughters and pay for "Dahej". I also visited some dozens of families which did not have money to pay the demanded "Dahej" as a result their daughters are sitting idle at their parents homes. As a result, Muslims are becoming financially weak and it is a fact that cannot be changed easily. As an example: suppose every year in India 10,000 people get married and received Dahej on an average of one lakh rupees each, therefore1 lakh x10,000 people is equal to 1000000000, that is 100 crore rupees. I think this calculation is an  average. I appeal to all Muslims to avoid Dahej, no matter how rich they are. Khusboo Siddique, Malaysia   Plz help me. My husband cousin is having a big birthday party, we are not going cos we know its haraam. But my husband is helping his cousin to organising the party and the cousin has given him money to buy food for the party. I think it is haraam to help him organising the party but my husband is saying its not. Plz let me know if it is haraam to help cos we are having arguments about it. Nasreen (via email) Editor: It is not proper to talk about everything as "haram" and "halal". Throwing extravagant parties, on birthdays or otherwise, is not a good sign of one's social responsiblity and accountability to Allah for the wealth He has given us as trust. One should avoid taking part in such activities and should shun them. But instead of quarelling and arguing, you should set a good example by your behavior and set good examples for others to emulate. Our wealth should be used for better things for our families and for community and also saved for rainy days.   The Mufti is not right I read the following on your web site, but if you go to askid=09dd6c4a67c686f5bc692572bb8082f0 Mufti Ebrahim Desai says that "This law of executing the renegade is a  unanimously accepted rule according to all Muslims." So who is right? Simon Peter Editor: The Mufti is not right. It is common that out of exaggeration they make such sweeping claims which only means that a majority of classical scholars subscribe to this view. The view that apostasy does not carry death penalty in Islam is a minority view among classical scholars but it is the view which is prevalent in all Muslim states around the world today. In olden days, conversion to a religion different fromt the state religion was seen as high treason and as a sign of conspiring with enemies, hence that rule which is not the case today and therefore the rule has practically changed all over the World of Islam but you cannot change the texts in old books whcih are referred to by these muftis.   Maoists and Marxists In the Hindu on 26 October, Prakash Karat and Ms Arundhati Roy have successfully hood winked the people. We can ask Mr Karat why his party did not fight the Maoists or Naxalites. They oriented from Naxalbari itself which is in West Bengal. After thirty years of rule what the marxists did to boost the economy of the poor people. I saw in Kolkata man is pulling the cart like a bullock. Is it the Maxism? What the CM Buddha Deb did in Nano car project. Police killed number of farmers who declined to hand over their lands to the government. Mr Sitaram Yechury, was fiddling in Delhi like a Nawab. Instead of favoring poor farmers Buddha was licking the feet of Ratan TATA. Is it Marxism? They have forgot complete lesson. Arundhati Roy is very much glad in booker prize. The philosophy she propogates cannot be assimulated by common people. The Naxalites are sacrificing their lives for their cause. Whoever sacrifice their lives they get results. Naxalites want that only few people should not enjoy life due to their capital. All people should get the chance of enjoyment. Now they have established their parallel government. In future there is likelihood of capturing the rule of Chattisgarh. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga II The incident of Maoists hijacking the Rajdhani train should serve as an alarming bell for both the state and the centre. It indicates that Maoists are ready to go any extent for gaining their purpose. They must be immediately combated. But while doing so it is important that welfare schemes are given preference instead of resorting to arms. The plan of the centre to invest a handsome amount of money in the Naxal-affected districts is laudable but more praiseworthy will be the assurance that money meant for betterment of those areas and the residents is spent for the same. Corrupt bureaucratic system has always been an impediment for fair implementation of various schemes. Many Naxalites reportedly surrendered once they were provided with enough money to improve their life standard and infrastructure. A Hameed Yousuf, Bangalore   AMU Aligarh Muslim University has so far suspended 18 students on charges of misconduct and indiscipline under the AMU students rule 1985. Suspended students have been accused of delivering inflammatory speeches against senior university officials, including the Vice-chancellor and trying to disturb the campus peace by inviting student leaders from the JNU and Delhi University for participating in the agitation. Students have rights to raise their voice to defend their rights. AMU vice-chancellor should give heed to the genuine demands of the students. If they are being suspended for protest only, then this is testimony of the fact that how students of the AMU are being suppressed by the university administration. Of course AMU Administration have to give a strong signal to the anti social elements who want to disrupt the peace of the University but at the same time justice should prevail and innocent students should not be suspended or expelledfrom the rolls of University. Its my humble request to University administration, please make sure you are taking action against real culprits. University administration must keep in mind that active students are not always trouble makers. Until Vice-Chancellor takes action against erring and criminal minded people from students, teachers and administrative community all kind expulsion, suspension or action will be proved futile. The need of the hour to is to take some confidence building measures not the suspensions. Abdullah Khan, ETV News (Urdu), Hyderabad   Peace conference in Mumbai It was highly immature of the organizers of the 10-day peace conference in Mumbai, to let Zakiar Naik speak on the topic, 'Misconceptions about Islam'. Firstly, he did not do justice to any of the issues that he discussed. In fact, a few of his loose comments may definitely have hurt the sentiments of the people of other faiths. Secondly, it was highly disturbing to see a lad who may have just gained his adolescence to speak about sexual matters, menstrual periods and such topics while talking about the misconceptions related to polygamy, women's rights and the like. Such topics are better discussed by slightly elder people who may have a fair knowledge of the issue rather than such children. But this is just one part of the story. The most irksome part was that he consumed a major chunk of the evening session leaving just about a little time for the former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and internationally renowned speaker, Dr. Anwar Ibrahim to give his presentation. In fact there was no time at all for Dr. Anwar Ibrahim to address any questions by the conference visitors. I truly feel that it was highly discourteous of the organizers to provide unlimited time to Zakir Naik and cut short Dr. Ibrahim's session especially when he was speaking on an important topic namely, 'Current world affairs. I hope that the organizers of the conference take this piece of criticism in its true sense and take care henceforth. Mohd Salahuddin, Mumbai   Inhuman carnage in Pakistan The inhuman killing of innocent persons in Peshawar Market is highly deplorable and will not help in achieving any kind of agenda of any group. These types of crimes are committed by the foot soldiers, who are poor and can be easily manipulated. The real people behind this death and destruction should be identified, unmasked and severely punished. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh    
Attack on Abu Asim Azmi
It is shameful that MNS workers attacked Abu Asim Azmi while swearing on ceremony was on. I am of the opinion that MNS activists indulged in this pity action of assaulting Azmi must be punished.  Besides, adding a black chapter to the Maharashtra assembly history, they have insulted to the 'national language'. Such politicians, who instead of swearing allegiance to respect the pluralistic Constitution entitling to take oath in either of the languages physically attack a sitting MLA, should be barred for ever from the assembly house. They pose a great threat to the stability of democracy who try to divide cosmopolitan India on linguistic grounds. A Hameed Yousuf, Ulsoor, Bangalore-08       II The thrashing of Azmi and the hooliganism by the MNS members over his oath in Hindi was indeed one of the worst acts that could have been committed and for such a stupid reason. Hindi is the national language of the country and there was nothing wrong in taking the oath in Hindi. The MNS members have proved that they are one of the most awful sons of the motherland and they must be punished in such a manner that members of any other political parties should shudder before they attempt any similar acts. Sandeep Ghiya, Mulund (W), Mumbai - 400080 III The behaviour of the MNS legislators in Maharashtra Assembly is most heinous. The results of last assembly elections have clearly shown that even the Marathi people have rejected the behaviour of this party.  The threats to and beating of Hindi speaking people on the roads was also disgusting. The events if not condoned and punished will set an unpardonable precedent.  The national parties should come forward and condemn this episode strongly so that similar incidents do not happen in future. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh IV If the Maharashtrian Muslims had certain complaints against the Hajj committee regarding quota, they should have formed an independent forum and channeled their grievances, rather than becoming a pawn in the hands of the MNS. Raj Thackeray and his band of hooligans only know the language of violence by inciting passions against the migrants from North India for their filthy vote bank politics. Such goons can be of no benefit to any community or race. Muslims are already a divided lot and should be ashamed of themselves for further falling in such snares laid by political parties. Mohd. Salahuddin, Mumbai   Muslim reservation: Congress’ fake manifesto Congress-ruled country almost all 45 years with majority in power but Congress never cared for Muslims. Under Congress regime, Nellie massacre, Bhagalpur riot, Meerut, Maliana, Ranchi, Rourkela, Aligarh, Bombay experienced terrible anti-Muslim riots. Records say that 30,000 anti-Muslim riots erupted during Congress regime. But Congress game started to diminish after Bhagalpur riot. After Babri Masjid demolition Congress fate was sealed. To get back to the ruling position, Congress President Sonia Gandhi called members from the Congress ruled states and carried a marathon session for eight hours on 17 Nov. 03 and announced that Muslims would be given reservation in Congress-ruled states. The Congress in parliamentary elections got enough strength to come back to power. Then bhagwa brain dominated the government as is Congress's real nature. It forgets Muslims after getting their votes. For five years, Congress forgot Muslims but in year 2009 the party again needed Muslim votes, so it published a manifesto in which it again promised to give reservation for Muslims. How to tackle Congress' fake manifesto or how to seek explanation from Sonia Gandhi for her false promises? You must start a column demanding replies from  the Congress for these questions. S. Haque, Patna  
I am a Gujarat riot victim   
  I am a Gujarat riot victim who lost everything in Feb. 2002 but I did not receive any help from the central or the state governments. I was living in Govinagar area of Bhiloda tehsil in Sabarkantha district. My problem is that I was living in a rented house but everything in my shop and house was gutted as you can see in the attached photograph. I lodged a complaint with the Himmatnagar police station under FIR no. I-40/02. Please help me get the help I am entitled to from the government.

Mai ek gujarat riot victim, jo 2002 feb., me apna sab kuchh lost kar chuka hu lekin, muje na state govt aur central govt se kuchh bhi sahay nahi mili hai. Dango ke dauran me Gujarat ke Sabarkantha district ke Bhiloda Tehsil me, Bhiloda town ke govindnagar me rehta tha, bas chhoti problem ye thi ki mera ghar kiraye ka tha, lekin meri dukan aur ghar ki har chiz jal ke rakh ho gayi thi  jo atteched phto me dekh sakte hai.

Maine police complain bhi ki thi Himmatnagar Police Station me jiska FIR no -I 40/02 hai,
To mai aap se isi liye  jo govt ki taraf se sahay milti hai us se kuchh  muje bhi mile us ke liye request hai.

Hidayatulla Memon, Rehmatnagar, Himmatnagar Gujarat