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MG It has been a real experience going through your magazine. It is very good as far as our religion is concerned and also because of news, views, analysis and readers feedback that you furnish through your magazine.   Rayees, Pulwama, J&K II MG is a very informative and contemporary journal. Its selection of topics and authenticity of contents are a model to be followed by other Muslim media people. Sayyed H. Haddad, Haddad Charitable Trust, Perumbilaru, Kerala III Tum jiyo hazaar saal... Musaddiq Mubeen, Al-Jamia Al-Islamia, Santhapuram, Kerala IV It is really satisfying to see the growth and appeal of MG. May Allah reward you all copiously.             Salman Sultan, Azamgarh, U.P.   Amazing reports about Hanan "Hanan Binth Hashim is a 14 yr old class X student from Kozhikode, Kerala. There are amzaing reports about her unbelievable achievements in Malayalam media. Her work has been appreciated by former President A P J Abdul Kalam, scientists at IISc, IIMSc and many leading research institutes around the world including NASA. "I'm already in touch with President Obama and am looking forward to meeting him. He has always been a source of inspiration for me. "Absolute Theory of Zero is a new mathematical system which explains the established theories in a different light. Through the theory I'm trying to explain that the speed of light is not constant always," she explains. Hanaan believes that the conditions in Venus are conducive to sustain life."Scientists should overcome the atmospheric challenges of Venus and should be willing to probe more. Like Mars, which we believe can sustain life, Venus too is a promising planet," she said and added that the scientific community should accept that the universe is constantly changing".                                Mohammed Abdurahiman, Konari, Kodakkad, Kerala   Thank you Rahul; yes, Pakistan is a small fry At long last, someone from the establishment (though unofficially) has said it like it deserved to be said.  I refer to Mr Rahul Gandhi's statement when asked about Pakistan: "Pakistan is small fry, I don't want to waste my time talking about non-entities!". Mind Blowing!  Thank you, Rahul, way to go.                 Bharatram Gaba, Bombay   Rahul visit to Dalit houses The article by Nilofar Suhrawardy titled 'Communication gap: Rahul Gandhi & Muslims' is well written. Rahul's visits especially to the Dalits in Uttar Pradesh should be an eye opener for Muslims. Of course, all he is doing from reaching out to the dehumanized sections of the society by train is nothing but for political interests. Dalits votes in UP, rather everywhere in India, are monopoly of Bahujan Samaj Party. No matter who stands from BSP their votes will go only in the favour of the party. The positive attitude of Rahul, who however is a Brahmin, to the Dalits is meant to split the Dalit votes in favour of Congress in where the party has almost lost its ground.. Had the Muslims too, been a unite vote for either of the parties, as per the decision of their leaders the parties would have quit using them as merely vote banks. It is need of time that Muslims, at least in politics, should be united and they must cast their votes unanimously for only one party. It will be the best way to create weight in their votes and not letting it be of no importance. A Hameed Yousuf, Bangalore-08   Stringent punishment to Mohan Kumar How darely Mohan Kumar continued his criminal designs for five years. He not only raped 18 girls but also murderd them mercilessly. None of the local police, any teacher, any resident, any neighbor could notice his criminal activities and reported to the police. Mohan did not come across any sort of interruption in his criminal business. This situation clearly indicates that our society can easily hide such heinous criminals in its folds. Now our hearts will be cool only after a detterrent punishment is given to Mohan. His body be cut into pieces in live condition in the public gaze and thrown before the stray dogs in his village. The TV channels should cover all the steps of punisment. The true justice is only possible when he should taste the trauma of death for 18 times as he had killed 18 girls. But this is not possible in this world. The media or the police has given the photos of the deceased girls which may heart the feeling of their parents and kin. But the culprit has given the chance to hide his face form the public gaze. It is the undue favor of the guilty. The other possibility is that he can use the ornaments which he had collected from the girls. Now he can make use of them for the expences for legal procedures and get minimum punishment. I was hurt to see the crime for the full day imagining the plight of the poor girls. How eager the girls to get marry him and lead the respectable life in the society. They never mind to sacrifice their virginity. Now the government should make compulsory to all the govrnment servants to have a second wife. With this we can fulfil the desire of marriage of needy girls. The parents get rid of the burden of the marriage of their daughters and criminal minded youths can not play mischief with the innocent girls. We do not know how many such Mohan Kumar's are still hiding in the society           Kausar Fatima, Gulbarga   Ethics in investigative journalism The Hindupublished an article "Javed Sheikh's journey to death" (Oct 13). Mr. Praveen Swami who wrote the article is known for his acidic pen. In the name of reconstructing events that led to the controversial shootout in June 2004 on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Mr.Swami has built a story by borrowing the police version. One should admire the artistic dexterity of the author who makes a reader to read till the last line, but to describe postulation as the factual occurrence is not in good taste. At least, a reader of the well-known newspaper like The Hindu will not appreciate it. Apart from belittling Justice S.P.Tamang's report which confirmed the police encounter as fraudulent, it hurts the sentiments of the families of Ishrat Jahan and Javed Sheikh who have spent sleepless nights for five long years to see their loved ones to be declared as innocents.The mainstream papers shall restrain from publishing concocted theories in the name of investigative journalism. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (AP)   Love Jihad or shameful love azadi The term 'love jihad', used in Kerala and coastal Karnataka to label inter-religious relationships allegedly aimed at converting women to Islam, has started doing its rounds in the courts and administrative circles of both states as well. Indian constitution allows and legalises inter-caste and inter-religious marriages aiming at greater integration or dubious secularism. Indian mass-media's insinuating reporting under the suggestive heading Love Jihad is mischievous and unfair to Muslim minorities. The so called Love Jihad can be equally called Love Azadi. In the case in Kerala, both the Hindu girls appeared in the court wearing traditional Muslim Burqa. These girls would have easily told the judge that they had been undergone forced conversion. But instead they asserted that they are convinced converts. Forced conversion worked when the Spaniards forced Christianity in 1850s on the entire Philippine population. It worked except in the case of Moro Muslims of Philippines, but it will never ever work in 21st century. Converting to American liberalism has a far greater chance in India. These sort of inter-religious marriages (several thousands a year) take place both ways throughout India. There had been thousands of Muslim boys and girls who have taken Hindu spouses without any change in religion and vice-versa. In my little town, I have seen four such marriages. In the glamorous cine world, this is too common( Prabu Deva Sundaram's wife ( Latha)was a born Muslim, Abdullah S. Khan's sister Khusboo, a top ranking South Indian actress, is married to Sunder (A Hindu), Shahrukhan's wife Gauri Chibber is a Hindu lady, Aamir Khans wives Reena Dutt and Kiran Rao. Are they Muslims or Hindus? Quite often Namke Vaste Love Azadis ( better term than Love Jihadis), free thinkers of some sort, marriage of conveniences. Such couples are more unreliable even in terms of patriotism. Sikandar Bakht a prominent leader of Congress, former Union Cabinet Minister and a leading BJP stalwart later, even though he was born a Muslim, he married a Hindu lady and his sons have Hindu names.   Palkodimir(via e mail) II Many newspapers (Jaya Kirana, Vijaya Karnataka etc.) in Mangalore with the active support and guidnace of Sangh Parivar started publishing baseless and totally false stories against Islam and Muslims. These Newspapers coined a new term 'LOVE JIHAD' and carried a systematic and sustained campaign(for almost a month) through  reports published prominently that Muslim groups are targeting Hindu girls to use them for terrorist activity. These reports claimed that Muslim youth are being trained to lure Hindu girls and convert them to Islam. According to these   false reports many Hindu girls in Kerala and Dakshina Kannada districts have already disappeared in this 'Love Jihad' scheme. Soon other mainstream morning newspapers also joined this campaign. Prominent newspapers like Vijayakarnataka started Publishing news that Hindus and Christians have joined together to fight against Muslims' 'LOVE JIHAD'. These newspapers also alleged that Muslim educational institutions in Mangalore are also engaged in forcible religious conversion. Immediately Sangh parivar organizations started holding protest programme against alleged 'LOVE JIHAD' in Mangalore and Udupi. All these started vitiating the atmosphere slowly but systematically. This if unchecked would have lead to hatred and violence against Muslims. Varthaabhaarathi Kannada daily immediately contacted senior police officers in Kerala and Karnataka and confirmed that there is no such thing called ' LOVE JIHAD'. Immediately it carried detailed report (15th October 2009) prominently that all the reports and stories about 'LOVEply top quality seeds to India then not only our farmers but also all mass of India will commit suicide due to less food (Crop) and high prices. Muqeet Ahmad Shaikh,Nanded, Maharashtra   Qualitative farming Before 67 years we got freedom but I think that age of our slavery was better than today's freedom in that period we can gican Hybrid Seeds", " China's Hybrid Seeds" etc.I am fearing that if we didn't upgrade our seed quality then if they stop to supply top quality seeds to India then not only our farmers but also all mass of India will commit suicide due to less food (Crop) ican Hybrid Seeds", " China's Hybrid Seeds" etc.I am fearing that if we didn't upgrade our seed quality then if they stop to supply top quality seeds to India then not only our farmers but also all mass of India will commit suicide due to less food (Crop) and high prices. Muqeet Ahmad Shaikh, Nanded, Maharashtra   Khadimul Hujjaj required As you know every year Khadimul Hujjaj (Haj Volunteers) are sent by State Haj Committees in Saudi Arabia from India to help and assist the Indian pilgrims. For every 300 pilgrims 1 Khadimul Hujjaj is deputed from various govt departments. And accordingly 5 Khadimul Hujjaj are being sent from Delhi to assist about 1500 Pilgrims selected through lottery from Delhi State. Sir please note that beside these 1500 pilgrims about 700 more pilgrims are also expected to go within a month for performing Haj on Govt Qouta from Delhi. But there is no arrangement of Khadimul Hujjaj to assist them in Saudi Arabia. Lakhs of people from various parts of world come for Haj. Due to extra ordinary gathering it becomes necessary to provide help and guidance to all the pilgrims. Hence I request you to send at least 2 more Khadimul Hujjaj for the pilgrims being sent on Govt quota to avoid any unwanted inconvenience.                             Syed Izhar-ul Hasan, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi   Testimony of Nehruji and Gandhiji "I distinctly remember one occasion when the three of us were sitting with Gandhiji. Jawaharlal said with deep sorrow that he could not tolerate the situation in Delhi, where Muslim citizens were being killed like cats and dogs. He felt humiliated that he was helpless and could not save them. His conscience would not let him rest. We were completely taken aback by Sardar Patel's reaction. He told Gandhiji that Jawaharlal's complaints were completely incomprehensible. There may have been some isolated incidents, but Govt. was doing everything possible to protect the life and property of Muslims and nothing more could be done." "Gandhiji said that he saw Muslims of Delhi being killed before his very eyes. This was being done while his own Vallabbhai was the Home Minister. Patel had not only failed to give protection to Muslims, but he lightheartedly dismissed any complalint made on this count. Patel complained that there was no real reason for Gandhiji's fast. He said in some bitterness that Gandhiji was acting as if Sardar Patel was responsible for the murder of Muslims. Gandhiji replied I am not in China but in Delhi. Nor have I lost my eyes and ears. If you ask me to disbelieve the testimony of my own eyes and ears, and tell me that Muslims have no cause for complaint, I surely cannot convince you nor can you convince me." (Maulana Azad, India Wins Freedom, pages 215f). G. Hasnain Kaif, Bandra. (M.S.) 441904   AMU: Facts and Figures: make your own assessment Meeting of EC: A special meeting of the Executive Council (EC) of the University for which a quorum of 15 members is prescribed by the Statutes 16(3) was held by the VC without the quorum on 24.2.09. EC members approached the President of India, the Visitor of the University on 26.2.09 to declare the meeting illegal and annul the proceedings, as the matter falls in the purview of the Visitor. Urgency of action was obvious, i. e. to restrain the unscrupulous and unstoppable VC from further commiting violations and to ensure the observance of rules for proper democratic functioning and restoring the confidence of the fraternity. But the Visitor instead of taking immediate action to annul the meeting, included the matter as one of the allegations of the Fact-finding Inquiry ordered by her, denying immediate action. The Inquiry is on and no one knows how long it will take to submit the report (prescribed three months time is lapsing) because it is moving at snails pace. As such, the matter which required immediate remedial action, has been pending for the last more than seven months with the Visitor. In the meantime, another meeting of EC was held without quorum. Furthermore, the VC has brought the following amendments to the Regulation of the EC for the conduct of business of the EC meetings, a step further; (i) If a meeting falls short of quorum, it will be declared as adjourned meeting; (ii) The adjourned whenever convened can be held without a quorum, after waiting for half an hour from the appointed time; (iii) Decision can also be taken by circulating item amongst the members based on majority opinion. Thus through a sub-ordinate legislation, the Regulation, the quorum prescribed by the Statutes is intended to be done away with, as well as the universal democratic requirement of convening a meeting for functioning shall also be dispensed with. How great. Prof. Ziauddin Ahmad, Aligarh   Smart politicians indeed It is reported in press that some people were beaten up by vote seekers for using the word 'Bombay' instead of 'Mumbai.' It is rightly said in Arabic Awaam kal-An'am (Majority of general public is like animals). How wonderful will be 'Mera Bharat Mahaan' when people will be beaten in Vadodara if some one calls it 'Baroda' in Pune if some one calls it 'Puna', in Vandre is someone calls it 'Bandra' and like it everywhere in India (sorry-Bharat)!! Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150    Congress victory The unexpected victory of Congress in the three states is the result of its belief in secular norms. It indicates that majority of Hindus too; do not have belief hatred policies of Hindu radical organizations like BJP and Shiv Sena. However, Muslims also always play a crucial role in triumph of Congress. The efforts of many Muslim organization to alienate the community votes from Congress, as they claim that it believes merely in lip services, do not bear fruit because their forefathers supported Congress. The party bore a habit of ignoring Muslims after elections are over. The community leaders should come up with a policy enabling them to take something for their votes.          A Hameed Yousuf, Media Scan Monthly, Bangalore-08   Sir Syed day celebration 17th of October reminds us of a great Muslim reformer, a forward-looking educationist, a pragmatic thinker, and an apostle of secularism- the legendary Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, who was born on this date in 1817. Sir Syed started a school in 1875, which later became the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental (M.A.O.) College and was finally raised to the status of Muslim University in 1920. Aligarh Muslim University (A.M.U.) in its present form owes its origin to the spectacular attempts of the great man. Sir Syed day means celebration. On this day, A.M.U. looks fresh and beautiful like a bride. It is celebrated not only in Aligarh but also in all parts of world, where Aligarians reside. On this occasion, gala function, mushaira and community dinner takes place. Mohd. Yunus Khan, AMU, Aligarh