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Obama deserves double Nobel
The Delhi edition of the Asian Age (10 October 09) says that all three Muslim journalists accompanying the Prime Minister on his last month’s US visit were denied visas while all non-Muslims got their visas promptly. This shows that apart from semantics nothing has changed in the Obama presidency which should be called “Bush 3” - a deserving qualification to receive not one but two advance Nobel prizes.           Abu Mazin, New Delhi   War becomes peace Consult UNICEF  and you will discover that 338,000 under-5 year old Occupied Afghan infants die each year, 90% avoidably and due to war criminal non-supply of life-sustaining food and medical requisites unequivocally demanded of Occupiers by Articles 55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. Thus 0.9 x 338,000 = 304,000 under-5 year old Occupied Afghan infants die avoidably each year due to US war crimes under Obama - that's 304,000/365 = 833 per day or 833/day x 262 days = 218,000 avoidable Occupied Afghan under-5 infant deaths in the 262 days in which Obama has been in office. By this utterly disgusting decision - awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to Obama who has killed over 200,000 innocent infants in Occupied Afghanistan alone (so far) - the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is saying, like Big Brother in George Orwell's "1984", that "War is Peace". Of course Obama is a relative newcomer to the war criminal US Alliance mass infanticide in Occupied Afghanistan (and Occupied Iraq, Occupied Palestine, Occupied Haiti, Occupied Somalia, NW Pakistan) - the whale-killing, war crime accessory, Orwellian  Norwegians overlooked the lengthier participation of Bush, Blair, Brown, Harper, Merkel, Sarkozy, Howard, and Rudd in the mass murder of Muslim Asian children. Dr Gideon Polya, Macleod, Melbourne, Victoria 3085, Australia   Indian embassy in Kabul attacked again This is the second attack after 15 months of the first attack on our embassy. In Kabul it would have been a wise decision if we disband the mission in Afghanistan and the precious lives of seventeen innocent persons could have been saved. To the sorry state of affair is our appeasing policy of US which is still continuing. It was Mr. Bush under the influence of rabies who attacked Afghanistan to apprehend the Taliban to form an Islamic dispensation in Afghanistan. It was their internal affair and Mr. Bush had no moral right to meddle in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. Now After losing a good number of his soldiers and his allies the new president Mr. Obama wants to skip from Afghanistan. In the last 22 months Kabul faced 12 major attacks by Taliban. Unfortunately India is favoring US in its unholy war. It is our folly that we are supporting the US policy and sacrificing the precious lives of our embassy staff in Kabul. It was the obligation of US and other European countries to curb the Taliban movement in Afghanistan. We in our country are suffering with the hands of Naxalites and Maoists and losing hundreds of Police and Police officers. It was morally wrong to support the foreign army causing destruction in Afghanistan. Now Mr. Karzai and Mr. Manmohan Singh will definitely condemn the attack but no power on the earth will bring back the lives into this world again. Let US and its allies and Pakistan fight with Taliban and sacrifice their lives for the unholy cause. India is already facing the threat from China, Maoists and Naxalites. If we can restrain them successfully it is well and good. Now before we face the third and a violent attack from Taliban better we should say good bye to Karzai and the US. Let them fight the self imposed war. The US will learn the lesson from Russia. Mr. Manmohan Singh need not play the role of Abdullah in aliens marriage Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Afghan is the Opium Smuggling Centre Many reports reveal that the trade of opium and other valuable narcotic drugs is flourishing in Afghanistan under the patronage of America and Britain and their allies in the name of terrorism and to safeguard Afghanistan from the terrorists. Thousands and thousands of innocent citizens have been murdered by the barbaric allies since 2001. Still the daily reports reveal that hundreds of civilians are being killed by the NATO powers. The so called UNO is flagging to these brutal killings and no body is daring to stop the unkind and reckless massacre. The patriotic citizens who protest or condemn this inhumanity are being tortured, leveling the charge of terrorism. The US and UK hold the authority for the defence and safety of Afghanistan. But their agents are promoting the cultivation of opium extending across 296.500 acres of land in Afghanistan and the crop is expected to the tune of 5000 tonnes, which costs crores and crores and crores of dollars in Western markets. The misty green hilly area is fertile for the crops like opium, ganja, charas etc. So that the invaders are sticking in Afghanistan in the banner of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Bin Laden. The Iran Government reported in a journal that more than three thousand employees (Border Security Men) have been killed by the narcotic drugs smugglers. The Iranian authorities revealed they seized hundreds of tonnes of Heroin, Hashish, Opium etc from the mafia transecting through its territory, Iran is the main hurdle to the smooth smuggling of narcotic drugs from Afghanistan and that is why America and its allies are often threatening Iran. America, Israel and Britain are the creators of terrorism. Their reckless inroads, brutal massacre in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan creates among Islamic countries and Muslims a kind of bitterness against these supercilious western countries on their atrocities. The government of Afghanistan is prostrating before the US and acing upon their commands. The Taliban an organisation functioning from the very beginning in Afghanistan is deadly against the narcotic drugs cultivation, liquor consuming and abnormal activities among men and women. To prevent deadly bombs, unforgiving missile attacks and injudicious treatment with women children made anti-imperialism among the Alqaeda. LET groups as well as the local youths. Almost all the wealth of oil rich country has been looted from Iraq so far by the invaders. Petrol has been it is stated, stored underground for a decade in the invading countries. Roads, buildings, bridges etc are destroyed by the invaders. The religious centres, institutions of Iraq, Afghanistan have been smashed with the intention that the citizens should not resurrect any more. It is regret to mention that the Medias are not writing the real affairs instead they reveal what the Zionists, imperialists, fascists and communal powers propagate. All are supporting anarchy and the victims cannot decide to approach whom for their relief. America and its allies are simply making wealth by the invading forces and making fast buck in Afghanistan. How can we tolerate these massacres and hundreds are being killed by the barbaric groups. M.A. Khan, Kamleswaram, Manacaud, P.O., Trivandrum-09   West's Moral Obligation: Give Massive Aid To India To Reduce Its Co2 Emissions The ´Western world´ has become prosperous at a high price - a great part of the CO2 emitted over the last  two centuries is its doing. Logically, India wants to attain a decent living standard for its citizens  and take part in the prosperity created. An ever increasing part of its energy-intensive industry is  oriented towards satiating the satisfied well-being of the richest countries. With this comes a steadily  growing price for India´s environment and especially for its CO2 emissions. In this gravest climate  crisis which we will have to fight over many generations, it would be only fair for the the prosperous  world to criticize less and to give real help: perhaps most efficiently  by the West´s financing of a  very rapid construction of dozens of nuclear power stations, so that the hundreds of polluting coal power  plants may be shut down. We are facing an all-out climate war that we must win at any cost: just as  World War II had to be won also with Indian blood, by the way. The framework for this construction  could be e.g. a Lend-Lease programme similar to the one of  WWII.  Just accusing India of polluting  without giving enormous and efficient aid is hypocritical and mortally dangerous for us all.  Martin Tucek, M.D., Brno, Czech Republic, Dana Tuckova, M.D., Prague, Lenka Tucek, Prague, Maya Tournier,  Prague, Ira Tucek, Brno -   Chintan baithak in Karnataka BJP is suffering from swine flu. Mr. Yeddiurappa has to be alert. The BJP of Karnataka has come into power through backdoors. It was lacking the mandate and has to play the game of horse trading. Anyway if it gives good governance and clean administration it can anticipate full majority in the next elections. It has to be very kind and assertive in giving the rights of minorities. It has to give full protection to their places of worship. The poor Muslim students be given scholarships and employments. It is appalling that the central leadership which is suffering from political swine flu is meddling in the matters of the state government and transferring the virus into it. Mr. Yeddiurappa is more talented than Modi. Let him not feel any inferiority. Instead of inviting the central leaders to Bangalore, Mr. Yeddiurappa should casually visit Delhi or Lucknow to take Ashirwad of Mr. AB Vajpayee that's all. Any kind of chintan baithak in Bangalore will be lethal to the state of Karnataka Dr Abdul Hameed Maqadoomi, Gulbarga   India’s Nationalized Banking is only for the elites The worst possible example of negative zoning had been identified as deliberate zone off of the Minority/Black housing in Chicago, where private builder had built up a wall to separate the ‘Prime Mortgage’ reality area from “Sub-Prime Mortgage” property area. The recent global economic blow-out was triggered when this sub-prime mortgage area came into the mainstream banking as dubious ‘toxic’ investment. The disastrous result of this racist and communal bifurcation of economy is now for all to observe and take remedial measures. In India, 15% Muslims treated as second or even third class citizens have been institutionally discriminated against in all sectors of economy. Nationalized Banking, even with Central government jurisdiction, or possibly because of it, had treated all Muslim majority areas as ‘Negative zones’. While a handful of capitalists ran up a non-performing loan portfolio of about 60,000 crore rupees some decade back and that was written off by the government, as if giving a Bonus to the capitalist elites, the poor were destined for jails or suicides over petty loans. The same economic blow-out had brought out Islamic Banking as a more viable as well as ethical banking system, that does not give free rein to the gnomes of the netherworld of spurious financing and investment to play havoc by using novel and imaginative financial products to expand paper credit empire that had to fall on itself as a house of cards. In India, where its Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, an economist and banker, though with world bank taint, has shown deep commitment to India’s future economic and social development, some media attention is now focused on Islamic banking. Prime Minister’s attempt to look up deeper into Muslim community’s malaise resulted in the preparation and wide publicity given to Sachar Commission report, that embodies India’s first honest and sincere attempt to study and record the plight of Indian Muslims and had recommended far reaching measures that the present government, under the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi as President of Congress Party is now taking up, piece-meal, at different levels. A major step that requires technical as well as political courage is promotion of interest free Islamic Banking which will directly focus on the banking needs of the Muslim community, that partly has itself kept away from the traditional banking due to reasons of its Islamic faith. Islam prohibits interest. No believer will risk his afterlife in hell, by dealing in businesses tainted by interest, gambling and other prohibited financial dealings. Once Government takes a political decision to allow 15% Indian Muslims to have their own exclusive Sharia regulated banks or banking facilities in any number of ways, the new electronic age allows banking to be conducted, Indian Muslims are bound to be attracted to the new option. All sections of their community will benefit, without having to suffer arbitrary discrimination based on religious grounds. If constitution allows freedom of religion, Islamic Banking does come under this fundamental constitutional guarantee of freedom. Any government that by design or default hinders Muslim enjoyment of their full constitutional rights is prima facie guilty of misconduct. In practical terms, since majority of Muslims are below poverty line (BPL) existence, Islamic Banking will eliminate their possible exploitation through usurious interests. Islamic products and services are mutually rewarding to both the banker and their clients. This is not a one-sided affair. It is hoped that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will open up to possibilities of collaborations with international Islamic Banks, who not only will provide the necessary expertise for establishment and day to day management of Islamic Banking, but could be instrumental in channelizing surplus foreign funds to some of the needy sectors of Indian economy, like infrastructure, power etc. The recent bold initiatives by the Communist state government of Kerala, primarily opens a non-communal approach to solve an endemic problem of  providing level playing field to one and all without discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, region and language. Congress Party that has won the 2009 Lok Sabha election has full confidence and ability to move promptly to follow up Sachar Committee recommendation, by fine tuning an imaginative legislation to allow Islamic Banking as a model of banking that could focus on poverty alleviation and ethical financial dealings. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai
  Double standards of NHRC

The NHRC said, "The locus of the injury sufficiently indicates that the Police neither exercised caution nor abided by the norms which should be ordinarily followed" while pulling up the state police for  violating Human Rights. The NHRC has asked the state government of Bihar to pay seven lakh as compensation to Kamleshwar Prasad who was injured in Motihari Police Firing on July 1997. NHRC directed the state government to  make payment within  eight weeks (April 01 '08). But the National HR Commission (NHRC) while inquiring Batla House Fake Encounter case locus of bullet shot (8 to 10 No.) on the head of Atif & Sajid was not considered and the  Police neither exercised caution nor abided bythe simple intelligence norm or basics of Human Rights norms.  To whom Police say they were terrorists then why room was asked to be opened or to open the door was knocked? Police input was authentic step to nab the terrorist alive by locking the flats and they were forced to surrender. The Police Inspector or Incharge did not follow the best professional tactics on skill. The NHRC in Kamleshwar Prasad case, every aspects of locus of injury, Human Right angle, and Police step of  caution were considered but when Atif and Sajid case was taken in consideration every professional skill of Police/Intelligence Report/Human Right Norms/Cautioning Steps and Location of Injury/Circumstantial Evidence/Post Mortem Report/Forensic Report etc were kept aside and the Police story was written in the inquiry report giving clean chit to Police. S.C. Sharma (Inspector killed in the encounter) who came down  from IV floor on his foot then, how he died in hospital? What is his previous record in business/land grabbing/case.

NHRC just copied police story in its report in many cases. NHRC suo moto took notice but when 14-year old Md Shahabuddin was thrown by RPF out of running train Md Shahabuddin's one leg was amputated to save his life. Md Shahabuddin identified RPF Havaldar Kamleshwar Prasad. During TI Parade he said "Yehi Hai Sir". Md  Shahabuddin in a TV Channel said that police asked his father's name, as he replied the police threwn him out of running train.

The Compensation must be given as equal amount given to Kamleshwar Prasad and the boy is permanently handicapped so Deptt of Railway must give an assurance letter to give him a compensatory job. Some Muslim organisations take care of Md Shahabuddin's education. This is the police Bhagwa mentality which we have seen during the anti-Muslim riots. A.N. Roy (IPS) wrote in his book "combating communal conflicts" that "during the riots the character of police exhibits in just and police becomes communal." In Md. Shahabuddin case the State Minority Commission which is Constitutionally Empowered Organisation  did not bother Muslim cause. Even it did not take notice, that is why Minority Commission's Chairman and members must be nominated by opposition so that they fulfill the constitutional responsibility. PAC Chairman was nominated by opposition parties. Then only constitutional organisations will be fulfilling their constitutional responsibility.         

S. Haque, Patna