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MG It is really a nice experience to have MG subscription. Indeed, it provides an overall picture of Muslim-related issues in India. Allah will reward you for this noble endeavor. Aftab Alam, JNU, New Delhi (via email) II You are doing a commendable job and the articles and other news features in the MG are worth preserving. The articles are mostly in right perspective and convey the feeling of the Muslims at large and the same create awareness amongst the readers and also within the corridors of power.         Yaseen Momin, Adv., Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane III MGelaborately highlights the problems relating to Muslim community in a very effective manner.                  U.F. Malek, Sarkhej Road, Ahmedabad - 380055   Media Is India’s mainstream media finally coming to terms with Islamic influences impacting Indian society and its institutions? Sunday Times of India published on a single day, three stories that positively treat signs of Indian institutions picking up Islamic influences with far reaching consequences for the composite society: 1. Left-led Kerala government to start bank on Sharia principles; 2. Hindu students shine in madarsas; 3. Bigamy: an issue of one too many - Muslim bigamy cases are far fewer than Hindus. Muslims give full and equal legal protection to their wives; Hindus do not. Hindu laws should borrow from Sharia to give better rights to Hindu women, including easy divorce, legal status and equality to wives in cases of bigamous marriages.         Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   Hail the shoe hurler Let us see which ‘Muslim’ country comes first in honouring the honourable Iraqi Arab who flung two shoes at arrogant Bush. Let a postage be issued for this purpose. Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh, Gujarat   Encounter killings Tamang Report: Not encounter but cold blooded murder of Ishrat Jahan. Last month in the press conference of RSS Sarsangh Chalak Mohan Bhagwat, replying to a question Ram Madhav said that "our men are present in every party and they meet us and get advice." Mr Ram Madhav version is right and proved correct when Tamang Report submitted the Modi govt is saying that Ishrat Jahan was LeT module thus encounter is genuine to hide their fault and guilt they produce central govt’s (Secular UPA) affidavit which states that Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist. Ram Madhav’s version is correct that RSS men are present in every party and every department. Now the secular govt (UPA) is ready to file a fresh affidavit in Gujarat HC. Kindly publish Tamang’s report with UPA’s old and fresh affidavit in a book version so that Ishrat Jahan’s innocence memory will be remembered as court allows the report to be open for public. Now the govt of Gujarat’s plea not to make public the report is pending. S. Haque, Patna II The Ahmedabad metropolitan magistrate’s ruling in the Ishrat Jahan and others case brings to mind several past encounters and creates a suspicion that those may have been carried out at the behest of politicians and for the purpose of pleasing their masters. Earlier, we learnt about the wealth accumulated by Daya Nayak, an encounter specialist. The controversy on Batla House encounter is still fresh in our minds. While talking of encounters, one wonders what happened to Hari Krishna, the eyewitness doctor in the Ansal Plaza encounter in Delhi. It is high time the central government instituted a high-level inquiry to get all the deliberate and systematic fake encounters probed. The security of the people and the nation is too important to be the preserve of an individual or a political group. Ruby Naushad, Bangalore   Construction of statues in UP The low profile style of the judges is questionable. Miss Mayawati has already spent major part of the budget of public funds on the construction of statues that was allotted for some developmental works. This expenditure is nothing but a wrong step of the Chief minister of UP. She has discarded the orders of the supreme court and continued the work. Instead of passing the stricture against her the judges are criticizing and are busy in giving her suggestions, instead of passing relevant orders against the defaulter. This scenario speaks the weakness of the supreme court judges who work under the influence of the political leaders. They have certain inhibitions to come openly. Mayawati’s express train is not in a mood to see the red signals of Apex court. In this cold war the sufferers are the common public whose funds are being misused. In our country the political leaders have the last laugh. Meanwhile we should be thankful to Mr. N Ram Chief Editor of Hindu who took the trouble to file an affidavit against Miss Mayawati. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Unemployment among Muslims  A Muslim engineer has to go to Gulf countries for seeking a better job. To get some experience in India he has to compromise with less salary and more working hours. Those who can’t bear the travel expenses have to sell their ancestral property in the hope that they will earn this much amount very soon. Why only a Muslim has to pay tax? Is he not purchasing the products of MNC’s? Is he not participating in electoral system? Who are being benefited with the fruits of Globalisation? Why the doors of the companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai & Hero Honda are closed for Muslims, though they are the huge consumers of their products.The poor economic condition of Muslims is a hurdle in seeking costly higher education. The Gulf countries should be allowed to invest in India and the Government should allow some quota in private companies too. Qamaruddin Saifi, Batla House, Okhla, New Delhi-25   Dear Sexologist Please help me.  I am unable to get it ‘up’. Citizens of my state are hounded & thrashed at whim, their faces are blackened & reputations smashed at whim, streets are blocked & vehicles are smashed at whim, people are openly threatened & livelihoods are destroyed at whim, citizens are made to apologize to extra-constitutional authorities under threat of violence - even an institution like Mr Bachchan is made to grovel, or whim.. In spite of all the above happenings in my state, in front of my eyes, I am unable to do anything about it.  Do you think I need Viagra?  Please help me - Desperately frustrated,Govt. of Maharashtra Bharatram Gaba, still BOMBAY   Congress Had Passed Partition Resolution Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, twice national president of the Congress and Central education Minister, had written in his famous book "India Wins Freedom" on page 196 "The All India Congress Committee met on 14 June, 1947. I have attended many meetings of the AICC, but this was one of the strongest that it was my misfortune to attend. Congress which had always fought for the unity and independence of India, was now considering an official resolution for the division of the country. President G.B. Pant moved the resolution and after Sardar Patel and Jawaharlal had both spoken on it, Gandhiji himself had to intervene..."After the first days debate, there was a very strong feeling against the resolution. It, therefore, became necessary for Gandhiji to intervene in the debate. He appealed to the members to support the resolution. When the resolution was put to vote, 29 voted for it and 15 against. Even Gandhiji’s appeal could not persuade more members to voted for the partition of the country." G. Hasnain Kaif, Azad Ward, Bhandara (M.S.) - 441904 II The new generation in India should be thankfuul to Jaswant Singh for his newly inaugurated Book "Jinnah:India-Partition Independence".The BJB famous leader Mr. Jaswant Singh blamed Nehru and Sardar Ballab Bhai Patel for India-Pakistan Partition in 1947, while we, Indians’ new generation knew till this date before the indicated book that it was Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was solely responsible for the partition and in this way the images of Muslims living in India were tarnished before the world. But now the book related to the issues of Indian Partition in 1947, by Jaswant Singh, removed the dirty blankets from the faces of the world exposing the realities of Partition in 1947. Now when the realities came into light from darkness, our leaders in India and Pakistan should reconsider for unity to face the challenges of powerful enemies.Observations indicate people from both, India and Pakistan, need mutual strength & cooperation, so, when the key leaders like Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi etc were not willing to shorten the territory or boundary of the country with a division of the hearts of people  making  two different states, there should be a jury for reconsidering to join the separated part of India. When the divided Germany can be one after a gap, why not India ? If it happens, we could be a greater nation and more powerful than the country like China who has illegally captured some of our important parts of the country.I think people from Pakistan will also be agreeing to our proposal but whether Bangladesh would like to merge unto us, it can’t be said properly. Our national government should prove the facts once again that some of its leaders were not willing for partition in 1947.I also perceive that our ruling party, national congress, has not been  biased for Muslims living in India since the dawn of Independence. It of course is a good time for Congress to have a sympathy for its vote-Bank from Muslims in india by highlighting the facts on the given issues:"Who Divided Our hearts into Two?" Tariq Sohrab III Coming from yet another high-profile proponent of hindutva, will it have any impact on the lives of the common Muslims? Or it is just another futile attempt of moderation and appeasement of Muslims for the sake of records? Jinnah and Parttion have been whipping canes used by the  Hindutva elements within and outside Congress to beat the entire Muslim population and push them into ghettoism. Putting the blame on Muslims to keep them feel guilty for the past sixty years, is the most successful ploy of anti-Muslim propagandists.  Is it not a fact that Lala Lajpat Rai had started talking of giving away a seperate Land to Muslims in 1924 itself? Mr. H.M.Seeravai, one of the most respected jurists of the country has handsomely--in his book, "Partition-Legend and Reality" -- dealt with the events which led to the Partition of the country and Jinnah is simply exonerated. Will the change in Mr. Jaswant Singh’s heart and mind after L.K.Advani, bring change in the political atmosphere of the country or it is just another gimmick? K.  Malikul  Azeez, Perambur High Road,Chennai-12   Conversion and reconversion If the Christians are engaged in conversions of Dalits the Hindus have got every right to convert Christians to Hinduism. The only drawback is the caste system of Hinduism has been rejected by the civilized world. The Hindus are adapting negative approach to solve the problem. With this strategy they cannot satisfy their hearts. After giving guarantee of safety and security to the hired youths and with payment of exorbitant remuneration the venture was executed. The masterminds cannot be apprehended as they have full political backing. They are under the wrong impression that can stop the conversion drive of the Christians. The vandalism will boost the image of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ in the heart of the people How long the upper caste Hindus will enjoy the false dignity which is not real but acquired. If all the Dalits convert to Christianity, Islam and Budhism, the ideological base of the high castes will certainly erode. Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Naxal threat ignored The Naxal menace has really reached an alarming extent. It was unfortunate for India that our politicians did not pay any heed to this threat as they saw only Islamic terrorism. The seriousness of the government towards combating Naxalites is to be adulated. However, efforts should be made for winning their hearts rather than suppressing them by force. Providing basic infrastructures in the tribal areas should be a preferable step by the government because majority of the Naxals have reportedly resorted to violence out of poverty and inadequate basic amenities. A. Hameed Yousuf, Bangalore   Back from holidays Some, upon returning from their holidays will have to see a specialist doctor. Fungi, sexual diseases, otitis, gastroenteritis…. these are the most common illnesses. In Europe alone, some 200.000 young persons will have contracted chlamydia this summer: This is the most common sexually transmitted disease which does not present any very obvious symptoms and can produce sterility in both men and women. The use of contraceptives and promiscuous behaviour increases the risk of infection and as a result 75% of sexually active teenagers have uterine cervix damage. Why is sex a mere pastime which is being promoted everywhere, including in schools and on television channels? This only causes an unstoppable rate of contagion, pregnancies and abortions which are linked to so many private tragedies. Why is sex not restricted to being responsibly used within the boundaries of marriage? Statistics show that it is those married couples who obey the sacred order of making procreation possible who fully enjoy sex . Sex is for man, not man for sex, this is how God intended it to be.            Lisa Justiniano, Madrid, España, Maestro 10   Radovan Karadic Genocide Trial Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadic has stated that the death toll of murdered Bosnian vicitms from the Srebrenica Massacre of July 1995 has been exagerated and that he is innocent of any and all crimes that he he has been charged with involving Srebrenica. The reality that Radovan Karadic is being charged with by the United Nations Warcrimes Tribunal in the Hague, Netherlands has greater than 6200 confirmed and identified by scientific DNA results bodies of Bosnian men and boys who were murdered by Karadic’s Serb Forces in the 1995 slaughter in Srebrenica, Bosnia-Hercegovina. Many vicitms have yet to be located and identified as Bosnian Serb Army and Government denial of responsibility have curtailed efforts by the internatioanl community and the United Nations to assert justice concerning this terrible crime against humanity. Radovan Karadic was the top leader of the Serbs in Bosnia-Hercegovina and is being charged with responsibility for the crimes by Serb Forces in Srebrenica in addition to other warcrimes charges. Karadic would not have had to be personally involved, in attendance or personally knowledgable for the crimes while he is considered to have been in these direct contributions to the crimes and could still be found guilty of full responsibility due to his legal position as leader of the Bosnian Serb government and military forces in Bosnia-Hercegovina during the time the crimes were committed. Radovan Karadic’s trial is scheduled to begin shortly and will feature evidence and testimony from scores of Bosnian vicitms. Forensic evidence will weigh heavily upon Karadic’s denials of guilt and responsibility as there is substantial evidence in existence and Karadic is facing a severe case against his stated lack of responsibility for the Srebenica Massacre. Kevin Beck, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  A Hindu is not a terrorist
I am a German national married to an Indian girl. I frequently visit India and am fascinated by its  culture and the warmth of the Indian people. Of course I just relish Indian food.

I have been following Indian politics & the current Indian scenario very closely since 2000 A.D. I am  pretty disturbed by the terrorist incidents across India that have taken a huge number of innocent lives.  I have noticed a very peculiar & astonishing trend related to the spate of bomb blasts across India which  no newspaper or news channel has reported so far.

Every bomb blast, anywhere in India, targeting the innocent public, businesses, infrastructure or  religious places is immediately confirmed by the politicians, intelligence agencies and the police as  the handiwork of Muslim terrorists affiliated to either JeM, LeT, Deccan Mujahideen, Indian Mujahideen or  Al-Qaeda and scores of Muslim youth arrested. However, weeks or months later, each one of them is either  let off due to lack of proof or is still behind bars inspite of no evidence. Even as more and more Muslim  youth are arrested, the blasts continue with chilling frequency and the modus operandi & the signature  remains the same.

On the other hand, after the arrest of members of the "Abhinav Bharat" terror organization, there hasn’t  been a single blast so far, except of the naxalite/maoist variety. Isn’t it obvious even to the rabid  anti-Muslim rabble-rouser that almost all blasts blamed on the Muslim youth were the handiwork of Abhinav Bharat & its terrorists?

I feel very strongly about the lack of ethics, sense of fairplay & the lack of investigative spirit  displayed by most newspapers & television news channels who are happy to repeat the official line without  so much as questioning the blatant lies & untruths given out by communal elements within the police &  intelligence agencies, out to discredit a particular community.

I hope after reading this letter, readers will have the courage to stand up against the propoganda they  are routinely fed and demand their right to know the truth.

Bernhard Lainger, Kaiserstr. 2 · 55116 Mainz, Germany.