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News from Modi jail
Ahmadabad Central Jail is now moving to police raaj. After beating blast case accused last July, now the prisoners  are not allowed even to offer Eid prayers with other prisoners. All 64 accused of blast case who are here from nine different states, confined in Ahmedabad Central Jail, are now on the target of Ahmedabad police. Visiting hours with their family members are cut and now they will meet their families only two days a week, i.e., Thursday and Friday. Kindly forward this to the the Human Rights Commission and also do something in July 09 attack matter. Khalid Shaikh, Advocate, Ahmedabad II The Magisterial Enquiry, which is mandatory in every encounter case (ironically which was never done in the Batla House encounter) has finally termed it Ishrat Jahan's killing as a fake encounter on 7 a metropolitan court. It is not a matter of surprise for us as to know that how Ishrat Jahan was killed was nothing but in cold blood. Perhaps one will also agree that such things are happening and happened in Gujarat under Modi. The famous case of Shohrabuddin also falls into this category. Unfortunately, in India, things had been happening in this fashion, some handful of police officers perpetrate such crime in broad day light just appease some filthy minded and communal politicians like Modi etc. Its ironic though, that despite all hue and cry made on people like Modi, hardly anything is done against him. Even the recent mayhem in the BJP disclosed, how much deep is the hand of Modi dipped in the blood of innocent people butchered in the 2002 Gujrat riots. If we remember the recent interview of Mr. Arun Shourie, it would reveal, how disturbed was Mr. Vajpayee, and he really wanted to do something, but thanks to the pressure within or whatever, nothing came out of this. Its high time, that the Indian judiciary should act against the culprits as no one is above the law despite how powerful he or she stands anywhere. Md Ziyaullah Khan, Mehrauli, New Delhi 47   Has not Hijrat become compulsory? The latest anti-Muslim impressive intolerance at Kalalti village seems to warn us Muslims that the sooner we throw away all material wealth and move to live and die together the better because the honour especially of our woman folk is more valuable than anything else in this transient life. However, prior to it, Muslims living in very small number everywhere should perform namaz in buildings until the unavoidable migration (Hijrat) is possible. S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh, Gujarat   Diminished US President Lectures to the World at UN Another fine piece of rousing oratory and US President had done his bit for the day. He rushed out of the UN premises as if his tail was on fire. In fact, his oratorical high notes were drowned by behind the scene guffaws he earned for trying to tame Israel and falling on his face. Weeks his special envoy has spent in Israel, feeding media with daily photo ops shaking hands with Israel's indomitable hard-line Prime Minister but there was no news if the Mount Sinai moved even a measly centimeter. And still Barack Obama soldiered on. Though Obama has much tougher challenges testing his mettle, Israel stands out as the barometer to the world of US President's limits of credibility. If he cannot tackle America's most lauded 'ally', to fall in line with his worldview, the stark gossamer fragility of his presidency could only generate derision among his detractors and pity in his admirers. Time is flying and given the past record of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, delays and procrastination favour only one side that has dragged on the peace process of any kind for the last forty years. The drama starts with the every new US President taking office and ends with the end of his presidency, with Israel using the interregnum to dug in more and more in ways that would leave hardly any thing left to negotiate. Obama has come with a bold new commitment to change the US and the world with it. But half a way in his first 4-year presidency, he has barely touch the contours of war in Afghanistan, a monumental economic recession, his pet project of universal health care, and the way his cards are played out, he seems to be playing more of a bluff game than a winning hand. Israelhas cleverly positioned Iran as the most pressing issue for the world to come to terms with while it merrily whips up its assembly line in West Bank creating facts on the ground. The UN sponsored Goldstone report on war crimes in Gaza is snowed under by Jewish dominated world press's cabalist propaganda of bias, even though the South African judge, Richard Goldstone is himself a Jew and a self- confessed Israel supporter. The dire train of event that may land Israel in International Court of Justice at The Hague is so alarming to Israel that it has mounted a concerted attempt to discredit the Human Rights report. The worst part is that even the Muslim governments around the world are so insensitive to the plight of their brethrens in Gaza; there is no world-wide move to get Israel into the docks for its most horrendous crimes on Palestinian civilians including children, women and old people. President Obama is seized of the fact that war on Al Qaeda could not get any support from even the well meaning masses in the Muslim world, unless US makes Israel-Palestine settlements its number one priority. Israel will use every trick in the trade to turn world focus away from its rape of Palestinian entity, in any shape it tries to survive. It is up to Barack Obama not to be taken in by Israeli ruses to postpone the inevitable as far into the future as possible. It is for the US, to realize how its acts of commission and omission are encouraging Israel to lead a life of an outlaw nation that thrives in defying international laws and committing genocidal attacks on hapless Muslims of Palestine. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai II This refers to the U.N. report that Israel had deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza earlier this year, by using disproportionate force killing over 1400 Palestinians. It was a shame on the so-called civilized nations who watched in shrilled silence for three weeks, the inhuman assault carried out by one of the powerful armies of the world in the name of "Dahiya doctrine".That a lethal chemical like white Phosphorous was used even on the U.N. compound sheltering hundreds of civilians, speak about the ruthless character of the Israeli army. The U.S. had no qualms in conducting trial in a kangaroo court and executing Saddam Hussein for using chemical weapons.Why the same yardstick is not applied for Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak who were responsible for targeting the Gaza civilians? Is it not a sheer hypocrisy by the sole super power? Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P) 9/11 still haunts Muslim world The tragedy of 9/11 was too serious, too terrible to give up hope so quickly that common sense will prevail, that horrible scenes would be replaced by positive ones, that dialogue would replace hostility, and that Obama will meet even if the minimum expectations of his fans in the Muslim world, before the number continues to double. 9/11 should not be a political episode to underscore the reason of why the fight in various Muslim countries should continue; nor should it be an opportunity to rejoice at the death of the Muslims. We should collectively abhor the rationalization of violence on the basis of vengeance, and consider what it might take to relieve those afflicted with a sense of hostility: Could it perhaps be that our common aspirations for peace and freedom are somehow out of reach? Could it be possible that we just might be culpable for the denial of those simple aspirations of peace and freedom. We must embrace again the anguish of what happened on 9/11, ever aware that the body count grows even today. And although the wreckage of that horrible day was cleared away years ago, the lessons of that day are still buried beneath our anger, frustration, and prejudice. To unearth these lessons, we must widen our horizons, from New York to Baghdad, from Kabul to Gaza, cities which are in some way worlds apart, but in other ways much closer than we may innocently suspect. Md. Ziyaullah Khan, New Delhi   One day NHRC would express apology National Human Rights Commission was asked to enquire into the police claims about the encounter in L-18 Batla House. Police claimed that during the Batla House encounter two “terrorists” were killed and police inspector Sharma died. The Government has boasted that its RTI rule is a big achievement of UPA. We saw many officers were fined under this rule but when some Muslims demanded post mortem report of two Muslim youth (students) killed in a fake encounter as well as the inspector’s post mortem report, the government refused to release the reports. In general case a certain rule would be effective but when Muslim right comes the same rule fails. Police claimed that Atif and Sajid accounts in Azamgarh had made transactions of 30 lakhs within three months. But the concerned bank manager said that Atif and Sajid did not have more than 3 thousand rupees. This was the sort of encounter where Atif and Sajid had 8 to 10 bullet wounds on the top of their heads. Even then NHRC gave a report that it was a genuine encounter. Furthermore, many more loopholes are obvious in the police claim. In its report, the NHRC simply copied the police claims.

Let us see how Supreme Court judge Mr Katju expressed apology for his “Taliban” remarks and his decision in Mohammad Salim’s expulsion from a Christian missionary school due to sporting beard. Justice Katju observed in this decision that beard and purdah are means to Talibanisation and the schools have their own law which should be obeyed. 

Later on, Justice Katju apologised and withdrew his decision and the case was transferred to CJI. CJI bench gave decision in favour of Salim and allowed him to study in the same Nirmala Convent, Vidisha. Similarly great Hindu Shankaracharya also apologised to Muslims for his book The History of Islamic Terrorism. This book is widely circulated by Hindutvawadi forces. But Swami Laxmi Shankarcharya now knows the facts of Islam and Sirat. He wrote a book Islam-Terror or Ideal (Madhur Sandesh Sangam, E-20, Abul Fazl Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi- 110025 priced at Rs 40, pp. 110). Swami Laxmi Shankaracharya wrote in this book that "due to lack of knowledge and facts earlier I wrote about Islam. So I seek apology from Muslims and the Prophet for what I wrote about the history of Islamic Terrorism which is now null and void".

A Supreme Court judge and a Shankracharya seek apology. We expect that one day NHRC too would correct its fault and seek apology.               

                S. Haque, Patna     Say no to genetic food Over 25,000 people like me wrote to Nestle telling the company to go GE-free in India. Hundreds of phone-calls have been flooding their voicemail. And hundreds of people have returned their Nestle products to the company. Nestle's response to all this? They will sell genetically-contaminated food in this country if consumers prefer to eat such food. I say it's time to tell Nestle what consumers really prefer. After all, if Indian companies like Ruchi Soya, MTR and Britannia can commit to selling GE-free food in India, why can't Nestle? Please do what I have done. Just click here to give Nestle a taste of 'consumer preference'. And thanks for your support! visit: safefood/poll/?tyf=1 In a span of more than 30 days, 257 deaths were confirmed due to swine flue. Death toll per day works out to 8.5 persons. But during the same 30 days period, India lost 1,72,800 under-5 children due to malnutrition. Because of rural economic stress, on an average one farmer commits suicide every 31 minutes. So in 30 days, about 1400 farm lives were lost. During the same period of one month, about 43,000 Indians died due to TB. Farm crisis kills 5.5 times the deaths due to swine flu. TB kills 167 times and malnutrition swallows 670 times that of swine flu death toll. Every life is precious. But why this special hue and cry over swine flu crisis? Because unlike malnutrition, farm crisis and TB, swine flu does not differentiate club class and economic class. Swine flu is very egalitarian in its attack. It hits our classes also. There lies the secret of our state's alacrity and media's super hype.The plague crisis a decade ago created a similar hue and cry from our classes. All lives are not precious. But some lives are very very precious. Sankara Narayanan
  Fake encounter, cruel smiles
Ishrat Jahan (19), a second year student of Mumbai’s Khalsa College, and three others were shot dead in a fake encounter on the outskirts of Ahmadabad by Gujarat Police on the grounds of being terrorists. It was a gruesome scene where police constables and others are seen laughing at dead bodies. No civilised society would laugh at dead bodies. This is the highest point of sadism and cruelty to be cheerful at such events. The police Constable’s face expressions and body language are tell the tale of what is running inside him. We, members of Civil Society expect some respect to the deceased from others and particularly from state machinery. This was seen in the photograph published in The Indian Express, Ahmadabad edition (9 September 2009). Farooq Abdul Gafar Bawani
Bhidbhanjan Street No. 1,
Rajkot - 360 001, Gujarat