Akbaruddin’s hate-speech

Don’t we universally and unanimously believe in the most fundamental rule of nature that every action has an equal, at times even greater, reaction? If there’re Togadias in the majority, why can’t a counter-Togadiya in the form of Owaisi be in the minority community? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all in favour of incendiary hate-speeches delivered by anyone but I’m stating the truth and truth always has an all-encompassing ambit. Modis, Togadias, Swamis, Shouries, among others have been spitting venom against the Muslims from public platforms and if one Owaisi emulates them, can this be blasphemous?  Of late, Hindus have become very vocal and violent and if you closely observe the trends, following Babri mosque demolition in 1992 and then Gujarat pogrom in 2002, you’ll notice that they have become increasingly audacious. Emboldened by their misdeeds and the assurance that the government machinery is with them along with the judiciary in their pockets, they (Hindutvites) have got inebriated by unrestrained power. This needed to be checked and if Owaisi has challenged the lion in its own lair, he deserves kudos. But at the same time, a democratic set-up and a civilised society cannot condone such inflammatory speeches.   Sumit Paul