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MG It is very nice to read your valuable, esteemed and enlightening fortnightly magazine regularly from the last one year. Mohd Danish FazalNew Delhi   Your esteemed journal is extremely informative and educative in general, and par excellent in particular! Happy New Year - 2013 Dr Syed Shahid Wahid, New Delhi   Qur’ani tips published in MG The sixty Qur’anic tips Should shut irresponsible lips And protect Madrasas from hits And prevent people from immoral slips Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Empowerment of the Muslim community The empowerment of the Muslim community is the need of the hour and can be achieved through education, unity and concerted efforts of the society. However, most of us are too busy making money and seeking status in our lives to bother for such matters. The spirit with which Ansars (people of Madinah) assisted the Muhajireen of Makkah is to be revived. The privileged classes may adopt/support one child each during his/her student life and the process is to be propagated like a chain reaction. The Muslim deficit in different levels of education can be taken care of by providing proper information to students of class X onwards about the availability of various courses, competitive examinations conducted for government jobs, vocational courses, job-oriented diplomas etc., govt. scholarships schemes and means and ways to enter security forces. The minority commissions and academic institutions may take the lead as torch-bearers to initiate such programmes periodically. To gain access to higher education, the nationwide scholarships schemes of central government should necessarily be given wide publicity. Respond today for a better tomorrow. Swimming against the current is, of course, a tough task but essential for the practice and preservation of our culture and customs. It is an investment for the bright future of the community and the country. The knowledge of our glorious history may mould the youth into valuable asset rather than liability. Prof. Shaista Bano, Aligarh (U.P.)    Musings Of Mohan Bhagwat It is uncalled for to criticize the statement of RSS chief honorable Mr. Mohan Bhagwat Crores of Hindus, Muslims and Christians and Jews are practicing this principles .This principle is not only nearer to nature but it is in tunes with nature and capacity bestowed by Almighty to men and women .If you go to the Islamic principles and practice mentioned in the Holy Qur'an and the guidance in the Hathis. The women should stay indoors and look after the household duties.They are in no way easier and simple. They are as troublesome as the duties of males in the offices. The job of nourishing and cherishing of young ones, breast feeding till the age of 2 years, attending their duties of cleaning, feeding washing the bodies the most important and holy duty to implant the instinct of love and affection in the young age. This part of the duty can never be done by work maids and servants and other kin of the babe. The working mothers cannot fulfill this moral obligation. If this instinct is not successfully implanted the child may grow as criminal, daredevil, extremists, terrorists, dacoits, rapists, gang rapists murderers, anti nationals, insurgents corrupts and indulge in immoral activities throughout the lives. Now we are coming across such boys who raped their own mother and killed her. If observe the European civilization you will find there is no love and affection to the old parents. All are materialists no spirituality and faith in God and sense of accountability. India and the present politicians following blindly the same pattern. They are more corrupt and irresponsible than the Muslim and British rulers. Please not what Quran has categorical ordered the wives of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) in Arabic “waqrna fi buyutikunna wala tabarrajna taburrujal jahiliya’’ And stay in your homes and do not display your finery as was done in the time of ignorance in the past. So we should accept the Musings of Respectable Mohan Bhagwat with the unbiased mind. We should not reject the teaching of Holy Quran Branding it as book of Terrorist. Islam has directed to kill the Rapists by stoning 1400 hundred years before. The same punishment was in practice in Jewish mythology. Bharat should not turn to India as Mr Bhawat said it transform into a Heaven abiding by the Divine Laws. DR AH Maqdoomi ,Hyderabad   Ban communal organizations involved in terrorist activities As a result of investigations of anti-terrorists squads and other investigating agencies it has been proved that Hindu communal organizations namely Bajrang Dal, VHP, Sanatan Sansthan, Ram Sene and RSS were involved in highly deplorable terrorist actions at Ajmer, Malegaon, Nanded and Mecca Masjid Hyderabad and highly explosive materials had been found both at the offices of these organisations. Arrests of Col. Purohit and Sadhvi Pritgya collaborates the existence of a conspiracy engineered by these organizations. Not only this, VHP and Bajrang Dal had also tried to convert Orissa into another Gujarat by killing Christians and damaging their churches while Shiv Sena has launched an intense hate campaign against north Indians in Mumbai. A prominent leaders of RSS has also been accuse of participating in these activities by anti terrorist squad. AICC at its recent session severely condemned the involvement of these organizations in terrorist activities. The union govt. should immediately ban these organizations for their involvement in terrorist activities and this decidedly will be a fatal blow to terrorism. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex MP, Delhi - 91   Gujarat results Worships of countless gods united firmly (Al-Kufr Millatun Wahidah) to humiliate the worshippers of ONLY ONE GOD (merely with lips?) who are busy in spreading hatred among themselves through speeches even in Masjids and Madrasas! ALLAH says: “LAA TAFARRAQOO…” Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Akbarduddin Owaisi Mr. Akbarduddin Owaisi is arrested for hate-speech. Good, let the law of the land take its course. But who will arrest those goons who have vandalized and abused Asaduddin Owaisi’s official residence in Delhi today? And what action will be taken against those who have illegally build up a temple at historic Char Minar even against HC’s order? What action was taken against hate speeches by Togaria who has actually started this whole process warning that he will reduce Old City into a new Ayodhya? What happened to all the documented and recorded hate- speeches in the past — Varun Gandhi’s speech during Lok Sabha election and popular Thackerays ones – the latest against Biharis, as if the Biharis are only rapists in India by Raj Thackery and  Samna carried a lead story which reads, SUNN, AYE KUTTE KE PILLEY? Is this democracy gives equal right to all? Does our democracy measure all same crimes with same yardstick? MB Qasmi II We Muslims are afraid of Modi becoming PM of India, Modi pulled Gujarat 2002 (massacre of Muslims) in front of our eyes and we could do nothing. God forbid if he takes control of army and does same on India level. Forget education, wellbeing, for us the question is of survival, Congress knows and exploit this. I was fond of Rahul Sb, coming from Bihar, we Muslims were waiting for revival for Congress. But see the firing in Dhule, Rajasthan (remember the firing in the mosque by police), Assam (scale is larger than Gujarat), even durng the protest in Mumbai and no case for violence done by others during the protest. I condemn, what Akbaruddin said about taking on majority community, but he gives us false sense of dignity, a hope to live on, (we feel, our dignity has been robbed off after 2002), that is enough. I don’t want to support Akbaruddin but do we have any other option....... Where is that 4% of quota, we will just not go to polling booth; Congress will be the biggest looser. Khurram Iqbal(Bihar) III The incendiary speech by the Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi is dangerous to the secular fabric of our nation and condemnable in strongest words. What is disturbing is that the politicians nowadays are finding it easier to woo the voters through polarization on the plank of religion and caste, rather than on developmental issues. We have seen earlier, how Narendra Modi contested two assembly elections and two general elections on themes of ‘Hum Paanch Hamare Pachees’, and chastising relief camps as baby-producing factories. Syed Sultan Mohiddin   Rape after rape Why so many rape cases? Please lower your gaze because eyes are the doors of adultery for men and women. Modest dress and lower gaze are jewelery of a woman’s heart. Men are here to protect women. A women must not arouse man’s sexual desire. Women must try to get respectable place in the heart. of men. Dignity is more important than so called freedom. People with character dwell freely in the kingdom of Allah the Almighty. That is real freedom. Nazneen O. Saherwala, (Surat, India) II Delhi bus brutal gang rape incident is highly condemnable. It has triggered nation wide outrage. The rapists must get deterrent punishment. Islamic Law awards death sentence to murderers and rapists. Capital punishment acts as a terror to the minds of such criminals. Atrocities against women and girls have become common particularly in cities. Eve teasing, molestation, rapes, snatching of gold manglasturas, mental and physical torture of women and young girls have become daily occurrences. Violence, murders, rapes etc. shown on big and small screens are main causes of such crimes. Vulgar songs dirty dialogues, semi naked dances incite sexual violence. Women/girls wearing tight dresses, miniskirts, jeans, small tight blouses exposing front, back, hands are responsible for assaults against them. Such scantly, tightly dressed, revealing clothing females must be warned. Unmarried girls moving around with boy friends, particularly at nights, is illegal, immoral and condemnable. We are forgetting our religious and moral values and are aping the materialistic, irreligious and immoral western vulgar culture blindly. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (Maharashtra) - 441904 III It is highly regrettable that Asa Ram made a remark which everyone has ridiculed. Most of the people are spell-bound by his childish remark and quite against the situation the medical student faced. In the intoxicated condition all the culprits were turned into beasts. They were not at all in the mood of a gentleman. It was futile for Damini to seek their mercy. The most important point is that among all religions, Hindus are most exploited stock in the world. The exploiters are pundits, sadhus, rishis, munis, jagat gurus, prohits, pujaris, shankarachariyas, seers etc. They interpose themselves between  God and devotees. They collect gold, silver, currency, edibles, flowers etc. Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad  IV Protests, agitations, lengthy speeches, round the clock coverage by electronic media, unlimited comments, opposition at boiling point on the floor of parliament against and about the gangrape in New Delhi against the hapless para-medical girl in a bus. The all-round reaction is a natural phenomenon of human feelings. However, the chain of rape, criminal assaults on females, molestation, murder and other social crimes continue especially in New Delhi, U. P., Maharashtra and Haryana, thus disproving the tall claims of central as well as state governments. Similarly those who instigated, inspired, designed, patronised and encouraged the criminal assaults on Muslim women during the one-sided communal frenzies should also be booked and penalised under the amended law for which riots in Gujarat in 2002 are the glaring example which may pave the way to bring Narendra Modi to justice. Islamic criminal law is the most suitable to deal with such crimes but non in India ready to remember the same. Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13   Delhi - A world city - A big question mark The tall claim made by the Delhi chief minister and other Delhi ministers has been transformed into a world city like Shanghai and in this connection mention has been made of construction of numerous flyovers and roads but the total absence of basic amenities in a number of Delhi colonies - the shortage of drinking water, irregular supply of electricity and its cuts, absence of hospitals and schools, proper drainage and sewer systems, presence of heaps of dirt and filth on the main roads of the city, the highly deplorable conditions of roads, existence of open main holes leading to the death of a number of citizens and the horrible condition of Jhuggis and Jhonpries which house lakhs of people totally contradict such tall claim. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex MP, Delhi - 110091   Muslim media Apropos of the write-up by Kaleem Kawaja (MG 16-31 Dec 2012), it appears that author does not know the Indian realities. His assessment of successful and prosperous Muslims to the tune of four percent is pure presumption and misleading at the first instance. Moreover, Mr Kawaja should explain as to why his 4% star Muslims did not launch a newspaper of his imagination. The comment made by MG as appended at the foot of write-up is correct but moderate. Syed Khurshid Anwar, Advocate High Court, Allahabad   Minority cells of political parties Every political party has some Muslim showboys. They are paid boys working to beat drums for parties. To quench the fire of revolutionary thought and to deceive the illiterate, minority cells or morchas are ordered to organise programmes in minority areas. These people sit on stages with caps/Haji rumals on their shoulders. On the mike, party leaders brag that confidence among Muslims was developed, that our government brought Muslims into the mainstream, that Muslims started feeling morally boosted etc. which cannot be gauged. Parties have now moved these minority cells into action. They have announced minority programmes in different towns in Bihar because Lalu Yadav parivartan rally is drawing crowds so BJP and JDU too have activated their minority cells but the AMU campus land/Rahmani Foundation educational institute land/Millia land are captured by adivasis and Forbesganj firing investigation is given an extension of one more year. Issues like the Muslim share in created jobs is never debated in these showboy programmes. S. Haque, Patna   A. I. R. shows our ‘progress’ Our All India Radio repeats daily cautions against rampant dishonesty and cheating in our society. We are being advised to contact consumer protection forums against traders selling even medicines after expiry dates and also at prices higher than maximum retail price. Dishonesty of even some doctors is being exposed! What a pitiable progress downhill!! Has mutual trust ended? S. A. U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Saffron conspiracy sailing in Bihar Justice loving people demanded quota for Muslim women within 33% women quota which is denied by the saffron mentality of Congress, BJP and Left parties. They didn’t like quota within quota. But the very quota within quota if it goes against Muslims is loved by the same forces and approved to deny due shares to the oppressed like the government quota in minority educational institutions which is made mandatory even by court. During Lalu Yadav regime, 34,540 teachres appointment was announced in which 12,862 quota was fixed for Urdu. After long judicial fight, S. C. allowed the appointment of 12,862 Urdu teachers. Then saffron power in government applied quota within quota conspiracy to snatch due shares from Urdu, 2056 seats were reserved for SC, 132 for ST, 2310 for BC and 1543 for MBC (Pindaar, 29 December 2012). Quota within quota if harmful to oppressed community is applied and if beneficial to Muslim is opposed unitedly by all.                         S. Haque, Patna   No land for Mazharul Haque University MG/ 1-15 Dec. 2012 published tiny effective letter about Mazharul Haque Univ. and matter raised in Bihar assembly. The Bihar government initiated searching land. Official team visited Bihar (16 December 12) where villagers opposed the officials and protested against Mazharul Haque University land acquiring where for IIT, Air Port, NIT, Biad had acquired many thousands acres of land but situation created against Mazharul Haque University as against AMU camps, Millia Educational establishment land (Purnia) and Rahmani educational foundation land targeted but RSS dictated NDA Bihar government hasn’t done anything to establish rule of law what Moulana Rahmani wanted but not undue favour. S. Haque, Patna   Ghulam Rasool is not a terrorist Ghulam Rasool alias Mirza khan was arrested by Purnia police on 18 January 2010 when he was going to Katihar. Since then every media branded him as a terrorist. Even when judiciary rejected to accept terror charges slapped against Ghulam Rasool and punished Ghulam for violating foreign immigration rule holding wrong passport, the very report published on 14 December. National Hindi daily gave it the title "Terrorist Mirza Khan got 3 years jail punishment" and many times mentioned Mirza as a "terrorist". This is domination of saffron mentality in media which defies judiciary. S. Haque, Patna   Rapists and criminals in our law-making bodies Now that the national outrage over the growing incidents of assault on women has reached a flashpoint, the Union and state governments , if they are sincere in their promises, must immediately declare the names of those members of Parliament and State Assemblies who are facing the charges of rape and other heinous crimes, and must seek resignation from them. These anti-social elements in the law-making bodies are the inspiring force for the present and prospective rapists and criminals. The people of India now must be vigilant to ensure that no political party fields any such person in the elections. It is the most pressing need of the time before we go ahead with stringent laws to curtail this menace against the women. Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani   Polygamy in Islam The learned judge should be lauded for taking the trouble to appraise himself of Islamic texts, as that is bound to widen the spirit of judging people and issues in our country. If the facts of the case prove, even prima facie, that the molavi was forcibly marrying off a girl, without her consent, the judge had full right to pin- point who was the master-mind behind such a heinous crime and render justice in the matter. However, to deny bail, which is a procedural matter to ensure presence of the accused in a given case, the procedure should not be used as a ‘punishment’ for a crime which is yet to be judged. That will appear to be the case, when the learned judge goes into Quranic injunctions on polygamy and attempts to lay down some precedent on polygamy in Muslim community in India. That is a rather tall order for judiciary, when law making and law enforcing state institutions are fully aware of the difficulty of trying to bring in religion into the sacred space of ‘secularism’ to which India is constitutionally committed. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai