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It is heartening to see Milli Gazette being quoted in The Hindu (Op-Ed: September 22). Congratulations to MG team whose perseverance and hard work is paying off. Keep it up. Salman Sultan, Azamgarh, UP
MG: MG is not only quoted by mainstream papers in India, even abroad it is frequently quoted by mainstream newspapers, journals and websites as well as by parliaments and human rights organisaitons at home and abroad. II
Jazakallah; may Allah bless you and us all with his forgiveness. May He reward you for the sincere service you are rendering to the community. Prof. Iqbal A.Ansari, Aligarh III May Allah lengthen the life of the Milli Gazette for presenting (MG, Sept. 16) the full three-page survey of the misdeeds of Modi who can never be called a maanav as he is the biggest enemy of maanav. S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh 392150 IV We whole-heartedly and heart-rootedly welcome you and your cause. Dr. Masih Massino, Minority Soc. Dev. Centre, Beed - 431122 V Kindly improve the coverage in MG and include more topics on education, interviews with Govt agencies/officials. Hony. Secretary, Muslim Educational Social and Cultural Organization  (MESCO) Hyderabad - 500024
Charity Alliance
I am indeed grateful to you for allowing me to be part of this good work you have begun and continue relentlessly. Those who contribute monetarily are not the real doers. It is you and your team that must get the greater ajr from Allah SWT. May Allah Keep Us on Siratal Mustaqeem. A Rasheed Qureshi, Advocate-Supreme Court of India

Partition: Eight Muslim Parties Were Against Partition To blame only Muslims for India's partition is baseless and unjust. In fact Hindus and Muslims and British imperialists all were responsible for partition. In true context of history Hindu-Mahasabha, Congress and Muslim league all were responsible for partition.  Muslims were against the two nation theory and partition of India till 1932. Even upto the time when the matter of partition was being supported in many quarters as the only solution, large sections of Muslim opinion were opposed to the partition. In frontier province, Khudai Khidmatgar Party of Sarhadi Gandhi Abdul Ghaffar Khan in Punjab Unionist Party of Khizar Hayat Khan, in Kashmir Sheikh Abdulla's National Conference Party, in Sindh CM Syeds's Party, and National Muslim Party like Jamiatul Ulama, Jamaat-e Islami, Majlis Ahrar, Khaksar Movement etc were strong opponents of partition. When the time for the British to depart came near, the strong protagonists of partition were Sardar Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr Rajendra Prasad. Mahatma Gandhi also surrendered before them. On June 14, 1947, All India Congress Committee had passed the historic resolution for partition of India. Maulana Azad strongly opposed it.
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad's book India Wins Freedom, third edition of 1964, has the following on pages 15 and 16 "One incident happened which left a bad impression about the attitude of the Provincial Congress Committees. In Bombay province Mr. Nariman was the acknowledged leader of the Congress. When the question of forming the Provincial Govt. in 1937 arose there was general expectation that Mr. Nariman would be asked to lead it new of his status and record. This was not however done. Sardar Patel did not like Nariman and the result was that B.G. Kher became the first Chief Minister of Bombay. Since Nariman was a Parsi and Kher a Hindu, this led to vide speculation that Nariman had been by-passed on communal grounds." Maulana Azad further writes that Nariman approached Congress President Jawaharlal Nehru who rejected Nariman's appeal. He then approached Gandhiji who also failed to do justice to him. Poor Nariman was heart-broken and his public life came to an end.      G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) 441904  
Shoot-at-sight order
A caste panchayat in Uttar Pradesh Muzaffer Nagar district has allegedly asked its members to shoot a Dalit widow and her lover if they were seen in the vicinity of their Village. It is a wonder how such an order of sever punishment the caste Panchayat can pass. The high court judges are acquitting the persons who had killed 40 innocent girls after raping them due to want of proof. All the charges leveled against the poor servant and he was senesced for life. If the Taliban want to enforce the same severe punishment they are branded as barbaric. Widows are also human being they too have the sexual desire. Why they should be deprived of love and marriage. Why the bigamy should be banned. These are all man made laws which are against nature. The pancahyat at the most can compel the lover to get marry and maintain her as second wife. In the same UP thousands of men are there who are having keeps and second wives. I suggest that the honorably so called members be ousted from the village and Bahenji who is also a Dalit should come to the rescue of the couple before some mad and hysteric youth shot them dead.
Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga

Chidambram’s advice to Delhites
Mr P Chidambarm, I will not be surprised if spectacles of ministers
and of judges fail to locate bare sufferings of "roadside existence" of delhites; and the mere joy of little innocent kids seeking alms at every other corner of traffic points. Whereas it requires courage and convictions a lot, I wonder if the minister finds commonwealth games the occasion to push for India to reclaim a look of year 1835. To know the state of our country in 1835 I am reproducing Lord Macaulay's address to the British Parliament on 2/2/1835. He said, "I have travelled through the length and breadth of India and not seen one person who is a beggar who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, such people of high caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country unless we break the backbone of this nation, which is her cultural and spiritual heritage, and therefore I suggest we replace her old and ancient educational system, her culture for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will loose their self esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation". Sandeep Jalan, Mumbai

Sheer hyprocrisy by the U.S.
This refers to the U.N. report that Israel had deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza earlier this year, by using disproportionate force killing over 1400 Palestinians. It was a shame on the so-called civilized nations who watched in shrilled silence for three weeks, the gory assault carried out by one of the powerful armies of the world in the name of "Dahiya doctrine". That a lethal chemical like white Phosphorous was used even on the U.N. compound sheltering hundreds of civilians, speak about the ruthless character of the Israeli army. The U.S. had no qualms in conducting trial in a kangaroo court and executing Saddam Hussein for using chemical weapons. Why the same yardstick is not applied for Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak who were responsible for targeting the Gaza civilians? Is it not a sheer hypocrisy by the sole super power? Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Secretary, Madrasatul Haram -- The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society, Kadapa (A.P)
A solo talk of Ramzan "As I am saying good night at the end of the month
And you are in festive mood
Miles away, my heart is so empty and so lonely inside.
As I wipe away with new crescent of Eid,
Just meet at my doors of Rayyan
Waiting for you, I will be…
When calendar tends to keep us apart,
I can see the stars and your good deeds of my month
Oh! How beautifully arranged
Meet you at my Rayyan"
with regards and prayer Yasir PV
Twit but don’t mock Of late the austerity drive by the Congress was the talk of the town posed by in a form of a Twitter comment about it which landed the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Shashi Tharoor in trouble.Tharoor, who twitters on just about everything, made a flippant remark on the social networking site about flying cattle class. But has the austerity drive got the Congress going round in circles? Well, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna could certainly say so. If he'd taken his usual government jet he could have got to Belarus in four hours, but it'll take 18 hours as the austerity bug makes ministers take a commercial flight. Krishna has at least got permission from the Prime Minister no less to stretch his legs in executive class. And leaving budget restrain behind, Tharoor has flown to Liberia. But nobody knows whether he is, indeed, flying cattle class since given how earnestly the Congress is pursuing its austerity mantra, his staff seems to have clammed up. Md Ziaullah Khan, New Delhi
An honest admiration A visitor from Delhi recently admitted to being 'shocked'. He had taken an auto from Andheri to Sion and the fare was Rs 86. Before he had taken a Rs 100 out of his pocket, the auto driver had the Rs 14 change ready and ready to hand over. This, by his own honest admission, was unheard of anywhere else in the country. Apparently in Delhi, it is taken for granted that the "driver is never going to return any change" (his words, not mine). Mr auto driver - I don't care if your name is Salvi or Khan or Mishra or Singh - you have done us proud.      Bharatram Gaba, Bombay
Rahuls Trip to UP Laudable Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the general secretary of Indian National Congress and MP of Ammethi can tour any time and any where .The brave son of a brave father and a brave grand son of a grand mother. They never care for their safety and security of their life .They know pretty well that their life is in the hands of God .With this lofty characters we anticipate that he will become prime Minister of India
      His coherence with Dalit by staying in a family is an additional wing in his crown .Tomorrow he can marry a dalit, Christian, Sikh. Muslim or a Buddhist girl who is beautiful and educated .We know his father had married Christian Girl and his grand mother had married a Parse youth, his sister has married a Christian boy. He has told many times that Indian flag is his religion. It means the interest of the Indian nation is his primary option. The Brahmin lobby in the Congress may think it is a snub to them .They always try to impose Brammenical views on him prefer and safeguard the interest of their community on the interest of the nation. The objection raised by Mayawathi is fake and purely political. Her formula of Social Engineering has failed flat .The caste Hindus who are her advisers are responsible for her downfall. She utilized the funds for erecting the statues instead of using for the wellbeing of the downtrodden .The best way for her to marry a caste Hindu youth and declare some attractive incentives for inter caste marriages .In this way she could raise the dignity of Dalits in the whole country .Her thesis of social engineering would good result in the country Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga
In Bihar’s Sushashan Bihar is a politically sensitive state but for the state’s development people commit blunders. Earlier when NDA was in power in the Centre, Bihar was under RJD rule; on the other hand, when UPA came to power at the Centre, Bihar elected NDA to rule the state.  Nitish Kumar calls rule as “susheshan” with justice. In Bihar 18 percent Muslim population lives on the margins. Muslims are denied  representation in any job. On 5th Sept. Teachers Day was celebrated. HRD Minister Hari Narayan Singh felicitated eight Govt teachers at a grand function held at Sri Krishna Memorial Hall. OUt of these eight teachers, none was Muslim. 18 percent of Bihar population is Muslims but their representation is nil in Nitish-led  sushashan with justice? Similarly, 1.5 lakh teachers were appointed. Opposition says that only four to five thousand Muslims got jobs among these 1.5 lakhs. 15 thousands constables and 2000 doctors were appointed, many more jobs were created but merely 2 to 2.5% Muslims got representation. Mazharul Haque Urdu Persian University is functioning in a Government flat. Urdu is treated as an obsolete language. Minority school teachers and Madrasa teachers are reeling under debt because salaries are overdue by 8 to 12 months. S. Haque, Patna
Landmines In Bosnia-Hercegovina are still a problem Landmines continue to be a problem for the people of the Former Yugoslavia even more than 14 years after the end of the 1992-1995 genocide in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Injuries, trauma and death are usually felt most by children who are often unaware of the mines existence in fields, forested areas and even near roads. Unexploded ordinance is always a problem in every war zone however Bosnia-Hercegovina predessor Yugoslavia was one of the top producers of landmines, a list of nations that also includes the United States, South Korea and China. Many of the landmines in Bosnia-Hercegovina are clearly marked by Danger Warning signs however the signs get stolen, disguarded and destroyed leaving no clues as to the hidden death that awaits the visitor, hikers, skiers or people walking. Floods sometimes move landmines and even criminals take apart and steal the explosives components and use them in other sinister ways. In the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina entire communities were involved in using landmines and now after the years of war and destruction those activities continue to take their toll on society from accidents, misuse and injuries. Kevin Beck, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  What is Jihad Dear Mufti Dr Mohammad Mushtaq Tijarwi,
Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullah wabaarakaatuh
I saw your article in the Milli Gazette of 1-15 June under the caption “Jihad is unlawful in plural societies.” It is good presentation and a perfect misleading of thoughts. I wonder how a Mufti of Deoband and a PhD of Jamia Millia nurture such thoughts? It is only vested interests the writer serves. Dr Mohammad Iqbal has long back said, "Khud Badalte Nahin, Qur'an ko Badal Dete Hain". You have mentioned the Holy Qur'an 36 times in various forms. The sense which you have taken is Qital but not “utmost effort”. World leaders such as Bush and LK Advani are against Islam which prefers Jihad. You are also favouring them in one sense. Jihad in India by Indian Muslims is an Ijtehadi problem. As a Muslim you know that Jihad is the most superior Ibadat in Islam, superior to the namaz. Why is it superior? It is superior because it leads to Shahadat. What is the importance of Shahadat, you know pretty well. A Muslim who does not have the desire of Shahadat is a hypocrite. Even the Prophet (pbuh) saidso. It is his desire to come out from Heaven and die on the death as a martyred and enter Paradise; he repeated the same desire thrice. So Jihad and Shahadat was affectionate to him.   
What is the purpose of Jihad and Qital? You know, it is not for  power, wealth or women but only to exalt the name of Allah and to enforce the Laws of Allah and to bring the humanity under the  Laws of Allah and to shun the reign of men. Muslims should strive for the Nizam-e-Haq. Living in a pluralistic society for a long period was uncalled for by the Prophet of Allah. He said, if any azab falls upon such a society, the Prophet will not have any obligation towards it. The Hadith goes to quote Rasoolullah: "I want to alienate myself from those Muslims who reside along with non-Muslims." They must maintain a distance from those who lead their life in plural and aristocratic society and seek protection from Batil-Nizam of taghout. They are always worried about their well-being. They do not want to take any kind of risk in their life. Almighty in His Holy book, Surah Baqar, Ayat 216, has clearly mentioned temperament of such people. If we think ourselves weak in practicing Islamic Laws and accept our inability to follow the laws in spirit, Allah may forgive us. But He will not forgive those who object to  the Laws. This is punishable. Prophet (pbuh) had adopted different strategies in waging Jihad. In his period, Jihad was waged 56 times, and the Prophet had led 23 battles personally. In the 23 years, 56 battles were fought. It means one Jihad every 6 months.
Dr Mushtaq, you might have read a Hadith in Mishkaat. The Prophet has predicted that one Jamaat of Muslims will do Jihad with kafirs till the last day of this world. Therefore, it will not be possible for Muslims of the world to completely forget the obligation of Jihad and die the death of patients. The Maoists are waging war against the present government. They want that their system of life be imposed on the public. They are distributing land among poor farmers. They are also sacrificing their precious lives without anticipating the heavenly boons. Muslims, if they die in Jihad, 74 heavenly damsels come to welcome a Shaheed. If someone does not believe in all such promises and become satisfied with some worldly pleasures, it is alright  for him, but he should not reject the text of Ahadiths and their implications. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga