Anna Hazare moment

A wider perspective over Anna Hazare’s movement could have Congress’s Parliamentary Democracy pitting against Anna Hazare’s ‘FAST-TRACK’ democracy; to achieve the same drastically positive results that liberalization has brought to Indian economy.

Now it is the turn of a paradigm change in India’s political infrastructure so that fruits of liberalization could be distributed to the entire one billion people of India, rather than to the monopoly of a handful of politicians, bureaucrats and corporate giants, a new cabal of greedy oligarchs that with their rampant corruption have inflicted a permanent stranglehold on the future of India.

Anna Hazare, taking a cue from the people’s revolutions raging in the Middle East, has chosen a very opportune moment in India’s history to initiate India’s own people’s revolution, focusing on the big ticket corruption that has deeply damaged the credibility of the ruling class to extract itself from the rut and give the people their due share in the future of India.