Biased exam paper in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat Government has done it again! In a clearly biased and manipulative manner, students appearing for the SSC (Std Xth examination) on March 11th, 2011 were asked very loaded questions.  The examination paper was that of Gujarati. Section B of the question paper which had a weightage of 50 marks had more than 20% of the questions devoted to the schemes which are being pushed by the CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. Section C of the same paper included programmes like the ‘Vanche Gujarat’ and the ‘Nirmal Gujarat’ Campaigns.

So what does the student write? Can the student be critical and be honest in saying that several of these schemes are just “hog-wash” or is the student expected ‘to toe the line’ and provide answers which will please the examiner in order to get good marks?  There were also questions related to ‘corruption’. Whilst corruption is definitely an issue, all over the country today, would a discerning thinking student be able to write about how corruption has been institutionalized in Gujarat?

These questions clearly reflect a very fascist and manipulative attitude. These questions should be withdrawn immediately and no marks be provided for them Meanwhile, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s pet ‘Vanche Gujarat’(read Gujarat) movement is the topic of discussion in central Gujarat’s Khambhat town for reason so different that Modi can’t imagine it.

According to information available from local unit of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Khambhat’s Machhipura based Matrushri Motiba Zaverbhai Vaghela Branch no. 7 primary school’s lady Principal and other teachers - who are associated with Mariyampura based Christian missionary organization - had distributed 300 copies of a book ‘Navo Karar’ in students.

The book according to local Vishwa Hindu Parishad unit contains detail about miracles of Jesus Christ, Bible, and content aimed at religious conversion. Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers and local BJP Councilors Rohitbhai and Rajeshbhai have collected several copies of such books from children in a door-to-door campaign.

VHP has submitted a memorandum to District Education Officer, District Collector and Mamlatdar. The District official of Education department has asked his junior local officer to look into the issue and submit a report. According to fresh detail available on this, Khambhat BJP MLA Shirish Shukla has proposed a discussion on this issue in Gujarat Assembly’s ongoing Budget session under rule 16, and has submitted notice in this regard.