Punish not only Osamas but also Bushes!

Osama Bin Laden, if at all he was alive, is dead now.  He had ceased to be the mastermind behind al-Qaeda long ago. He will continue to be an inspirer for a long time to come. American leaders will try to present it as triumph because they first succeeded in putting all the blame on Osama for 9/11, which was never proved though, then in using this event to wage a war on terror destroying at least two countries and killing at least 1 million innocents and then after a long gap of 10 years finally claiming his death. The independent analysts will argue that America took too long to kill the man, and if at all this was what America intended, why it chose to kill huge numbers of civilians, at least 400 times the number killed on 9/11, instead of going after him. If America has the right to kill civilians in exchange for the death of its civilians, Osama and the supporters of his legacy too could claim that they targeted Twin Towers to take revenge for America’s continued policy of repression of the Muslim world.

Even if it is accepted that Osama was truly the mastermind behind 9/11, and deserved to be condemned and punished for his misdeeds, he was certainly not as brutal as was Bush who invaded at least two countries and caused the death of at least 1 million innocents. Who will bring him to “justice”? And of course, his admirers would claim that Ben Laden successfully challenged the two Superpowers and there was no other way they could be challenged except the one he did. All in all, the world neither needs Bushes nor Osamas. All of them deserve to be challenged, condemned and punished.  But the world will also have to develop a mechanism which does not simply punish Osamas but also punishes Bushes. If such a mechanism is not found, Osamas and Bushes will continue to be reborn. Mankind will continue to lose its innocents. Bringing justice to one “devil” will have no meaning if the bigger devils are allowed to keep their show running.

Dr Javed Jamil is a writer-thinker and has authored over a dozen books including The Essence of the Divine Verses, Islam means Peace, The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism, The Killer Sex, In Search of a Comprehensive Solution for AIDS and Rediscovering the Universe. He may be contacted at