Blaming minorities for every bomb blast

It has become a fashion and desire of governments, security agencies, Police and media to prove involvement of Muslims in each and every case and this activity is neither religious nor patriotic). This may provide electoral benefits, gallantry awards and sadistic satisfaction. Here I want to specify that majority of our Muslim and Hindu brothers are peace loving.

Despite declarations and promises of government the whole event has utterly failed because of dishonesty, lack of judicious and honest thinking. The basic mentality is to create a sense of insecurity, to create horror to do atrocities against innocents and to malign and tarnish the image of minority community and to galvanise the whole thing in such a manner which could be accepted globally and obviously there is hidden interest of like minded, powerful countries to suppress the emotions of Muslim community all over the world.

The media is preying on the paranoia of the majority community. There are sensationalized stories with ready descriptions, encouraging, helping, hiding and camouflaging the real perpetrators, perpetuating state of impunity and severely demoralizing, directly or indirectly, large section of a particular community. Innocents are incarcerated for numerous years in various jails. Their parents, relatives and friends are insulted even when after multiple year of incarceration it is proved that they are benign and innocent. Who in the world can return those number of years of agony, mental, social, physical and psychological sufferings?. ultimately that will stimulate the production of generation whose suffering may be equivalent to post Hiroshima and Nagasaki and what can you expect from them only God knows.

Security agencies were very rigid about Malegaon, Makkah Masjid, Ajmer Sharif Dargah and what has happened now I think there morale is dead. The then National Security Advisor said that there was concrete evidence against arrested people for Samjhauta express blast then what compelled to initiate CBI enquiry? Unconfirmed report says that Delhi Police wants to enquire with father of a boy, arrested for his alleged involvement with Delhi blast, who frequently attends Court whenever there is hearing of his son. That is another tactics of demoralizing in the name of enquiry so that he is not able to defend his son legally.

These malicious activities, done with a malafide intention, are ridiculous and untrustworthy.

There is very uncongenial atmosphere for minority people at Azamgarh but fortunately our fellow Hindu colleagues are very cordial as they understand everything, specially about Batla House fake encounter and related activities.

If one glass is broken in my house how can then I concentrate over only one out of four children. What type of dishonesty that will be? Similarly in case of recent firing at Jama Masjid why enquiry is so narrow minded. Why that activity could not be done by others? Police itself must be interrogated who is working hard to prove Batla House encounter was right and just. There is sufficient credible ground to think that because recently there is charge framing for Batla House accused that activity could influence it adversely. That could be activity of those who did at Makkah Masjid, Ajrmer Sharif/ Delhi Jama Masjid could be other target otherwise it could be another Abdul Samad Bhatkal hurriedly arrested and Police admired by the Home Minister and what happened afterwards every body knows.

After the arrest of Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit and Pragya Sinh Thakur, our P.M. and National Security Advisor met Advaniji’s at his home to discuss the situation. Why there was step motherly behaviour for other side? Why demolition of Babri Masjid was not an act of terrorism which eventually culminated into lot of violence? Bombay communal riots resulted into loss of so many Hindu and Muslim brothers and government could not dare to implement Shri Krishna commission report.

Dr. Javed Akhtar is president of Association for Welfare, Medical, Educational and Legal Assistance (AWMELA), Azamgarh