Day-dreaming with "chalta hai" culture

The society, in order to retain its identity as an advanced or mod society is supposed to over look these titillations lest one is labeled a prude or a conservative. A kind of mental leniency starts developing - we go on becoming lenient (which has no limits) - 'itna to chalata hai' attitude crystallises in our mind - From leniency to liberty is not too long a journey.

The modern lifestyle has found a curse in disguise. The unheard, unparalled rate at which sex crimes have become the order of the day has shocked every person with a conscience. It seems no one is safe from the clutches of the vultures. Neither the homes nor schools, play grounds are safe for children and women – the most vulnerable ones.

Each city is vying with the other in claiming to be the crime capital of the country. Everyday brings us horrible stories of sexual abuse. One doesn’t know whom to trust because even fathers have been found guilty of incest. Neighbours (in the garb of uncles), servants, drivers, security guards have made lives of many whose crimes have been reported miserable. How many remains unreported can easily be guessed.

What has been the most instrumental factor for such perversions? It is impossible to pin point one single factor. In fact, several factors join together to drive the criminal to resort to such abhorrent sin. We may try to enumerate a few.

The media exposure – print as well as electronic has made pornography pretty respectable. Page 3 of several prominent newspapers are encyclopedia of accounts which simply enlighten us who is sleeping with whom. The tantalising ads of semi clad models to boost production of sales bring to our eyes undesired and unsought access to female anatomy. Add to this the ads on various aphrodisiacs which prompt people to buy them and an obvious result of their consumption is to seek the bliss from whatever source possible. A lot of hue-and-cry is made about pornography through internet. But those who do not have an access to it are bombarded with such magic formulae – oils, massages, pills, tonics. The users of these look around to seek gratification of their arousals. The victims are not too far to find.

Add to this pornography through ears. The telephonic contacts of friendship clubs – gossips and romantic conversations promised lure people to the “message” and the natural reaction to these conversations lead a person to find a mate – who-so-ever he/she may be.

The society, in order to retain its identity as an advanced or mod society is supposed to over look these titillations lest one is labelled a prude or a conservative. A kind of mental leniency starts developing – we go on becoming lenient (which has no limits) – itna to chalata hai attitude crystallises in our mind – from leniency to liberty is not too long a journey.

Under the pretext of freedom we are being asked to be more and more tolerant. Human right activists are not satisfied with mere emancipation of females we are also indoctrinated to tolerate live-in relationships (courts have started legitimising them) gay rights and lesbian claims on human bodies. Once we become tolerant towards these the prowlers take advantage of our lenient attitude. Ignorant children become the easiest prey to their lust. Kids of a year and half too have not been spared nor aged grannies.

Drugs, intoxicants are first offered to gullible people free – chocolates to begin with. Once the child becomes addicted and craves for regular dose; the person begins exacting its price through sexual exploitation. Add to this the undying desire for riches, glamour in which people get easily trapped. The desire for hidden treasure sent a family to a tantric in Mumbai who sexually exploited not only the wife of the person but also his daughters and he was also “encouraged” to allow others to have sex with them. They are cooling their heels in Mumbai prisons when one over abused daughter could not tolerate the exploitation of her sister any more.

The glamour industry promising immense glory and riches seduces novice who either become “professionals” in course of time (Marylene Munroe) or commit suicide or killed by a jealous lover. Couch - casting has now been an accepted fact of glamour life a pre-condition for induction in the industry. This emboldens the perpetrators of such crimes who become seasoned masters in art of duping and seduction. While many victims find their way to brothels a few manage to survive with the guilt.

When cases get hushed up for one reason or the other criminal either blackmails the victim for continuing the exploitation or gets emboldened to seek new pastures. Fear of getting exposed or caught by police leads the criminal to go one more step forward and he kills the victim by strangling her to death and the deadbody is either thrown in a river or burnt. However, howsoever perfect the criminal may be the clues left behind him lead to his ultimate arrest. People have not forgotten what Kohli did in the Nithari case.

A recent exposure of a girl and her brother’s exploitation by the school driver in Delhi has sent shock waves. The city of Kanpur has been burning ablaze with sensational exposures – rapes of two Dalit girls and a doubly horrifying rape and sodomy death of a nine year school girl who was sent home by her school to die unattended at her doorsteps as her mother was away at work. Every city abounds with such cases.

This is the price the society pays for its “mod” life style and outlook. Life without a moral fabric can lead only to crime to which children and women are the easiest victim. A recent survey shocks us by revealing the fact that 50% of school children in India suffer sex abuse of one kind or the other.