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MG As an online reader of Milli Gazette, I find it very illuminating, intelligent, realistic, pragmatic voice and I enjoy every article there. To me this magazine represents highest standards of uncompromised journalism.                 Huneef Sofi   Umarji In the death of Maulana Umarji, the Muslim community in Gujarat has lost a brave soldier who bore the brunt of biased state machinery led by Narendra Modi.  The reason for Umarji becoming a target of the BJP government was that he campaigned for the Congress party in the Assembly elections held before the Godhra incident and also because he was providing food and shelter to hundreds of Muslims languishing in refugee camps following the post-Godhra communal pogrom.  The level of crookedness of the Modi government can be gauged from the fact that Maulana Umarji was framed with charges of train burning conspiracy, one year after the Godhra incident.  What was more disgusting was that even after he was finally acquitted by the judiciary after six years of incarceration, the media houses kept on televising the "breaking news" that the 'mastermind' of the Godhra incident was released.  A puzzling situation being faced by the Muslim community today is…who will punish the police personnel who are implicating innocent Muslims with fictitious charges and who will rein-in the TV anchors, who are maligning the image of the innocent people like Maulana Umarji??  The Muslims of the country have highest regard and immense expectations from the judiciary which has been impartial all along. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Correspondent, Kadapa   Owaisi How can AP Govt release Akbaruddin on bail when the court has taken cognizance of the matter? BTW, one wishes the Mushawarat knew what great Muslims of Hyderabad have been sacrificed at the altar of MIM politics.  Dr Syed Khaleelullah Hussaini, the founder of the Anwarul Uloom network, for one.  Their men have beaten up editors, scholars and dedicated community workers of Hyderabad.  Shouldn't a thought be given to these treasures of the community as well? Akbar's language was not only indefensible but simply reprehensible and outright counter-productive to Muslim interests. I have been working in Gujarat in open and strident opposition to the Hindutva. So, I know what it feels like. Akbar lost the validity of his argument by the tone and tenor of his balderdash. He threw the baby with the bathwater. Their politics may have won them some seats in the legislatures - and consequential favours to a section of Muslims loyal to them - but at what great cost overall? I feel that when we espouse such causes we cease the right to fight for just and valid causes. But, may be, the Mushawarat knows better. Jowher MG: Our case is not that this or that person cannot or should not be arrested. We are not demanding that Owaisis or anyone else for that matter should be above the law. If Akbaruddin gets bail, he will still be tried by a court of law. Asaduddin should have been tried way back in 2005 and not now when his party has just parted company with the Congress. The third point we have made is that the law should be applied equally - to Togadia and his ilk just like to Akbaruddin.   Shinde’s arrow hit on the target The overdoing agitation of the BJP is the clear proof that the remarks made by home minister is 100% right.There is couplet of famous Urdu poet Ghalib  who has said KOI MERE DIL SE POOCHE TERE TEER E- NEEMKASH KO YE KHALISH KAHAN SE HOTI JO JIGAR KE PAR HOOTA  It is seen that the your arrow has entered into the liver and held in it there lot of pain is being felt by me. All the perpetrators have been apprehended who killed the Innocent Muslims .Therefore Shinde has remarked BJP. and RSS .Truth is always bitter .The BJP and RSS cannot refute the charges leveled by Mr. Shinde . Maqdoomi Hyderabad   A page for women Please allot a single page for women - role of women as per our religion in various fields. B. Riyaz Ahmed, Tamil Nadu – 635601   Congress for Modi Your piece "Änhad blames Congress for Modi's victory"" by N.A. Ansari is interesting. It is not that preposterous a statement by Mrs. Shabnam Hashmi as written by  Mr. Ansari. There is some truth in what she has revealed about the possibility of fraud in EVMs, which needs proper investigation by the ruling Center.( read an article by P.C. Roberts attached herewith ) May i request thru your good offices to forward my Email to Anhad people, so that I can correspond with them  directly ? It is true that Mrs. Hashmi visited many rural areas in Gujrat, and she is correctly describing the grass-root situation there.  Dr. S. K.A., Mumbai.   Rahul Gandhi The appointment of Mr. Rahul Gandhi as the Vice-President of the Indian National Congress is most welcome. It is good that a youngster like Mr. Rahul is elevated to the second highest position in this party. No doubt his leadership will be in the interest of the country which is in urgent need of young leaders who can understand the present happenings and find solutions for the problems our country is facing. Indian people will welcome his elevation no matter whatever their political affiliations. The speech he delivered has also given the impression to the people that he is a balanced youngster with a passion to work for national unity and development. It shows that our country is going in the right direction.  V.M. Khaleelur Rahman, Ambur   Let us pledge on Republic Day On our republic day let us pledge to uphold and propagate the values of justice, non-violence, communal and caste harmony, peaceful coexistence and national unity. To adopt moral values in individual and collective life and to oppose terrorism, casteism, communalism, regionalism, etc. To fight against corruption, scams, scandals in political and social life. To fight against social evils like drinking, drugs, gambling, obscenity, nudity, vulgarity etc. To fight against atrocities against women like rapes, burning of brides, girl child abuse etc. and try to give women respectable status in society. Finally to bring together Hindus, Muslims, Dalits, Christians, Sikhs etc. for peace harmony and progress of our motherland. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandaga (Maharashtra) - 441904   Kamal Haasan movie Some Indian moviemakers make movies that show Muslim youth as terrorists and Muslims as intolerant people. This stereotyping is going on for some time. The Government and Censor Board have declined to take any action. This week Tamil movie producer Kamalhassan was planning to release his movie Vishwapuram (in Tamil and Hindi languages) in Chennai. This movie again stereotypes Muslim youth as terrorists. Once again to make money KIamalhassan is resorting to spreading this dangerous poison against the Muslim community. I am mglad that the Muslim organizations in Tamil Nadu objected strongly to the state govt, filed a petition in the High court. The result is favourable; The Tamil Nadu govt and High Court have delayed the screening of the movie for 2 weeks while they review its contents. Muslim groups in Tamil Nadu have pledged to put peaceful siege/sitdown at any moviehouses that may show the movie without the cuts that they are demanding. These are steps in the right direction. Muslim groups should hold similar actions against the screening of this movie in other cities in India where uncut versions of this movie may be shown. However it is important that Muslim groups remain peaceful and not allow any violence to occur. Demonstarting within the democratic system, making representation to govt and High Court are right steps in the right direction. Let us hope Muslims can teach a lesson to moviemakers like KIamalhassan who sensationalize and stereotype Muslim youth as prone to terrorism. Kaleem Kawaja   Muslim elected woman assaulted for sitting on chair How saffron mentality is uncontrolled in Bihar. Police killed Muslims in Forbesanj and Arraria etc. Many Qabristan captured even government official transferred Qabristan into others name. Masjid burned. After 3-4 yrs. agitation Bihar government allotted land for AMU campus but adivasis pushed to capture the land by doing puja etc. in Rahmani Foundation and Millia Educational Foundation (purnia) lands. Now 60 yr. old Dy. Mukhia Asma Khatun was badly assaulted by six saffron brigade for sitting on a chair in panchayat meeting and his son Aftab wanted to save his mother was badly injured on 7 January at Kauriya gram panchayat of Siwan district. Police has accepted the FIR Min. com first time took notice of this. Urdu media must follow up till justice is achieved. S. Haque, Patna   Criminal negligence of P.W.D and Delhi civic bodies Open manholes and open bore-wells are responsible for the death of Delhi citizens and children these highly deplorable and horrible incidents take place on account of criminal negligence of PWD and Delhi Civic bodies The Delhi government should take stern action against the negligent staff by dismissing the negligent staff and prosecuting them on communal charges and paying a compensation of at least Rs 10 lakhs to the kith and kin of victims. These remedial measures are sure to prevent the occurrence of such horrible incidents. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi-110091   Secularism too polluted to do justice to Muslims In Jharkhand J.M.M. supported BJP to form a government on 11 Sept. 2010. Before 11 Sept. 2010 J.M.M. supremo Shibu Soren announced that BJP was not communal and on 7 January 2013 JMM withdrawn support from government led by BJP. R.P.I. leaders vehemently opposed BJP but now RPI joined NDA led BJP. Jd (U) is in NDA. Farooque Abdullah was in NDA. Navin Patnayak TDP, BSP etc. were partner of BJP. But when leaders personal agenda isn't fulfilled, they push Muslims cause and get separated as in 26, 27 th month JMM raised Urdu teachers, Waqf Dept, Haj Bhavan, Madrasa Board employees. (yaad aye Musalman / MG 16-31 Dec. 2012) again after formation of government Muslim issues (justice) will be dumped why ? Let us begin the debate to achieve justice. S. Haque, Patna   Muslims representation in security department After gang rape dastardly act in Delhi, to ensure the safety and security of woman, the central govt. immediately ordered to raise women police and inspectors making 2 lady, S.I. with 8 lady police compulsory in even P.S. In 64 yrs. more than 37000 anti Muslim riots fake encounter etc. then why not Muslim representation be increased in security department? S. Haque, Patna   Is Mali becoming another Iraq? It is a geographical accident  that crude oil is found in many Middle Eastern countries populated and ruled by Muslims. But as a matter of fact crude oil is a world resource and so only North America and Europe would  decide the exploration, extraction, refining and marketing of the commodity That is the view of the neo imperialists. The latest casualty of this doctrine is Mali a small African country. As usual the main stream media has been deceiving the world about the goal of the French military intervention in Mali. I hope our dear friend Brother Karamatullah Ghori who regularly contributes on such issues in Milli Gazette does not confound lay readers like me on this issue as he did in the case of Libya earlier on. Please tell is what is really happening in Mali regardless of the unbecoming activities of Al-Qaeda that we tend to hate due to their violence.  Whatever is reported by the mainstream media on Mali  the goal of this new war is no other than stripping yet another country of its natural resources by securing the access of international corporations to do it.  This  is being done now in Mali through bombs and bullets and of debt enslavement. France is supported by other NATO members. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta confirmed that the US was providing intelligence to French forces in Mali.  Canada, Belgium, Denmark and Germany have also publicly backed the French incursion, pledging logistical support in the crackdown on the rebels. Of course everyone want a share in the rich booty. Why is India involved in the dirty American military intervention in Afghanistan? Natural resources, future investment, trade and greed for sharing the wealth. If we are to believe what the French say( as we believed the Americans about Iraq) we are misled again about the real reasons. A look at Mali's natural  resources reveals what this is really about. Mali's Petroleums potential has been documented since the 1970's Mali could also provide a strategic transport route for Sub-Saharan oil and gas exports through to the Western world. Gold: Mali: Africa's third largest gold producer with large scale exploration ongoing. The country also has significant quantities of Uranium, diamonds, precious stones,  iron ore, bauxite and manganese calcarous rock deposits copper marble etc. Traditional colonialism of 18th century is dead we think ( we thought) but it is actively alive and kicking in more exploitative forms throughout the world.  pamohamedameen (via email)   Must India adopt Sharia Law? Despite having total disagreement with Isalmic way of life and Sharia (Islamic Laws) the exponent of hindutva shri Swami Omji, senior vice president of Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha and president of Vishva Hindu Sena openly voiced for adoption and implementation of Sharia Law in the country to crush the rapists. He further said that he is even ready to move to the apex court in this connection to save the Indian human society from the sexual abuses against women. While expressing his views about the New-Delhi rape case. Mrs. Sushma Souraj of BJP vehemently advocated for public hanging for rapists on the floor of parliament, thus supporting the call of shri Swami Omaji and the Sharia Laws indirectly. Apart from the two stalwarts various political, social personalities and public groups in their collective and individual capacity registering the same expressions without any reservation. The basic object of law is to provide security and protective measures to the human life and society from the un-social cleavages. Thus the foundation of man made law is laid upon the necessity, demand, requirements, changing of circumstances, conditions and short comings of human society time to time for which reasons the concept of amendment, repealing of certain clauses with suitable one and alike provisions are constituted in the legal setup throughout the world to serve the human society and life in a most appropriated way and in a larger scale uttermost crime free and healthy human congregation. Faheemuddin, Nagpur   Crime The public anger and uproar created in our nation owing to the heinous rape and murder of the 23 years old Delhi student simply compels us to introspect and find out the possible causes or reasons of increasing such sexual crimes against women. Though there are several reasons to these heinous sexual crimes, but looking at the main root cause to this problem is due to the portrayal of women as sex objects in different forms of media. The dirty and cheap kind of songs and extra revealing attires of the item girls and leading Bollywood actresses seems to be demeaning women and projecting them as mere a sex object.  The gestures of dancers in such songs and the lyrics invite sexual aggression against women. The Entertainment Media needs to be more responsible while portraying women in songs, films, etc. Its high time that the concerned authorities stand up and stop these depictions and make the people or media accountable for permitting such violations in the society. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440013   Misleading government Airports Authority of India pays Rs 171.90 crore dividend...This is how Govt of India misleads people /passengers. One side AAI has no fund for Airports development , so Airport developers have also no resources, hence Air travel passengers are forced to pay Airport development charge & user development charge. It is matter of inquiry how Airport regulatory authority has permitted Airport developers to charge ADF & UDF.        Jagdip H. Vaishnav    Inferiority complex in women Why women should, at all and ever, try to look, talk, walk and dress like men? Has GOD made mistake in making her very much different from men in body, mind, heart, desires, emotions, ambitions in many ways including her modesty softness, shyness, sensitiveness and even a little forgetfulness? No, never. All these differences are social needs which can prevent human beings from becoming pigs. Let the modern fellows not cry like crows and let women be proud of heir womanhood. Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150    Shabash Rizwana Rizwana Khatun D/o Zakir of village Krishn Braham Pur Dist - Buxor Bihar rjected to marry a person who drinks. Barat reached to her house but as news reached to Rizwana that dulha had drunk wine. Immediately she refused to accept the person. Peoples and Muslims were appreciating her bold step but for Muslim it is matter of not great concern that some of Muslims have developed habit of boozing following the fashion. Shabaash! Rizwana. This is Islam give superemacy of women that to solemanize a marriage first women's permission is essential. S. Haque, Patna   Liked the article titled "Respecting christmas" on pg.20 of 1-15 th January edition of "The Milli Gazatte".The fact that the holiest shrine in Jerusalem is entrusted with a Muslim family is really surprising and also gave a proud feeling. Rehana Shabbir Hussain   State of Palestine is a Propaganda The UN recognizing Palestine as a State is symbolic. What effect it is going to create is rather dubious. The Zionist concept of the *final solution* to the Arab problem in Palestine, and the Nazi concept of the “final solution” to the Jewish problem in Germany, consisted essentially of the same basic ingredient: That is the elimination of the unwanted human element in question. The creation of a Jew free Germany was indeed sought by Nazism through more ruthless and more inhuman method than was the creation of an Arab-free Palestine accomplished by the Zionists : But behind the difference in techniques lay an identity of goals. If racial discrimination against the *inferior natives* was the motto of race -supremacist European settler regimes in Asia and Africa, the motto of the race supremacist Zionist settler regime in Palestine was racial elimination. Discrimination ( instead of elimination) was applied to those Palestinian remnants who have stubbornly stayed behind Jewish nationalism is fulfilling itself through the process of colonisation which other European nations had utilised for empire building. For Zionism then and even now colonization would be the instrument of nation building not the by-product f an already fulfilled nationalism Kodimirpal (via email)