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Who helped BJP to flourish? and other letters to the editor

All letters by S. Haque, Patna
Who helped BJP to flourish? BJP achieved 92 MLA strength in Bihar total 238 MLA assembly where as in previous regime Pravin Togadia was not allowed to enter. Who helped BJP to get such strength when Dy. C.M. Sushil Modi and many BJP ministers attended ABVP rastriya sammelan organised in Patna in December 2012. It is the ABVP Pragya Singh was member, which announced Aligarh Muslim University campus in Kishanganj or any where in Bihar. UPA govt. announced to establish 5 minority central universities one in Mysore in the name of the great freedom worrier king Tipu Sultan where BJP is in power. BJP straightforwardly refused to given any land for minority university in Karnataka. Knowing the character of BJP, how BJP is flourishing that to in Bihar where Muslims constitute more than 18% of population. This is a matter of great concern for secular parties. Without open debate, saffron strength cannot be controlled. Ummah must learn lesson - importance of media Banwari mushar very poor mahadalit in his thached roof hut running a school for education to dalit kid in his village Akhrohi village, Ramgarh of Kaimur District, Bihar. Seeing his positive effort area M.P. gave him 1 lakh as prize to enthuse others for positive effort. Banwari approach BOI to deposit the cheque he had bad experienced of listening "you call yourself Mahadalit you have opened zero balance A/c claiming to be BPL member. Where from did you manage a cheque for Rs. 1 lakh". As the story appeared in English daily, BOI reginol office apologised and issued a regret letter to Banwari and deposited the cheque. This is the impact of media. Is our Urdu media ready to learn a lesson who engage Ummah in mushaira nad Ummah must introspect as example Banwari running a school. Double cross of Congress will prove costly In Dhulia communal riot six person were killed in police firing and al 6 were Muslims. According to riot effected persons police pricked rioteers to attack and loot Muslims. Nasim Khan minority welfare minister raised question about saffron mentality of police during Dhula riots. Then incharge minister openly supported police action. Minister Suresh shetty (health minister) had visited the area and announced that police had done a commendable job to control the riot This is the defined modus operandi of congress to kill Muslims and on the same time declare themselves Muslim protector as we saw Digvijay Singh had be announcing Batla encounter fake and P. Chidambaran H.M. declared killing of 2 innocent Muslim student death in real encounter. Now congress will have to pay for double cross and it is going to be costly. Eye opening result at silence over injustices Clandestine hands supported adivasis in capturing the lands of AMU campus and Rahmani Foundation 384 acre land at Kishanganj and Millia Educational Trust land in Purnia by constructing mandirs and erecting huts on the legal land. For obstructing Muslims educational activities adivasis and dalits are used as tools and silently appreciated. But time has come to feel the result of silence on injustices. Adivasis capture 18 of Mahendra choudhary and Abhishek choudhry land in Damaili village of Mirganj thana (Purnia). On the complain of land owners, SDO, SDPO and police went to the land to clear the land. Adivasis attacked the police injuring 3 policemen seriously, captured 2 havildar, a lady constable and snatched the carbine and rifles. Police were badly beaten by adivasis. Police / Administration suffered and humiliated at the hand of adivasis. This is an eye opening result due to silence over injustices and supporting unconstitutionall activities. Saffron character of police exposed - minister Dhulia riot erupted on petty issue payment of hotel but it spread and police played catalyst role. Police fired on Muslim killing all 6 Muslims and all the shops gutted belonged to Muslims where so-called secular parties Congress and N.C.P. combined is ruling. Media don't find this excess of police but minorit welfare minister of Maharashtra dared to tell the police character was doubtful. Judiciary bears blame? S.C. ex judge A.K. ganguly now west Bengal Human right Panel chief justice said "there is so much public anger over the horrible incidence in Delhi last month because of a systematic failure in the functioning of the spent my life in courts, I now feel that judiciary has so far not played a proactive role in ensuring justice for women and I have no hesitation to be critical about the higher judiciary in this regard" S.C. ex judge shares the blame for sexual assault against women. Last year S.C. C.J.I. S.H. Kadia expressed his anger over the very late and how proceedings by court on corruption charges. Now when the time will come when judiciary will show proactive role in controlling riots in which lakhs of innocent lives lost in more than 37000 anti Muslim riots becase all the riots related cases lands in courts and judicial inquiry instated for justice. Amazing India S.C. says Delhi the capital of India is not safe for women. The P.M. says Gujarat is not safe for minorities. The U.N.O. says rape is political tool in India. Every 22 minutes one rape is committed and every day more than 1 riots against minority and Muslims 3 times of their population are languishing in jail etc. make India "Amazing India" Mulayam must fulfill the promises to Muslim If Mulayam Singh Yadav promised justice (reservation / released of innocent Muslim languishing in jail in manufactured terror charges) only to win assembly election then S.P. government in doing Tokenism then it is fine but 2014 M.P. election he must not except Muslim votes. Waliullah Shamsi and others chargaed in 2006 Varanasi bomb blast. Police caught them but S.P. govt. proposal to release objected by D.M. and S.P. Mulayam Singh must learn lesson from Laloo Yadav and Congress that Congres played mischievous role in Bhagalpur anti Muslim riot, Babri Masjid, Batla fake encounter. Congress lost Bihar and cannot get majority in Parliament. Laloo Yadav promised 25 thousand Urdu teacher and one Urdu knowing S.I. in every P.S. appointed but officers played trick then Muslims enthustic support sat cool resulting Laloo Yadav rule dethroned. Mulayam and Akhilesh must learn lesson from Lalu & congress the result of taking Muslim for granted. Saffron mentality penetrated deep down On this republic day a Muslim had bitter experience at his working establishment on tri colour flag hoist a supervisory level Muslim staff was carving map of India with white, green, saffron colours by hand. There his colleague commented "don't give Kashmir to Pakistan" then immediately he stopped and replied that from jeep ghotala during Nehru period to 3 G and war room leak and other secret documents selling to foreign who are involved. How deep down saffron mentality penetrated? Bangla desh court decision - lesson for Indian judiciary Bangla Desh special court awarded death penalty to Abul Kalam Azad upon whom charges of killing of 6 hindus were framed in 1971 Mukti Sangram agitation. P.T. reported on 21 Jan. On the other hand Mumbai H.C. asked government if it (govt.) wants Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur or not? Justice R.C. Chouhan wanted to know that Sadhvi wanted treatment of cancer if govt. has objection to grant bail? Then govt. pleader said all the available treatment were provided so not necessary to grant bail. The judges himself said her condition was not good and she would not escaped of hearing. In these condition generally bail ware given. Sadhvi Pragya singh thakur is involved in many terror blast cases. Cricket tournament in Qabristan in Bihar Land of Rahmani Foundation, Millia educational trust land and land allotted for AMU campus are captured by adivasis. The S.T. were given ready made huts and vehicle to place on the lands Earlier mela was organised in Qabristan and now in Vaishali district Raja Paker Block, Bakhri Barai Panchayat district level cricket tourn organised from 14 Jan. D.S.P. and O.P. incharge were present when during match gives desecrated. Muslims are threatened if voice raised. This is the district where C.O. had transferred Qabristan to others and higher officials saved the C.O. Saffron mentality in Bihar is in upbeatmood and targets Muslims. Muslim leaders devoids of revolutionary zeal Cabinet minister Mr. Tariq Anwar issued a statement that "if SIMI is banned then why not ban on RSS" (U.N.I. / 24 Jan. 13) Muslim leaders such statements are futile and issued to address Muslims and to give impression that they represent Muslims voice. In Urdu news paper such news are rampant that so and so leaders met U.P.A. chairman, or P.M. or president and had discussions on Muslim issues or Sachhar report or for Urdu development etc. and leaders of Muslim name get printed their photo with others etc. Ummah must groom the revolutionary leaders from themselves who have guts to talk eye in eye for justice and equality with party heads Congress remembers Minority Welfare schemes after 8 yrs. Congress believes that promises for Muslims fetch Muslim votes. That is why congress replaced the face of Salman Khurshid to A. R. Rahman that it could change Muslim perception. Who announced dozen schemes for Muslims and amazingly almost after eight and half yrs. of congress rule minority welfare minister found faults in the implementation of minority welfare schemes (12 Jan. 2013). Just before one yrs. of 2014 M.P. election congress could make out faults in min. welfare schemes. Muslims know the reasons will reduce the congress tally. Media swang in action to project Modi On 24th January 2013 Aaj tak and ABP News channels aired programme on election survey and displayed that survey result make Modi popular P.M. candidate. Aaj tak in its 2 hr. programme did not mentioned the position of Lalu as if Lalu as negligent force. Why Modi is darling of media and Lalu is on top of the target list of media? Cycle, Dress, Meal, Bag, Books etc. but Education Missing More than 50 P.C. fake admission is registered in government schools in Bihar for cycle, dress etc. It helped N.D.A. to win the assembly election but as mass fake admission ghotala exposed, Bihar govt. made 75% attendence compulsory. The all the district students and kids are damaging school, breaking official vehicle, road blockade etc. Education & student spoiled Has something rotten in judiciary On such a vital and mammoth issue to amend the law to punish rapist justice J.S. Verma panel could submit its report within 29 days with its recommendations. In which justice verma said "the lathi charge on peaceful demonstration after Dec. 16 gangrape has scarred Indian democracy" But retd. Judge Patna H.C. could not complete its investigation on police firing at peaceful Muslims protest in Bhajan Pura in one and half year. Police killed 4 Muslims including an eight month baby on the lap of mother mean police fired at chest not in legs and police jumped over dying Muslims body. Bombay H.C. verdict refused to entertain the petition of Maharashtra police constable Zahiruddin Babade for right to grow beard as constitution guaranteed religious freedom under Article 25. He has to move to S.C. It was S.C. once used "something rotten in Allahabad H.C." must be applicable for judiciary barring few. Saffron brigade knows congress character Former BJP national president Nitin gadkari knows congress character and timid nature that congress ditched its base voter by not doing justice in Babri Masjid case and during riots congress never protected Muslims even congress Muslim M.P. Jaffri was killed in day Congress never helped Muslims to regain respectable position in society through constitutional means and it is congress nature when Muslim needed justice congress deliberately ditches Saffron brigade knows the congress character and timid nature not rescued or protected base voter (Muslim) that is former BJP national president openly threatened I.T. officers "mard hoon, dekh loonga I.T. department yaad rakhe, BJP ki sarkar ayegi tab kahan jaoge, koi Sonia aur Chidambaram Bachane nahin ayenge" BJP and saffron brigade knows the congress character but Muslims did not recognise that in why Muslims suffered For corruption - OBC, Dalit and S.T. responsible On 64th republic of Hindudstan, at Jaipur literary festival noted writer Ashish nandi said "most of the corrupt come from OBC, Dalit and ST" many present in the festival clapped. Then IBN - 7 managing editor Ashoutosh objected the Ashish nandi's statement. In India mentality hasn't changed. The roots goes to Manuwadism. That is why OBC, SC, ST and Muslims are subjected to oppression and Laloo Yadav. Mulayam Yadav's government branded as jungle and goonda raj Muslim caught or killed in fake encounter publicised as terrorist arrested or killed. For ST naxal is used (MG / 1-15 August 2012 / letter - jungle raj, goonda raj, terrorist naxals….) The very mentality killed Gandhi and demolished Babri Madjid…. Ulama failed to their responsibility Madrasa Shamsul Hoda recently celebrated its 150th year of establishment and on 18th January death anniversary organised in Shamsul Hoda Madrasa of the founder justice Noorul Hoda. The Ulama at the end of programme fought themselves to say Salaam and Qayam, and visitor also had fight with chair - lathis. Madrasa produces Moulvis and Ulama. Few hundred religious persons fought denigrating Islam. On the other hand the same day one of best school of Bihar, mount cosmel sold form for registration in primary section. Many thousands stood hours in queue presenting a disciplined society This is the difference where we are lagging what Islam asked its followers to straighten the queue and fill the gaps. That is why Ulama failed and Ummah suffers. Taslima Nasreen ultra British Taslima Nasreen tweeted that people were not ready to clear lesson for national agitation on gangrape, still rapes were committed, babies were being killed and people blamed dress Indian government cared Taslima not 26 crore Muslims because she is safe after abusing Islam. But she is not ready to learn that 67 percent British women opined not to war short dress because it disturbs people attention daily mail survey reveals that British women wants to ban low west skirt, mini, midi, etc. Taslima must learn lesson from Kamla Das who covered herself and became Suraiya. Riots after riots I recall the famous book "Riots after Riots" written by M.J. Akbar as I read the letter title "rape after rape" written by Nazneen a Saherwela (MG / 16-31 Jan. 2013) in India this two section of society "woman and minority" are worst sufferer. For woman "SC says Delhi is not safe for woman" (11 Jan. 13) and for other "P.M. says Gujarat is not safe for minorities" (9 December) but justice loving people say whole India is not safe for both. Crocodile tears or shadw boxing before election Congress leaders eye rolls out crocodile tears to lure the Muslim votes in next year M.P. election as in Hyderabad Mani Shankar Iyer delivered a lecture about arrest of innocent Muslim youth and their release with their settlement was matter of grave concern. After Hyderabad he blown a whistle for shadow boxing by saying BJP leaders were fighting themselves as dogs cats for P.M. post. Then BJP leaders prominently Darbhanga M.P. Kirti Azad (former Indian cricket squad) replied that congress leaders are pet of Gandhi parivar. Recall Kirti's father Bhagwat Jha Azad was congress C.M. of Bihar. This is true colour of Indian politics where crocodile tears and shadow boxing etc. are poly to lure Muslims votes. Other side of development - jai mata di You the saffron brigade of India to project the success of hindutva laboratory praise Modi model of development. But the other side of development is knowingly ignored that in Gujarat child ratio is dipped below 824 where dharmik astha is ude. In clinics doctor greets the couple and parents jai mata di or jai srikrishna after ultra sound or other test. If parent of couple greets back jai mata di. Doctor follows the symbol to wash out the female foetus. Punjab is another developed state where hoarding display "to save 20 lakhs spend 2 thousand now" It is matter of great sorrow that in the blind race of development Hindustani samaj gladly accepted the dark side. MSDP fund lying unused but who cares? Seven districts of Bihar Kishanganj, Katihar, Arraria, Purnia Darbhanga, Sitamarhi, west champion are nominated minority concentreted districts and centra has started MSDP scheme for the development of minority concentrated districts. For 11th five year plan centre gave Rs. 523.20 crore under MSDP scheme in Bihar. But till December 2012 al the funds are lying in government treasury unused and last years MSDP fund utilisation certicate was not submitted. Muslim leaders, Urdu media and pocket organisation did n't care then why government would take pain for the development of minorities. Punjab first Sharia Court Muslims of Punjab will son have their own Sharia Court which will solve their personal issues which includes only "marriage, divorce and inheritance". The disputes will be solved in less time with minimum expenditure. First Sharia Court will be inaugurated in Maler Kotla on 3rd March according to Punjab Waqf Board chair man Md. Izhar Alam. Police released 2 tribals Millia Foundation land grabber after deal No land for Mazharul Haque University / MG, 16-31 Jan. 2013 (P - 23) mentioned about land grabbing by tribal on AMU campus land, Rahmani Foundation land and Millia educational trust (Purnia) land appeared, purnia police took some eye wash action to force Millia educational land and captured 2 tribals but police released them on 20 January after a deal with tribals because tribal also had kidnapped two officials tribals released a havildar and a constable and blocade lifted after release of 2 tribals. Police and tribal negotiated the deal but Millia Educational Trust land is not released Muslims show boy leaders, Urdu media and Muslim pocket organisations are silent on the burning issues but organising minority cell meeting and mushairas and praising political leaders. Congress must apologise Congress nominated Rahul gandhi as its V.P. on 20 Jan. 2013 in congress chintan shivir (campus) held at Jaipur but Sushil Kumar Shinde struck the limelight when he said BJP, RSS camps train hindu terror". He later said he meant to saffron terror and nothing new. Immediately BJP and RSS got furious demanding apology from congress other wise country will teach congress a lesson. Congress must  apologise but for what? H.M. must have dealt hindu terror with iron hand not mere announcement serves any purpose as since independence congress helped saffron terror what Rajeshwar Dayal former home secretary U.P. wrote in his autography "A life of our times" In 1948 he was H. sect. of U.P. B.B.L. Jaitly I.G. U.P. zone brought two trunk of papers captured from RSS H/Q in a police raid. These papers, documents and maps indicated about the plan of riot in large scale in U.P. was hatched. Mr. Dayal and Jaitly took those documents to G.B. Pant C.M. of U.P. for tougher action against RSS chief Mr. Golwalkar. But pant simply wrote a letter to golwalker to explain abliquly helped hindu terror to escape from the law. Congress must apologise for helping saffron terror to bloom. My humble submission for "white paper on terrorism" Advocates and judges blind at dharmik astha S.C. ordered all the state govt. an U.T. not to grant permission for stalling statues or constructing any structure on public road and pavements. S.C. had ordered many such orders earlier but advocates and judges visit hanuman mandir at Patna junction which is constructed by illegaly capturing the public road, pavement and park. Demorcatic mission Hindi magazine issue August September 2012 on page 27 published that "is it dharam or adharam capturing 30 feet public road by hanuman mandir, patna junction" justices and advocates visit the hanuman mandir knowing the mandir illegaly captured vast government land road and pavement. How India can expect justice from the judiciary blind at dharmik astha? Why Harsh Mander, Arundhati Roy are not T.V. faces? Harsh Mander's article "Let us reach out in time" in an English daily on 14 Jan. mentioned many ghastly rape cases (Muslim girls raped by army in Shopian / Manorma raped by Army in Manipur / Christian nuns raped by Bhagwa terrorists in Kandhmal / Dalit women raped by Manuwadis in Khairlanji / 2002’s most brutal mass sexual assault on Muslim women in Gujarat). Anudhati Roy also mentioned where were candle-marchers when Muslim women were being raped in Gujarat? News channels would make their debate and programme dull and monotonous but will not deviate from their set agenda.