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MG I read the Milli Gazette (1-15 March 2010) with great interest. Its get-up and front page are very beautiful, attractive and impressive. All the articles, reports, letters, rejoinders/opinion are worth reading, very informative, useful and its editor Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan and the MG staff are taking great pains and they are doing their best to beautify this fortnightly English newspaper to benefit the readers; and they are increasing their knowledge. It is my heartfelt desire that some religious poems should also be published in the MG. These poems should be related to the teachings of Islam and the life and one teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Such poems will certainly add beauty to the MG. Shakeel Ahmad Frank , Gorakhpur (UP)   Communal violence bill requires a second thought I write to you to vigourously protest the proposed Communal Violence Bill 2009 in its present form that is soon to be tabled in Parliament. As takeholder and responsible citizen of this country I find it truely reprehensible and unfair and that wise counsel of anti-communal groups of human rights defenders and independent legal experts was not taken into consideration and their very important suggestions and modifications have been totally ignored. The bill in its present form, as is being proposed, is dangerous for the health of our secular democracy and it could cause great harm to protect victims of communal violence. I want you to urgently intervene and ensure that the vitally needed legislation on Communal Violence be reviewed and revised. I want your Government not to rush in a law for electoral or short term considerations and benefits. I want this important law to be amongst the finest and the best in the world. As a citizen of a country that has been torn and wounded by communal strife, I want a law that best protects its citizens and gives them justice. You will set a fine demoratic precedent by taking a step back and listning to my plea. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot   Supreme Court on sex before marriage The bench of chief justice K.G.Balkrishnan, Judges Dipak Varma and B.S. Chauhan declared that there is nothing wrong in sex before marriage and live in relationship. They further said that Lord Krishna and Radha lived together without getting married.How could the respected judges prove that there was a sexual relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha? Lord Krishna and Radha were childhood friends. They could not marry.Lord Krisna was married to the queen Rukmani. They say that he had eight wives. Some say he had thousands wives. He did not have illegitimate children. He believed in legal marriage. What does the Supreme Court want? Do they want a nation of illegitimate children? Do they want irresponsible men who could ditch women very easily? What sort of justice is this? Do they want abandoned pregnant women? Do they want tears in the eyes of dumped women? The judges said that there is nothing wrong in sex before marriage or live in relationship. Why can't they say that just light a fire and get married before a deity or perform a Niqah at once.They do not want to make marriage easy instead they want new generation to become irresponsible toward their children. Very funny.                                                        Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat                                                          Safia Iqbal’s soul May Sister Safia Iqbal's soul / attain its precious goal / her ranks may rise / in eternal Paradise-Aameen. About half century ago, brother Iqbal Waraqwala had, very painstakingly and enthusiastically prepared my humble Gujarati translation of Turkish Mujahid Saeed Noorsi's biography. Noorsi's students, 'Talaba-e-Noor' had worked hard (maybe they are still working) for reviving love for Arabic. Ataturk had, very foolishly, ordered even Azan to be pronounced in Turkish (one of the thousands of treacheries of Britishers to divide world Muslim brotherhood on racial, lingual and provincial grounds)! S.A.U. Patel, Khanpur Deh- 392150   Modi and SIT The formation of special investigating team by the Supreme Court will be termed a sin in the history of judiciary in India. It proved beyond doubt that the government did not move any court to punish the culprits who killed 2000 innocent Muslims. .After laps of 8 years Zakia Jaffrey the widow of former Congress member wakes up from slumber and gives application to the Supreme Court to make investigations about the death of her husband, Ehsan Jaffrey. The naïve judges form SIT has summon Modi to appear before SIT. May I ask the masterminds of this act why they want Modi to catch the hairs of the Goddess of justice and pull them violently? The mockery of the justice is to single out Zakia Jaffrey when there are number of other widows and orphans. It has become a tradition that only elite will be given justice and down trodden be left to the mercy of God. The masterminds should know that Modi has become the Hero of fanatics. They need not sacrifice the dignity of the apex court. The new generation will not forgive the directors of this mockery of judiciary Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Mayawati's grand show in Lucknow The unexpected expenditure in Mayawati's rally makes us think that is this really a party of dalits, minorities, and down-trodden people? Shafaque Alam, New Delhi II I am not talking about Mayawati. It is MAYA the great MONEY. Forgive her, she is a Dalit woman, for 5000 years they never handled money, never know how to handle it, not her mistake. She and her party workers are very naïve in comparison with all her colleague politicians and parties, they and their party receives party funds in millions every day but not in public rally. It will be an insult to Congress, BJP and SP if you think BSP is getting more party fund than them in spite of TATA's, Mittal's and Ambani's on their side. Fortunately or unfortunately we are part of a system where collecting massive party fund is normal business, the question is from where you get it and how you get it? From your mass supporters or from corporate world and criminals? As a charity or in return to favors? In black or white? We don't need an Income tax officer to tell us how a politician accrues his wealth. We don't need a debate to ascertain who sponsor major political parties to make them rule on AAM AADMI. How shamelessly these spokesmen have started targeting BSP for MAYA mala, what moral right you have? When your member sleeps on these notes you don't bother! When your president accepts such cash in party office it is legitimate! It is still mystery who paid the MP for voting in the parliament? COME ON, don't try to fool public, we all know, you all are doing politics of MAYA, poor Indians are killing themselves for 10 rupees a day.                                                                              Muazzam Naik                                                    A temple and a Mazar The Two, a Muslim website, has this month reported on two very important happenings. One is an event that took place on the 6th of March at New Delhi and another is a fact happening in unheard of village in UP. Both have to do with Islam and its inclusiveness, its tolerance, its pluralism. The first International Seminar on Peaceful Coexistence in Islam and Indian religions was held at Islamic Cultural Centre at New Delhi early this month under the auspices of Al Mustafa International University of Iran in New Delhi. A large number of scholars praised India as a land of many religions and faiths, temples and mosques, its Genosticism, the togetherness of its tolerant people and the fact that this country presents to the world a model of an ideal, peaceful coexistent society. These are excellent words spoken by learned scholars of Islam and other religions and duly reported by Two Circles. Also reported in an earlier issue this very month is an account of a laudable happening taking place in the village of Gaddeajipur in Hardoi district of UP.The village has a Jind Peer Baba Mazar on the tomb of a Muslim pious man whom Hindus also revered. During the Peers's life time, when Hindus made idols of the Peer and started worshipping them, the Baba asked them to stop worshipping him and instead exhorted them to worship the idols of their own deities. The Baba also called upon Muslims to help Hindus in their prayers and other rituals. In 1930's when Muslims built a Mazar in honor of Jind Peer Baba they invited Hindus to come and build a temple adjoining the Mazar. That is how a Hanuman temple came to be next to the Mazar. The members of both the communities believe that their prayers remain incomplete unless they pay respect to each others places of worship. Thus it is for eighty years that a temple and a Mazar are both places of worship for two communities. Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz, Mumbai. Welcome by bullets It refers to yet another shocking incident of bullet-hurt of a young man when one of the bullets fired to welcome new BJP General Secretary Narender Singh Tomar by 101-gun salute. Similar accidents are often caused in 'traditional-celebration' by bullet-firing in marriages and other personal celebrations. Nothing can improve till responsibility of bullet-firing is imposed on persons organising the functions even though no one might have been hurt. But since leaders and supporters of such welcome by bullet-firing are in all political parties, no political party/alliance has ever tried to ban welcome by bullet-firing by enacting some legislation. Madhu Agarwal, Delhi 110006   Politics over women's reservation bill High gender justice rhetoric followed by anti-climactic bathos. That seems to be the story of the Women's Reservation Bill that was passed in the Rajya Sabha recently. It's the longest running TV soap in Indian politics. Thrice introduced, but always aborted for the last 14 years, governments have tried to move the Bill. Every time the Bill has been moved, it has been vociferously opposed by the 'social justice' lobby of Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav and, with monotonous regularity sent back to cold storage. The Bill, reserving one-third seats in Lok Sabha and assemblies, strikes at the heart of gender relations in India. Patriarchal societies protect and oppress their women in equal measure. In the violent high stakes game of Indian politics, women are tolerable as supportive wives and daughters who step out shyly to become a substitute for dead husbands or brothers, but intolerable when they stake a claim to robustly represent their own constituency. In fact, all over South Asia, there exists the syndrome that social scientist Ali Mazrui calls, 'female accession to male martyrdom', or the 'Indira, Benazir, Sheikh Hasina' syndrome by which females hold office not as female individuals, but as proxies of the powerful departed male. If, on the other hand, women rise on their own, or creditably claw their way up from the grassroots like Mamata, Uma and Maya, they must cultivate a certain strategic and spectacular insanity that strikes terror and fear in their supporters, a terror that silences all prejudice against femininity. The devi/demoness stereotype, sadly, bedevils most women in Indian public life. Farzana Nigar, Ranchi -834002 II Sonia Gandhi, while replying to Barkha Dutt's question, if she has any consideration for Minority and OBC (quota within the quota), came out with a very terse counter-question: who is preventing them (opposition) to give representation to Muslims and OBC? If that was the counter argument, why did Sonia Gandhi herself so bent on reservation for women? Who has prevented her to give more tickets to women, to the extent of even say fifty percent and why in the past two general elections under presidency, she hardly intervened to give more tickets to women. Her marked contempt for minority and OBC is clearly for all to see fron her interview on NDTV Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai III Most of the Muslim organisations have opposed the women's reservation bill in its present form and demanded some amendments before passing the bill, but the Congress which is fooling and deceiving the minority communities since independence, hurriedly passed the bill in the upper house with the help of BJP and Left parties. Everyone knows that the BJP rarely sided at a time with the Congress and the left parties for any genuine cause, but to pursue its own agenda, it did. Therefore, the BJP supported the women's reservation bill and issued a whip for its members to vote in favour of the bill, because the bill was anti Muslim as well as against the OBCs and the scheduled Castes.                                                                                     Atiq Khan                                                             
Licensed to kill: mock drill turns into a reality show
Gujarat Police is always in the news for reasons which are more wrong than right. Since the riots of 2002 the Police is under cloud for playing a partisan role in the mayhem and for staging fake encounters in which close to a dozen people were killed, including women. This led to a number of PIL and cases filed in the High Court and the Supreme Court. A number of police officers are cooling their heels in prison as the cases drag on.

In such a vitiated atmosphere, Surat Police with its ATS team staged a mock drill on 7 February, at the Surat airport in which they were to deal with a construed terror attack and to make minced meat of the ghost terrorists. All the accoutrements of a seemingly real assault were put in place, including the fire tenders and ambulances.

Two of the participants were ATS police inspector Shabbirali Saiyed and the Deputy Commissioner of Police Subhas Trivedi. Saiyed was acting as an observer to oversee the police personnel's reaction to the terror assault. DCP Trivedi had the role of a doctor to minister to the injured victims of the attack.

But when the real drama unfolded things went haywire and the blundering cops had no clue who the real terrorists were. Subash Trivedi grabbed Saiyed though the latter screamed "I am no terrorist, I am an observer." But Trivedi was so focussed on behaving like a man possessed that he forgot that he was playing the role of a doctor and he had no business seizing Saiyed who in any case was not even a counterfeit terrorist.

Was Trivedi psychologically paranoid or was he acting deliberately to hurt Saiyed? What happened next was stunning. Trivedi had shot Saiyed with his service revolver, pumping live ammo into his abdomen. A profusely bleeding Saiyed was taken to hospital and was immediately operated upon and was saved from a sure end. The whole episode prime facie looks stupid and the DGP Khandwawala termed it as an accident.

But many questions need rational answers. One, why the DCP carried a service revolver with live bullets when the rules of a mock drill bar the use of real bullets. Since he acted as a doctor there was no reason for him to carry his revolver. Two, how was it that he did not know Saiyed? Three, why was he so aggressive in apprehending him? Four, what made him fire bullets which could have killed Saiyed?

The DGP Khandwawala has ordered an inquiry but only after pronouncing the incident as an accident. It appears it was not a simple touch-and-go affair. The failure of Trivedi was multiple. Khandwawala acts under severe limitations. He will not overstep his "bounds" and will not like to look patronising Saiyed a fellow Muslim, as he himself has to drive his squeaky apple cart bearing a Muslim tag. Caution will be the word for him. Culled from Indian Express, following facts emerge.

1.The doctors who operated on Saiyed should have reported the matter officially to the police and on that basis Police files an FIR and carries out the arrest. That is the usual procedure. In the case of Subhas Trivedi nothing of the sort has happened. He has not been booked for gross negligence and for endangering the life of a fellow officer.

2.The inquiry officer did not seize the weapon immediately. It took him a week to do so leaving the entire episode open to the charge of possible evidence tampering. In fact several human rights lawyers have sought information under the Right To Information Act.

3.Forensic signature gathering of the fired weapon from the body of Trivedi will not be possible and the evidence of bullet's ballistics will be difficult to match with the scratch marks in the barrel of the weapon, if the bullet from Saiyed's body has not been properly preserved.

4.Assuming that it was accident, Trivedi's explanation should stand up to scrutiny, scientific scrutiny to be precise.

5.Why the inquiry is being carried out at a leisurely pace and in a hushed manner?

In such a scenario, nobody can be blamed if he thinks something is rotten in the Police department. The communal situation in Gujarat continues to be critical in spite of ostensible calm on the surface. The police is as much affected by the communal contagion as the common people. Dismissing the incidence as an accident will not serve any purpose, for the simple reason that the police failed in its primary duty to fend off a mock terror attack, and instead of dealing with ghost terrorists, they managed to nearly kill one of their own men.

 Y.M. Chitalwala
Fulwadi, Dhoraji - 360 410