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MG In the midst of falsehood and half-truth MG consistently stands for truth and justice without any fear and favour. I recommend it to all my friends on the facebooks. Md Hasibor Rahmanon Facebook II I have been reading the Milli Gazette since January 2001. The truth is that I am its fan. I am seventy years old. I am glad and I am proud of it that the Milli Gazette is the best English fortnightly newspaper. There is no exaggeration to say that it has excelled all the English fortnightly newspapers of India. Its reports, articles, letters, rejoinders/opinion etc are very informative, useful, interesting and upto the mark. Its writers, reporters, editor, and the whole MG team deserves the heartiest congratulations and commendation for their contribution to the MG which raises the voice of the Muslim. Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan is very frank, bold and unbiased as a journalist. He is a shining star on the horizon of journalism. India needs a journalist like him. Wishing him a long life. Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur (UP)   Hindu in a Muslim Institute The suspicious death of a professor, Shrinivas Siras, at AMU following the allegations of homosexuality and subsequent reinstatement by the Allahabad High Court debunks AMU’s so-called liberal ethos.That a hostile attitude towards homosexuality is still prevalent not only in Indian society, but also in the ‘seat of knowledge’ is a sad awakening. The negative social and religious attitude towards homosexuality or lesbianism is so deeply embedded in the collective psyche of almost all Indians that it can’t be expunged by any decree of law. More than social, religious ethos, are much more intolerant of same sex relationships. One must remember that AMU, as its name suggests, is primarily a Muslim University. And Islam prohibits homosexuality. Ismat Chughtai was severely condemned by the entire AMU after writing her controversial story "Lihaaf" (based on lesbianism) in the forties. But a question remains in limbo as to what would have been AMU’s reaction, had the ‘culprit’ been a Muslim? Would it have treated him in an equally humiliating manner, the way Siras was treated and insulted? Didn’t the same AMU choose to turn a Nelson’s eye to the homosexual capers of its Muslim professors in the past? Siras’ only fault was that he happened to be a Hindu in a Muslim institute.          Dr. Sumit  Paul, Pune-411002 MG: While you are correct to say that the Indian ethos is strongly (and rightly so) anti-homosexuality, you are wrong to think that Prof Siras was shabbily treated because he was a Hindu in a "Muslim university". A Muslim would have been treated more harshly for this transgression. You are also misinformed about AMU being a "Muslim" institution. It is a central university where non-Muslims,i.e., Hindus, are at par or in majority in the departments that matter like science, medicine, engineering. SP: Thanks.......yet, I beg to differ with you. And I'm sure, you being a scholarly person, don't mind someone else having a slightly different opinion / perspective than yours. There're examples to adduce in order to buttress my point. MG: I have just stated my personal view and also of the overwhelming Indian society. At the same time, I beleive that it was wrong and illegal the way the professor was "exposed". Those who violated his privacy should be punished according to law just as the professor was supposed to be left to the law of the land to decide what to do about his behaviour. I do not believe in vigilante justice. SP:  I completely fall in with you. Your candour is worth-applauding.   Bohras invite Modi This is in reference to news published in MG (1-15-April 2010) under the heading "Bohra Muslims invite Modi!" by A H Lakhani (Ahmedabad ). In this context, it is to state that HH Dr. Syedna Saheb and his followers, Dawoodi Bohras, a Shia sect of Islam, have always been taking anti-Muslim stand. Members of this community always invite hardcore Hindu communalists in their functions and gatherings without caring for the sentiments of other Muslims. The chief priest of this community generously donates hard earned money of Dawoodi Bohras to such anti-Muslim elements during and after elections. He frequently makes provocative statements which widen the gulf amongst various sects of Muslims. Without mincing words, one can say that HH Dr Syedna Burhanuddin Saheb and his followers have sold away their self esteem, honour, dignity and community's future for their narrow self-interest. I strongly condemn the divisive uttterances of HH Dr. Syedna Saheb and his followers. At this juncture, it will be interesting to know the stand of Muslim organisations of national eminence such as JIH, JUH, AIMMM, AIMPLB, All India Shia Conference and Jamaat Ahle Hadees in this matter. Will these organisation react in this matter? Will they please pass any comment? Will these organisations please enlighten the ordinary and illiterate Muslims over the actions of HH Dr. Syedna Saheb in particular and Dawoodi Bohras in general? Will these organisations break their silence? What prevents them from taking a clear stand over such issues of vital interest of Muslims? Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot 360001, Gujarat   Mockery of Democracy The most controversial Women's Reservation Bill has been passed by Rajya Sabha amid strong opposition and acrimony. Other backward classes, Dalits and Muslims have been opposing it and demanding quota within quota for women from O.B.C's Dalits and Muslims. Samajwadi Party President Mulayam Singh has rightly remarked that it is a big conspiracy to prevent Muslims, Dalits and backwards from entering Parliament and assemblies. Many organizations like Dr. Ambedkar Seva Dal, Jamate Islami Hind, All India Milli Council, Insaan Dost committee etc. are peacefully agitating over the issue in New Delhi. In fact it is a mockery of democratic system. It is down right injustice to Muslims, Dalits and O.B.C's women. These deprived communities should unite and teach a lesson in elections to the political parties who have supported the Bill a grave injustice. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara- 441904 II When Muslim demands share in education & government services, secular, saffron & communist unitedly say that Constitution does not permits reservation on the basis of religion. To deny Muslim his share they push caste system but why Indian govemrment abhors caste in census. On 1st April 2010 with President Pratibha Patil census work started the census does not have caste column. Why caste loved one time and hated the other? Why they look into Islamic way of reservation? Islam does not make obligatory on the poor to do Haj & Zakat but with three obligatory acts, viz., Kalimah, Namaz & fasting, make the poor as equal as those who do all the five obligatory acts. Islam gives extra bonus to the poor.         S. Haque, Patna   Communal riots in Hyderabad It is really unfortunate to see this type of communal riots after a gap of almost two decades. Hyderabad has developed tremendously during the last decade. It has progressed in IT, education, tourism and other economic activity including building of one of the best Airports. The death of Rajasekhar Reddy followed by the political wrangling, weakened Chief Minister and subsequent Telangana agitation had kept the city in turmoil. The current riots is a pre-meditated plan with a political motive. This has to be understood by both the communities. The misunderstanding among them should be cleared by way of frequent meetings of the religious leaders of both the community and should be supported and publicized by the Government and other NGO’s. This will curtail the moves by the mischief mongers to spread hatred and violence.                                              Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh                                                       Discrimination against Muslims It is very disgusting that a law student from Aligarh Muslim University was detained and barred to enter the courtrooms of the Apex Court during his internship programme because he spotted a cap on his head. One wonders that if a man with a big turban and beard can be the Supremo of the country, and can rule the nation, then why a common man of another clan, cannot enter the court spotting a cap? This double standard simply shows discrimination against different communities.                                                                Shafaque Alam, New Delhi                                                      Let Nanavati not degrade his native town  The town Jambusar (Dist: Bharuch-Gujarat) has a glorious past of communal harmony. Justice G.T. Nanavati was, perhaps a child when his elder uncle Dr. Shantilal Nanavati had a nice friend circle of enlightened citizens including press owner Pandya, President M. Yusuf Patel, Brahmin old lady Aanjanwala, Abdullah Sheth Saudagar, Qazi Qamruddin and many other selfless patriots. Jambusar had also the honour of giving Mumbai a Mayor called Mr. Naginlal Nanalal Shah (son of a teacher of this writer) and of a host lot of freedom-fighter national leaders. G.T. Nanavati should not be swept away by the power-seeking politicians who poisoned the atmosphere by arranging Shilayases and Rath Yatras! Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh- 392150   Limitations of M.F Hussain as a painter With reference to the editorial article by Gautam Adhikari ‘Why should We Shut Up?’(TOI 16th March), no amount of discussions, debates and accusations would bring M.F.Husain back to India. The damage is done. Earlier, patriotism used to be the last refuge of scoundrels, now, it seems, scoundrels have become last refuge for the patriotism. As for Hilda Raja’s comment about M.F.Husain painting Prophet Muhammed fully clothed. We Muslims, however vulnerable, will not allow Husain even to paint Jesus and Mary even in the most respectable satire. The current portraits of Christ and Mary are the figments of imagination of the western world. A fine case of ‘J’ walking, not only on the scriptures but on the holy personalities too.                                                         Mushtaque Madni (via e-mail)   Why not Muslim converts? This refers to the statement made by the Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi on 3 April who sought the "personal intervention" of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ensure the inclusion of only convert Christians in the list of scheduled castes. By laying down in the Indian constitution that no person who professes a religion different from Hinduism shall be deemed to be a member of SC. But by the Constitutional amendments later, it includes Sikhism and Buddhism also in the SC list. In my opinion since the beginning (1950), this clause is undemocratic and biased because if a person is a scheduled caste by birth, he/she will not become a Mishra, Sharma, Dubey, Khan or Shaikh only because of his/her change of religion. Therefore, the scheduled caste status of a person should be retained as it is, whether he/she converts to Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity or Islam.                                                                           Atiq Khan, Mumbai                                                                Ghulam Waris is not a terrorist All the leading news channels and newspapers flashed the news about Ghulam Waris who was arrested by Police on the inputs of secret intelligence agencies from Katihar on 19 March 2010. News bites and reports branded Ghulam Waris as an ISI module who spent 8 years in Pakistan for terror training. According to intelligence reports, the department and Interpol kept an eye on Ghulam Waris  as he entered India (Katihar where his wife delivered a baby, where Waris father-in-law lives). Police captured him with some Indian and Nepali currencies and some Urdu and Arabic books. But on 20th March 2010, SP Katihar Dr. GP Sinha said that the Home Ministry and state's officers examined and investigated Ghulam Waris’ involvement in terrorist activities but found nothing. In-laws of Ghulam Waris said that he is innocent yet the police sent Waris to jail  under Section 121/121 A. The national media did not publish or air SP Katihar's version that Ghulam Waris was innocent. Media brands any Muslim immediately after his arrest as terror module or mastermind or ISI or LeT module etc. But when he is proved innocent his image continues to be tarnished by media. S. Haque, Patna     Eradicate poverty by imposing zakat Most of the Indians are in Below Poverty Line (BPL) or not getting enough food to sustain. Many of them are living in slums and temporary shelters and have no home or piece of land to build a hut. The situation is pathetic. Our political parties and its leaders, Central and State Governments, Ministers and Parliamentarians are in deep discussion about Nuclear Energy and modern Defense systems. Poor Indians are the majority and India is a Democratic nation! Their fate is not at all a discussing matter to the rulers and elites! More explanations are not at all needed to explain the tragic situation of the Indian laymen. It is very humorous to know that some of the Indians are in the Forbes List of the Richest in the world. Who gives the arms and ammunitions to Maoists or the Leftists or Dalits or Adivasis is also being discussed. The seeding, watering and manure for the laymen's uprising is done by the Government of India and State Government itself and no one else. Indian authority can't close their eyes and moves forward further. The People are being organized and they are in a 'Do' or 'Die' position. 10% of the Indian elites are holding 90% of the total wealth. And 90% have to share 10%. Indian rulers and Parliament are not in a position to find out any solution to eradicate poverty of the masses. Here comes a noble idea to adopt a method to solace the laymen, farmers and laborers. West adopted Islamic Banking to fight against financial malpractices and exorbitant interest and usury.  India is trying to establish Islamic Banking systems in India. The method to eradicate poverty can also taken from Islamic ideology. Impose ZAKAT. ZAKAT means purify and grow. The financially elite community should purify their wealth and let them allow growing.  A wider study is needed for the implementation of compulsory ZAKAT. Normally it is 2.5% of the total wealth for the remaining after one completed year's expenditure. It is for the total assets and there are exemptions for minimum basic wealth (64 grams of gold).  While the one's own dwelling home is free from ZAKAT, the rented building will attract ZAKAT. Agriculture land owners also have to pay the ZAKAT; though it is in different categories - related to human effort needed for cultivation in the land (for watering etc.) or human works not needed land. A thorough systematic study is needed before implementing such laws in India and the Central government should appoint a High Level Committee to study and enforce ZAKAT in India, and it is the only choice to relieve the poor Indians from poverty. Then only the laymen will feel the brotherly human approach from the elites and they will not revolt to the riches. To quell the uprisings of the poor, army is not at all a remedy, but it will further increase the gap between the rich and poor. The only available remedy seems is Islamic ZAKAT. Pratibha   Image of Islam There is a clear cut prejudice among some non-Muslims and Muslims as well with regard to the image of Islam. Unfortunately due to various reasons alien to Islam is linked with terrorism. Factually a vast majority of victims of terrorism are Muslims. Terrorism is not the monopoly of Muslims; there are terrorists in almost all regions and religions of the world. The outcome of inter-faith dialogue and conferences should be highlighted so that the true image of Islam is projected; people understand each other and live in harmony. A very small minority of rogue elements do not succeed in their evil designs.                                                Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh                                                        Shoeb-Sania and media hype The recent role of media in the so called Sania- Shoeb controversy once again proved that media has nothing serious to report and cover. The extent the media went investigating into the matter, poking their nose to personal lives of someone was nothing but a mockery, which the media carried out. Ironically, in India, there are many serious issues that have remained unaddressed and uncovered; we see media making petty issues as breaking news. It’s high time that the media introspect its role and conduct in the society. Are they doing the same job, which they learnt in the media school, or just another media house or journalist in the battle of TRPs and the rat race of beating in the rival group by literally degrading more in the name of covering any issue? There are issues like corruption, poverty, etc. which needs more attention than issues like these.                                                        Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur                                                               II The controversy of Sania Mirza’s engagement with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik is becoming complex by every passing moment, and has added fuel to the fire. Shoaib’s first wife Ayesha Siddiqui has also played her part well in the episode. It is displeasing that in the whole country people have been talking about the said controversy. Some self-styled loyalists of the country are putting the posters of their icons on fire the other satisfied merely abusing the duo. But the billion-dollar question is whether Sania marries with a Pakistani boy or an Indian, or she marries in her life or does not marry; why do we bother? For instance, if she marries with an Indian boy what the common man is going to get? Hence, instead of wasting our precious formidable time on these trifles we should do something creative in formation of a better society.                                                             Shafaque Alam, New Delhi                                                     III Even though it is a very personal decision of two individuals to marry each other, yet majority of Indians favour view of Mumbai’s SP leader Abu Azmi who openly expressed his displeasure of marriage-plan of Indian star tennis champion Sania Mirza with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Iqbal. A sensible person should consider all aspects with full responsibility before taking even personal decisions especially when he/she might have been showered with so much love and respect as celebrity from his/her countrymen. It was definitely a shocking setback for huge Indian population that Sania favoured a Pakistani national to be her husband. An Indian Sania could have better put pre-condition to Shoaib Iqbal to accept Indian citizenship if at all he really loved Indian tennis star by heart.                                                    Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi