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IV The famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib long back had said ISHIQ PER ZORE NAHIN HAYE EA WO AATISH GHALIB KE LAGAYE NA LAGE AUR BUGHAY NA BANE. Intense or extreme love is uncontrollable fire no one can extinguish it nor can ignite it. Sania’s attention towards Shoeb Malik has turned into blind love. She is now not in a position to find fault with him he has become a loveliest man on the earth for her. She is in a mood to leap into the fire of Nimrud. Later when her flame of love becomes extinct she will come to know her folly. Top ranking Muslim players and actors in the pride of their talent they forget and neglect the Islamic obligations even they will not be in a position to fulfill the basic formalities. Their faith becomes a hurdle in their sinful attitude. Take the example of Azharuddin he divorced his innocent wife and married a Hindu lady, deprived his two sons from the love of mother. Imran Khan of Pakistan married Jemima a Jewish girl. Jews are the historical enemies of Muslims. Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan both married Hindu girls. Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah did the same thing. Now Sania is marrying a youth of Pakistan who is already married man. It is her great folly. Aisha is his first wife. If she is divorced she will be deserted till her long life. Islam permits to marry 4 wives. Dhermendra is far better than Muslim defaulters .He is maintaining two wives. These players must know that this life is purely temporary. One day or the other they have to appear before God and to answer to Him. They have to face Hell as the fall out of their misdeeds                                           Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga                                                      V India and Pakistan have their own share of fear and hopes. Some of it may be illusionary and others facts. The Sania and Shoeb marriage should help in healing the scratched relationship between the countries. A dialogue and understanding between the two countries will help in making the region prosperous and powerful. Both the countries together have the world largest population and can boast of having one of the best manpower and resources. Proper utilization of resources can help them overcome their current problems. Saudi Arabia with its good relationship with both the countries can act as a catalyst.                                                 Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh                                                        VI It is so amusing to read reports in newspapers that India and Pakistan are fighting over which country Sania Mirza will represent after her marriage to Shoiab Malik. It sounds as if it would be huge loss for India or a huge gain for Pakistan and it feels that Sania is a top 10 ranking player who has won many grand slams in her career, whome Pakistan wants to get and India does not want to lose. What difference does it make whether she represents India or Pakistan? In either case she will crash out in the first or second round of a tournament as has been the norm and then blame everything on injuries. Let her take the decision, why are we so bothered about it. But one thing is to be kept in mind. Indian citizenship should not be taken for granted & abused, that one marries a Pakistani, stay in Dubai and play for India. All these years I have been wondering how the media kept hyping her in spite of her repeated failures and poor performances. Whenever Sania Mirza lost a match (first/second round exit) the newspaper headlines would scream “Sania goes down fighting”, “Sania unlucky to lose”, “Sania becomes Grand Slam misfortune”, “Sania puts up spirited fight”, etc. along with elaborate write-ups and interviews. But all these headlines suited a young newcomer who has just started her career and not to a player like Sania who has been bestowed with a Padma Shri and who has been given tremendous hype by the media. Needless to say her consistent poor performance has not matched the accolades and awards she has received in her career. She has not won a single Grand slam event nor she has reached even a quarter final of a Grand slam event nor has she beaten any top ranking players. And whenever she has they were all past their prime like Martina Hingis. All she has been doing is winning couple of rounds in the tournament against lesser known players. Her performances are so bourgeois that it makes me wonder how she qualifies to all these major tournaments. And let’s not get carried away by her ranking in top 30 players few years ago. Anyone can increase their points by picking and skipping tournaments as Prakash Padukone had once said. Let’s get out of this obsession with Sania Mirza. She does not deserve the accolades or the hype. It is high time the media, the sponsors and the government starts giving the same support to other worthy players. Who knows these players might give much better performance than Sania Mirza.                                                                      Amjad K Maruf, Thane                                                  Anti-shamelessness words appreciable Bal Thakeray's plain speaking that Sania Mirza's popularity was due to her short dress and M.S. Gill's criticism of half-naked cricket ground cheer-leaders deserve appreciation. S. Akhtar U. Patel, Khanpur Deh- 392150   Maoist massacred 75 security personnel The brutal massacre of over 75 security personnel by the Maoists in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district is a pointer to two things: one, the men in uniform are ill-prepared for their challenges, and two, there is a strange inconsistency between official assessments of the growing Maoist threat and the political will backing those assertions. While Manmohan Singh has called the Maoists the biggest security threat to the country, P Chidambaram has promised tough action to deal with it. But here’s the point: months after launching Operation Green Hunt, it is not clear who’s hunting whom. The Maoists have been more successful in intimidating the state aided by a cacophony of phoney human rights advocates than the other way around. It is the security forces who are being hunted and eliminated. What explains this gap between thought and action? The answer lies in the complete lack of will at the top of the political pyramid. This means Sonia Gandhi, not Manmohan Singh or Chidambaram. Given the extremely secretive nature of the Manmohan Singh-Sonia-Rahul Gandhi interface, it is not possible to conclusively prove this, but it is reasonable to presume that Sonia is not actively backing the government in its anti-Maoist campaign.                                                         Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur                                                            II In an NDTV interview, Air Chief P. V. Naik touched Muslim hearts when he did not hesitate to express his feelings that he leaves it to 'Allah Malik' after completing his mission. However, the way he kept comparing Dantewada area with J&K, as what can be done by air force in J&K and what cannot be carried out in Naxalite area, as 'it is our own country, our own people', it openly exposed that for all practical purposes, J&K is an enemy territory for the services. It is tribute to the quick repartee of the interviewer, that he instantly questioned the repeated use of J&K, when it is not in the discussion. Air Chief agreed. People of India however, cannot help comparing the two insurgencies. In all of its continued entanglement with Indian forces in J&K it has never suffered such a scale of savage and brutal elimination of such a large number of Indian forces. Naxalites are again and again being announced and being treated as Indian citizens and therefore never to be treated as enemies. Air Chief clearly ruled out any Air Force role in Indian Territory, as he felt, the collateral damage to civilians will be too great and unacceptable to be suitable for an attack from the skies. He mentioned how US forces in Afghanistan have been inflicting collateral damage on civilian population. It would appear that it was OK for US forces to resort to aerial bombings, as the area under their attack is supposedly an enemy territory. That according to Air Chief is not the case with Naxalite area. He however, added that since Air attack is too lethal and destructive of entire population of the target area, it cannot be used in Indian states. An aside takes Air Chief once again to J&K where he feels, clearing an area of civilian population, could afford the opportunity for air force to use aerial bombing. In fact, the subject of aerial bombing after the carnage in Dantewada, seems to fall back on the supposed illegal use of  fighter planes and drones Israelis and Americans, respectively in Gaza and Afghanistan to take out supposed enemy elements ensconced in thickly populated civilian areas. The very mention of the alternative of using aerial bombing would not have come up in Indian security circles, without the apparent deep penetration of Israeli and American warmongering brainwashing on Indian forces. This is an alarming situation and goes directly against the very ethos of Indian polity. India values human lives too much to indulge in the like of carnage that unfortunately had visited Europe and East Asian countries in the past. We are so thickly populated that any retaliatory attack on our territory would wipe out millions ---- more than world had ever witnessed in two world wars. India's pacifist past as envisaged by sages from Buddha to Gandhi, cannot be allowed to be trampled over by warmongers from the US and Israel. India's security forces should be fully sanitized about the essential defensive role that is the only spirit that should guide its motivation to engage an adversary. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai III The recent killing of the policemen shows the growth in stature of the Maoists movement and the support base it has developed over the years. This comes close to heels of statement made by their leader Kishenji, “We will overthrow the Indian government much before 2050”. Pondering on the declaration and the evidence of capabilities of various groups, the Government should endeavour to asses the real risks and ground realities faced from different groups rather than focus on trivial and phobic issues.                                                 Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh                                                      IV Union home minister Mr. P Chidambaram expressing shock over the very high casualty of CRPF personnel in the attack Mr. Chidambaram said some thing must have gone drastically wrong in the CRPF police joint operation. This some thing wrong was done by Mr. Chidambaram only. He has said few days back that the government will eradicate the Maoists within three months. The Maoists retorted Chidambaram in this fashion. He has also asked the Maoists why they hide themselves in the forests. In turn they may ask Chidambaram why he is under cover of security guards 24 hours. The jungles are the security measure of Maoists. The home minister should know that the real fight is not between CRPF jawans and Maoists but it is between the rich and the downtrodden. Unless the government erase this deference, the country cannot be free from Maoists. There will be more such attacks in future in the other states also. The moral of the police has gone down by this incident. It is high time that Mr. Chidambaram should call one meeting of all highly intelligent persons including the Islamic scholars; they may unleash some valuable solution of the problem as there is no Maoists menace in the Muslim countries. We must learn some lesson from them as we have completely failed in this field                                        Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga                                                      V The recent attack cannot be seen as the Maoists victory or the government’s failure, rather it is the defeat of humanity which was cooked by the clash of Maoist and the government. Violence has never been accepted as a good way of protesting to make the demand fulfil by the concerned. Instead of violence the Maoist should go through the legal and constitutional process of fulfilling their demands. Rather deploying thousands of troops at stake of their lives, the government should form some organisations which will negotiate with them and work to bring peace and tranquillity in the Maoist-affected area. There is a need to change their mindset, not to force them to succumb to the military might. If the government does so definitely the Maoist will give up their activities.                                                             Shafaque Alam, New Delhi                                                      Israel's barbaric occupation Although Zionism typically represents itself as the solution to anti-Semitism, the truth is less flattering. In fact, hostility toward Jews is indispensable to the cause of Jewish nationalism. If anti-Semitism didn't exist, Zionists would have to invent or fake it. And in many cases that is precisely what they have done. Contrary to the widespread perception that Zionism opposes anti-Semitism, its adherents have occasionally revealed a more ambivalent attitude to Jew-hatred. But, while hate sounds like something that all decent people would condemn, one man's hate may be another man's righteous indignation. Is former US President Jimmy Carter a "bigot" for comparing the Israeli occupation of Palestine to apartheid South Africa? Are the survivors of the USS Liberty who refuse to remain silent about Israel's deliberate attack on their ship merely motivated by hatred of Jews? And does UN special rapporteur Richard Falk also "self-hate" for likening Israel's actions against the besieged Gazans to what the Nazis did to Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto? In each of these cases, the charge of anti-Semitism, rather than serving to protect Jewish people from defamation, has been used to obscure Zionist crimes. However, as Zionist criminality becomes increasingly transparent, there will most likely be a sharp rise in anti-Semitism worldwide. No doubt much of it will be the result of genuine, albeit misdirected, anger as the extent of Zionist crimes against humanity becomes more widely known. But considering Zionism's history of faking attacks on Jews, we can expect at least some of this "hate" to be the work of Jewish extremists who disingenuously claim to be fighting anti-Semitism. Safiya Sameena, Vijayawada   The nature and purpose of charity It is a wonder that the chief minister Ashoke Chavan who apparently looks like a philosopher has done one symbolic offer of an elephant to Gruruvayur Sree Krishna temple and Rs 5/-Lakhs maintenance charges. Following his suit the deputy chief minister Mr Chhagan Bhujbal also did the same thing: he also offered one big elephant and feeding charges 5 lakhs rupees. Though there was restriction on gifting the new elephants as already the temple owned its elephants. This is a unique way of rearing elephants in temple. Being a well wisher of Hindus let me know is it obligatory on the deities to rear the elephants for worship depriving them from their jungle inhabitant?. They are dumb animals they become berserk in anguish and crush the men and children, the people will abuse Mr. Chavan and Bhujbal. How men will feel if they are compelled to live in jungles for years together? In these days of inflation and price rise and Maoists menace our politicians doing the things according to their whims and fancies; they are quit alien to the immoral developments occurring in the country. Long back in the history of Hyderabad whenever the king annoyed by some Nawab or Jageerdar he was gifted an elephant to rear. It was an expensive business the Nawab or Jageerdar has to expend whole of his Jageer in maintaining the elephants. If Mr. Chanvan had known the history of Hyderabad he should not have donated the elephant. To please his Bhagwan it was better he had expend the cost of elephant and the maintenance charges in paying the fees of some poor Muslim or Dalit students of Maharashtra.                                           Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga                                                        Medical errors This is one of the areas of medical profession, which keeps them under tremendous pressure, especially the specialists. Many countries have this problem, there are many cases where a cancer drug was provided instead of inflammatory drug, instruments were left in the body, and operation was performed on wrong limb/eye because of lack of co-ordination among the medical staff. In Saudi Arabia we have various nationalities working together in a single place. Hence it is important that the communication should be clear. The employees should undergo regular refresher course on understanding various factors leading to Medical errors. A good labelling system should be in place. A proper integrated approach will definitely help in reducing the number of Medical errors.                                                Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh                                                        Needless detentions Nooriya Haveliwala allegedly mowed down two persons while driving in a drunken state. She deserved to be arrested and was. She deserves to be proceeded against according to the law. The law is taking its course. But was there any justification in robbing her of her freedom without being chargesheeted? Was this not a sentence before trial? At the end of her 60 days in jail the court ordered her release on bail because the police failed to file a chargesheet. Her incarceration for two months was needless. This is just one instance of human rights violation, which is so widespread in our law-enforcement system. Our country is known for a vast number of citizens just rounded up and thrown in jails without being chargesheeted. The incidence of arrests not being recorded is also not small. It will make enlightening reading if newspapers publish such statistics, like temperature and humidity of the air. How many of this vast number of citizens are Haveliwalas who would know their rights and who would have wherewithal to get the violation of their rights redressed?                                   Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai                                                           Baghdad blasts It is unfortunate to see that continuation of mayhem and killings in Iraq. The violence not only confined to pre-election but is continuing post-election. The sanctions had crippled the country and its people. The subsequent transformation from dictatorship to democracy has not brought about the much needed relief to the sufferings of the common people. The quest for peace seems to be eluding the Iraqis. Hope this bumpy ride towards democracy could one day bring peace to the country.                                                 Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh                                                        Rajiv Gandhi case and Subramaniam Swamy The Rajiv Gandhi case is still haunting Dr.Subramaniam Swamy. In India apart from Dr. Swamy nobody seems to evince any interest in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Dr.Subramaniam Swamy, if he is really interested in solving the mystery behind the conspiracy to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi, he should use all his powers to secure the presence of Kumaran Padmanabha who is in the custody of Srilanka government against whom the Chennai TADA trial court had issued a warrant. Once KP is brought to India and questioned all skeletons will come out of the cubboard. I dare Dr. Swamy to rake up the issue of Kumaran Padmanabha.There is no point in challenging Sonia in this regard read the news in The Hindu 2 April Chennai edition. J.Mohanraj, Chennai