Hyderabad bombed: why and by whom

Why Hyderabad was bombed can be surmised though it is still too early to answer the second question as to who did it.

Till early 1970s, Hyderabad had no communal tension. As a student there this writer had a pleasant surprise. Hailing from Malegaon, he had come to Hyderabad. There was a ruckus at Kothi in a local bus; people had started using Urdu expletives while speaking Telugu. In a reflex, fearing riot, I got up to rush out with my friend but he pulled me down and assured me that there was no riot. It was customary for the Telugu people to use their language and resort to Urdu for pet abuses.

All that changed soon. The riots over Babri mosque made matters worse. Since then the Hindu right has nursed the city by infusing hate ideology. The MIM appeared in response. More recently, the VHP stepped up its spade-work of communalizing politics and militarizing Hindus. Phalanx of cadres of Bajrang Dal and RSS appeared in impressive display with arms. The state Congress government did nothing to check it. Akbaruddin Owaisi’s hate speech of daring to face Hindu extremist hordes for 15 minutes with police withdrawn is the outburst of exasperation over the proactive role of violence against Muslims by the Police in communal riots.

The international president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Pravin Togadia’s riposte did not take long to come. He said: “Muslim vote bank kay aadhar par desh mein loot machi hui hai. Isi vajehsey Hyderabad ka ek kutta apne aap ko sher samajhnay laga hai. Ek nay kaha ki police hatalo. Mainey kaha ki 20 saal mein jab jab police hati hai, tab desh ka itihaas dekh lo. Agar tujhe pata nahin hai, to aainey mein itihaas dikhadun. Andhra mein jab police hati to saikdon lashein bich gaye thi. In mein ak bhi Hindu nahin tha aur Bihar kay Bhagalpur mein jab plice hati thi to lakhon lashen bich gayei thin jo bahti hui samundertak pahunch gay thin. In mein ek laash bhi Hinudun ki nahin thi…Koi hamen chunauti na dey” (On account of the vote bank politics there is plunder in the country. Due to this a dog of Hyderabad has assumed himself to be a lion. One asked the police to move away. I answered that whenever the police moved away, look at the history of the country at such a time. If you don’t know it, I will show it to you in the mirror. When the police moved away in Andhra Pradesh there were scores of dead bodies piled up. There was not a single Hindu body there. In Bhagalpur of Bihar,  when the police moved away, many lakh were killed. They were washed away into the sea. Not a single body was of a Hindu.… 

Remember Nellie in Assam, where the police was removed. Over 3000 people died, not one of them was a Hindu. Remember Bhagalpur, where the police was removed, so many people died that it was difficult to count, not one of them was a Hindu. Dead bodies flew into the sea. Remember Meerut, Moradabad, Gujarat. Let no one dare to challenge us!).

This is a most audaciously ferocious challenge and could and did find an illustration or retaliation. It could produce an instant illustration by the Hindu fanatics or retaliation by their counterparts. But the circumstances leave no doubt what is behind the scene. Actually realizing it as it did, this threat constitutes one of what VD Savarkar had called “super atrocious reprisal.” In his book “The Six Glorious Epochs”, Savarkar praises Vir Banda Bairagi as a martyr for what he did as “the most appropriate retaliation for the molestation of the Hindu women…the burning of the Muslim locality…not to speak of the subject parade of Muslim men, women and children, bare-footed under the hot Sun…and finally the proclamation of a Hindu state in the whole of the Punjab.”

That super atrocity for Hindu Rashtra is of the vintage 1857. In between, Hyderabad changed from Nizam to the Indian rule and what happened in the “Police Action” of Sardar Patel was also a matter of atrocity matching that of the partition of the country a year ago.

What Togadia envisages vis-à-vis Bhagyalakshmi Temple abutting the Charminar is compounded atrocity. He did not mince his words when he told the Muslims that VHP will “convert Hyderabad into Ayodhya if Hindus are not allowed to perform Puja”. (This despite the fact the prayers by Hindus go on uninterrupted.) The VHP will teach Muslims of Hyderabad a lesson that they will never forget. This is similar to what Narendra Modi also had said in the late night meeting at his residence on February 28, 2002. He translated his words into deeds as Togadia saw it in Naroda Patia sitting and watching in his plush clinic what the Bajrang Dal, RSS under Babu Bajrangi were doing to the Muslims in Gujarat.

Togadia like his Secretary in the VHP Ashok Singhal wanted to replicate it in Hyderabad.

The preparations for such an eventuality had begun long ago. LK Advani said on February 23, 2013 that it was Pakistan behind the Hyderabad attack. But first note how many times he refers to the neighbour: “The neighbouring country has not been successful in waging a war against India in the last few decades, so it has resorted to proxy war. The neighbouring country has taken recourse to terrorism to trouble India. There is no doubt that there is the hand of the neighbouring country in Hyerabad blasts. Pakistan should abide by the commitment made during the meeting between Vajpayee and Musharraf, whereby Pakistan undertook not to allow its soil to be used for terror acts against India.” This is the Nazi version of underscoring the truth you want others to believe. Even before any clues were found, the truth was established ala BJP and RSS. As in the case of the attack on Parliament on December 13, 2001, Advani again showed how best he knew the country of his origin and birth!

Converting Hyderabad into Ayodhya matches converting attack on Parliament into a full fledged war on Pakistan. Advani in his rath yatra and the demolition of Babri did the latter while Tagodia is aiming at the former emulating Advani.

In the aftermath of the attack on Parliament, the government under Advani and Vajpayee had mobilized the army to attack Pakistan. That was also “super atrocity reprisal.” So the question is: who in India is always itching for it?

This must remain un-answered for a time. However, what is irrepressible is the kind of communal tension built up around last Diwali, the hype over the temple at Charminar, the cycle march of Togadia carrying the statue of Hanuman and curtaining off with cloth the houses from the road view of it, etc, have built upto a flash point. It is reminiscent of the partition era. Sardar Patel, who is so much cherished by some in Hyderabad, also reminds the role of such build up. Writing in a letter to Shyama Prasad Mookherji on July 18, 1948 he says: “As regards the RSS and Hindu Mahasabha, the case relating to Gandhiji’s murder is sub judice and I should not like to say anything about the participation of the two organizations, but our reports do confirm that, as a result of the activities of these two bodies, particularly the former, an atmosphere was created in the country in which such a ghastly tragedy became possible. There is no doubt in my mind that the extreme section of the Hindu Mahasabha was involved in the conspiracy.”

The question now is: who is the leader of which extremist group involved in this tragedy of Hyderabad, Togadia of VHP or Akbaruddin of MIM?