A complicated conspiracy

Soon after the blasts in Hyderabad, BJP and anti-AIMIM elements started to link the blasts with the so-called hate speech of Akbaruddin Owaisi. Even in Parliament, BJP leaders raised this issue. The Hyderabad (Dilsukh Nagar) blast is a part of a big conspiracy. Consider the following:

(1) Shinde held BJP & RSS responsible for terrorism in a statement. His statement was meaningless in the absence of any action against Sangh Parivar. If he was having proof, he should have taken action, which was not done. It was just to please Muslims.

(2) BJP made the most of Shinde’s blunder. By resorting to strong protest, it forced Shinde to withdraw his statement.

(3) By withdrawing his statement, Shinde provided a clean chit and a license to the Sangh Parivar to continue carrying out terror activities as usual.

(4) Now it will be awkward for any agency to even doubt Sangh Parivar, leave alone taking any action against its terrorists. BJP is doing everything as per agenda, which includes blaming AIMIM. A.P. Government too seems much pleased to see AIMIM being targeted by the BJP.

Many of us were asking those who were unnecessarily and baselessly opposing and criticising Akbaruddin. They did not know that anti-Muslim forces have their own agenda. Now they might be feeling the consequences of their emotional action and timidness. Sycophants too grabbed this opportunity to show their shameless mentality. They could not even sense the extraordinary hostility. Opponents of Akbaruddin did a disservice to their own community. It is also interesting to see our Electonic Media blaming AIMIM even before BJP.

Rasheed Ansari, Hyderabad