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MG You have been doing great service to the Ummah for years together. You brought out news/information that were ignored/suprresed by the so called National papers. I am sure, Allah, with his unseen hands, will keep it alive. May Allah take care of the Management. Dr. E. P. Sharafuddin, Port Blair, A&N Islands   Mahmood Madni interview I am pained at the Aaj Tak interview of Mehmood Madani Sahab. I am equally unhappy at his defence by my good friend, Dr. Zafarul Islam. We are the victims of Modi, and we have seen his murderous politics at very close range. To just quote two examples, the Naroda Patia killings lasted about ten hours. The place is barely a few kms from the Police Commissioner’s office, and also from the Chief Minister’s residence. The principal figure in the murderous assault and rapes of our sisters , was Maya Kodnani an MLA. The Court has convicted her after a decade of being protected by BJP leadership. But the unusual aspect is that this lady was promoted after the riots and made a Minister. Does Mehmood Madani agree with the BJP/ RSS explanation that Modi was unaware of what happened in Naroda Patia? Incidentally one of the most brutal incidents occurred there, when a six year old child, separated from his family, during the killings, begged for water. These killers asked him to open his mouth, the innocent child did so, and these satans poured petrol into his mouth and then ignited the child. He just exploded . Even after eleven years Modi has not once said that what happened here was wrong and that he is sorry for it. Can Mehmood Madani persuade him to atleast follow the path of Ram ? Secondly The Central Government pre matric scholarships amounting to 13.5 crores is held up in Gujarat. It can benefit about one lakh Muslim boys and girls. The Gujarat High Court full bench has just thrown out the Gujarat Government writ against it. Can Mehmmod Madani persuade his new friend Modi to not take the matter to the Supreme Court ? For that will drag the issue by another two years, hurting our poor boys and girls. Finally I never thought a day will come when the grandson of the great Hussain Ahmed Madani will become an apologist for Narendra Modi. J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodra MG: It is not correct that I have given Modi a clean chit or that I supported Maulana Mahmood Madni in doing so. My understanding was based on a clip shown on Ajtak TV in which he said that his people in Gujarat said that some Muslims had voted for Modi or BJP in the last elections; and he reasoned that some may be afraid while others may be simpletons or acting under local considerations. My understanding of the phenomenon of some Gujarati Muslims voting for BJP is the same and I know that even in 2002 some Muslims had voted for BJP. Acceptance of this fact and trying to undestand it does not mean giving Modi a clean chit or forgiving him. I was the first to disagree with Millat and Mushawarat's senior leader Syed Shahabuddin when he sent a letter to Modi on the eve of elections. I am constantly writing and speaking against Modi and warning against his prime ministerial ambitions. (Zafarul-Islam Khan) II I strongly condemn Shree Saiyed Mehmood Madni for making anti-Muslim statement so far as Gujarat is concerned. Without verifying the ground realities, he has made the statements. It seems that he has some axe to grind with the present dispensation. He has exposed his selfish mind. Such so-called leaders have done more damage to Muslims than good. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot Gujarat   Article on Arabic I have read your article on Arabic in India in the latest issue of the Milli Gazette. It has much useful information but for some reason you have not given any idea of the number of universities and affiliated colleges where Arabic is being taught at the under-graduate or Honour and Post-Graduate level degree and research Activities. This would be useful to promote Arabic studies in the country and to encourage foreign scholars. Syed Shahabuddin MG: So kind of you to have taken time to read my article on Arabic in India. Since I had only 25-30 minutes for the address, it was not possible to go into detail. I believe Arabic is taught in about 20 universities across India while there are Arabic departments in may be 200 colleges. I do not have any official figures. In general, Arabic study in our universities and colleges is very weak. Both teachers and students are not able to write or speak modern Arabic fluently. One reason is that there is little interaction with Arab universities. We should adopt textbooks in vogue in Arab universities, our teachers should be able to visit Arab countries on study tours and our students should be facilitated to go to Arab univeristies for further education. Both Al-Azhar and Saudi universities, which used to welcome a few dozen of Indian students every year, are now almost closed because they have trimmed scholarships to Indian students. The situation will change if our government officially takes up the matter with the Egyptian and Saudi governments. There are good facilities for the study of Arabic as a foreign language in many other Arab countries like Sudan, Tunisia and Jordan.   Misinterpretation of freedom of expression and secularism Indian constitution has conferred a number of fundamental rights to all Indian citizens irrespective of their religion, race, region or caste and also has declared India a secular estate which gives equal respect to all religions. Bu at the same time no right is absolute and is subject to reasonable restriction. How strange and shocking is that whenever any author or writer or film producer through his books, writing or films attacks any religion and hurts the feeling of any community or section of Indian people especially Muslims and Dalits, media and intellectuals most of whom are atheists and have scanty knowledge about Islam support these writers and film producers in the name of freedom of expression and secularism as is evident from their staunch support to Nandi, Kamal Hassan, Rushdi and Taslima Nasreen. They completely ignore the religious feelings of Muslims and completely forget that Indian secularism is quite different from European secularism which is the enemy of religion. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi - 110091   Hyderabad blasts A complicated conspiracy! Soon after blasts in Hyderabad BJP and anti AIMIM elements began to link blasts with the so called hate speeches of Akbaruddin Owaisi, even in Parliament BJP leaders raised this issue. The Hyd. ( Dilsukhnagar ) blast is a part of a big conspiracy How------ Consider following: (1) Shinde held BJP & RSS responsible for terrorism in a statement. His statement was meaningless in absance of any aceion against Sangh Parivar, If he was having proof he should have taken action, which was not done. It was as per his idea it was just to please Muslims. (2) BJP made the most of Shinde’s blunder. By strong protest and forcing Shinde to withdraw his statement. ( 3 ) By withdrawing his statement Shinde provided a CLEAN CHIT and a licence to SANGH PARIVAR for carrying out Terror activities as usual ( 4 ) Now it is awkward for any agency to even doubt Sangh Parivar, leave alone taking any action. BJP is doing every thing as per her agenda, which includes blaming AIMIM! Govt. too seems to be much pleased to see AIMIM being made target of BJP Many of us were asking those who were unnecessarily, unwantedly and baselessly opposing and criticising Akbar. They were not knowingly that anti Muslim forces have their own agenda . Now they might be feeling the consequences of their emotional action and timidness. Sycophants too grabbed this opportunity to show their shameless mentality. They even could not sense the extra-ordinary hostility. Opponents of Albar did a disservice to their own community. . It is also interesting to see our Electonic Media blamed AIMIM even before BJP. Many might have seen Asad Owaisi’s rebuff Rasheed Ansari II The beastly terror attack in Hyderabad is condemnable in strongest words. The police should piece together the intelligence inputs and the perpetrators should be nailed down at the earliest. But what was reprehensible was that, while on one hand the Union Home Minister was telling that responsibility couldn’t be fixed on any outfit as of now; on the other hand, almost all the TV news channels were jumping the gun to announce IM imprint in the blasts. This wanton “collective conscience” of the TV news channels would invariably put pressure on the police to find easy scapegoats.               Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa.   Guidelines needed for media As Press Council Chief Justice Katju could and should lay down procedure that media should follow by not printing gossip, paid news, news supplied by state agencies with record of planting spurious allegation without any proof or evidence. Any violation of such common sense journalistic practices should immediately attract judicial review and strictures and media should be made criminally accountable in planting such divisive and anti-national propaganda by vested interests. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   Hazrat Ali’s words Hazrat Ali A.S. spoke beautiful words 1400 years ago. Here are sparks: (1) There is no wealth like wisdom, no destitution like ignorance, no inheritance like refinement and no support like consultation; (2) The person who is most capable of pardoning is he who is the most powerful to punish; (3) The tongue is the beast ; if it is let loose, it devours; (4) Do not feel ashamed for giving little, because refusal is smaller than that; (5) As intelligence increases, speech decreases; (6) Loving each other is half of wisdom; (7) He who guards his secrets retains control in his own hands; (8) Greed is a lasting slavery; (9) Belief means appreciation with the heart, acknowledgement with the tongue, and action with the limbs; (10) O’ people fear Allah Who is such when you speak He hears and when you conceal (a secret) He knows it. Prepare yourself to meet death which will overtake you even if you run away, catch you even if you stay and remember you even if you forget it.                Nazneen O. Saherwala  (Surat)   Is Muslim community timid coward and incapable? The pious and powerful Muslim community is getting fooled in the name of terrorism and anti-nationalism. Muslim population in India is more than 25 crores i. e., among five citizens one will be a Muslim. But the govt. and media stupids will never publish the actual figures and they will minimise the figures to satisfy Hindutva! The English daily Times of India, the Pune-based Sakal etc. are the guides for lies and pioneers to create terrorism to create fake encounters. Ajmer dargag, Hyderabad mosque, Malegaon, Nanded, Samjhauta Express bombings, subsequent killings, all were carried out by Hindutva beasts and rogues. Aseemanda saffronist revealed that he himself and his associates carried out all the bomb blasts in India and accordingly wrote apology letters to the presidents of India and Pakistan. But the saffron judiciary and police acting as dumb and deaf and no knowledge desist from releasing thousands of innocent Muslims in jails. Where are the stupid and fanatic media to highlight these injustice and nonsense against the Muslim community. Don’t add fuel to the fire. The country has to exist for long. Raj Mohan, SIF, Kochi, Kerala   Sectarian shame Liked the article titled “In barelvi-deobandi tussle, elderly woman denied burial “ in rajanandgoan (cttgh) cited on pg. 10 of Milli Gazette of 1-15 feb issue. Thanks for highlighting the matter. It is a matter of great shame on the part of Muslims as we pose ourselves as the followers of Muhammed (S. A. W) and yet practice differentiation amongst ourselves. The Muslim Ummah should wait and think that by doing so, are we not ourselves weakening our deen ?   Rehana Shabbar Hussain   Haj Subsidy As common men on the street, we are made to listen to these taunts from saffronised public regarding Haj subsidy. While I believe that Haj subsidy is a myth, and that the govt passes off the discounts received from carriers as fake subsidy. And this excuse is used to spend thousands of crores of govt money to organise melas and pujas and temple / mutt dole-outs like in Karnataka. This subject is really bothering me as a common Indian Muslim citizen. What are our elders doing? Why this has not been contested in the last 65 years? If there is subsidy, why have we not approached the govt. to stop it? We surely dont need any subsidy! It is time to clear off things from ground level. I wonder what our tall leaders like Rahman Khan, Khurshids and all the Jama’ats are doing about this deceitful subject.                 Sabeel Ahmed   Katju’s candid article Markandey Katju’s article “All the perfumes of Arabia” published by The Hindu (Feb 15) is an eye-opener. The second paragraph reflects the dangerous mindset encompassing the so-called ‘educated’ amongst the Hindus, who think that Muslims deserved the ‘punishment’ of the post-Godhra carnage. Therefore, it is not the thought that a man like Narendra Modi could become the future Prime Minister which bothers the Muslims per se, as much as the brazen defiance by some elite Hindus to the secular spirit of our nation.  Justice Katju has rightly echoed the fears in the Muslims of Gujarat to raise their voices against the horrors of 2002.  Maulana Umarji who died recently had to face the wrath of Narendra Modi government and jailed for about nine years on fictitious charges, for providing food and shelter to the refugees of Gujarat riots.    Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa   Kashmir situation Every Kashmiri has to rise to the occasion to save his identity and live honourably. The following points need our immediate attention: 1. All the organizations fighting for the cause of Kashmiris should work united, belittling their individual existence and merging into collective grand alliance. 2. Intellectuals, academicians and scholars should device ways to mitigate the problems faced by widows, orphans and destitute. 3. Special rehabilitation centres should be created for drug addicts whose number is increasing day by day. Presently it is estimated to be two lakh involving girls as well. 4. A joint charity alliance (based on collection from zakat/sadaqa/donation) should be formed for helping the poor and deserving, delinking it from any political or sectarian affiliation. 5. The religious preachers should come out from parochial approach. They should understand the universal and tolerant teaching of Islam. Sectarian approach has to be dispensed with. Please stop exploiting innocents without wasting further time and energy. 6. Every learned and capable person should develop a live interaction in his locality to educate the people about our ethos and culture. 7. Instead of showing extravagance on marriage ceremonies, the money could have been utilized for helping the poor, building the hospitals and educational institutes. 8. WE have to safeguard our economic resources and have to be judicious enough in preserving our fertile land, forests and water resources. Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Malla Bagh Srinagar   Muslims are easy prey for police S. P. of Shaikh Pura transfered and whole P. S. police investigation instituted, report submitted for the police brutality on Mukesh but no one is ready to take notice of police brutality on the headmaster of Khujuria high school of Gaya, Sherghati Ashraf Ali. D. M. Gaya did not take any cognizance and senior police officers are not ready to listen the complain. Saddam, class 9 student of Deo inter school, Danapur, was locked up in police station of Danapur where he was harshly beaten in the lock up and fell unconscious and then taken to hospital. When Saddam was arrested on 30 December, his mother Shakila Bano complained to senior officials but justice is not done. Bihar minority commission is silent. Let N. M. C. take action so that justice is done. S. Haque, Patna   Why double standards? I register my full sympathy with the hapless young lady who was gang-raped brutally in a moving Delhi bus on 16 December. It is highly condemnable and a blot on the fair name of India. This tragedy has stirred the sleeping conscience of the nation. There has been an increase in the number of rape cases, particularly against Dalit ladies like khairlanji in Bhandara district of Maharashtra and against Muslim women in anti Muslim riots, particularity in Surat and Naroda Patia etc. in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat in 2002. Had the nation risen as one voice against what happened in khairlanji, in Surat, in Naroda Patia etc.? There should not be double standards. Woman is mother of mankind. She must be respected and protected irrespective of religion, caste and creed. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra - 441904   Do the Iranians gain or lose by the Arab Awakening? Any Arab government that becomes more representative of its people’s beliefs, concerns and preferences will be less enthusiastic about strategic cooperation with the United States, but more open to the Islamic Republic’s message of foreign policy independence. What will happens if Bashaar Assad falls? Unless Assad were replaced by a Taliban-like political structure -- which would be at least as anti-American as it was anti-Shiite and anti-Iranian -- the foreign policy of post-Assad Syria would be, on most major issues, just fine for Iran. But the US policy of undermining the Islamic Republic by encouraging Saudi-backed jihadis to fight Assad may ultimately damage US security, That was what happened for Saudi-backed jihadis did in Afghanistan and Libya. So who eventually loses? Moreover, right now the Islamic Republic’s most important Arab ally isn’t Syria; it’s Iraq -- the first Arab-led Shiite state in history, an outcome made possible by the US invasion and occupation. How about Egypt?.Before meeting with President Obama, the country’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, traveled last year to Tehran, where he met with President Ahmadinejad. Iranian military ships now go through the Suez Canal -- something that Washington could have vetoed just two years ago. Because of these developments, Iran doesn’t need Syria today in the same way it once did. Tehran does not need Arab governments to be more pro-Iranian; it just needs them to be less pro-America, less pro-Israel and more independent. Americans miss a broader reality that is the Arab Awakening is accelerating the erosion of Washington’s strategic position in the Middle East, not Tehran’s. On the eve of 9/11, just over a decade ago, every Middle Eastern government -- every single one -- was either pro-American (e. g., Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the smaller Gulf Arab monarchies, and Tunisia), in negotiations to realign toward the United States (Qaddafi’s Libya) and/or anti-Iranian (Saddam’s Iraq and the Taliban’s Afghanistan). Today, the regional balance has turned decisively against Washington and in favour of Tehran. Muslims should get united forgetting Sunny-Shiah political differences. Kodimirpal,Via e mail