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Do terrorists represent countries? and other letters to the editor

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Do terrorists represent countries?
Hashim Amla is a great cricket player who has been playing cricket for his country South Africa. But former cricket test player and T.V. commentator Dean jones once called Hashim terrorist when Hashim caught a catch Dean jones said terrorist caught catch. Pervez Rasool is selected for Team India cricket squad and in a first practice match against Australia Pervez Rasool took 7 wickets. Last year Pervez bag and belongings were thoroughly checked by security agency in connection with bombs and other blasting materials tangentially treated him terrorist during IPL last year. World wide silent propaganda war waged against Muslims. To counter the propaganda war Muslims must equip themselves by getting into media in large numbers.
S. Haque, Patna

BHRC initiative to solve Madrasa dispute
Bihar human rights commission activities have solved many problems and fetched justice. See the track record of BHRC, Muslims are approaching BHRC to seek justice in Masjid and Qabristan disputes. Madhaili Madrasa at Girbamaghaili village in Madhepura district 25 acre land was captured by Musckman Mirajalam Furkan and started using as private property. Rahmati Khatoon President cum manager of Madrasa complained to BHRC BHRC member Neelami said “we saw merit in the case and directed the Madhepura D.M. on Feb. 8 2012 to send a report regarding within 4 weeks” Seeing the Bihar Minority Commission in deep slumber minorities approach BHRC.
S. Haque, Patna

Media talks the value of human lives
At Allahabad railway station on 10 Feb. evening heavy rush of kumbh yatris gathered and 36 innocent lives lost in stampede It is very sad. IBN-7 on 12 Feb. at 7.30 in its Halla Bol Programme, media raised few important paints like “human lives has price on not” “who is responsible for 36 lost lives” “when responsible officers would be punished” and channel named some railway officers, administrative and police officers, DM, SP, commissioner, mela responsible minister and government as responsible for deaths. From GRP inspector to CM total 10 responsible for death media named. Why media ever not named responsible persons for Gujarat riot 2500 innocent deaths, Bhagal Pur riot, Mumbai riot, Babri Masjid demolition etc. Are Muslims lives not precious? If yes then why media don’t accepts.
S. Haque, Patna

Death of Topas, Tomar and Sharma - inquiry and moral
During the nomination of student union election in Harimohanghose college in Kolkata, Topas choudhry S.I. was shot dead. Police caught few culprits and police inquiry was instituted on 12 Feb. Subhas chand Tomar police constable died during Delhi bus gang agitation. Police nabbed 7 students. And inquiry was instituted but when justice loving people demanded the judicial inquiry of the death of police inspector Mohan Chandra Sharma who died in hospital after the Batla House fake encounter. Inquiry demand was denied say this would lower the morality of police. In a set of police death inquiry is routine matter on the other hand at selective cases of police death inquiry lowers the moral of police why?
S. Haque, Patna

Ummah must introspect
Inaction of police and biased attitude of intelligence agencies are the vital reason of Muslims agony and sufferings but no Muslim or Muslim organisation tried to reign on the unbridle intelligence agency. But “centre for PIL” NGO filed an PIL in S.C. to reign the Intl. agencies (I.B. RAW, NTRO) through a statutory and parliamentary supervision. Prashant Bhusan and Anil Devan requested the Bench to consider whether it was in public interest to entrust unbridled power on intelligence agencies. There was no statutory or parliamentary supervision on the Intl. agencies. S.C. accepted the petition for hearing. Muslims should have taken this issue to court but instead of struggling for justice, Imran Khan the Bollywood actor has filed a PIL in Maharastra HC challenging the govt. decision to set drinking age at 25 from 21 argumenting that 21 age is enough to purchase, possession, from sport by few consumption of liquor age 25 is unreasonable. These actors of Muslim name get success is a deep rooted conspiracy to project them ideal to spoil Ummah
S. Haque, Patna

Narsimha Rao death mystery
Dr A H Maqdoomi touched the saffron brain in Congress party by writing “P.M. Narsimharao died but neither agni nor bhoomi could accept his corps only day consumed” (MG / 16-28 Feb. 2013). Congress ruled A.P. of that time had instituted an inquiry commission to investigate why it could happen. Maqdoomi sb. Belong to A.P. he should bring the report of commission out so that world know the facts.
S. Haque, Patna

Before judicial process media declare verdict
Delhi police filed chargesheet against Fasih Muhammad for being I.M. member and involved in Jama Masjid terror blast case on 16 Feb. A national hindi daily wrote “Aatanki Fasih aur 18 ke khilaf chargesheet filed”. After filing chargesheet judicial process would begin but media declared him terrorist. P.C.I. must take notice of media saffron modus operandi.
S. Haque, Patna

ONUS on judiciary to prove law is same for all
Marriage to Christian Preserve Dalit status” MG / 16-28 Feb. ‘13 p - 4 mentioned the Madras H.c. verdict about preserving dalit status after marriage or conversion. But this yard stick does not apply, to Muslim A converted Muslim woman A. Fathima from A. Premavathy claimed her S.C. status for a government job criteria was rejected by Madras H.C. justice k. Chandru rejected A. Fathima claim saying “She was a hindu before her marriage and born in Hindu sengunthar community. Therefore she cannot transfer he community only because of her marriage” Zubair Ahmad Khan, Mumbai rightly post mortumed hindusthan what Advani pronounces and Togadia wants to carve where Muslims wouldn’t have voting rights (MG / 16-28 Feb. 2013 / p-3) through MG / 16-28 Feb. ‘13 / p-23 “two different laws for same crime”
S. Haque, Patna

To engage Muslim facts are concealed
Before assembly election an advertisement published in Urdu dailies (12 August 10) about coaching of minority candidates selected in exam. with free fooding, lodging and training from minority welfare department. This scheme started by 25 August 2010 to increase minority representation in police department. After police selection result announcement the matter challenged in Patna H.C. and I.G. Arvid Pandey found some BMP-13 appointed persons were riot capable of the job. On 7 Feb. ‘13 recruitment of 43000 policemen is announced then home secretary and minority welfare dept. principal secretary Aamir Subhani announced that minority welfare department would arrange free coaching programme for minority successful candidate with free fooding, lodging and training as arranged in 2010 which yielded immense success with lot of minority candidates could be recruited. Minority dept. should have brought clear cut picture of how many place and so many day training programme, how may candidate coached and out of total how individual must bring the facts and figure out so Muslim candidates could feel confident to face recruitment exam. and board.
S. Haque, Patna

Darul Uloom would establish Schools
One of the best in Islamic teachings in world, Darul Uloom Deoband (Waqf) is planning to establish high stand English medium School of CBSE or ICSE recognized. Mohatamin of Darul Uloom has written a letter to U.P. C.M. and S.P. chief Mulayam Singh Yadav sacking help. It is a positive initiative. Government should lend supporting hand to spread education. Saffron brigade would target this initiative as their nature. But governments earlier gave lands to DAV Schools. In every state DAV has many schools on government land.
S. Haque, Patna

Police inspector jailed for fight but….
Police inspector Subodh kumar Singh was sent to jail for imbroglio and fight with stealing precious things. Court sent police inspector jail (13 Feb. 13) D.I.G. Alok Kumar is suspended for demanding 10 crore bribes. S.P. Shaikh Pura Ram babu is facing charges for IIIrd degree torture. But police responsible for killing 4 innocents Muslims at Bhajan Pura and in arraria roaming free. That is why hai mera bharat mahan because Owaisi is in jail and Togadia is roaming free.
S. Haque, Patna

Trick of establishment against Muslim educational activities
More than 5 years passed, AMU campus is not started only in the name of AMU campus barren land is lying is captured by adivasis and government representative district magistrate announces to plant costing Rs. 32 lakhs in AMU land. And CUB just one and half year old educational activities started and soft ware, computers scientific instruments are being purchased for environmental science programmes etc. This is deep rooted conspiracy to engage Muslim & halt educational activities.
S. Haque, Patna

US cheated India in Afghanistan
The new defence secretary of United states Mr. Chuck Hagel seems apathy towards Indian sensitivity ,How he can gage India with China .Is he not aware that China has number of conflicts with India .It is constantly extending its borders in Laddak It claiming the state of Arunachal Pradesh .Constructing Hydel power dams on the river Brahma Putra .It has disallowed India in the south China sea. Drawing undue advantage in business with India .But India is showing restraint on its each illegal demands .India does not want confrontation or any friction with China .India has 2 billion$ on the development projects on behalf of US demand .Now Mr Chuck Is also giving credit to China for its assistance in development projects but also he has accepted that the share of China is meagre in comparison with China. After vacating US forces from Afghanistan the Islamic militants will take over the reign of Afghanistan .Pakistan and China will play pivotal role in Afghanistan. India has favoured the aggression of US on Afghanistan .It was a blunder mistake committed by India .The Taliban forces will any how co-operate with Pakistan and China .After going back the US forces will not care for the developments taking in Afghanistan. India should anticipate the impending danger for its countrymen .It should have direct deliberation with Taliban forces .The Taliban are staunch Muslims following the Devband school of thought .The Indian government can take the help of scholars of Devband Even Jamyetul Ulama can do this job .Any slackness or delay or resentment will cause irreparable loss to Indian citizens working in Afghanistan .The Indian rulers specially the the caste Hindus who are prejudiced with Islam and Muslims must shed their stance of hatred Now the Us has neglected the reservations of Indian rulers .It wants that India should develop friendship with Pakistan and China .Being the neighbours of India ,it should had good friendly relations .Now the way left for India to become good friend of Pakistan as well China .India should not neglect the intensity of friendship between China and Pakistan .China does not want friend at the cost enmity with Pakistan .The Indian rulers do not want this corridor to be made use of. It has made mistake by making Pakistan a permanent enemy. In politics there are no permanent friends or foes .
Dr A H Maqdoomi Hyderabad

For justice IBN7, wages Jihad
IBN7 air the injustice inflicted upon Malegaon youths arrested in the name of terror blast (MG / 16-28 Feb. ‘13 / congratulation IBN - 7) now IBN-7 aired a report on valley massacre of Muslim in which official records say 1800 were killed by confirmed sources said more than 6 thousands were killed. IBN - 7 detailed that after 30 yrs. not a single responsible taken to task and not a single Muslim got justice. Only 300 FIR were filed but that to closed (IBN - 7 / 18/02/13 / 1-40 p.m.) waging a war against injustice is Jihad what IBN-7 started defying saffron mindset of media.
S. Haque, Patna

Rise of BJP and judiciary
In the recent imbroglio between justice Katju and BJP leader Arun Jaitly at an article the hinu / 15/02/13 about how Hitler occupied chancellor position of Germany and menaced lakhs jews. Justice Katju wrote “there is still a mystery as to what exactly happened in Godhra” and charged Jaitly for twisting the facts. Indian judiciary knowing the facts what happened on 22-23 December 1948 night when idol was placed in historical Babri Masjid and how easily fact twisted and propagated that idol self appeared. But insaf ki devi tied black rob on her eyes.
S. Haque, Patna

Surya namaskar and desh drohi
18th Feb. 2013 is celebrated as 150 anniversary of Swami Vivekananda who opposed idol worshiping. Bihar government issued a circular to all government school to organise surya namaskar but opposed by Muslims government made surya namaskar optional. In Bihar assembly budget session first day (18 Feb.) RJD opposed suryanamaskar. Akhtarul Iman MLA said JD (U) is implementing RSS agenda. Then health minister Ashwani Choube (BJP) branded them traitor and Pakistan who opposed surya namaskar. Then UTI scamster, coffin ghotala perpatator, BJP president Bangaru laxaman took bribe, 70 lakh crore black money who deposited in foreign banks, from jeep ghotala (1948) to V.V. Imp person helicopter ghotala (2013) uncountable no of ghotala baaz, sprious life saving drug producers supplier of poor guilty bullet proof jacket (Shaheedo karkare lost life due to that bullet proof jacket) etc. are desh bhakts?
S. Haque, Patna

Jalianwalabaag, Dhulia, Bhajan Pura, Hashim Pura….
David cameron, British P.M. paid deep condolence and wrote “Jalianwala bag massacre is shameful act (1919). In British history” (20 Feb. ‘13). Justice loving people expected apology from cameron but he wrote shameful act in visitor book after 94 years. In British ruled India there were innumerable excesses and only one Jalianwalabaag but in independent India a series of Jalianwalabaag’s like Dhule, Bhajan Pura, Bharat Pura Muradabad Eidgah Hashim Pura etc. where Indian police acted like general dyre’s army. It makes further shameful that the ruling class shielded the responsible khaki monsters. For irresponsible behaviour and shielding the culprits society resulting deterioration in working culture like Delhi police chief in court apologised unconditially and SHRC of Bihar asked Bihar police to apologise the people for inaction during ranvir sena chief last rite yatra and justice Anand narayan Mulla called police “band of dacoits in uniform”. But who cares?
S. Haque, Patna

Intelligence failure - Now and then
At the call of 11 trade union and left parties, a nation wide bandh observed on 20-21 February though S.C. had issued tough signal against hartal and bandhs particularly violent bandhs. Approximately 30 thousand crores loss expected in 2 days of bandhs. But on 20th bandh, Noida effected badly many dozen cars burnt any public transport buses vandalised. Then media raised question about intelligencence failure that intelligence and security department were so inept too visualise the mass movement which resulted huge loss of private and public properties. Now why complaining for failure of intelligence failure? When intelligence delibratly failed at Muslim massacre or riots or at Babri Masjid demolition reached practised then intelligence failures were not a matter of concern and clandestinely appreciated. Thy why now crying at intellige failure?
S. Haque, Patna

H M put his foot in his mouth
H. M. of India Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde publicly announced that he had proofs that BJP and RSS promoted terrorism. Then aam aadmi rejoiced and beat drums not knowing congress nature. Just after 30 days our H.M. Mr. Shinde clarified that there was no factual base of his Jaipur speech and expressed regrets. Earlier BJP demanded unconditional apology but satisfied with regret on 20 Feb. In “solid proof - baseless” episode of home minister CPI member Atul Kumar Anjan commented that out of three our H. M. have lost balance, H M either told lie or now telling lie now, any give and take deal finalised b/w. BJP and cong, only one is possible. Let Atul Kumar Anjan expose the deal and explain what congress led UPA government achieved in between 20 January to 20 February.
S. Haque, Patna

SDPI filed case against surya namaskar
Social democratic party of India filed a petition against surya namaskar in chief judicial magistrate court in Patna on 18 Feb. It is a delicate issue and about Allahabad S.C. commented that some thing rotten in Allah. H C must be considered while approaching court. It loses the case, would boost saffron brigade. So before taking such step, famous law practitioners, and MPL Board would have been contacted otherwise for cheap publicity would prove costly for Ummah.
S. Haque, Patna

Other side of development
Two states (Gujarat, Bihar) are considered best developed or developing states in India as in media presented in both states BJP is involved for ruling partially or wholly and both states ruling team head are projected as P. M. candidate. But let us test the development claim. English daily (21 Feb.) put a heading “Juhapura ghetto gets first corporation school”. Juhapura is thickly populated Muslim vast area in Ahmedbad, Gujarat. Urdu daily (21/02/13) put a caption Due to deep financial crunches daughter is sold for Rs. 5000” Shama Perween, resident of ward 35, Phulwari sold her daughter due to poverty. She don’t have BPL, APL cards. Phulwari is just 3 k.m. from Bihar assembly. There are hidden side of development and mirror to Ummah.
S. Haque, Patna

Saffron modus operandi - claim for canon get gun
Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said that government was concerned with surya namaskar. It was director basic education issued letter and government could not force any one to participate in surya namaskar those who wanted might participate. This is secret of tactics how to implement saffron agenda. The modu operandi is first make compulsory and then declare it optional thus saffron agenda are being implemented. Apply a license for canon and at least gun license would be given.
S. Haque, Patna

Selection of Anjum Aara in IPS brings welcome justice news
Anjum Ara is second Muslim lady who successfully selected for IPS. Sara Rizvi was first. It is amazing that this news appeared in national daily on 21 Feb. giving Anjum ara details. She belongs to Azamgarh. Now understand why Azamgarh is on saffron radar and why media, Intl. agencies and police created havoc of aatankgarh. It is only because Azamgarh and like other where Muslim concentrate on education saffron brigade knows that educated Muslim should take away its share. That is why Ishrat Jahan 19 year college going student from Mumbai killed in fake encounter in Gujarat in 2004. What a coincidence that on 21 Feb. G. L. Singhal IPS who was one of 20 police men involved in Ishrat Jahan fake encounter arrested. Anjum Aara selection news brought another welcome news that innocent late Ishrat Jehan is getting justice. Congratulation Anjum! Fetch justice to oppressed of society in service.
S. Haque, Patna

Illitrate community is used as tools
For college election union on the day of filing nomination in college police was shot and half a dozen Muslim youth arrested. On the call of of 11 trade union bandh, Hazarat Omer Block Excutive of Debi Pur Panchoyat of Behram Pur cold not atten office on 20 Feb. His ear was chopped off on when he reached office on 21 Feb. In 24 Pragana Moulana Ruhul Qudus was killed on 19 Feb. night this led to resentment and agitation. Then West Bengal minority development minister blamed opposition and congress for fanning trouble before panchayat election. The timid and cowardness of Muslim leaders are one of course of Muslims robbed off their rights and lagging. He is used by govt. to target opposition and he cannot open his mouth to fulfill the promises made by mamta “reservation, CBI inquiry of Waqf properties loot etc.” Though Muslim population in W B is 24% but illetracy among Muslim more than 67%. That why Muslims are used and forced t receiving end.
S. Haque, Patna

Media character is pinching Sibal
Union government of India has famous pleader of SC is a cabinet minister and powerful leader of congress Mr. Kapil Sibal blamed the media spoiling image of government (20 Feb.) he said media present negative picture of government so government has to develop another option to present our (govt.) achievements. What Muslims have been telling how media carried the agenda of saffron brigade and targetted Muslims. Even routinely media hid the injustices against Muslims. Ruling class and parties silently enjoyed the media role projecting Muslims as burden or country. Now it is their turn to cry. Let Kapil Sibal complain.
S. Haque, Patna

Failed Muslim leadership
Bihar 1st budget day Dinesh Singh MLA protested with wine bottle. Aryan TV on 18th Feb. at 8 pm aired a programme on “ban liquor”. In the programme executive Abhiranjan Kumar commented at Parwin Amanullah social welfare minister that “she failed at 4 front - (1) Being social welfare minister should have opposed liquor policy that liquor is spoiling society. (2) Being a women - she must be knowing how families are crumbling. (3) Being a Muslim - Islam declared it Haraam (4) She dared to challenge Anant Sinh MLA (JDU) policy she didn’t oppose Similarly on surya namaskar issue she declined to commet. If Muslim leaders don’t have their own views then Ummah must think and debate to weed out timid show piece leadership.
S. Haque, Patna

Is reform mean only appointment?
As police high handedness surfaces r khaki brutality comes to media light or great lapses (barring riots / fake encounters / arresting on cooked charge of Muslims) pierce the society immediately and a wave of police reform instantly created. And then the police reform ceases to only appointment. The similar modus operandi is adopted when judiciary comes on radar (recently) P M raised alarm over 3 crore cases pending in curts) then voices for judicial reform started and then whole media started pouring datas how many judge vacancies are lying vacant and judge - public ratio data countries will be published as if appointments would only solve the problems. This is deep conspiracy to fool the mass whose conscience. Merely by appointing few thousand judges or few lakhs police would not serve any purpose without fixing responsibility
S. Haque, Patna

Urdu media least interested to know facts
Devanand Kanwar government of Bihar addressed joint budget session of Bihar assembly on 18 Feb. reading hostels in districts completed and rest of district minority hostel will soon completed. Muslim media should verify the facts because news from many districts minority hostel incompletion comes? In how many minority hostel students are living? Bihar C.M. had announced 27000 Urdu teacher appointment in 2009 three yrs. passed. No Urdu media followed that is why politicians take benefit of Muslim media timidness and Muslims are used as vote bank.
S. Haque, Patna

The great Indian railways
The Indians can boast on the greatest Railway network in the world .I have travelled several times from Kanniya Kumari to Srinagar .I have and visited all the metros as companion to my friend who was a pharmacist in the Railway .I want to offer some important suggestions to Railway Authorities 1)Beggars Menace:- They accompany the passengers right from the platform to their alighting station .Hundreds of beggars travel freely without the fear of RPF,TTES ,Stations Masters etc .We also come across eunuchs collecting money as the passengers as are their indebted .they do not accept less than 10 Rupees. If the railway police take action against them they will not trouble the passengers. 2) In the night hours from 11to 5 the name of the station should announced by the announcers .the passengers who sleep can ascertain the time of their destination .At least the name of the station be repeated thrice .Then the train number be announced .Those passengers who want to get down on the next station can be alert . The name of the station is not visible in the darkness . 3) The tea and coffee venders should not be allowed to enter into the compartment and disturb the sleeping passengers >Just for one or two customers they disturb the sleep of all the other passengers. 4)In some of the stations the Masters welcome the arriving passengers .On the same time they must address the passengers sitting in the train to accommodate the passengers who have entered into the compartment .
Dr. Maqdoomi, Hyderabad