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MG Having found Milli Gazette in his hand, one is bound to be proud of it as it is the only media through which a reader not only visits the Muslim World but come across the day to day victimisation and achievements politically, economically, socially, educationally with different modes and styles in various ways. One may rightly claim that MG is a glorified invaluable Milli document being published by the right people for the benefit of right thinking people under the fabric of ethics, honesty, impartiality, truth, discipline, principles, decency, code and norms of journalism which are hardly or never seen now-a-days globally.  We the Indian Muslims are really fortunate to have such a nice and marvellous documentary treasure amongst us. However, the other side presents the very sad and shapeless reality spotted with grimy, gloomy and apathetic negative thinking of Millat particularly with regard to the Muslim newspapers, journals, periodicals, magazines etc. In this connection, impudency of Umma is clearly evident as till now we have not realised the importance of a daily newspaper, fortnightly, weekly at the national level but depend upon papers which have no sympathy, support and softness for us, Alas, majority of Muslims are unaware of the publication of MG or those having knowledge have no time and keenness to touch the paper even, which puts a question mark on the survival of the fortnightly. Renowned poet late Akbar Allahabadi had rightly observed for the Muslim papers like Milli Gazette as follows: "Kheencho na kamanon ko, na talwar nikaalo, gar top muqaabil ho to akhbar nikalo" (Do not pull arrows-nor take out swords, in case of facing the gun, publish a newspaper.) Advertisements are the source and soul of every paper playing vital role in their establishment. Undoubtedly Indian Muslims have large number of reputed and well established business houses, industries, commercial agencies, businessmen, traders, entrepreneurs, institutions, banks and such other related organisations around the country but none has any time to think to facilitate MG with advertisements whereas these agencies get their advertisements published regularly in so-called national papers and others published in different cities.  Surprisingly, advertisements of AMU, JMI, Hamdard, Anjuman-e-Islam Mumbai and Muslim establishments of all the four corners appearing in dailies, weeklies, periodicals and even local English and Hindi papers but none of them has fund for MG! It is a well known fact that Central and state governments have no place for MG because of its impartial, unbiased and honest standing with fair and fine status of journalism in all the way which demands Ummah to rise above the level by keeping aside its indifferent attitudes towards the paper which is regrettably not attempted at individual and collective level at all. Faheemuddin, Nagpur-13 II I have been a regular reader of the Milli Gazette since a long time. In fact, I have instigated Star N Services in Pusad to start the distribution of MG here and helped him get subscriptions from individuals and institutions. MG is catering to the needs of much awaited nationalpaper, thanks to you and your board of editors and all the staff. It was so panicking to know in between that MG was in financial crunch and needed much help. We are actually very careless about our own selves, our requirements and necessities. We prefer to buy a dish TV connection but we dont want to spend one or two hundred rupees for a newspaper of the caliber of MG. How can we lament when the people and the issue, both are ours. As Ghalib rightly put in, Hairaan hoon R0-oon dil ko kay peetoon jigar ko main. Muqaddar ho to saath rakhkhoon nauha gar ko main. Khan Hasnain Aaqib, Pusad, Maharashtra   Koi batlao kay hum batlaayen kiya... Stories are not corroborated by any other news agency/magazine, so seem only one sided. Dr. Munawar Hasan, Makarana - 341505 (Raj)   Bomb Blasts Serve As Reprieve The twin bomb blasts in Hyderabad served the rulers of central government as a reprieve .The time and place has favoured the rulers .Though the security agencies  have informed the home minister and the home minister in turn has warned the Cm of AP to be alert. But unfortunately the state machinery could not take the measures to apprehend the culprits and 16 precious innocent lives had to be sacrificed for terrorism. How ever the blasts was a blessing in disguise .The central government was the most benefitted stock due to the bomb blast .The blasts served the following purposes 1) Release of MIM MLA  who was given bail as against the will of BJP and congress fanatics Hindus were quit against release of Akbar, 2) Rising of prices of essential commodities due to the spiralling prices of petrol and diesel prices, 3) The role played by Indian Mujahedeen was being overlooked by people now again it came into lime light .Their activism has not stopped, 4) The Centre was in  utter desperation due to the political and non political groups’  pressure now the tension was subsided due to this blast, 5) The police and security agencies can apprehend Muslim youths on charges of terrorism .This action of the ruling congress rejoice the fanatic Hindus who can vote to congress rather to the BJP, 6)  Venkayya Naidu has blamed Pakistan for this blast .This blame indirectly strengthened the congress vote bank.   This will raise the graph of hatred to Pakistan .This is the desire of caste Hindus who think a life saving drug for Hinduism .They such political dialysis for degrading Hinduism, 7) The government may need such daredevils to make blasts wherever  there is need as per their preconceived policy                                   DR Maqdoomi Hyderabad   Persian written Ramayan in Vaishali Hajipur is HQ of Vaishali District where Chechnar village is situated. During Indira Gandhi tenure, excavations were carried out in this village where many ancient idols were found and amazingly a Persian manuscript of Ramayana was also found. During ancient period the medium of education and civilisation in this area was Persian and Urdu. In excavation, palera idols, Muslim era tomb, idol of Budha and Stupa at Wajidpur Saidaat village were found. Development during the ancient period was due to Muslim domination and it proves that Muslim rulers were so secular that they allowed Hindus to follow their religion even in Persian and Urdu. Muslim rulers made available Hindu scripture in Persian. This should open the eyes of the saffron brigade who target Muslim rulers. S. Haque, Patna   Salman Rushdie Salman Rushdie with dirty eyes should be given a chance to speak before our Muslim scholars. MG has given good news. Brother Yusuf Muchhala is quite broad minded to give suggestion to invite the so called author to a debate on Islam and our beloved Prophet. Muslim scholars who are proficient in English and are good debater should be invited to participate in such debate. The event should be given good publicity on inter national level. Let us inspire our young generation to have a healthy and positive approach. We are sure to win the debate, InshAllah. Why worry? Islam is a strong truth and it is a beautiful truth. Let is attract people toward Islam by doing such activities.. Nazneen O.Saherwala(Surat, India).   Surya namaskar in Bihar govt. schools Bihar government has issued an order to host surya namaskar programme in every government school and college on 18 Feb. on the 160th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Surya namaskar is Hindu sanskar to adore surya (Sun) as God. This is pseudo secularism.         S. Haque, Patna   Vishawaroopam The article titled “Vishawaroopam reinforces global stereotypes, justifies US terror” published on pg.8 th of 18-28 th Feb issue of  Milli Gazette was really very informative. Please do accept my heartiest congratulations and do forward my well wishes to the writer Mr.Feroze mithiborewala ji. May Allah bless you more n more. Rehana Shabbar Hussain., Indore (MP).   Islam and Music In a recent edition, there was an article by Mr. Sumit Paul on Islam and Music. I would like to say that in Islam, it is not our whims and desires that decide whether something is allowed or not. The issue of music has got both opinions and even the view expressed by the author is a legitimate sharii opinion. But it is not fitting to give any opinion based on our ‘’personal’’ views. Islam is submission. So I would like to appeal to the MG team to kindly refrain from allowing such articles, these would only confuse the masses.   Abul Hasan, New Delhi   Passport denied in Kashmir I, Niyaz Ahmad and my wife applied for passport in May 2011 (2 May 2011) vide Regional Passport office, Srinagar file Nos:- A-01977 and R - 001391 with all necessary documents to perform Haj and Umra. I am a retired government teacher and my age is about 65 years. But due to absence of our passport, we could not perform the Haj or Umera, either through government or private agencies. I visited offices including CID, Police, RPO, Srinagar and other departments to enquire about the status of our passport. The authorities fail to give a reason for delay in our passport. We fail to understand why we are denied to perform Haj. Niyaz Ahmad, Srinagar-10015 (Kashmir)   Continuous hate mongering creates collective conscience Secularism and democracy in our country are object of show case and the ground reality is different because collective conscience is created by continuous hate mongering. On 17 Feb. at Patna, Janta paraty president Subramaniam Swamy said “Muslims quit the right on Babri Masjid”. VHP leader Togadia said he “would snatch all democratic rights from Muslims” if he became PM. Ashok Singhal says Muslims are responsible for decline of Hindu population (Allahabad / 2 Feb.). Continuous hate mongering creates collective conscience. This is the reality of our democracy which tramples justice. S. Haque, Patna   Three trunks full of army explosives and silence On 15 Feb. night three trunks full of army ammunition and explosives were recovered from Narayana village near Narayana Vihar railway station. They were army seal marked. Police registered a case in Narayana vill. P. S. and the news appeared in 1.5x1.5 inches column on page 24. Imagine if this arms and explosives cache was recovered from a Muslim area -- news would have appeared on the front page with captions like: “Terrorists had reach deep into army” or “Conspiracy to blow Delhi unearthed” etc. S. Haque, Patna   Do champions of communal fascism deserve any tribute Communal Fascism is the greatest enemy of Indian democracy as it aims at transforming India into a Hindu Rashtra and establish a Hindu state and is deadly opposed to the distinctive features of Indian national culture - pluralism, unity in diversity, equal rights for all Indian citizens, respect for all religions and rule of law. It is therefore, strange that our national leaders including the President of India and Prime Minister have paid tributes to Bal Thackery, Shiv Sena chief, who vigorously carried on a hate campaign against north and south Indians and against Indian Muslims through his hate speeches and writings. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex M.P., Delhi - 110091   Selfishness A section of the Zion-influenced press has published its wishful thought of a rift between leader Khamenei and President Ahmedinejad! It is, of course, difficult for materialists to realise that in a society ruled by Muhammadi (not American) Islam, the lower the post the higher one’s eagerness to gain the pleasure of ONLY ONE GOD. S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150   The hanging games Who acquires a gain In the hanging game? Only the stone-hearted power-hungry politicians Who care the least for peace and patience. How long the world will watch with wide eyes Unable to stop all wailings and cries? S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150   BJP Resolution - Minorities Of Bangladesh   BJP  at its just concluded  National Executive  has adopted a resolution  pertaining to Bangladesh . The resolution says that Indian Government should take up the matter seriously with Dhaka regarding the recent attacks on minorities  and activities of fundamentalist forces . The resolution further says that many places  of worship  and houses of minorities have been destroyed  and they (Minorities of Bangladesh )also suffered physical assaults . In this context, it is submitted why the resolution is silent about the conditions of minorities in India which have been persecuted , discriminated , suspected , victimized particularly in Assam and Gujarat . Why the resolution is silent about the places of worship destroyed and damaged  belonging to Indian minorities  particularly in Assam and Gujarat ?  As an Indian it is the foremost duty to look after the welfare and well being  of Indian citizens rather than Bangladeshi citizens . It seems that minority  of Bangladesh (Read Hindus ) follows BJP’s favourite religion (Read Hinduism ) whereas minority  of India (Read Muslims )  follows BJP’s unfavorite religion (Read Islam ) . Isn’t BJP’s resolution smells extra territorial loyalty ? Is it constitutional to pass a resolution for another country ignoring the minorities at home ? Respected Editor saheb  please do correct me if my interpretation is wrong Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot Gujarat   Modi and Muslims I am satisfied with your reply . I am happy to note that you have not given a clean chit to Modi and you are writing and speaking against Modi and warning against his prime ministerial ambitions. May your tribe increase. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot Gujarat       Are the leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami timid?  Non participation of JIH or Welfare Party of India in the Lucknow congregation for the protest of apprehension of Muslim youths is the proof of overt timidity and negligence of an important issue .Everyone know that the congress, BJPand SP governments have arrested thousands of Innocent Muslim youths .They are languishing in jails, They were arrested on false charges of terrorism. It is nothing but to browbeat, discourage and dishearten and destroy their future .The Hindu fanatic’s want that they should not play any political part and should not progress. With this intension the leaders of caste Hindus in power are against the wellbeing of Muslim community .There are number of Muslims ministers ,MPs vice presidents MLAs are there but they are more worried about their own position in parties .they are selfish But there are number of non political organizations like Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamyetul Ulama with All India cadre but They give only press statements and do nothing .They collect crores of Rupees as their party fund ,having grand offices and posh vehicles for their leaders But when such issues come across they become mute and hide their faces .They want to be always in the good books of the government and ruling party. The organization is meant for Islam and the Muslim community but if they are meant for the office bearers then what is  the  purpose  of formation of the organizations? Dr AH MaqdoomiHyderabad   U.P. Waqf Board I am heavily pained to communicate to you about the compelling circumstances under which I was forced to resign from the challenging and responsible position which I joined just six months ago after very tough NOC process in Govt of India. Due to pitiable status of the Waqf properties, I had undertaken wide range travel to 25 districts covering almost half of the state Waqf assets utilizing all weekends and holidays. Thus one third of my total time was spent in the field. The observations had been quite eye-opening which might have annoyed mighty and influential persons in and outside the Waqf management/establishment.  Obviously this had created furore in public, Waqf establishment and administration. Some of the efforts made and observations noted are attached herewith in files. However, I would be moving to another institution/department where even I would like to continue my current zeal with your moral support. I am sorry in such a short span of time I could not meet the expectations and demands of the time and people. Kindly keep in touch and try to get fulfilled the agenda/mission of the community empowerment through own resources (Awqaf). Your ever-loving cooperation and blessings will give moral strength in bearing the present trauma. Allah Hafiz Dr Akmal Husain, Lucknow 226 001   Pak P.M.’s visit to Ajmer and  Dargah ‘Mujawar (faqeer) The  Pakistani Prime Minister is coming to India to pay obeisance at the dargah of great sufi saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti (R.A.) It is a matter between the governments of two countries.  Had the government of India any objection, it would not have issued him visa for this visit. Once he is in our country, he is our welcome guest, and even our External affairs Minister Mr. Salman Khursheed will host luncheon  for the visiting dignitary. In such matters of bilateral relations, what is the concern and role  of this worthless ‘Mujawar’ ( beggar). The government of India must immediately arrest him for interfering in the country’s foreign policy affairs. Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow   Goodwill Advise Message Islam’s message For safe and smooth passage For avoiding every strife For ensuring happy life Do for others What you want from others In a brotherly way From envy away S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Urdu media least interested to know facts Governor of Bihar addressed the joint budget session of Bihar assembly on 18 Feb. reading hostels in districts completed and rest of district minority hostel will soon completed. Muslim media should verify the facts because many districts minority hostel are incomplete according to our knowledge. In how many minority hostels students are living? Bihar CM had announced 27,000 Urdu teacher appointments in 2009. Three years have passed. No Urdu media followed up and that is why politicians take benefit of Muslim media timidness and Muslims are used as votebank. S. Haque, Patna