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Robbery of Muslim share and other letters to the editor

RAW - I card from fake IPS
Grp caught Rakesh Kumar Singh from Hatia-Howrah express on 24 Feb. when he was travelling in police officer uniform with batches and cap. Police recovered RAW - I card from him. In preliminary inquiry he said that he was aired that he was mental case so that such serious matter can be hushed up as Buela M. a Gujarati lady w/o a teacher who stayed in ISRO guest house and when entering in scientist meeting she was caught with ISRO I-card. But media propagated the serious matter brushed under carpet.
S. Haque, patna

Are Muslims voice to exert pressure?
Minority welfare minister visited Bihar on 23 Feb. and attended Rahmani - 30 and delivered a lecture. In many programme he attended But no Muslim or Urdu media asked question about establishment of AMU campus and his promise to establish 5-minority Universities that five years passed but for AMU campus at Kishangajno a single penny alloted. No government can survive with Muslims support even since 1992, Mazharul Haque University did not get land and Alia University in Kolkata building is not complete are kept in abeyance Is it not Mulims (leaders, media) of failure?
S. Haque, Patna

Robbery of Muslim share
Muslims have pocket NGO organisations in every Muslim - muhalla and uncountable organisation for Urdu developments but these organisations are gathering of news paper show boys. On the other hand National Campaign of Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) has prepared a comparative chart of yearwise plan allocation share of total %, share entitle %, and deprived of (in Rs.) The organisation collected datas of Dalit deprivation from difference states. Do Muslims have such organisation? And why wanton organisation not opposed? Not protesting the negative and useless activities, show boys, power hungry and greedy, timids persons hijacked constructive agenda.
S. Haque, Patna

Is collective conscience satisfied enough?
On 25th February two news appeared. Both the news in toto declare that collective conscience satisfied enough and further execution is not needed as the president of India showed dismay over the mercy petition presented before him and Justice K. T. thomas opined that execution to Rajiv killer would be wrong. Justice K. T. Thomas was the judge who gave decision for execution of Nalini, Murugan, Santhan and perivellam. This shows that collective conscience is satisfied enough so no further execution is necessary now.
S. Haque, Patna

How BJP take this Pakistani language
Former S. C. Justice Markande katju wrote burning facts about Modi and BJP. It is welcomed and appreciated in many countries including Pakistan then BJP blamed katju for speaking Pakistani language. During recent visit of British P. M. cameron, India raised demand to return of India's Kohinoor the British took away. Pakistani daily "The Don" supported India's demand to return the Kohinoor. Now how BJP would rate the Pakistani language? They must know facts never changes from one country to others.
S. Haque, Patna

If no alternative Congress dangerous than saffron brigade
Congress becomes more venomous than saffron brigade if there is no alternative for minorities. Before 1989 Bhagal Pur riot Congress was in majority in Bihar where anti Muslim riots were common feature. But as in 1990, Laloo Yadav emerged as alternative then congress and BJP both reached lowest level. Similarly where any alternative exists both congress and BJP are redundant force like U. P., T. N., W. B., Kerala J&K etc. But when alternative ceases congress becomes more dangerous than saffron brigade what national conference (N. C.) ruling in J. K. said congress ditched them because there was no alternative. Now N. C. realised the reality of congress what Muslims experienced after independence. Congress named Lucknow air port on Charan Singh name at Ajit Singh pressure but Bangalore air port is not named at Tipu Sultan the great king & fighter of English tyranny at the demand of 25 crore Muslims because for centre alternative is in topsy-turvy state.
S. Haque, Patna

Surya namaskar, media and Muslim leaders
In Bihar surya namaskar included in school curriculam Muslims opposed in every noock and corner and in assembly Akhtarul Iman voice with RJD & LJP members support. BJP minister dubbed Akhtarul Iman Pakistani Media modus operandi to protect saffron parties employed as media deliberately avoided to take reaction from Naqvi and S. Shahnawaz Hussain BJP spokes persons who are vocal at every issue. Keep vigil on media nentality.
S. Haque, Patna

Arun Jaitly argument with half truth
Arun Jaitly leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha argued about NCTC in National Hindi daily (26 Feb.) that when NDA wanted to enact POTA, Congress opposed POTA saying it was anti minority tangentially charged congress playing vote bank politics and not showing guts to fight terrorism. Come on Jaitly ji, certainly you are a senior lawyer but moral ethics is costliest than professional ethics. It is only shadow boxing between BJP and congress. Congres brought TADA, BJP brought POTA. Your argument is half baked truth because in Gujarat 224 persons were arrested in POTA in which 223 were Muslims and one was sikh. This is truth in toto about POTA.
S. Haque, Patna

No dearth of judges but where in justice
Justice Markande Katju raised a question that if Godhra incidence is a secret? In his article justice katju is perplexed then what was the condition of common man. Justice Nanavati Commission is still engaged in Godhra incidence and Gujarat cleansing to explore facts but in his preliminary report he declared godhra incidence was a conspiracy. Similarly justice Kwetia Commission said godhra incidence a conspiracy. The both commissions are Gujarat government appointed commissions. But department of railway appointed justice U. C. Banerjee Commission declared godhra incidence as incidence because scientific experiment and forensic science confirmed. The gloomy picture presented by a number of judges in which justice lost.
S. Haque, Patna

Khaki ke roop
Who will believe that a lady constable Jyoti Kumari posted in Gaya is so daring that she sent vulgar SMSes to IAS Kanwal Tanuj presently posted as SDO Kishanganj. Her mobile seized by police and she was arrested and top administrative and police brass mobile numbers stored in her mobile. Immediately a police officer said she might have mental problem. Mental problem is a favourite word
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim leaders damn care Muslim's education.
No community can survive without education. But Muslim leaders damn care Muslim's education because they think educated Ummah would not carry their flags. Taslimuddin is senior leader but he kept himself away from AMU campus struggle and agitation started to clear encroachment from Marwari college of Kishanganj. Another powerful leader Syed Shahnawaz Hussain whose political career bloomed from Kishanganj He met president (Pratibha Patil) and sought her intervention for protection of Vikramshila University. Tarique Anwar minister inaugurated All India mushaira on Feb. 9 at Patna. The above mentioned three Muslim leaders have connection with the programmed. Kapil Sibal, Motek Singh Ahluwalia Salman Khurshid etc. are deeply interested in central University (gaya & Motihari) and Nalanda national University but they avoided to even speak about AMU campus at Kishanganj Let Ummah debate and decide why leaders don't want educated Muslim.
S. Haque, Patna

Congrats! BHRC
Salman Khan a middle aged man was arrested by Maner police on June 11 2012 and he was killed in illegal detention because police squad took Salmans Rs. 50,000 and badly torturedBHRC took the "death under detention" seriously and after thoughtful investigation asked state government to pay compensation to the kith and kin of Salman Khan and remove the culprit police officials. S. I. Dhirendra Kumar and R. B. Paswan dismissed from service.
S. Haque, Patna

Why media in hurry?
Just after 45 minutes of bomb blast, media named 10-20 perpetrators and bomb bast number aired was 2.5 times more i. e. 5, though actual blast no was 2 at Sukhnagar and within 2 hours blast modus operandi cracked by media and media shows dismay and anger over police for not acting as per media's investigation. After 35 hrs. police commissioner announced Rs. 10 l for giving clue in the balst case.
S. Haque, Patna

Saffron upbeat - whose contribution?
"Surya namaskar" included in Bihar school curriculum. ABVP (student wing of saffron brigade) sweeped in Bihar universities student union election. ABVP organised its yearly meet in last December in which Dy. C. M. of Bihar and half a dozen ministers of bihar attended. It is the ABVP who opposed AMU campus establishing in Kishanganj saying that they would not allow to establish "atankwadion ki paathshala" who contributed to get BJP 92 MLA strength in Bihar where Perween Togadia was not allowed to enter? With whose tacit support in Bihar saffron brigade is in upbeat mood?
S. Haque, Patna

Court exposed official conspiracy
Delhi H. C. slammed the city police for inposing curbs on citizen's right to protest and questioned the intention behind imposing 144 on Kajriwal's protest against corruption. Scrutinising the decision to impose 144 court asked "what was the threat to the law and order situation" and raised question over the "doubtful investigation" Police and administration play dirty tricks clandestinely following the others secret agenda since independence. Police, administration and politician effectively employed this tactics. The D. M. of Faizabad did not take out the idol placed in the night in Babri Masjid with the lame excuse of expecting law and order would deteriorate. Law and order deterioration theory are used to steal the rights of oppressed.
S. Haque, Patna

Azam Khan wants nawab's palace for medical college
Bihar's pride and costliest palace Sulatn Palace Patna converted into transport bhavan. Bangalore costliest Waqf land where 5-star hotel Windsor is standing. In Bhopal nawabs palace converted into hotel. Hyderabad's palace "Dilkushan" converted into 5-star hotel. Azam Khan is a powerful minister in U. P. and being incharge of Waqf. Follow the Haryana Waqf who could establish Eng. College at NUH. Establish so that some thing good can be established on nawab's name as in Patna Ayub sahib who donated his house for Muslim girls school his name is remembered in Dua & Fatiah but who was sir Sultan no one knows.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim youth great humanitarian job
Five adivasi girl and non adivasi entered in a pond to take out aquatic crabs for food but al 6 girls drowned in the pond in village Bharat toil musahriya, Pir Painti thana of Bhagal Pur district where more than 3000 innocent Muslims were killed during 89 anti Muslim riot. When the girls dwoen in the pond no one was ready to take out the dead body of drown girls. Then Muhammad Iraq a Muslim entered into pond brought dead first Rajni Kumari (12 yrs.) then all remaining five.
S. Haque, Patna

Police failure and lamb sacrifice
Heineous crime committed in Bhandara. The monsters raped three innocent sister siblings and killed. Police couldn't catch the culprit even in eight days but head master of the school where those innocent sisters were studying suspended for not informing police about siblings not turn up for mid day meal. On 20th Feb. strike and bandh call by 11 trade union and many labour unions. Dozens of vehicle burned and damaged in Noida. Is intelligence failed that couldn't visualise, or input collected the impact? On 21 Feb. 2 heavy blast rocked in Dilkush area which snatched 16 innocent lives and injuring 117 and more. But media aired 5 blast news and 22 lives lost. On 22nd Feb. in an ID blast 8 policemen were killed in Gaya. The blast was huge so the jeep upon police were going ripped apart and the arms taken away by naxals. Whose responsibility to protect human lives should be punished? Without accountability and responsibility human lives
S. Haque, Patna

Responsibility & accountability
Muslim students spoiling career due to Urdu whenever any announcement about university or board announced. For science and commerce category Muslims students presence are barely 1 to 2% but more than the existing population Muslim students name appear in arts topper because Urdu subject. Bihar school examination through it hold 15 / 2013 announced (23 Feb. dailies) awards of Rs. 25000, Rs. 15000 and Rs. 10,000 for toppers of intermediate exam of 2009 & 2011 batches from both batches total 96 each from Science, Commerce and Arts state toppers and district toppers list appeared. For Science list only 5 Muslim out 96 student, for Commerce only 9 Muslims out of 96 and for Arts 18 Muslim name appeared out of 96. Urdu, Persian etc. are Arts and enrolment of Muslim students are abundant. 18 Muslim topper out 96 in P C comes 18.75% that means more than the Muslim population. These Muslim students could get success in Urdu why not could have got positions in Science and Commerce then in their future lives many road of success would have opened. Obliquely is Urdu subject not spoiling Muslims students lives?
S. Haque, Patna

Unfortunate sad regrets …. But no justice
When Muslim issue comes - democracy hijacked
What ever political parties give salogan and leaders shower flowers on mazaar or lay chaddars on Mazaars or write in their menifestos but when justice for Muslim issue comes - democracy is hijacked and secularism trampled to stay in power. On 22 Feb. budget presented in Bihar assembly for minority welfare 185 crores allocated and for S. C. - S. T., 5,500 crores allocated. Minority in Bihar is 18% and S. C. - S. T. constitute 17% for minority only 185 crore and 5500 crores for S. C.-S. T. The Bihar govt. floated "development with justice" stands where? Similarly centre budget allocation needs balance. Is S. C.-S. T. fund easy to scam out? Or parties conspiracy to confront both oppressed community facing each other?
S. Haque, Patna

There is a famous proverb in Urdu langue LAMHON NE KHTA KI SADYOUN NE SAZA PAYI. A wrong step taken in a moment man has to suffer for centuries .The two lives of militants and five lives of our CRPF jawans were sacrificed for a cause .The Kashmir is think they have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their home land .We think that our CRPF sacrificed their lives to protect the sovereignty and solidarity of Indian nation. It is essential for India to safeguard Indian regime in Kashmir to deploy lakhs of its Jawans. Pakistan is our rival it wants that Kashmir being a Muslim majority state should be merged in Pakistan or the Kashmir's should be given plebiscite .If they do not want to stay with India let them form one independent state clubbing both parts of Kashmir. POK and IOK .Pakistan and India should safeguard their sovereignty, It can be called a buffer state According to Islamic ideology Muslims be ruled as per the Islamic Laws known as Caliphate dispensation. The Caliph rules not by his wish and will but he enforces the divine laws. Muslims have to obey and abide by the Islamic laws. The Caliph has the authority to annex the neighbouring states to enforce the divine or Islamic laws .Non Muslim governments have no moral right to rule the Muslim states .The Indian government is facing double insurgency in Kashmir. The Indian Government is not only ruling and enforcing the un-Islamic Laws but maligning the Islamic laws .The Indian rulers are unaware of this delicacy. It is continuously investing crores of rupees on the Army and sacrificing the poor Jawans who joined army to make both ends meet but not to sacrifice their lives at the hands of militants .So far roughly 50 thousands and thousands army officers might have lost their precious lives .and double of the army the so called freedom fighters have lost their lives .They believe that they are Martyrs and enjoying the lives in the heaven. This philosophy is the motivating force to become daredevils

The super powers never intervene and solve our problem .they want that we should fight like cocks and they want to be mute spectators .Our ruling junta think that only 5 CRPF Jawans have been killed we have still lakhs of army at our disposal we can fight Pakistan another 50 years .Is this the Raj Dharma ? The Pakistani terrorists are so daring that they can come in a motor boat and attack Mumbai without the fear of our security and army They can mercilessly Kill our ATS officers .After this incidence the morel of our CRPF jawans will go down .We should attack Pakistan and smash it completely or We should make good friend .China is another vexing friend .It is teasing more than Pakistan .Now we shall have to face Taliban of Afghanistan after vacating US forces .The congress and BJP are busy in blaming and counter blaming .Mr. Jaitly annoyed that Phones are being tapped by the police as if he is an agent of ISI. I predict if this the mode of functioning of our leaders .China and Pakistan will invade from Kashmir and our brave forces will do nothing.
Maqdoomi Hyderabad 14/03/2013

The DRDO has taken shelter in the office of defense minister Mr. A K Antony. It is nothing but feudality of the agency .Why the computers have been hacked just after the failure of NIRBHAY missile. The authorities of DRDO want to skip the accountability .They are blaming China for hacking. Chinese scientists are far ahead in this field why they need to hack the computers of DRDO .Mr Antony might have been influenced .and might have been advised to be tongue tied .His words clearly depicted when he said ''I do not want to say anything '' The scientists who have been allocated crores of rupees should be very much gentle and transparent in their approach .They must take the nation in their confidence. and accept the slackness occurred in the methodology .On whom the onus be put . The defence minister should not spare the low grade scientists who have joined the agency on recommendations of political bosses
Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Congress habitual crumbling at critical juncture
Congress led UPA presented its lost budget for 2013-14 and the meagre fund allocated Rs. 3511 crore for the welfare of second largest community and left to mention AMU campus which is forgotten 5th time this year. But minority welfare minister on 4th March delivered pacifying lecture at Bangalore that direct fund was only Rs. 3511 and Rs. 22000 crore fund were included in all the other schemes for welfare of minorities. In parliament P. M. explained that his government fulfilled 72 recommendation of Sachhar's 76 recommendation. Congress habitual crumbling at critical juncture is tactical move by promising / and blinking after wards as P. V. Narsimha rao promised to reconstruct the demolished Babri Masjid at same place after destruction
S. Haque, Patna

Mathura jail and Yeravada jail
2 prisoner died in Mathura jail on 8 March then immediately deputy jailor and 2 warden suspended and investigation ordered. On the other hand, terror suspect as police claimed and according to family member of Kaleem Siddiqui was innocent died in Yeravada jail Pune, where is investigation report and how many jail authority suspended? No one is ready to explain the double standard. Why?
S. Haque, Patna

Mamta will feel heat of white paper
Mamta Banerjee in Parliament had challenged Vajpayee government that Nitish Kumar was awarded for hiding the facts of Godhra instead of bringing out the facts of Godhra Mamta Banerjee brought a white paper to expose the Laloo Yadav's tenure. To win state assembly election she had promised Muslim reservation. But she has let Muslims down. Political rivals Mamta Banerjee has struck a blow by bringing out a white paper on the status of projects announced for West Bengal by Mamta Banerjee and her two nominees as railway minister by Adheer Ranjan Choudhry MOS railway on 7 March. Laloo, Paswan Mulayam, Maya lost lusture as their base voter Muslim disillusioned. Now time has come for Mamta Banerjee to feel the ire of Muslims as she lost bye election & the heat of white paper.
S. Haque, Patna

DPR-DRAMA of Cong for AMU campus
Litmus test of Muslim leaders
Establishing the campus of AMU at Kishanganj is vital issue for education in Bihar and particularly the backward area of seemanchal districts kishanganj Arraria, Purnia and katihar where Muslims are lagging in education. Saffron brigade had announced that they would not allow to open AMU campus because AMU is "pathshala of atankwadis". Congress following the diktat did not allot allocate any fund for AMU campus in this budget. Moulana Asrarul Haque MP, Kishanganj should have protested but after budget he is releasing a press note after that now no hinderence in the starting of AMU campus and letters issued for fund allocation to prepare DPR Five precious years passed but Muslim leaders are busy in issuing press release. For injustices against Umah, are Muslim leaders not responsible? Let us start a debate.
S. Haque, Patna

CBI raiding university in fake degree racket
CBI team raided Magadh University at Bodh Gaya on 7 March to investigate the fake degree racket. The team clashed to University and had photocopies of documents and registration and quizzed many officials because a racket of fake degree surfaced in Himachal Pradesh. HP high court ordered CBI inquiry. Fake degree, fake election identity card, fake voters cards, fake notes, fake encounters, fake charges…. With these oppressed class are robbed of their dues and justice.
S. Haque, Patna

Super 12 vs Dubai mushaira
Deepak Anand narrates his misery "I grew in a deprived area of Sitamarhi and faced similar problems. I also noted, that extremism thrived in poverty and lack of options. I hope this helps in a small way." Mr Anand is DM of Banka which is naxal effected and poverty struck. Mr. Anand with trainee IAS mithlesh mishra started Super- 12. They selected a group of 12 students from the poorest of the poor family through a test and they are being coached to crack UPSC. A senior Dy collector is also pitches in 12 selected are called "the worthy dozen" On the other hand jam packed international mushaira at Dubai on 31st January enjoyed whole night. The elite educational institutions of India like BIT, SRM and in Dubai. Here in India Muslims are at government mercy to start AMU campus even for schools Muslim has start the university own itself.
S. Haque, Patna

Why media makes non issue a issue?
Media is fourth pillar of governance but it spends its time and energy on non issues as media did not air the news of acquittals of 33 Muslims from Kalyan rioting after 11 year but media is busy in toeing the secret agenda to Engage Muslims. Media gave importance Pak PM visit to Ajmer. It is non issue but T V channels started debate some of participants opposing and some opposing the opposition. Pakistani PM is lame duck post and show piece. His arrival will not be enough to change bilateral relations. Then why so much importance shown by media? Our media gives importance to mazaars, mela, mushaira, Muharram etc. This is secret agenda of media to engage Muslim in such non-issues
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim's education - No party's agenda
MG pages are witness of how Muslim stride towards education are blocked. Since 1992 Mazharul Haque University kicked from one govt flat to others and now dumped in Haj Bhavan and no classes available. Students protested and demanded education facility police thrashed them on 5 March. Bihar government doesn't find land for Mazharul Haque University but Biada had 4547 acre land for industrial development and 350 acre land available in Bihta where for land acquirement drama earlier staged and villagers chased. For AMU campus since 5 years drama is going on. Let Ummah know that political parties will never push educational stride of Muslims has to stand themselves.
S. Haque, Patna

Shame in khaki - reality?
CNN-IBN aired a programme with caption "Shame in Khaki" on 7 March 2013 at 9 pm. The programme revealed police mentality for women & the police versions in rapes. Reporter called police mentality as feudal mind set. In programme, clips were shown how police badly treated a Dalit woman in Taran rasan. In the same time, Bihar police badly thrashed fasting teachers. TV footage shown police men braking glass of vehicle, motor cycle, stealing helmets badly slapping ladies etc. SC took suo mottu notice in both matters. Rajdeep Sardesai was anchoring the programme kiran Bedi, Ajay kr, MP (Both ex IPS) a lawyer and naresh gujral MP, SAD were present. All agreed that whole police and policing system has rotten. It was interesting that IBN TV screen in lower band showing "innocent DRDO scientist Aijaz Ahmad Mirza acquitted from terror charges" It appeared that panel was least interested to find root cause why police and system rotten. Let them know it started with injustice what Pandit Nehru secret G. O directed down the administration not to recruit Muslims in police, defence, sensitive departments. Result expected if startwith injustice. Let such esteemed panel debate biased police mind set against Muslim. Then only change can be sustainable
S. Haque, Patna

Mr Kejri wal, it is Allahabad H. C
The Allahabad H C dismissed the plea filed by Aam aadmi party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal for the probe against Sonia gandhi son-in-law Mr Robert Vadra into the allegation of irregular land deals on 7 March '13 Arvid kejriwal and few others has raked up many hidden scams and he openly brought the scam (alleged) into public domain. Allahabad H C rejected the PIL saying "we (two judge bench) are not supposed to pierce the corporate veil to make roving inquiry…." Any big scam is not possible without any hand of corporate house. Let start from jeep ghotala (1948) to VVIP helicoptor deal scam, hands of big guns and corporate house are involved. But it is Allahabad Mr kejriwal must know about which S C piercly commented that "some thing has rotten in Allahabad HC" This is the Allahabad H C court which trifurcated Babri Masjid land on which dispute created, on Dharmik Astha as panchayti decision but not justice On the same day in Italy on "Italian court sentenced ex - PM Silvio Berlus coni to one year jail transcript of a leaked wiretap connected to a banking scandal in 2006.
S. Haque, Patna

When Hashimpura deceased will get justice?
C. B. I. court of Punjab awarded 10 yrs imprisonment to SSP Prit pal Singh and 2 police inspectors with 3 policemen were sent to jail in kidnapping of Tajendra Singh in Amritsar in 1993. Congrats CBI court for historical decision. But 42 deads and their relatives are awaiting for justice since 22 May 1987 because on 22 May 1987, police collected 42 innocent Muslims in Hashimpura village and carried them in truck for interrogation but they carried to Hindon Bank and killed them in shooting. For justice, Drama of Commissions staged and still after 26 yrs justice kept in abeyance. World saw police was jumping on a dying person who was shot by police (Forbesganj) what name judiciary would suggest for this, If S. C calls beating or slapping (Taran-Taran) and lathi charge on teachers (patna) as replica of Jalian walla Baag (SC / 11/03/13)
S. Haque, Patna

Law crumble at Muslim cause
UPA projects RTI his one of the success and media bragged about RTI that with this law poor and oppressed can fight corruption and injustices. But what happened to RTI, it just crumble as sand palace when RTI activist and chairman Al Falah Trust Ashraful Hoda asked information about the arrest of Muslim youth in last 4 years in anti terror law, POTA, TADA etc and whether charge sheet filed or not, from where they picked up and when they let freed etc from C M secretariat of UP. The concerned authority refused to budge. This is the reality of RTI law which is rampantly in use to blackmail or intimidate or coarse the officials and rampantly misused but crumbles at Muslim cause.
S. Haque, Patna

Maharashtra minority girls hostel scheme
Sachhar Commission recommendation submitted to UPA centre in 2006 in which minority girls hostel in districts was one of the recommendation. After 7 years Maharashtra government announced construction of minority girls hostel in districts (Jan 2013) where congress and NCP are ruling in Maharashtra as they are partner in UPA ruling in centre. In Bihar minority hostel scheme announced by Laloo Yadav government. In his regime Patna minority hostel completed but in remaining districts construction is still on a Nitish Kimar government completed 7 years. Government announces to engage minorities especially Muslims but if Muslim organisations, Muslim media and awaken section of Muslims pressurise and monitor the scheme for completion.
S. Haque, Patna

Damini awarded, Ishrat forgotten
The first lady of USA awarded the unfortunate brave girls Damini who was gang raped in country capital and awarded by president of India. All sorts of help given to the family members. Candle March, and agitations were organised in full media gaze. A simple college going girl who was bread earner for her family was kidnapped by police and killed in fake encounter but proved innocent her innocence and bravery not appreciate and awarded? Is it because her name was Ishrat Jahan?
S. Haque, Patna

Coincidence of conspiracy
Any intelligence agency where ever raids the persons trapped usually are Muslims why? As any blast fakes media air the details who all are involved as if the perpetrator planned blast in TV studio? It is amazing that on page 11 of a daily on 14 March that "IB team raided munger to trap Faiyyaz". Exactly by the side of this news, arrest of a police choukidar appeared who was conspirator in Gaya naxal blast on 22 Feb in which 6 policemen, 1 SPO and a villager were killed. Vinod Paswan was the police choukidar police arreted him a naxal conspirator. FIR was lodged against air chief S. P. Tyagi for alleged criminal conspiracy in VVIP helicopter deal was appeared on 14/03/13 in first two incidence they directly imprisoned but Tyagi (the brahmin) case will be imbroglioed in laws and judicial process for decades?
S. Haque, Patna

Idol can appear so paper too can disappear
News about disappearance of 525 land documents related to the fodder scam from courts of registry is published as lead story on 14 March. If documents of Babri Masjid were tampered as news earlier appeared and idol appeared in Babri Masjid then why not documents would dissappear.
S. Haque, Patna

Pope Benedict resignation
Catholic church Pope Benedict resigned and new Pope george Mario elected on 13 March. But reason of resignation of Benedict is still not clear why?
S. Haque, Patna

One year of Akhilesh, 15 years of Sonia
Samajwadi Party led by Akhilesh Yadav in UP completed one year on 15 March this year and Sonia gandhi completed 15 years as Congress president on 14 March. Sonia gandhi led UPA Congress and Sonia ample times promised Muslim reservation and many announcement came but all gone with winds and started full page admission Samajwadi party leaders in election promised Muslim reservation and many step promised but it proved hollow drum beating. Certainly not fulfilling the promise would nip the budding carrear of Akhilesh as Congress majority hegemony collapsed left lost Bengal, Laloo Yadav strength diminished, Paswan routed, Maya Taj robbed are glaring results of Muslims faith knocking by the leaders failing to fulfil the promises. Keeping the promises made to Muslims in abeyance would bounce back and erode the Akhilesh image in election year gimmicks because Akhilesh has lost one precious year.
S. Haque, Patna

Debate -3 ads on 15 March for Ummah
Last start with smallest ad about an organisation "Awami bedari Karwan" formed to awake Muslims against arrests in the name of terror. Through ad Awami Bedari Karwan makes its office "Dr Aftab Hussain complex, Subhash chowk Darbhanga, Bihar" with its officials phone number. Second ad issued by Dy chairman, Bihar legislative assembly requesting Muslims to attend adhikar rally called by Bihar CM at Ramlila ground on 17 March. Third ad by minority welfare ministry, GoI explaining and enticing minorities. It requires your revolution comments low to rate?
S. Haque, Patna

Our fault unable to reach right people
Now-a-days women safety has come on prime stage it is debated in every media and hard laws and tough measures can check the atrocities against women. Recently English daily started a column "citizen bite "for "women safety". Muslim women participated and amazing to see the Muslim women's response alike gents e. g. Shazia Jamal BA 2nd yr English (Hons) MJK college Mettiah Dr Muniba Sami, Dept of Eng Patna university, Sheeba Parwez Dept of mass communication, Patna women college Affan Ahmad Arzoo, SDO, BSNL Patliputra, Patna etc. Such right thinking people must be approached to awake Ummah from deep slumber
S. Haque, Patna

Indian betrayal in mirror
Italian betrayal unacceptable but….
Every justice loving people certainly are condemning at the Italian government complete betrayal by not sending two marine who killed two innocent fisherman for facing judicial process. The two Italian marines were in police custody and trial is going but the marine applied bail for casting voters in Italian election. S C after getting bail bond filled by Italian ambassador allowed them permission to cast their votes on 22 February 2013. They were given hero welcome in Italy and later the Italian government refused to send them back to India to face legal process. It is highly condemnable. BJP is also condemning. But BJP government of UP gave written affidavit in court to to protect the Historical Babri Masjid and written commitment to Parliament and to NIC and BJP government of U P conspired and corroborated in pulling down the Babri Masjid and Kalyan Singh the ex CM of BJP government of UP was given heroic welcome. Nature has take suitable revenge from those responsible in pulling Babri Masjid and some are in queue.
S. Haque, Patna

Full page ad. bonanza for minority
Few year back congress led UPA minority government had announcement to establish 3-minority university in India. Then newly recruited minority welfare minister announced that 5-minority university would soon established. Last budget of UPA presented for 2013-14 in which only 3511 crores allotted at kishan ganj is pending since 5 years not a penny allocated. But on 13 March 15 March full page ad about minority welfare programme and announcement published as great bonanza for minorities. This is the nature of so-called secular party that before critical juncture many scheme / programmes are announced and at critical time (here budget) they tumble down and afterwards full page news paper ads, TV ads aired to douse the awakening of Ummah.
S. Haque, Patna

Few words are coined to trample justice?
"mandir wahin banayenge" was coined to demolish historical Babri Masjid in front of judiciary. "Reaction to Action" was used to justify the killing of more than 2000 innocent Muslims in Gujarat. Appeasment is coined to deny due shares to Muslims. It appears that "moral of police lowering" and "majority conscience" were used to hinder the natural course of justice?
S. Haque, Patna

My brother is a gold medallist not a terrorist
Manzar Imam was arrested on 4 March as police managed in front of media in Ranchi. According to media he was involved in May 2007 Mekka Masjid blast, July 2011 Mumbai serial blast, July 2008, Ahmedbad serial blast, Feb 2003 Dilsukh nagar Hyderabad twin blast and police took him to Ernakulam Muslim journalist (Motiurrahman / M. A. Kazmi / geelani) were implicated in terror charges. Are Muslim journalist, scientist and gold medalist terrorist? Track record of innocent arrested for terror activities, no one charged in only terror incidence but slapped of many charges because arrested Muslims life get spoiled or his life dumped in jails. Alas it is India where Muslim scientist (Mirza) dubbed as terrorist. Manzar Imam's brother said his brother is gold medalist but not a terrorist". What Safdar Imam, brother of Manzar Imam said is the only reason that is why cream of Muslims are dragged in terror cases, then Muslims can't get share in resources of India.
S. Haque, Patna

NARCO, polygraphic tests of police essential
Slain DSP Zia ul Haque was brutally killed in very clandestinely circumstances in kunda on 3rd March in U P. Kunda is the place where Raghu raj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya rules. He is independent MLA upon which many cases are pending. No thing will come out from CBI. But those police who left Zia dying. The narco and polygraphic tests of those policeman only can solve the conspiracy of the murder of Zia ul Haque. During the agitation against Delhi gang rape Tomer Singh the constable was killed but police arrested few youths wrongfully. Then police involved in arresting innocent youths must be tested with NARCO and polygraphic so that responsibility must be fixed for wrongfully arresting of youths. Police inspector Mohan Chand sharma died in hospital when Batla House fake encounter staged. He was accompanied by one police and one police officer was present in Batla House (news paper) published then photo). The Narco and polygraphic test would reveal the facts. It has become essential to do NARCO and polygraphic test of police to know the facts.
S. Haque, Patna

Bihar teachers has become SIMI
Bihar government slammed IPC 353, 307, 436, 427, 506, 147, 148, 149 341, 342, 323, 337, 330, 301 on striking contract teachers on 6 March when there were heavy confrontation between police and striking teachers. The videofootages clearly displaying police were breaking car window, helmets stealing, motor cycling crushing brutally thrashing, stone pelting etc. Teachers strike hunger agitation was continued since many weeks but no complain and nothing appeared in media. But just on 5th March the striking teachers became concerous for society as government blamed teachers and giving clean chit to police in assembly on 6 March. Recall the ban ordered by Vajpayee government before that day no case was registered against any SIMI member but just on the banning day all the terror cases, muting etc slapped on simi members
S. Haque, Patna

To expose media
Many stories of expose by media people know but media is not a holy cow and domination of saffron mentality has dented the media image heavily. To expose media, both the news first news aired or published when a Muslim implicated in terror charges and secondly news after acquittal of innocent Muslims are compared and published side by side. Implication news as lead story becomes no news when innocent Muslims acquittal take place like acquittal of junior scientist Aijaz ahmad Mirza (DRDO) release from jail in terror charges is aired by IBN - 7 only and H T published it in inner page.
S. Haque, Patna

Surya namaskar & shrewed secularism
Very shrewdly surya namaskar (vedic puja of Sun) is introduced in Bihar School curriculum firstly surya namaskar for all students then Nitish kumar announced surya namaskar voluntary and not essential for those who don't want to follow. This is tactics to introduce surya namaskar and projecting himself secular.
S. Haque, Patna

System don't feel shame for blatant double standard
MIM MP Asaduddin Owaisee raised the termination of Riyaz Ahmad Mirza job contract from junior scientist from DRDO as he was implicated falsely on coocked terror charges of police and the regular payment since 4 years is given to jailed colonel Purohit who was terror master mind in MOD. But the same MoD terminates scientist contract of Aijaz Ahmad Mirza. The balatant double standard raised in parliament but MP present that time in Parliament just grinned and smiled. In U P one year of Akhilesh government in 10 cities riot destroyed Muslims backbone and many Muslim were killed and promises are kept in abeyance but killing of an honest police officer Zia ul Haque at the behest of Raja Bhaiya what Zia's wife levelled the charges. In IBN - 7 programme 8-9 pm / 6 March Shahid Siddiqui raised question that Mulayam Singh withdrawn POTA from Raja Bhaiya when Mulayam took power but Akhilesh Yadav is not ready to set free the innocent Muslim youth who are languishing in jail. Now balatant double standards against Muslim are shamelessly digested by system.
S. Haque, Patna

If suo mottu cognizance is prerogative of a judge
SC took suo mottu cognizance of the lathi charge on teachers in Bihar and in second incidence when police thrashed woman in Tran Taran on 4th March appeared in media S C took suo mottu notice of the police bturality certainly it is laudable but media aired the news of killings of 4 Muslims in police firing and the jumping of police on the dying innocent at Forbesganj. Riot cases were closed Hashimpura police brutality and Muslim scientist, Muslim journalist, Muslim gold medalist are dubbed as terrorist. Such news of excesses are not red by judges or the judges don't find these news in media, or suo-mottu is prerogative of a judge?
S. Haque, Patna

Congratulation Mazharul Haque University students
In 1992, Mazharul Haque university established since then Mazharul Haque university is kicked out from one government flat to another. Now it is shifted to Haj House. Haj House is constructed for minority departments works. It is only because of Muslim leadership failure on 5 March the boys and girls of Mazharul Haque university demanded sufficient reading environment and opposed and protested for suitable place. Police arrested them. For this university government don't have sufficient land where as 200, 300, 350 acres alloted to CUB, NIT, IIT etc and many thousands acre of land allotted to minister sons and daughters by BIADA Those students of Mazharul Haque university who protested and agitated for Mazharul Haque university infrastructure and for positive cause must be congratulated / MG has raised this issue immensely.
S. Haque, Patna

Common in wins of Modi, ADvani & Raja Bhaiya
Whole saffron brigade magnified Gujarat BJP win 3 times in a row and Modi is projected as towering figure. U. P independent candidate Raja Bhaiya despite all opposition won assembly kunda regularly and IIIrd time at a streatch too. Is he a great leader? For 2014 MP Election Modi is being projected as unmatched figure as in lat MP election L. K. Advani was projected as best PM candidate in Indian politics. All three have one common reason for projection as great? Which are blot on India.
S. Haque, Patna

Contract teachers's argument in Bihar
Since 18 Feb contract teachers were sitting on dharna for absorbing as permanent and regular payment on 5 March police attacked them when they were sitting on dharna, many teachers injued and police was injured. Buses and police jeep burned. But when a teacher was asked by T V reporter that contract teachers signed a contract in which teaches cannot agitate and demand for permanency were the clause. Then teachers are agitating. The teacher replied that BJP is partner of NDA the BJP govt in U P gave affidavit in court to protect Babri Masjid but deliberately brought down Babri Masjid. Then written affidavit submitted in court was trampled now they (NDA govt) are asking us (teachers) to stick to the contract.
S. Haque, Patna

Why Muslim youths dragged in terror cases
Now the phase of trigging Muslims youth in terror charges is the face of earlier conspiracy like propaganda of bangle Deshi, Let, Hjui, case against the Qur'an, Madrasa den of ISI, etc and riots. There are the application to thwart Muslims stride in positive direction like education, business etc and they are successful how saffron conspiracy succeeded? On 5 March UPSC published result of assistant commandant in central armed police forces. But of 87 successful assistant commandant only 1 Muslim name appeared this is 1.14% when Muslim constitutes 15% of population. Are musairawala listening? They are playing in hand of saffron brain by deviating Ummah from positive stride.
S. Haque, Patna

Sajjan Kumar Case Delhi Police suppressed the crime to shield the accused: R. S. Cheema
Delhi, March 15(babushahi. com bureau):While dealing with the defence witnesses Mr. Cheema particularly argued before Session Judge Shri J. R. Aryan, on the evidence of 2 Police Officers who appeared as defence witnesses. Mr. Cheema also showed the Court the Roznamcha of the Police Post Raj Nagar of Delhi Cantt Police Station and argued that in the said Roznamcha from Ist November to 5th November 1984 no incidence of violence is mentioned. He further argued that the Head Constable Chhajju Ram who was Beat Constable of the Area in 1984 and has appeared as defence witnesses of the Court, has stated that from Ist Nov. to 3rd Nov. 1984 he did not see any incidence of violence in his area, neither he saw any dead body nor any burnt house. Mr. Cheema informed the Court that in the present FIR 416/84 involves 30 killings and burning of numerous houses and vehicles. This material shows the atmosphere prevailing at that time and Delhi Police conspired to suppress the crime and shield the accused. While arguing on another defence witness Inspector Sunil Vashist of Delhi Police, Mr. Cheema argued that he deposed before the Court that during his investigations spanning to many years he has never visited the area where incidence took place neither he recorded statement of any local resident. What short of investigation is this. It appears that the Delhi Police is interested in collecting evidence against the complainant Jagdish Kaur only, and not against the accused persons who are responsible for the murder of her husband and son. Now the arguments of Mr. Cheema will continued on Monday 18th March 2013 from 12.30 PM to 4.00 PM. Mr. Cheema informed the Court that he would conclude his arguments on Monday which may be the last day of hearing. H. S. Phoolka ? Senior Advocate
1 9 9 3 Bombay Serial Blasts, All the criminals and terrorists at last punished.
1984 --- Massacre of Sikhs in Delhi ---Killers not yet punished!
1992 ---Demolition of Babri Masjid------ Terrorists & Criminals Not Yet Punished!
1 9 9 3 Bombay Anti Muslim Riots --- Criminals & Killers Not Yet Punished!
2002 Gujrat Massacre & Anti Muslim Riots --- Majority of Criminals & Killers
Not Yet Punished!
Rasheed Ansari

Terror accused and Urdu media
After terror blast in Dilksukhnagar, 17 innocents including 5 Muslims died and many were injured. It is certainly a deplorable incident. After the blast, media tried to create anti-Muslim environment. Police arrested Mohammad Abdul (Hydrabad) and Ahmad Makran (Somalia) from Indo-Nepal border at Raxaul. This arrest became lead news and the duo were dubbed as terror suspects (23 March 2013) but the news lost lusture after a few days propaganda. What happened to them? Muslim media must follow up such developments till their logical end and if they are released, their innocence must be given publicity. Muslim media failed to stand up against injustice.
S. Haque, Patna