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MG MGserves the whole mankind Justly treating both foe and friend Analysing nice and vice Without any prejudice Never supporting a Muslim’s misdeed Nor ignoring a non-Muslim’s good deed No place for flattery No room for debauchery Highlighting courageous acceptance of Truth & Justice Frankly condemning weak pampering of untuth & injustice Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150 II I am a regular reader of MG since its inception. I read with interest the letter published in MG, 16-31 March 2013 by Faheemuddin of Nagpur which highlights the noble work done by MG team. I request our brothers to strengthen the hands of MG by enrolling as a subscriber along with friends to spread the positive messages through MG which is our duty. Muhammad Azam, Karimnager. A P III May Allah Grant us the strength necessary to pass through these difficulties. MG is a an important organ of Muslim India. I consider supporting it is very crucial just like we voice for various Muslim causes in India. It is a matter of survival. We had one “Muslim India” - is there any attempt to relaunch it? Shamsuddin K., Kerala   An Advice To Sanjay Dutt Clear injustice has been done to you. The judges have committed still more injustice to Ajmal Qasab and Afzal Guru. They have been hanged under the pressure of political parties. The judges have passed stricture of 5 years imprisonment in the same pattern. Now a former Supreme Court judge has intervened the judgment and found fault with it. The whole thing is that the rulers and judges have forgotten that there is one Supreme Power also there and He has given a chance to the rulers and the judges. He will take action against the rulers and judges on the day of judgment. Mr Dutt need not worry. God will protect him and will give him patience if he loves Him with pure heart. Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   The curse of co-education With regard to sexual assaults on girls, is it not high time to think what at all our society has gained by adopting co-education? Before establishing ladies banks, shops, offices etc. Why don’t they revert to the old days of separate boys and girls schools? Old was gold indeed.     S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150   Musalmano ke thekedar Shahi Imam Syed Ahmad Bukhari announced that he is breaking his relations with Samajwadi party and that his kin also resigned from membership of the legislative council on 16 March because Muslims are not getting their due and after one year of SP rule no promise is fulfilled and at least 12 major riots played havoc with  Muslims. When a reporter asked Ramgopal Singh Yadav, brother of Mulayam Singh and senior SP leader, about Imam Bukhari’s stand, he replied: “is Imam Bukhari a thekedar of Muslims?” Samajwadi Party and Mulayam Singh must tell why they are taking Muslims for granted? In one year nothing good has been delivered. Mulayam Singh must tell us how many elections he wants to win only on the basis of mere promises?      S. Haque, Patna   Muslims in jails Since past few years, all across India, hundreds of young Muslim men are jailed and tortured for their alleged links to terror. However, the police are invariably unable to muster clearcut evidences except few vague theories. Thus a caricature narrative seems to have come out from a paranoid imagination. Sheer communal prejudice and a copycat war on terror mentality on the part of keystone cops seems to be busily chasing the bearded look-alikes of Osama Bin Laden in India’s nook and corners, seem to have led to a bizarre kind of situation wherein hundreds of arrests or innocent Muslim youths are taking place without actually catching the real culprits of the bomb blasts. Why have the Andhra police not been able to successfully investigate, bring to trial and secure a conviction in several of the blast cases, which have occurring in the city of Hyderabad? Indeed, there is hardly any answer to this key question. Social prejudice and religious discrimination must be separated from terror investigations. The police must resist the temptation to jump the gun, arrest Muslims and announce names of suspected groups within hours of a blast to satisfy the so called patriotic media. So far, with the exception like the Additional Sessions Judge Vijendar Bhat’s scathing denunciation of police conduct in terror cases in February 2011, ironically no one sees the courts warning the investigative agencies strongly enough. It is a positive sign that the NIA (National Investigation Agency) has developed a culture of admitting it was wrong. However, generally, there is an inability on the part of police to be patient about collecting evidence carefully and painstakingly over a period of time. Lastly, the police should be completely transparent on why the Muslim youths were caught and must openly state on what basis the youths were occupied.                 Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur- 440013   Waqf properties occupied During the past two years I have been reading MG articles. The information is good. Waqf lands in states like Delhi have been occupied by government officials. I urge you to pay close attention to such things.                 Nellai Saleem, Tirunelveli   Established rule trampled in case of a Muslim Junior scientist Ahmad Mirza had a two-year job contract with DRDO, Bangaluru, but DRDO broke the contract immediately when police implicated him in terror charges. In the whole world there is an established rule that “if any government or private company employee faces a charge, he is suspended till proven guilty and if not, he gets back his job with full pay and perks for the suspended period.” This established law is trampled in India in case of Muslims implicated in terror charges as happened to Aiyaz Ahmad Miraza and Rashid Hussain of Infosys who was fired from job when falsely implicated in Jaipur blast case. Rashid Hussain got the infosys job after three years’ judicial fight. On the other hand, Col. Purohit, the mastermind of saffron terror,  is still getting his full pay and perks regularly while in jail. S. Haque, Patna   US-UK war crimes The war crime that US and UK committed in invading Iraq on spurious and fraudulent pretexts – when intelligence was tailored to help justify the war – should not get unpunished. The free world owes it to future generations to stand up for world justice and accountability. Bush and Blair acted no less illegally and brutally as Hitler’s own spree of invasions. Both should be treated as war criminals. BBC coverage has very conveniently avoided any mention of the role of American Jewish Neo-cons. That goes to show how the warmongers can successfully cover up their tracks. The world should not be misguided by such blatant dirty tricks, so as to forestall any such crimes being committed by the warmongers in days to come. Hundreds and thousands died on both sides, but the conspirators are freely operating, probably for the next kill. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   Balwant Singh Bakhasar and late Abdul Haadi Please verify and correct information regarding Th. Balwant Singh Bakhasar. With reference to your article about late Abdul Haadi (, it is correct to call Haadi Saheb Gandhi of Rajasthan but his brother was not killed by Balwant Singh but by someone else who was related to  Balwant Singh. Secondly, Balwant Singh went to jail for a short period of time but never for this case as mentioned in your article. Therefore, I humbly request you to verifty and correct your information for the same. I have seen old photos of Abdul Haadi Saheb with Thakur Balwant Singh meeting cordially and sharing public dais -- see:;             Surender Singh Sodha   Disobedience to the Qur’an & Sunnah cause of our condition The survival of the fittest, the natural rule, is applied to all castes, creeds, colours, cultures, races and regions. Today the scope and sphere of our worldly life is so much extended that we care least for the impact of the chemistry of normal and spiritual aspects on life. The mankind is now tired of bearing the burden of materialistic civilization and is crying for peace and justice, the two being directly proportional to one another. The root cause for the prevalent condition of Muslim community is its disobedience to the Holy Qur’an & Sunnah in its practical life. The community is divided into different castes, sects, sections, groups and parties etc. Each one struggles hard to establish its superiority over others instead of struggling for its own existence. Shaista Bano, Aligarh (U. P.)   Indian democracy in peril In case of analysing the present democratic government system of India, every patriot may agree that it is now at the shaping point of mockery with no sign of improvement in near future. The original definition appeared to have been replaced in our country by new one as “democracy is a boon for few, by few and of few whereas it is bane for 80% Indians who have now lost faith in the present form of democracy where only powerful, influmential, rich, greedy dishonest, corrupt, cunning, shrewed and opportunist people in the guise of politicians made their way to the parliament and assemblies by using their money power, muscle power and other medias. Voting power is not used by the voters intelligently as per their whim and will as they are totally ignorant of the value of their vote which is purchased by the politicians by way of exploitation whereas all political parties have majority of jugglers under their roofs thus making the houses goofy congregation.                 Faheemuddin, Nagpur   Mosque razed in Kairana This is with reference to the news item in an Urdu daily regarding the demolition of a mosque and setting it ablaze in Kairana, UP, which is highly deplorable as it has taken place under the wathc of a secular government. It is equally deplorable that Hindi and English media have totally ignored this news. I hope that your esteemed fortnightly will publish all the facts leading to the demolition of the mosque. Syed Najeeb Ahmad, Advocate, Azamgarh UP   Punish the culprits of 1992 riots also The culprits of 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case are convicted by the supreme court. Infact, these bomb - blasts were reaction and revenge of large scale anti - Muslim riots in Mumbai in 1992, after demolition of Historic Babri Masjid. Justice srikrishna commission’s 800 pages volumous report on 1992 Mumbai anti-Muslim riots is a land mark judgement of India’s independent judiciary. The communal parties had called the report anti-hindu. Justice srikrishna is a practicing Hindu, known for his honesty and impartiality. Eminent jurists, journalists, leaders, social workers etc had supported the report. The central government had failed to save the secular and democratic character of India based on law. We appeal to the Maharashtra govt and the central govt and the judiciary to fully implement justice srikrishna commission report and prosecute and punish the culprits, their master-minds and conspirators at the earliest. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara - 441904 (Maharashtra)   God and Nature I have gone through the letter “What kind of worship?” by Mr. Sultan A. Patel (MG 1-15 April ‘13) and wanted to add a few lines on it. According to the Holy Qur’an, God has created everything, seen or unseen in the heavens and earth and all that is between them. The Holy Qur’an announces: Be Allah glorified! Whatsoever is in the heaven and the earth is His. He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only”Be and it is”(2:116-117). God has thus manifested in the Universe through His marvellous creations and this creations are His Signs now called the “Nature” in the modern terminology. To call the nature God is the highest form of ignorance because the nature means everything created by God in the Universe. Everything in the nature is punctual following a particular law for its discipline resulting in the existence of Universe properly. The particular law being followed by everything in the Universe is called the “Law of Nature” and its maker and designer is called “God”. By following the law of Nature everything has become subservient to God. Unfortunately a large section of people worships some objects in the nature whether seen or unseen living or dead Worldly or celestial instead of God Who has created them. It is an insurrection against the Sovereignty of God. Muhammad Abdus Samad,Dhubri, Assam   What is the difference between BJP and Congress? At the outset, let me clarify in unambiguous terms that I am neither a sympathizer, supporter or fan of BJP nor Congress. I am not affiliated to any of the political parties. Whenever communal riots take place in India Muslims and secularists blame BJP, RSS, VHP, ABVP, Bajrang Dal etc. Did riots not take place during Congress rule? From Jabalpur in 1961 to Bharatpur in 2012, the Congress has failed to control communal riots. In Maharshtra, Congress Government has failed to implement Justice Shrikrishna Commission report. In Assam, Muslims have been slaughtered under a Government headed by Congress. In Gujarat,  communal riots took place in 1969, 1982 and 1983 during the Congress regime. In Gujarat, during 2002 post-Godhara riots, this letter-writer has seen many a Congressite worker killing Muslims, raping Muslim women, looting Muslim shops, burning Muslim properties and guiding the mobs. No doubt, honourable exceptions may be there but they are very few. Yet the Congress has not been labelled as “anti-Muslim” and “communal” and it still garners substantial Muslim votes. What explains the dichotomy in public response to the riots under the BJP rule as compared to those under Congress Governments? Why we remember the riots under BJP and not those under Congress, which too has been responsible for the spilling of blood and untold miseries. Congressite Hindus (read Brahmins) and BJP’s Hinuds (read Brahmins) are fighting just like dogs and cats during day-time and sleeping together at night. Congress is the original Brahmin Jati Party. Congress has always encouraged Brahminised Muslims (read Chhagla-type Muslims).  In my opinion, Congress is an anti-Muslim party too. Its claim of being secular is hollow. Farooq Abdul Gaffar BawaniRajkot Gujarat   Suspension of AMUSU President Shahzad Alam Once again a shocking news has come out the AMU campus. While not doubting the credentials of the Vice-Chancellor in enforcing the discipline, this distinct incident of suspending the AMUSU President Shahzad Alam definitely stands on a different plank, and considering the entirety of circumstances, the action of the VC cannot be called anything but totally arbitrary and dictatorial. Though not acquainted with what actually did happen, but from the charges and counter-charges what appears as a logical thread is that Mr. Shahzad Alam wanted to raise the pending minority issue of the University and everything untoward followed when he was not allowed. The VC, like everybody whose existence depends on the pleasure of the people in power, must have had his own constraints, while as a student leader Mr. Shahzad Alam must have felt it his sacred obligation to use that platform to highlight the issue. It is an open fact that the politicians of all hues have now considered the Muslim community as the most slavish entity, and whenever they appear before Muslim gathering, they shed crocodile tears over the community’s fate and predicament. If at this stage these politicians are shown the mirror, of course in a sophisticated manner, they may at least realize that there is some life and a sense of vibration amongst Muslims. I totally disagree with those who think that such platforms as the one where the Minister Jitin Parsad was the chief guest must not be used for political purposes. Besides, AMU is not only an institution to make the students cram books but a centre where the future leaders of the community are born. Considering all the prevailing circumstances and keeping the future in sight, I sincerely appeal to the Hon’ble VC to immediately rescind the suspension of Shahzad Alam.                        Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow   A deplorable stand of Indian intellectuals It is really unfortunate that intellectuals of our country some of whom are atheists or are deadly opposed to the religion and moral values and have scanty knowledge about religions of our country come forward to support such authors, writers and film directors who hurt religious feelings of the followers of different religions of our country under the pretext of right of freedom of expression or thinking. In the past they supported Salman Rushdi and Taslima Nasrin who earned notoriety by attacking Islam, its teachings and Prophet of Islam and Ashish Nandi who used highly objectionable and offensive remarks against the OBC and SC/S elites on the plea that the right of thinking and expression must be protected at all costs. No fundamental right is absolute is subject to reasonable restrictions and that moral anarchy cannot be allowed. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-M. P., Delhi - 110091   Morsi’s Visit To India and Pakistan Let our diplomats take full advantage of the visit of Dr Morsi, the new president of Egypt. We had once upon a time very close relations with Egypt during the period of Gamal Abdel Nasser when India and Egypt were members of the Non-Aligned Movement. But those days are gone. Now India has close relations with Israel, a country which is against Muslims and Muslim countries. This change of policy is on the basis of enmity with Muslims. Muslims are having worldwide impact. They are the owners of oil. There are 58 independent countries ruled by Muslims. India’s neighbours are Pakistan and Bangladesh. If India had friendly relations with all Muslim countries, it need not worry  about Kashmir. India should understand the mindset of Morsi and deal with him diplomatically. The Indian authorities should be well-versed with the history of Muslim Brotherhood and its sacrifices.         Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Are 24 crore Muslims, showboy Muslim leaders weightless? Shivers crept into UPA as Krunanidhi sent a signal about resolution against Sri Lankan government’s persecution of Tamils. Three cabinet ministers rushed to Chennai to pacify Karunanidhi. At the demand of Ajit Singh, Lucknow airport was named after Charan Singh. But after elections, promises to Muslims and commissions’ recommendations are kept in abeyance and Bangaluru airport is not named after the great Tipu Sultan. This raises the question if 24 crore Muslims are weightless or if showboy Muslim leaders are timid?           S. Haque, Patna