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Semifinal between Modi and Tharoor The Modi-Tharoor match has turned out to be much more keenly watched than any of the IPL matches so far. Unlike the other matches, we have people supporting and opposing both parties. There is also a significant number which is not aligned to either and watching from the fence. What makes this match so thrilling is that both Modi & Tharoor are two very high-profile individuals who appear to have been carried away with money and power. Both have crossed the line more than once and what’s more shocking, they seem to be undeterred. There is no denying that in this match, both parties have played across the line, faltered and are equally culpable. Shashi Tharoor should have known better how to keep his distance from the money game and Lalit Modi had no business raising Kochi franchise ownership details on twitter. If he had his reservations or concerns, he should have raised it in the IPL governing council meeting. But he showed scant regard for norms and tweeted. It’s high time that professional courses should be designed to teach how to handle power, fame and attention. With more and more people joining this league, this course can be expected to sell as much as IPL tickets have this season. And there are many Modis & Tharoor’s waiting in the wings. Mohd. Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur II Union Minister of State for External Affairs Tharoor has again got tongues wagging for his alleged meddling in the India Premier League franchisee business. Tharoor is corrupt and rude. He is over confident. His girl friend Sunanda Pushkar is also involved in corruption. Tharoor is burdensome in Indian Government. He once called economic class in airways a cattle class. Now time has come to kick Tharoor out like cattle. Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat   Khap Panchayats Khap Panchayat is essential to curb the crimes which are rampant in our Indian society. There are number of criminals like Pandher who raped and murdered 40 innocent girls and pushed the total blame on his servant. He used his money and muscle power and was spared by the police and judiciary. Let some one ask the relevant punishment to the parents of the deceased girls they will prescribe not less than hanging him. Islam also prescribes cardinal punishments for the bigger crimes as rape and murder etc. Our police and judiciary have lost their credibility due to corruption and political intervention. The criminals are fearless as they have their mentors to come to their rescue. Take the example of Saudi Arabia where severe punishments are imparted very less number of crimes take place. Unless the deterrence punishments are given the society will not be clean and peaceful. To favour and showing mercy and kindness to the criminals will flourish the crimes Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Nitin Gadkari’s myopic views In an interaction with the journalists of Hindu group of publications Mr. Nitin Gadkari’s deliberations show his unbaked thoughts towards important issues of the large democratic country of120 crores population, Being a caste Hindu he repeated the same Ragni which any caste Hindu can sing unmindful of the ground realities of the country. He has told that Ram Mandir issue is the asmita of the BJP. Mr. Gadkari has forgotten the defeat of BJP in the last parliamentary elections. Even keeping the issue burning in the minds of PJP workers what was the fall out? Mr. Gadkari did not exhort a single word about minorities and Dalits which constitute more than 50% of the population of India. How he can garner the votes of Muslims and Dalits. Speaking about Ayodhya he should not forget the grand lie of LK Advani who clearly refuted that he did not go to Ayodhya for demolition of Mosque but to safeguard it from demolition, being a class one leader of BJP in the impact of the criminal prick he took the support of lie. In such circumstances how Mr. Gadkari can claim that the Ram Mandir issue is the asmita of their party. I can claim that the youth has wasted the time of journalists.The BJP needs a progressive party president who can oust the entire anti minority elements specially those who went to Ayodhya to demolish the Mosque. He should talk sincerely about the 10% reservation for Muslims he should chalk out purely secular agenda before the nation than the BJP can think of making the government in Delhi. Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Quota within quota Heated debate has been generated around women’s reservation bill (WRB) with both sides having their inflexible positions. On one side there are those calling for its implementation and on the other those who are opposing it. This is a superficial view of debate. As such the debate is, on one side are those saying that it should be implemented as it is and on the other side are those who say that there should be quota for OBC dalit, minorities within the quota. There are very few who are totally opposed to WRB, there are many willing to support it if quota within quota is accepted, so to paint them as being against Women’s reservation is unfair. The bill is hanging fire from last one and a half decade, and the rigidity of both sides is so obvious. In democracy it need not be just a brute majority which should work; a process of consensus should be tried before polarizing the issue. Most hypocritical stance on the issue of reservation has been that of BJP. It has been the constant opponent of reservations for Dalits and OBCs on the ground that this is discriminatory, and due to this the meritorious candidates will be left behind. During the speech in Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitly of BJP (March 09, 2010) while defending the WRB, stated that it is a myth that reservation creates privileged society. He also said that with WRB politics of tokenism will be replaced by that of representation. Sane words. Nevertheless, by this statement only the BJP’s double standards are evident, so far we heard something totally contrary from BJP worthies as far as reservations were concerned. Unfortunately, the reservation has to be resorted to in our democracy as the proper democratic process has failed to take care of the needs of deprived sections of society. A holistic approach to reservation to all sections of deprived communities is what we need and that’s what will ensure that the gross disparities are done away and justice reaches to everyone. Farzana Nigar, Ranchi-02   Fake preachers of spirituality Many a sex scandals related to the so called Holy men have surfaced during last few weeks. This is not the first time it emerged; such incidents have been coming to social notice time and over again. The present ones’ about Swami Nityanand and Ichhchadhari Baba (Bhimanand) have highlighted the same in a very intense fashion as these scandals are very blatant. The Godmen, belong to many categories, each having his-her own entrepreneurial skills. Godmen put out their brand of spirituality, which apparently gives solace to the aggrieved middle and lower middle classes in particular amongst others. Godmen have set up institutions which cater to vastly expanding market. Meera Nanda in her book, the ‘God Market’ argues that there is an increased religiosity, collusion with the corporate world and the state. In India in particular, a subtle Hindusization is going on as such and this has been aided by the private sector. There is an active promotion of religious tourism. Higher education has been handed over to private sector, some of whom use religious trusts to run these institutions to impart ‘value education’. State has been generous in giving away land at highly subsidized rates to the Gurus and Godmen. One can also see the rise of religious Right here and in different countries during this period. RSS is having a field day in culturally Hinduizing the social space, and Godmen are the major players in the game. One can say that these swamis of the ilk of Nityanand and Ichchhadhari are just the visible part of a larger phenomenon. These two cases also show the range of activities, from the spiritual façade to downright sex racket. Interestingly, these God men who talk of renunciation and going to higher levels themselves are the biggest beneficiaries of material riches. Society has to learn lessons from the sprawling wealth and sexual exploitation done by section of Godmen and to understand as to what is really taking place in the garb of holy clothes is a mere misuse of faith for crass purposes. Nityanand and Icchadhari Baba is a sort of barometer of the phenomenon which has gripped our society. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur   Stage sharing with Modi not so pleasant Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan’s stage sharing with the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at the convocation programme of a law college was not so pleasant. The programme was organised exactly a day after the Special Investigation Team (SIT) grilled Modi in connection with the killing of the then Congress M.P. Ehsan Jaffery along with 68 others in Gulberg Society during 2002 Gujarat riots. Generally when a person commits a crime, he is taken into custody and law takes its own course. But in some cases the guilty neither faces the punishment nor fears to lose anything. And the situation becomes worse when the perpetrator denies all the allegations levelled against him for his alleged role in the violence. There is no dearth of evidence and witnesses of 2002 Gujarat riots to send the perpetrators to the gallows, but the recent movement shows that the law’s long hand fails to reach neck of the guilty. Honourable Chief justice should have avoided attending the programme because it was a matter of grave concern, even when the children of riots victims along with a number of justice-loving people had appealed to him not to share the dais with Modi. If he really wanted to share the happiness of students by appearing in the convocation programme, he could have gone for any other university in the country. The country cannot have two measurements one for the poor and the other for the heavy weights. Shafaque Alam, New Delhi   India and SAARC It is a matter of common sense that SAARC with eight members (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) does not have any chance of what to talk of its survival but rather of its healthy birth, if Kashmir dispute (between India and Pakistan both having nukes and prolonged history of hostilities and armed conflicts) is not resolved without any further delay by SAARC, which (Kashmir dispute):- (i) has, as per media reports, already consumed the lives of about one hundred thousand people for Kashmir solution. (ii)- has triggered cross border terrorism in India as a proxy war by Pakistan by thousand cuts to bleed India in order to snatch Indian side of J&K (Kashmir) from India. For the last 25 years the head of member States of SAARC have been meeting annually in a picnic type gathering where they agree (without any worthwhile result) about less important issues while leaving most important life and death issues unresolved (like Indo - Pak dispute over Kashmir, jihadi terrorism, Shri Lanka civil war etc.) which ultimately paved / is paving the way for international intervention in these matters. Hem Raj Jain, Greater NOIDA Indo-Pak relationship The Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, Emir of Riyadh region, visit to India recently is another milestone in Indo-Saudi relationship. The earlier visit of Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh to Saudi Arabia on 27 February 2010 had been fruitful and further strengthened the foundations of trade and industrial relationship. Indian experts are happy about the development of depth in relationship between the two countries. On the side of Technology and Education India has lot to offer. They also have a huge talented Manpower and can add value to the developmental projects undertaken in Saudi Arabia. A strong enduring Indo-Saudi relationship will be a boon to both the regions. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh   Media and Islam Our media running short of interesting events of the history of Islam and its great followers who contributed and made great impact on the society. If the TV channels start showing hot only they are interesting but boost the moral of the society. Our Indian society blindly following the western culture, which is counter productive and demoralize our younger generation? The only thing our media should eschew the bias with Islam. The marriage of Sania should entail into the friendship of Pakistan. Our Hindu players should get marry the Hindu girls of Pakistan Mr. Rahul Gandhi can see a mach for him from a credible Family of Pakistan. How long we will nourish hostility with Pakistan. We did not taste the friendship and faithfulness from our important neighbour Pakistan friendship is more useful than enmity. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga   Naxal terror growing rapidly The brutal killings of the 76 CRPF jawans in Dantewada, Chattisgrah, undoubtedly, shocked the nation. The danger of Naxal terror is fast gripping the nation with; reportedly, one fifth of India seems to be in their complete control. Even well trained jawans find it difficult to counter their well planned terror activities for the simple reason that they (the jawans) do not seem to have the required passion of patriotism whereas every single Maoist, virtually, seems to be living his ideology. If, I am not mistaken, the brave, fearless, and full of patriotism cadres of the great ‘Sangh Parivar’, who are also equally trained in fighting, could prove to be a befitting reply to the Naxal terror. This is the time, these courageous, brave, and ‘Patriotic’ cadres offered their lives and services to protect the nation. Or, their courage is best displayed in government sponsored carnages and genocides alone? Mushtaque Madni(via e-mail)   Any luck for India in Afghanistan quagmire? The way US ambassador has addressed India’s supposed interest in Afghanistan, by regally ‘allowing’ India to be invited to contribute in the development phase of Afghanistan’s reconstruction; it is nothing less than adding insult to injury. US and NATO forces themselves are desperate to get out of the disaster called Afghanistan and they need proxies to come in and savour the ‘luxuries’ of the killing fields of the treacherous land where no occupier in history has ever lasted long. India should know. They always came from the north and they can always find pretext to move south. If India is being advised by warmongers to take preventive action and move out to catch them before they come down and bring the fight to our soil, India should be on guard for any such trickery. India’s peace is based on peace in and around its territory. If it tries to join the regime change game with the West, it may have to say goodbye to its own sustain economic growth. If India has to get into Afghanistan, it should wait till a legitimate and effective national government is in place in Afghanistan and it issues honourable invitation to India to join in trade and redevelopment. US and NATO are looked upon as aggressors and occupiers. India need not seek their company and must keep its distance from the warmongering colonizers who shamefacedly pursue their own national interests and that is not necessarily in India’s national interest. Why India needs reportedly 24 consulates in the God-forsaken land, where India will be seen as opening spy centres all around. It is surprising that India has not yet been in the eye of storm other than the recent Kabul bomb blast around Indian establishments. India should not press its luck in Afghanistan. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   West and the Muslim World Improved relations between the Muslim world and the USA are of crucial importance. It would be a mistake on the part of Muslims to spurn the hand offered by President Obama. We must realize that he is working under tremendous constraints coming from American public opinion and from the pro-Israel tilt of the Congress, and he cannot do for us all that we want him to do. But he can make a beginning. Since his Cairo speech he has continued to make positive gestures to both American Muslims and to the Arab Middle East. In recent weeks he has brought urgency to the problem of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank to such an extent that commentators have started talking on American broadcast media about the fact that American and Israeli interests may not always coincide, and that Israel may even be a drag on American interests. A conflict between the Muslim world and the West is not inevitable. Huntington’s theories of “the clash of civilizations” are largely discredited. But in order to have better relations it is necessary for moderate and sane Muslim voices to be heard over the din of the rampant fanatic cacophony. Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York, USA (via email)   Deceiving for destruction The recent accusation against former US President George W. Bush and his top aides for covering up fully knowing that many Guantanamo Bay detainees were innocent is pathetic. It reflects the falsehood, deception and lies used by Bush and Blair coalition to kill and maim thousands of innocent human beings. The Bush saga will continue to haunt his successor, who in-spite of his best foot forward will be looked upon with suspicion. The international community should form another coalition to find more skeletons in the cupboard and punish the coalition of guilty for their wrong doings. Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh