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Ego of Muslim leaders mortgaged to parties; & other letters

MG Very useful. Please continue. Dr. M. P. Abubacker, Kozhikode, Kerala   II Thanks for publishing Milli Gazette. May Allah bless you for this great work. Mohd. Tahir Ali Khan,Hazrat Nizamuddin Colony, Bhopal III I liked the articles 1) "Communalism in South Asia" by Zafarul-Islam Khan which provided a detail picture of the position of communalism in india, pakistan, srilanka, bangladesh, etc and was very informative; 2) "General's son says-Israel not interested in peace" by Mohammad Azhar Ali Khan. It was an important article showcasing the true image of israel to us. Got a great relief reading this article. I humbly extend my well wishes to both the writers. Rehana Shabbar Hussain Rangwala   Who would solve the problem? 257 innocent people were killed and 700 injured in the Mumbai blasts. Good that the 100 perpetrators were punished. One got death sentence, 30 got life sentences while the remaining received three to five yrs imprisonment. In 92-93, 900 innocents (official record but unofficially more than 2000) were killed and 5000 critically injured in Mumbai riots but how many were punished? Even those behind the vehicle loaded with arms were not punished. No one is ready to solve this problem that killers are roaming free in India but everyone is saying that justice is incomplete because the  mastermind of the bomb blast is still at large. Judiciary, constitution, administration and society -- who will solve this problem? S. Haque, Patna   Qazi's Courts or Sharai Courts A section of National Press is full of rage against the demand of Muslim Personal Law Board for setting up Qazi's courts or Sharai Courts to decide about cases pertaining to marriage and divorce among Muslims through out the country. In their zeal for denunciation and condemnation of the Board's move, the media man have conveniently forgotten that Qazi's Courts have been functioning in Bihar under the Imarat Sharia of Bihar from 1922 i. e. for about fur decades and that and some important cities these courts are functioning. It will not be out of place to remind the Press of a great and memorable decision taken about these courts at Allahabad Unity Conference in Nov. - Dec. 1932. This conference had been convened to bring about Hindu-Muslim settlement or communal settlement and Pandit Madan Mohan Malvia was the moving sprit behind this conference. At its Dec. 24. 1932 sitting of the conference the Muslim Proposal that provision should be made in the settlement for the setting up of Qazi's courts and for the appointment of Qazis for the disposal of cases regarding marriage and divorce was brought up and it was agreed that the proposals should be referred to a committee to consider and report on it. Dr. K. N. Katju who later on became Defence and Home Minister of India and Chief Minister of M. P. was the convener of this committee and Dr. Munje - the Hindu Maharashtra leader who always vehemently opposed Muslim demands alongwith Sir Hay Singh Gaur, A. M. Khwaja - the vetern nationalist Muslim leader Maulana Sajjad, a prominent leader of Jamiat Ulama, Mrs. Hamid Ali, a prominent leader of All India Women's conference and Sardar Harnam Singh were members of this committee. This is most important and not worthy that not a single Hindu leader including Pandit Malviya and Dr. Munje had opposed this proposal of setting up Qazi's courts. One whished that the Press did not ignore this important historical event. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M. P., New Delhi-91   False and baseless allegation about G. I. O. Mumbai police has issued a circular which says the "Girls Islamic organization" (G. I. O.), girls wing of Jamat-e-Islami hind has been "brain washing and training girls for Jihar". This allegation is totally false and mischivious. The aim of G. I. O. is to make girls aware of their religion Islam, The Holy Qur'an and teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (S. A. W.). The said circular also defames Jamaat-e-Islami hind, the mother body of G. I. O. The Jamaat should be judged by its vast literature in various languages, by its constructive, humanitarian and peaceful policies and programmes and by the character of its members and its 65 years record of national, social, educational and humanitarian services. A delegation of the Jamaat led by its president Taufiq Aslam Khan met Additional police commissioner and special Branch Chief naval Bajaj. They asked him to prove the false allegation or apologise for the error in writing. Otherwise they would sue them for defamation in the court of law. We ask Sharad pawar and the Home Minister R. R. Patil to Punish the police officer behind this mischief failing which the N. C. P. will pay heavy price in elections. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara - Maharashtra (441904)   How to relax and meditate Lie down on your back on a mattress in a quiet room. Keep your hands at the side of your body and open to the sky. Legs should be kept apart. The distance between two legs should be about 30 c. m. Make your body loose. Try to make it very loose. Breathe slowly but it should be deep breathing. Relax------ Concentrate between your two eyes keeping your eyes closed. Try to see word Allah between your two eyes. It may not happen but keep on trying and do not worry. Please do not think about anything. Keep on breathing slowly and deeply. No thoughts, no movement of the body, no noise. Try to relax and meditate for about 10 to 30 minutes everyday. It will give you peace, Insha Allah. Say goodbye to mental stress.   Nazneen O. Saherwala (Surat)   Manmohan Singh fails to impress It is quite obvious that our prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh looks awe-struck, browbeat, frightened, and terrified .figure. He disappointed the media men of Germany. He was not ready to reply the quarries posed to him in the press conference, This was no doubt a pertinent question about the future prime minister of India ,The congress stalwarts are dilemma ,They wanted to propose the name Rahul Gandhi but the lad is not so intelligent and prompt .He cannot fulfill the hopes of the party bosses .Therefore the party is unable to nominate Rahul Gandhi as the future prime minister .The party has not yet rule out the fully the probable candidate as PM .In this situation Mr. Man Mohan sigh is in a fix Position .He thought it better to avoid the press conference once for all . The person who is in the clutches of senior congressmen found unable to face the press conference. But introduce himself as a puppet prime minister ,He did nothing but to sign the documents of treaties .The other ministers such as Salman Khurshid, Farooq Abdullah, Anand Sharma are also not so bright as the lady PM of Germany, The government should have burdened the exchequer .The UPA government which has committed blunders in foreign relations with the neighboring countries as China Pakistan, Srilanka ,Bangla desh. It can never succeed in improving relations with far off countries like Germany ,France and Italy etc.      Dr A H Maqdoomi, Hyderabad 15/04/2013   Tipu Sultan It is with reference to the news published in Milli Gazette dated from 1st April to 15th April with Title "Christians to oppose university after Tipu Sultan". Here I would like to ask Mr. T. J. Abraham on what ground he said that Tipu Sultan destroyed many temples and churches and forced people to embrace Islam? There is no such event discussed/written in Mysore Gazette. Here I would suggest him to read the book Tareekh par yeh Sitam (injustice to history) written by Dr. B. N. Pandey and published by Madhur Sandesh Sangam. Tipu Sultan was the first freedom fighter of India who gave the slogan "India is for Indians". Most of the population in his kingdom was non-Muslim. If he was pro-Muslim,  how he ruled for nearly two decades? His finance minister was a non-Muslim (Purnaiya, a Pandit) and many other generals were also non-Muslims. There is a list of 156 mandirs in Mysore Gazette to which Tipu Sultan gave monthly grants. As per customs of mMsore kings, Tipu Sultan visited the Mandir of Ranga Nathji before breakfast. The very presence of some temples in the premises of Tipu Sultan’s palace shows his respect and open mindedness towards the religion of others. If we see his contribution to our nation with open eyes and mind, we will say that what to speak of naming a university in his name, everything should be named after Tipu Sultan in this country. Abdul Shakoor, Punjab   Lucknow and Urdu Thank you for publishing my article. 'Muslims caught between devil and deep sea 'in MG issue dated 16-30 April. However I would like to draw your kind attention to a factual error in the blurb portion and also in the body of the article. In the sentence '... to give Urdu its due in its birth place' the mention of the birth place (in its birth place)has been added perhaps by the sub-editor which is not there in the original article( Pl. see the original copy.). The statement is wrong because Deccan and Delhi not UP is the birth place of Urdu. Mohammad Shahid Khan, Lucknow MG: You are correct that historically and factually but it is also a historical fact that the area around Lucknow was one of the most important centres of Urdu and without that area, which may broadly be called U. P., there was and will be no Urdu. It is in that sense that we inserted that little interpolation in your report.   Muslims and Congress party There are assembly elections in Karnataka in the next month .The congress party has lost its Muslim vote bank ,therefore it is difficult for congress to come to power independently .Muslims are worried and dismayed as thousands of Muslim youths are apprehended and sent to jails on the false charges of terrorism ,The congress bosses in the UPA government wants to pose that they can punish the Muslim youths according to their wish and will .The BJP is not able to do this holy job .To put the Muslim youths on false and fabricated allegations has become a religious obligation for the congress top bras .They are mostly caste Hindus .They believe that Muslims are responsible for all evils drawbacks . Mrs Sonia Gandhi is mute on this issue .The other parties have protested on this issue .The Police takes years to give charge list to the apprehended youths. After few years the charges could not be proved in the court of law and the youths are set free .This is nothing but state terrorism against a particular community .The congress president should think that if her son Rahul Gandhi is arrested and sent to jail what will be her plight .Will she sleeps peacefully? There are thousands of mothers are restless .Their young and blooming youths are in jails without any crime. The only crime is they are Muslims .If the same policy is adapted against Dalits and Sikh community lot of mayhem and chaos could be done by those communities .But Muslims tolerate and patiently face the brunt .But this will enrage the Almighty and the country will suffer in number of ways .The congress will certainly lose its Muslim vote bank. Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Gujarat riots victims The ray of hope is still alive for the victims of the horrible Gujarat communal violence in the year 2002. So far, not a single Hindu Terrorists for the crime against humanity and Genocide of Muslims had been awarded death sentence in the past. Gujarat Government permitted SIT to file an appeal for death sentence to terrorist lady Maya Kodnani and Terrorist master mind Babu Bajrangi and nine others, for their role in the massacre and butchered to the Muslims in Narora Patiya in the year 2002, and permission is granted to challenge the lower court's order in the Naroda Patia case, before the Hon'ble Gujarat high court. The matter has reached to the High Court Gujarat for the death penalty to the terrorists its good indication, provided SIT file the appeal with an intention to provide the justice to the victimized family. It would be proper tribute to the innocent those have lost lives during action of the terrorists in Gujarat, including teenaged children, pregnant women and old men. It is a request with the Hon'ble High Court to assign the death penalty to Maya Kodnani and ors. It will boost up the confidence of the victimized family in Judiciary. Also, keep a strict vigil during the tendency of the petition on the fundamentalist forces in the form of Bajrang Dal, VHP, RSS who can abstract in court proceeding ask any unauthorized person to keep away from the proceeding. Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai Maharashtra    Obituary of a winner of three consecutive elections In India these days a winner of three consecutive elections is very much in news. By virtue of this hat trick his party is banking on him to ensconce itself in Delhi once again. In the far west -in England- another such hat trick winner is in news. England's only woman prime minister in history and longest serving prime minister of twentieth century Margaret Thatcher is lying in state awaiting being laid to rest. One expects such popular leaders to be paragons of virtues, epitomes of all political wisdom and statesmanship and the sovereign of the hearts of their subject. The obituary of England's hat-trick politician is shockingly different. Many cities of England saw people coming out in streets with champagne to rejoice at the death of Margaret Thatcher. They called them death parties or Maggie's Good Riddance party. The wicked witch is dead, one MP said, tamp the dirt down. A placard read "Rejoice. Thatcher is dead." There were placards the language of which is unprintable People protested against giving her the state funeral. So she gets some sort of ceremonial funeral. Few thousand protesters are arriving early to take vantage position en route and as close to St Paul's church where she will be interred. They are doing so, so that the world camera telecasts their images when they turn their back to Margaret Thatcher's passing coffin. She will be remembered for things like calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist, having tea with the torturer and murderer Pinochet, ordering sinking of Argentine warship Belgrano. The ship was speeding away from the combat zone and was hit in the back. It went down taking with it hundreds of Argentine's conscripts to their watery grave. In 1990 she was uprooted by her own party. She left 10, Downing Street in tears.      Dr AR Mookhi, Mumbai    Hinduism is not a religion I am an ardent fan of MG since its beginning and enjoying the mind bolgging articles and thank the Editor for the noble task. This refers to a wonderful article by our learned friend mr Ram Puniyani '' Re-defining Hinduism 'is an eye opener to all non Muslims mr Ram Puniyani elaborated the true meaning of HINDUISM in a natural way which is acceptable to all. As per the great scholar Dr Zakir Naik , Hinduism is not a Religion , it is a Misnoma. The Goal is One ,but the methods are plenty.. I congratulate Shri Ram Puniyani for presenting the wonderful article which I enjoyed Heartfully.   Mohammad Azam, Karimnager, AP   US and terrorism America's overreaction is glaring It will be a source of immense surprise for rest of the world, as US, the mighty superpower with arsenal to destroy the world several times over, could be so easily destabilized and shaken up, by mere explosion of two crude bombs. The mighty nation has been so brainwashed by fear-mongers of the Bush era Jewish Neo-cons who thrive on their obsessive Islamophobia, that common citizen is instantly gripped with the mortal fear of say another 9/11 or even another holocaust. There is so much panic among the security administration and so much surfeit of agencies and media doing its part, that one is at a loss to imagine, how US would fare if it had to face an attack situation like it inflicted on Iraq or Afghanistan. The Administration should ponder over how it can get its entire population of 300 plus millions to face such calamities with fortitude and deliberation, rather panic and wide-spread fear. America's over reaction could be laughing matter for even nations like Israel, which has been suffering apparently from crude rockets from Gaza on a daily basis.                Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai    A cop is a cop ---- Union HM Shinde said on Sat that an inquiry was being conducted into allegations of police negligence. "We are waiting for the report. Give us some time, we will take action," he said. Reports on two other probes - one involving the intrusion into Shinde's house by quota seekers and the other on the SFI attack on WB CM Mamata and her Finance Minister - are also awaited. These remarks fuelled speculation that pressure was mounting on the government to effect changes at the top in Delhi Police. This only exhibits the cruel mind set of an ex-cop. Can you compare the brutal assaults on young women and girl children with the intrusion into Shinde's house by quota seekers and the SFI attack on Mamata? Top Delhi Cop needs to be changed not because of his failure to protect women and children but because he failed to protect the hapless Shinde and Mamata from the goons who inflicted horrendous and unprintable brutalities on them. Yours etc, Sankara Narayanan, Bhubaneswar.   Ego of Muslim leaders mortgaged to parties In a T V programme comparing Rahul gandhi with Narendra Modi, a BJP Muslim leader said Muslim forgot Mumbai riot, Bhagal Pur Jamshedpur, Aligarh etc anti Muslim riots so Muslims must kick these show boys leaders who sell Ummah interests. S. Haque, Patna   Suspension of AMUSU President Shahzad Alam Once again  a shocking news has emerged from the AMU Campus which is bound to add some explosive potential to the present turbulent phase. While not doubting the credentials of the Vice-Chancellor in enforcing the  discipline, this distinct incident of suspending the AMUSU President Mr. Shahzad Alam definitely stands on a different plank, and considering the entirety of circumstances, the action of the Vice-Chancellor cannot be called anything but totally arbitrary and  dictatorial. Though not acquainted with what actually did happen, but   from the charges and counter charges what appears as a logical thread is that Mr. Shahzad Alam wanted to raise the pending minority issue of the University and everything untoward must have followed when he was not allowed. The Vice-Chancellor, like everybody whose existence depends on the pleasure of the  people in power, must have had his own constraints, while as a student leader Mr. Shahzad Alam must have felt it his sacred obligation to use that platform to highlight the issue. It is an open fact that the politicians of all hues have now considered the Muslim community as the most slavish entity, and whenever they appear before Muslim gathering, they shed  crocodile tears over the  community’s fate and predicament. If at this stage  these politicians are shown the mirror, of course in a sophisticated manner, they may at least realize that there is some life and a sense of vibration amongst Muslims. Considering all the prevailing circumstances and keeping the future in sight, I sincerely appeal to the Honourable Vice-Chancellor to immediately rescind the suspension of Mr. Shahzad Alam. Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow, U.P.