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Clear Hindu-Muslim divide & other letters to the editor

Sharad Yadav taught Sabir Ali lesson
Sabir Ali is Rajya Sabha member of J D (U). He was with Rsm vilas paswan and usually here presents J D (U) on T V debate. Sharad Yadav National President of J D (U) & convenor of NDA. Sharad politics established in Bihar by Laloo Yadav. In national executive Sharad Yadav slammed Sabir Ali that before speaking talk to US and are (Sharad / Nitish) did not names. Sabir Ali on a t debate named Modi. [14 April J D (U) national exec meeting] This incidence recalls somnath-ayodhya blood soaked rath yatra in which kar hooligans shouted “mandir wahin banayenge” hiding demolition modus operandi. Mr Advanic who saved Modi after 2002 Muslim genocide in Gujarat to stay at C M post. Now it is Sabir Ali’s turn if he accepts the lesson and the hidden modus operandi behind the lesson.
S. Haque, Patna

Being modern, open society and free mixing
Segegration of sex and veil are branded as backward in thinking by modern society who drove ladies into market and made them showpiece. They encourage free mingling without knowing the dangerous result. A girl was going to Kolkata with boy friends from Samasti Pur. Those friends five in numbers raped her in running train and thrown her from train at Dalsing Sarai (13 April) GRP found her lying on rail track in precarious condition. That is why Islam orders segration of sex to save womens modesty.
S. Haque, Patna

Certificates distribution
SIT of Gujarat gave clean chit to Gujarat C M Narendra Modi in 2002 Muslim genocide in Gujart. CBI submitted a report in court giving clean chit to L. K. Advani’s involvement in the demolition of Historical Babri Masjid when judicial commission indicted L K Advani and others. On the other hand BJP leaders are freely distributing certificates of anti Indian to Muslims. When surya namaskar included in school curriculum. RJD members opposed the hindu sanskar in assembly on 19 Feb 2013. BJP leaders Giri raj singh and Ashwani choube called Akhtarul Iman (MLA) anti India and treacherous. Earlier on 25 Feb 2009, when Shakil Ahmad Khan (MLA / RJD) were debating in assembly BJP members called Khan anti nation and gaddar and dubbed Khan a Pakistani as saffron brigade dubs Muslims as Pakistani, Bangla Deshi Huji, Let…. etc. Particular trend of certification would pose major threat to our country in future
S. Haque, Patna

No award if linked with RSS or J. I.
Rajasthan government headed by C M Ashok gehlot issued an instruction not to award any sportsperson who is attached with R. S. S. and JIH This idea will be affective if political parties make this essential for their members and if making a member is essential than an undertaking with “maafi nama” must be taken so their member would not have relation with sangh and repentance and apology for past relation with sangh. This will be one effective step to defeat communalism. Let begin a debate and pressurise of secular flag and voters cheating politics can be stopped.
S. Haque, Patna

Secularism ka cheerharan
Surya namaskar included in school curriculum is BJP’s agenda but Nitish Kumar declared it not compulsory for all, is Nitish Kumar’s secularism. To construct ram mandir is BJP’s agenda. Nitish Kumar openly opposed Narendra Modi as P M candidate. BJP is major party in NDA then P M candidate must come from BJP. Syed Shahnwaz Hussain announced that either whole BJP is communal or secular (07/04/13) and Lal Krishna Advani recently announced we are proud on ram mandir agitation. It is our agenda. To make Advani P M is Nitish Kumar secularism? ABP news chanel aired a programme “kya Nitish Ka secularism dhong hai” (14 April / 6 pm)
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim contribution in freedom struggle
After Independence Muslims contributions in freedom struggle are deliberately wiped out and erased it is a conspiracy deeply planned. But before independence media (Hindustan / 13/04/1938) published “…. And blood of Hindu Muslim together shed in jalian wala Bag…. “ Independence couldn’t be achieved without Muslim’s contribution but after independence Muslims are made cow?
S. Haque, Patna

PCI, media body or judiciary take notice of media hate mongering
In the technical era not only man is responsible for hate mongering but our Indian media has specialised in this field but civil society, PCI, media bodies and even judiciary are simply blinking and off and on just shirk responsibility by simply uttering few words. This is not going to help India achieve the goal of justice because it creates collective conscience and then it later utilised by judiciary Hindi national daily on 11 April published a lead story about arresting of a dozen people at Bihar-Nepal boarding district Madhu bani. They are calling themselves kashmiris. National Hindi daily on page 1 published “suspect Pakistani arrested in Madhubani” with a picture as if it was a prize catch because among them women and kids were present. But before right SSB has to release them and the very national daily published the release news at page 11 in 9x4 cm column In Feb this year “Hizbul Net work network munger story punctured with 24 hours” (MG / E-Paper) was similar story. Such planted story or without authentification airing the new is tacit planning of saffor brain to destroy the social fabric by demonising image of a particular community PcI, civil society, media bodies even judiciary are just blinking at such serious conspiracy. Why no one is ready to take head on the issue? Is it because Muslims, are at the receiving end?
S. Haque, Patna

Saffron brain behind secular get up
There was no alternative but to support congress what Umar Abdullah said. Muslim leader might not having alternative but Ummah don’t because so-called secular becomes more dangerous than saffron if no alternative Are home minister of centre or state in so-called secular ruling governments sangh camp trained? (H. Ms let Muslims down / MG old issue) now latest, H. M of Maharastra under congress andn NCP parties government said that in maharastra cities particularly in Mumbai and around Bangla Desi labours were engaged in constitution activities. (UNI / 13/03/13 / Mah. assembly) In second week of april with the help of NGO, Muslim organisation and minority comm. of Maharashtra around 20-22 construction labours were released from police arrest. Police arrested them as B. D national but actually the labours were Bengali speaking Indian Muslims.
S. Haque, Patna

Hindu India By…. ?
VHP would declare Gujarat a Hindu state by 2015. Pravin Togadia announced it (PTI / 01/04/13). Is it not a tiny announcement by the organisation claims to vishwa (world) hindu parishad? He should declare the time frame within that they would declare India as hindu-rashtra because Togadia or VHP’s tiny announcement would not taken into cognizance because such hate mongerings or announcement challenging our constitution are easily digested? On the other hand judges who sent Akbaruddin Owaisi jail had said that they saw his speeches on U-tube and found anti national. Togadia, Swamy, Singhal…. etc are silently appreciated but result of such appreciation is not gauged.
S. Haque, Patna

Double standard of political parties
BJP is opposing Sharat Chandra sinha (who is retiring in October) induction in NHRC as member of NHRC. The opposition leaders Lok Sabha and R. S Ms Shushma Swaraj and Arun jaitly penned their opposition again S. C. sinha induction in NHRC. S. C. sinha as NIA chief has followed the exemplary path of Shaheed karkare disrobing the mask of terror from bhagwa faces. Mr Neelmani former DGP of Bihar is made a member of BHRC after his retirement. BJP is free to induct Ex IPS, Ex IAS to a constitutional post why other cant do ?
S. Haque, Patna

Hussainabad people - congrats
Bhagal Pur was silk city but riots in 1989 spoiled the business and Muslims domination over art and craft lost. Again Bhagalpur name came into light when the rape accused Md. Firoz was captured by Muslims of Hussainganj when he was entering into his maternal aunt house on 23 April near Hussainganj Masjid. He is accused of rape with girl at Siwni (M. P). Hussain ganj Masjid area densely populated by Muslim they captured rape accused congratulation. But BJP top brass went to jail to meet terror bomb accused and on the death penalty demand for Maya Kodnani, Togadi openly opposes. Where as Muslims demand death penalty for culprit of rape and murder.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslims house torched
Shamshuddin has a house in Jandaha Bazaar under Jandaha thana in Haji Pur when he went for Juma Namaz his house was burned by his neighbours Suroj Sah, Bhola Sah etc. He lost all his assets and house completely gentled. Shamshuddin lives under seize and under threat but police and administration gave least attention and minority commission is in deep slumber.
S. Haque, Patna

Generally security forces are anti minority
Muslims are in minority in Myanmar where ethnic cleaning is going on killed thousands Muslims and forced 125000 Muslims from their homes. HRW (Human rights watch) and E U after deep damage awoke and observed that “security forces sometimes intervened to protect fleeing Muslims, more often they fuelled the unrest either by standing by idle or directly participating in atrocities in atrocities. “ Very similar attitude and nature Indian security forces and police show during riots trampling justice and dumping human rights.
S. Haque, Patna

A lesson for Indian media
Sunil tripathi (22) who was falsely named in the media as a person of internet in the boston blast fox news reported “police are hoping the video will provide new clues to find Mr tirpathi” NBC news tweeted “speculation that one of the bombing suspect is a missing student” But immediately finding true suspect of boston bomb blast social media apologised” I send my deepest regrets for falsely identifying him as a suspect…. “ But Indian media starts counting Muslim name after bomb blast and never apologise.
S. Haque, Patna

Redefining Hinduism
Ram puniyani has touched burning issue of Hinduism in MG 16-30 April 2013 which is not discussed generally. “Re -defining Hinduism” should be carried forward because decade old M. Karunanidhi’s observation about Hinduism brought to court. B. B. gauthaman director of the vedic science research centre, Mylapore appealed to Madras H. C that on October 24 2002 DMK leader M. Karunadhi explained Hinduism as “hindu means thief” among large gathering of Muslims and Christians. On the other side V. H. P. leader announced that V. H. P. would declare Gujarat Hindu state by 2015 though our constitution declared our nation is a secular state. But judiciary blinks at Hindu state statement which challenged our constitution.
S. Haque, Patna

Secular vs saffron parties
Is there any difference b/w secular and saffron parties? Yes there is a biggest difference that saffron parties not promise justice for Muslims but secular parties promise a lot for Muslim but don’t fulfill. Congress led UPA-1 promised 3 minority university and UPA-II announced 5 - minority universities. Amazaingly for 2014 M P election minority welfare minister K. Rahman Khan announced for many more minority universities were being planned. AMU minority character damaged by congress and for AMU campus upa played ditching politics (Two CUB in Bihar started) not a single minority university could be established. Kapil Sibal announced to work for Muslims upliftment. Promises and announcements are pouring till election. Shikari ayega jaal….
S. Haque, patna

Clear Hindu - Muslim divide
In focus Karnataka, HT / 27 April 2013 at last of the keen contest about Karnataka election article wrote - “in coastal areas, there is a clear Hindu-Muslim devide” (p-6) Our politicians has ruled India and no principle is adopted but power is dearer. That is why in every cities or town there is clear cut devide in Hindu-Muslim. Hindus dwell in modern part of cities and Muslims live in ghettoes. This is our politician can divide to grab power.
S. Haque, Patna

Seers, guru, jyotsi, rituals vs innocents blood
Former C M Jharkhand Arjun Munda’s bungalow gate facing changed at the advice of pandit and jyotshi to bring good luck and the Jharkhand BJP - JMM government fell. B. S. Yedderappa took C M post at the advice of pandits seeing stars and graham. He sprinkled cow-dung and ganga jal around his office and vidhan sauda. Now B. S. Yedderappa is apologising Muslim for distancing and not doing any thing for Muslim as being BJP C M. Advani, Kalyan, Uma…. Narsimha rao had lessons now NAMO is attending seers and guru to project himself champion of hindutva but innocents blood does not go in vain.
S. Haque, Patna

Urdu media surrendered to earn money
In the name of Urdu media, we have Urdu news papers usually news papers create environment conducive for positive and constructive endeavour through its editorial, article and letters and it places the short comings of government with the deficiencies in establishments. All the news papers and magazines has their strong letter column in which readers write and criticize the news paper and government too. M G in toto a strong reprehensive of Ummah and it has strong and powerful letter & rejoinder column. But Urdu media couldn’t muster up courage to show Muslim areas road, electric, Nala water supply worst condition and never dared to criticise government. And surprisingly Urdu news papers have removed letter column. Urdu news papers has surrendered to earn money. Let Urdu writers and editors huddle to make Urdu media courageous.
S. Haque, Patna

British were terrorists
Willian Dalrymple’s book “The return of a king “explores the first Anglo-Afgan war. First time a British accepted that British were regarded as terrorist in Afghanistan during 1839. British were invaders in India British were treated as invaders for looting Indian wealth and now USA attacks Iraq with fake excuse of “WMD” and captured oil wealth as earlier. USA was spilling out oils from Iran taking Shah of Iran under USA clutch. It was British who were looting other countries wealth by capturing the country. This is white collared terrorism under the camouflage of world safety
S. Haque, Patna

Is manipulating a court easy?
After hearing “you are manipulating the courts…. “ from S C judge drove me to think it easy or judges are ready to be manipulated because S C court observed that some thing has rotten in Allahabad H C and opposition leader told that judges were used against opposition and many judges after retirement attend VHP ABVP meetings. In Patna a H C judge sat at construction of mandir site on government land mandidr was coming up. H. C trifurcated the Babri Masjid land and not taking consideration of documental proves etc. It is judiciary susceptible to be easily manipulated and many times judgs are astna manipulised.
S. Haque, Patna

Poor Salman Khursheed Our external affairs minister is talking about the Mechanism. This mechanism will find the solution of Chinese advancement in Ladak. but he rules out any reaction of our Army or BSF. Any way Mr. Khursheed wants to offer a chalet to the nation. So far we have lost 310 KM land to China. No mechanism of the government has pushed the Chinese forces back and secured our land. our army and the government thinks this is a mechanism. Then it is clear that we have to lose again the grabbed, May I ask Mr. Salmon Khursheed what for we are keeping 20 lakhs of army and investing billions of Rupees on arms and nourishing the army officers just for show ? The chief of the armed forces be ordered to attack the Chinese intruders and push them back. The diplomats need not transfer their fear psychosis to our the chief of army let him safeguard our borders by sacrificing some generals and colonels and some jawans. If we agree to Salmans so called mechanism we lose Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to China. It will divert the flow of Brahmaputra back to Tibet. Pakistan and China will capture whole Kashmir. Salman and Antony be set aside from the present scenario.
Maqdoomi Hyderabad

China’s Intrusion, A Serious Matter The editor Hindu has written an editorial about the Chinese intrusion in Ladakh. He says that restraint is the key. He must know that china has not intruded only at one place Ladakh but it has put our country under siege. It has done damage to our border wall protecting Aruna Chal Pradesh, In Tibet it is constructing three hydel projects which will surely interrupts the flow of water. Our country is neglecting as the performance is in Tibet which China has grabbed unlawfully. Now the important thing is that our ruling junta has committed a blunder mistake from the day of inception was to make Pakistan a born foe. Pakistan was the part of our country. The British rulers divided the country and gave independence. The then leadership should have agreed for division of the country. Even after partition the leaders should coexist peacefully. The UK and US put oil on the fire of enmity between the two neighbouring countries. They got success in their end they sold the arms deadly weapons worth of billions of Dollars even Russia did not lag behind in supplying arms and ammunitions to both countries. The ruling class specially Brahmans treated Muslims as their enemy number one. The Brahmans perceived that if Islam speared in India,their religious supremacy will end as Islam propagates equality among all the human beings. This belief is counterproductive. The rulers therefore kept Pakistan a religious and political foe with unending enmity. Now if Pakistan had been our good friend China could not attack India and grab our land in Ladak, It could not enter in POK. Pakistan might not have become all season friend of China. Pakistan and even US are just mute spectators, India is not in opposition to take help in the present precarious situation. China has become a daredevil and making intrusions in Indian ocean and on our land. In this present situation we do not find any other go except show restraint. Our army has already declared that they cannot fight with Chinese forces. We have lost our prestige in international arena. The external minister Salman Khurshid will air dash to China and prostrate before Jinping. The Chinese president will give Ashirwad and plan to take more land in the next bout. What a shame? I being a AM ADMI feel insult but the leaders brush aside and plan how they can oppose Pakistan and blame LeT,ISI, Indian Mujahidin etc And may get the chance to have another attack like 26/11 to increase the level of enmity. Till then China will attack Arunachal and caution our army to vacate the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Is it the diplomacy. Aurang Zeb has ruled India, Pakistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan. What made him so dare and strong?
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

The Supreme Court’s appreciation to the FDI in multi-brand retail is surprising. The three-judge bench’s observation that farmers will be benefited from the direct sale to retail giants may not translate in real terms. In the milieu of the government’s policy to slowly scuttle the PDS (public distribution system) and remove agriculture subsidies, the farmers will be pushed to compete in the global market where the retail behemoths would have the option to purchase the cheapest agriculture produce from China orAustralia. Though the apex court hails the FDI in retail stating that it would throw out middlemen “who are a curse to Indian economy and who are sinking it”, who can recompense the livelihood of over 4 crore retail merchants, who too could be thrown out in an unequal competition? The bench has evoked “Consumer is the king” philosophy. Okay…the consumer may feel like a ‘king’ in large air-conditioned stores of Wal-Mart or Carrefour, but. . . can we afford to ignore the misery it is going to bring to our farmers and retail merchants?
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)

20000 people die every year of dog-bites in India. This figure is one third of the globule figure. An Indian stray dog is responsible for every third person dying of rabies in the world. . The statistics is not likely to improve for a long long time. Between 2007 and 2012 the stray dog population in Mumbai doubled from 75000 to 188000. This, in spite of the fact that there is a campaign of sterilizing stray dogs since 2002. Between 2002 and 2011 the Municipal corporation of Mumbai has spent Rs 6. 72 crores on the sterilization programme. In the year 2012, the recorded number of dog bites was 82247 i. e. 225 dog bites every day. Surely these statistics will not be acceptable to the most ardent animal lovers and the dog NGOs. Unless you come face to face with the victim of a fatal dog bite you cannot imagine the ferocity of the stray fangs. Just imagine a dog bite sending a little girl into coma for nine years before she died. Dr Rosario Menezes, a paediatrician of Goa who must have seen many a children bitten by dogs says, “Dogs must be taken off the streets even if that means euthanizing them [killing them painlessly] I am for the right of people to walk the streets without the fear of being attacked by a pack of dogs. “
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054 020513

Muslim media has a bigger responsibility
Muslims should adopt media field because it is the best field from where fighting injustice is easy. This is a major responsibility Allah has placed upon Muslims shoulders. Fighting injustices is easy through this profession. Let us take the BPSC officers grade result as an example. Result with roll no. published in newspapers and media analysed the result as total 14407 candidate appeared; 2610 selected for personal interview and from them only 1006 would be selected for different groups of officers. Other media analysed 26110 result as 1248-gen. cat, 429-sc, 23-st, 464-ebc 308-bc, 83-bc women, 25-phy handicapped. Muslim media has bigger responsibility because Muslim media should have given how many Muslims selected in 2610 selected for interview and it is not very difficult but it needs Milli jazba.
S. Haque, Patna

Nuclear Power
Though the Supreme Court verdict may clear the hurdles for the Nuclear Power Plant at Kudamkulam, a few questions would continue to haunt the psyche of the common man. (1) The Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima might have been the ‘fool-proof’ nuclear plants of their times, similar to what is being claimed about Kudamkulam (2) Can we deal with a nuclear plant accident, given that we have failed miserably to compensate the victims of Union Carbide - a chemical plant? (3) Why India should pursue nuclear energy, at a time, when many developed countries have taken a leaf out of Fukushima and looking towards harnessing safer options like solar, tidal and wind energies?
Syed Sultan Mohiddin Kadapa (A. P)

Though it is too little and too late, the conviction of two Shiv Sainiks by a special court for their hate harangue in Mumbai two decades ago is welcome. It was a paradox of justice that, while one hundred persons were punished by the courts for their role in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, hardly any action was taken against those who aroused communal tension in the city by making hate speeches and writing hate articles. The Sri Krishna committee report on the Mumbai communal clashes which happened soon after Babri Masjid demolition was literally thrown in the dist bin. In a brazen case of double standards, Sanjay Dutt was convicted for possessing a gun while the then Shiv Sena MLA Madhukar Sarpotdar, who was reported to have roamed through the streets in Dadar holding his gun in hand was off the hook.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kapada (A. P)

The killing of Sarabjit Singh, purportedly at the hands of some jail inmates in a Pakistani jail is the murder most foul. Though the Pakistan authorities must be appreciated for their positive approach to allow Sarabjit’s kin to see him in Pakistan and later to send the body to India, what is required is a stern action against the perpetrators of the crime including the negligent jail officials. However, the manner how some media houses tried to rake up the issue with jingoism is very unfortunate. One must understand that there are dozens of the likes of Sarabjits languishing in the prisons of Pakistan and India, many of them committing offences, as trivial as crossing the border mistakenly. Shouldn’t the adversity of Sarabjit’s death be converted as an opportunity, to explore the possibility of swapping prisoners, at least the cases which deserve mercy and compassion, and create an amicable atmosphere between the two nations?
Syed Sultan Mohiddin,, Kadapa (A.P.)