Time for Reconstruction of Thought: A Back Gear to Civilisation


Throughout the world, the education system and research are meant to spread the known truth so far and cultivation of the absolute Truth.

Civilisation means the society, culture and way of life of a particular area or human group which is considered to the most advanced. So, civilisation demands perceived perfection in human social, cultural and individual life. The condition of people’s social, cultural and personal life is guided by some factors, known as the components of civilisation. These are Truth, Legislation, Administration, Judiciary and Mass Media. The Truth is the most central component and the needs of other four components arise only to protect and sustain that vary component, the Truth. The home, society, school, college, university are the agencies/ institutions catering, nursing and strengthening these components day in and day out. These agencies of education are cementing any gap or violation or deterioration in the thought-process of the people in order to protect and establish the Truth. If the Truth is ensured, the better building up of human civilisation is ensured.

Throughout the world, the education system and research are meant to spread the known truth so far and cultivation of the absolute Truth. All the components of human civilisation – e.g., the Legislation, the Administration, the Judiciary, and the Mass Media are to protect and establish that Truth, so that people can get benefit out of it. That is the mental construction we are in process since time immemorial. Human civilisation including in our country has reached at this advance stage in this 21st century. But in recent times we are being exposed to blatant contradictions, almost every day which forces us to reconstruct our very mental set up formed through epoch after epoch! Many a times the contradictions are so shamelessly naked and ugly, cruel and lustful of dominance that any sane human find it very hard to resolve out. They either become the victim of criminal police bullet or mental patient! Let us analyse the aim of each of the components of civilisation one by one vis-à-vis their present functions.

The first component is the Legislation. The aim of legislation in a civilized society is to frame laws in order to make people’s life easy. Fresh oxygen, drinking water, healthy food, education, health, cloth and shelter are the basic and common survival requirements of everybody. It is the prime duty of the legislation to devise means and methods to meet these survival requirements in hassle free manner and make people’s life easy. In other words, legislation is to frame laws to solve the problems of the people, not to create it; to make confidence, not panic; to grow a sense of security, not fear; to create love and faith among the people, not hate and suspicion; to strengthen harmony, brotherhood, social and national integration, not enmity and division. But unfortunately our legislation has formed some recent laws which purposely and definitely were to put people in serious problems; creating fear and panic among a large section of people; creating hate, suspicion, enmity and division in our social and national life! Some of these laws are blatantly violating the fundamental rights guaranteed in our constitution and some are against the international charter of right of citizenship of any human being! Moreover, the lawmakers are openly threatening the weak victims of their vested interest laws by giving electric shock, gun shots, taking “revenge”, throwing out of the country and so on! But, what for the “revenge” or so? – might be the crime is being a religious “minority” in India

The second component of Civilisation is Administration. The duty of the administration is to implement the laws passed by the legislature. Bureaucracy and police are the main constituents of administration. Needless to mention, it must be unbiased, fair and just to everybody irrespective of one’s identity. But astonishingly enough, we see that the administration is blatantly biased towards the powerful one! This causes a sense of insecurity and hopelessness among the already weak and vulnerable sections of our society. Some recent naked illustrations of police biasness are – police along with some gunda force of the persons in power have stormed into the campus of the renowned universities, even into the lady’s hostels, libraries and beating, firing the innocent students! Such gundas are firing the innocent students in front of the police in broad day-light, where police are seen to be standing beside in relaxed and pleasant mood! Such terrorists are being allowed to go scot free by labelling “juvenile” tag immediately; whereas IV or V standard kids are being grilled for hours together by the police to slap sedition cases against them for their “crime” to participate in a school play whose theme was the protection of Indian Constitution! The message is dangerously clear – if you dare to talk about the protection of your country’s constitution, be you an innocent kid or baby, you are an anti-national! So, police will grill you, book you under sedition charges! But, if you are supporting the persons now in power, your every act of terrorism, shooting, killing – administration will cover up and protect, sometimes dignify you in one way or other! The minority and weaker sections of our society are the target of a section of Indian administration now. They are being either lynched, booked, tortured and jailed – making their life completely destroyed for no crime but for trying to save the dying babies in Govt. hospital by purchasing oxygen by the Physician, with his own money; or to make people understand the importance of the country’s constitution and the need to protect it! Police are openly killing the pro-constitution people, if they are minority – either by firing in peaceful rallies or even by forcefully entering their homes at night.

Let us now analyse the role of the Judiciary, the third component of Civilisation. The function of judiciary is to punish the violators of the laws. As the laws ought to be passed based on the Truth, so the judiciary’s role becomes punishing the deviators /violators of the Truth. Alas! We are finding not that! When children are suffering and dying in the detention camps, due to no fault of their or their parents, the hon’ble judiciary did not see that; when children are being grilled as criminals by the police for acting in a play at their school, judiciary did not take any note of that; when innocent children’s bodies are riddled mercilessly by the mighty armed forces making some instantly blind, there was no ‘Suo Motu’! But when a child dies in his mother’s lap who has been struggling hard to save the country’s constitution, our judiciary starts ‘Suo Motu’ case against that mother! Judgements are passed on religious matters – favouring one, depriving the other’s legal right. People are seeking justice in the constitutional violation matters in order to pacify the ongoing long, intense countrywide protest which affected the national life badly – the judiciary’s view is to give medicine only after the crisis /disease is recovered!

The fourth important component, the Mass Media are also not playing its desired role. Rather many of them are trying to confuse people with the spread of part-truth, deviated from truth, or even blatant falsehood regarding the activities of the above three components of civilisation. Media’s role was to make people conscious about the activities of the other components in the light of the constitutional framework, i.e., on the touchstone of the Truth. Majority of today’s media are blindly supporting each and every acts and actions of the persons in power now. At the same time branding and banishing each voice of dissent as dangerously as “anti-national”, “terrorist”, “traitor”, “termite” and so on and giving their “sacred sermon” to start cases of “sedition” against such dissenters! This is very dangerous for democracy – which survives only from the voice of dissent but very favourable for autocracy or fascism – which lives only in the absence of dissenters.

Now, let us check that what benefits the society can get due to the establishment of the Truth. Truth ensures transparency, confidence, respects among the members, security – in all individual, social and national life. Truth provides solution to the want of sustenance, weeding out corruption, evaporation of hate, suspicion, ill-will from the society and establishment of love, faith, friendship, brotherhood, humanity; progress in knowledge, science, technology and humanity. In short, establishment of Truth brings overall prosperity to human civilisation.

But what a society we are living in now? – Due to the non-establishment or deviation or altogether absence of the Truth, every form and extent of deviation, distortion in Legislation, Administration, Judiciary and Mass Media are being done finely but to worse extent. When a yard-stick deviates it deviates surely in favour of the powerful, influential one – depriving the rightful due to the powerless, weak, non-influential masses. The latter are the victim of such truth-less system /society; in Indian context they are the Muslims. In such situation, some Muslims try to appease the powerful one by acting to adapt their religio-culture to get their just share in democratic political right. Public demonstration of such worship of the deity of the people in power by a Muslim actually belittles his/her position as well as mocking the others. Because, such person is doing so as a show, certainly not from his /her heart, just to give a signal to the powerful that ‘see, I am among you. So, accept me!’

Truth can’t be more than one. As there is only one centre to a circle, Truth behind everything is only one. Our Indian constitution, the best one of the world, is compiled based on that one Truth operative behind the components of civilisation. Each has been assigned their duties there specifically. So, far these components of our civilisation work on the line of the Truth as in our constitution, we are safe, secure and progressive. We are to ensure that at any cost.

The author is Principal, Shaheed Nurul Islam Mahavidyalaya, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. He may be contacted at