2002 Godhra train burning eye opening facts

Browse through the omissions and commissions in 2002 Godhra Sabarmati Express Train Burning case which taken as the "action" for the Gujarat 2002 pogrom (reaction) in which thousands of Muslims where killed, made homeless, looted, raped etc etc. This presentation by Adv. Mukul Sinha & the New Socialist Movement, Gujarat , a copy available of which is available on, will help you understand the "Muslim" role in the burning of coach S-6 and the actual action-reaction which happened. It is also thought that the actual "action" was BJP fearing loss in the next elections, according to their own survey before the Godhra incident, which led to BJP mobilising Kar sevaks to Ayodhaya, to make Ram Janmbhoomi - Babri Masjid an election issue, yet again.



Gujarat Riots in pictures