Is real investigation of Malegaon 2006 blasts viable?

Having failed to investigate at first, the Central Bureau of Investigation is at it again. There are awesome implications of the September 8, 2006 blasts that defy all attempts to inquire thoroughly. At the start the agencies made Abrar Ahmed the state approver. But then came his affidavit submitted to the fast track court of Justice YD Shinde. Strangely the affidavit speaks of things which have been already corroborated with evidence, and yet it has been dismissed out of hand.

In one place it lifts the veil of secrecy: “On September1, 2008 Jaiswalsaeb (Suboth Jaiswal of Anti Terrorism Squad of Mahrashtra then and now a senior officer of CBI), Sachin Kadam and Rajwawrdhan (additional Superintendent of Police of Malegaon) came to meet me and they told me that they would get me out on bail in two months time. I told them that they had betrayed me and without any reason trapped me in this case. At that time they told me that they had a mission of theirs, which would be over in two and a half months. Thereafter no one hindering them would be left to obstruct their path. Upon which I asked them what is the relationship of that with my bail. They told me that the investigation they had made and the chargesheet they had prepared in 2006 blasts is being changed (by the obstructionists, the new dispensation under ATS chief Hemant Karkare). Therefore, it is necessary to remove them (Karkare and his men) from the path. It is for this reason that your (Abrar’s) bail is delayed… They told me that Jaiswal saheb would fulfill his promise (of bailing him out). You will have to accept our design because your wife, father-in-law and brother-in-law have already received (a large amount of money from us)”.

If this allegation is false, the judge did the right thing to dismiss the affidavit out of hand. As a matter of fact the judge did not consider it worthy of his attention. But what if it tells what was so obvious to the approver who was also a police informer! The context in which it was made merits attention. Rajwardhan gave Abrar a mobile phone (9823436809) for himself and another for his wife (9825826597). Then he gave his mobile number 9422250775 to Abrar.

This can be verified as Abrar made calls from his phone as well as received calls from others including Rajwardhan. Abrar went on a junket at the behest of the ASP and was in the care of some cops who he has known very well and has named them with certainty. He travelled to Dhulia, Indore, Mumbai and other places. He stayed in Pritam hotel of Dadar in Mumbai. He met saffron-clad holy men and holy women including the accused in 2008 blast Pragyasingh Thakur, Swami Dyanand Pandey, Lt Col Purohit, etc. He identified them when they entered the jail on their arrest in November 2008. If he had not met them in September-October 2006 how could he have recognized them later? He also claims to have been housed in Jagtap mala or farmhouse in Nasik.

He shared the mansion with Purohit. He wrote the affidavit after having met the above named persons. Suppose he was lying, the judge could have easily found it out as the above accused are very much in prison with Abrar. He also describes how his high court lawyer brother Jalil filed a habeas corpus in Mumbai high court as a result of which the police produced him in the court. This much is in court record. Why did the police hide this fact that he was under their custody?

As days passed into years and Abrar found no hope of seeing his freedom from the clutches of the police, he was overwhelmed with grief and decided to expose the police who he says had framed him.

This went into the making of the affidavit. The above quote from it is the most crucial. It hints at the way Karkare was bumped off. Karkare had told the reporters of Urdu Times on August 18, 2008 that he had not found the involvement of Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in the 2006 blasts. Next month the second bomb attack on Muslims took place in the Bhiku Chowk on September 29. Following the discovery of the motorcycle of Pragyasingh Thakur, she along with Purohit and others were arrested. The above visit took place on September 1, 2008. By this date, the inquiries that the officers like Jaiswal, Rajwardhan, Sachin Kadam had made was rubbished by Karkare. There must be more in the notes that Karkare had jotted about this great shift in the investigation though he was not entrusted with 2006 blasts case. But he was the chief of ATS and it automatically came to his notice given his professionalism and probity in service. Has the CBI accessed this grave record of investigation?

Those who were against Karkare must have been alarmed by the startling revelations of what they had all along been trying to hide was discovered out by Karkare. This would mean that there were some higher ups in the intelligence section that did not want Karkare to persevere in his path of investigation. They wanted to stop him in his tracks. That transpired in 26/11. Jaiswal, Rajwardhan and Sachin Kadam were pawns.

If this looks like another bizarre conspiracy theory, the court had the time and the power to unearth the truth. Even CBI could have done it by now. Will it now go over the whole hog and do it?