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MG   It was really a nice experience to have MG Subscription. Indeed, it provides an overall picture of Muslims' related issues in India. Allah will reward you for this noble endeavor. Md. Aftab Alam, Chandrabhaga Hostel, JNU, New Delhi   Praiseworthy effort by Yugal Kishore Sharma in Ayodhya This is with reference to the report published in MG (1-15 May 2010). Kudos to Sri Yugal Kishore Sharma Shastri for his excellent contribution for humanity, where he had organised a religious harmony program at Suryakund Mandir at Ayodhya involving all religious people particularly Muslims on one platform for unity and oneness is really praiseworthy. Such activities should be conducted all over India in order to gain universal brotherhood with love for peace which is essential at this juncture. I thank the editor for publishing such wonderful reports. Mohammad Azam,Telangana   Terrorism 1. Why all three recent accused — Daivd Headly of 26/11, Abdul Muttalib of underwear bomb and Faisal Shahzad — all had prior contacts with US agencies. Does that not point to some involvement of US agencies in all these incidents. 2. The two latest cases – Abdul Muttalib and Faisal Shahzad attempts were aimed at US mainland. Both used crude and unprofessional devices. None died in the attacks. In both cases, US agencies were forewarned or as some will surmise were instrumental in planning the whole controlled operation to get media mileage, so that crucial budgetary cuts in terror security allotments may be restored. Other world-wide agenda cannot be ruled out. 3. Both Abdul Muttalib and Faisal Shahzad were promptly taken out of the usual court procedure under the pretext that they are cooperating with authorities. Some could say that this cooperation was not only post incidents, but even ongoing from a period earlier to the time of denouement. 4. How Faisal Shahzad got his US citizenship in such short time. Was that the carrot dangled before him to cooperate with US agencies? 5. Why conflicting scenarios came out from different agencies about the exact circumstances of Faisal Shahzad’s arrest from the departing Emirate flight. Why US Attorney General said that Shahzad was under surveillance and still he was allowed to assemble his crude bombing arsenal and park the car in the midst of crowded Times Square. What was the nature of US attorney general’s role in the whole episode? 6. Why the two NY Democratic Representatives were calling again and again for restoring the cuts in New York City’s budget allotments in their CNN interview. It was apparent that they were least affected by the ‘enormity’ of the attempt to kill Americans, and cared more for the restoring the cut by Federal Government. 7. Has the recent drying up of the world wide supposedly ‘Al Qaida’s possibly planned attacks on US mainland, forced US agency to organize its own proxy operations, to continue to hoodwink the world and keep alive its various terror related activities around the US and around the world. 8. Did this conspiracy to organize terror go all the way to US President Obama, as his comments lacked any passionate conviction over the whole charade?  9. How long US media keep fooling the world? Ghulam Muhammed II The way India handled the trial of 26/11 terrorist attack (in which Pakistani citizen Kasab has been sentenced to death by Mumbai Court) is not enough because it is important that the 20 accused Pakistanis who masterminded and handled the 26/11 attack from Pakistan should also be brought to justice. To achieve this goal the prosecuting agency of 26/11 (through Government of India) should immediately move Supreme Court of India (SCI) to approach Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) and handover Kasab to SCP on returnable basis (for facing death sentence, after return to India) so that judiciary of Pakistan can assist India (and also Pakistan) in bringing the 20 Pakistani accused to justice. India also has to understand that it is not necessary that the 20 accused get punishment only through Indian judiciary. India should be prepared to accept that these 20 accused Pakistanis get punishment for 26/11 through even Pakistani judiciary. India should also realize that the accused have committed crimes not only against Indian State but also against the State of Pakistan. It does not require a genius of criminal jurisprudence to understand that in this entire process, the cooperation from Kasab is essential which is possible only when India makes Kasab an approver and assures him (may not be openly) of extremely probable rather practically sure chances of clemency to him by President of India where his death sentence can be reduced to life imprisonment on the ground of Kasab’s said cooperation with the judiciary of Pakistan and India for bringing these Pakistani 20 accused to justice. This should satisfy the victims (and their families) of 26/11 too because in many countries there is only life sentence but the important things is that  it will help in bringing the Pakistani 20 accused to justice which will make Mumbai and India comparatively safer against cross border terrorism. It is needless to mention that the handing over of Kasab by SCI to PCB on returnable basis may also help in improving the relations between India and Pakistan. Last but not the least; India should not underestimate the judiciary of Pakistan. After all it is only the judicial community of Pakistan which has an enviable record of humbling two Pakistani Presidents (martial as well as civilian), in the interest of justice.   III No doubt science has given some newer techniques and made easier for the investigative agencies to look into the matter closely and bring the guilty to book. But the loopholes of Narco analysis, brain-mapping and other techniques cannot be ruled out. There is always a fear that the person who undergoes such tests can lose his mental equilibrium. The Supreme Court has rightly analysed that such tests are unconstitutional as it amounts to unwarranted intrusion into personal liberty. Shafaque Alam, New Delhi IV See the open challenge of one Pramod Muthalik who claims to be the leader of Sri Ram Sena. He has threatened and declared that Melegaon blast is just a test dose and it will spread all over the country in different forms. Women, youths as well as elders are being recruited and trained to handle weapons, attacks, arson, killing, raping etc. against the Muslims. The Government Departments are acting upon the will and pleasure of Hindutva leaders and agencies by arresting and torturing Muslims on the pretext of being member of SIMI, or Lashkar Toeyba. America and Israel are donating hundreds of crores of rupees to Hindutva extremists to create panic and torture the Muslims in India. They are also giving training to extremists on how to demolish the mosques, creating panic and chaotic situation in the country. Blasts in Ajmer, Bombay, Melegaon, Nanded, and Bangalore etc. are the works of the Hindutva terrorists with the full support of Narendra Modi, Lal Krishna Advani, Muthalik and Pravin Togadia. All these affairs are known to the state and central government yet they are fooling the public and eye washing the media with false information of terrorism by Muslims. Don’t punish the innocent Muslims, but find out the real culprits and punish them instead. More than half of the police forces in the country are the stooges of Hindutva. They are in Khaki uniform in day light and by night they are saffronists. Acquitting criminals like Lal Krishna Advani, Narendra Modi, Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharathi, Pravin Thagodia, Murali Manohar Joshi, Bal Thakkarey, Varun Gandhi, Pramod Muthalik etc. from all their anti-national communal activities like the demolition of worshipping structures and promoting hatred with their Hindutva Ideologies, the rulers of the country are simply targeting the innocent Muslim youth by arresting them on false charges and torturing them for years with false cases or having them killed in fake police encounters.  M. Raj Mohan, Kerala V I am not a defence or guerrilla warfare expert. Nor am I a human rights activist, or academician. I am a common man, a sincere citizen who is concerned with the menace of “naxalism”. There is no doubt that a movement which in 1970s used to be limited within Bihar has now spilled over to more than 220 of India's about 600 districts. In the beginning, the movement appeared to have taken its root for lack of development in remote areas of the country where most of the deprived lived with no roads, schools, hospitals and other basic amenities around. So, the poorest quarters of the state became the breeding hubs for Naxals. As authorities did not pay any attention to the issue, the naxalites grew in numbers and have turned a force to be reckoned with. All ruling federal and state political parties as well as those in opposition agree that remote tribal-dominated villages had lain neglected for decades. Now to tackle the whole crisis the government is left with two Himalayan tasks of developing those backward tribal areas and finishing off the naxalites. And if 26/11 was a wake-up call for the country's anti terrorism mechanism, the Dantewada incident, in which 76 security personnel were slaughtered by naxalites, serves as an eye opener of governments' deficiencies in tackling the Maoist challenge. Because of lethargic political leaderships and inattentive successive governments that were all busy boasting their political achievements with hollow misleading slogans like India Shinning, Bharat Nirman campaign, naxalites have succeeded to consolidate their position. And by baiting in and wiping out almost an entire company of CRPF personnel in Dantewada, the naxalites have proved that they are well-trained cadres, manoeuvring with deadliest precisions and are capable to destroy even our mine protected vehicles which further consolidates my fear that it's a transition in strategy of Naxals from guerrilla to mobile warfare. Naxals are no modern day Robin Hood, but extortionists with well oiled economy of extortion, kidnapping, theft and terrorists and circumstances of poverty cannot be an alibi for violence nor be a justification for terror acts. Apart from that, the naxalites took advantage of government's lack of single-minded operations against them. Lack of coordination among states and centre too posed a hurdle on way to anti-naxalite operations. It can only be resolved with focused determination.  Aziz Mubaraki, Kolkata VI Throughout the day on May 3, all the TV channels in India were showing and reporting the judgment in 26/11 terrorist attack case in Mumbai in which Pakistani national Kasab was judged guilty of multiple murders, criminal conspiracy, waging war on Indian State etc. and his two Indian accomplices were acquitted. On TV any number of legal experts appeared and said that it is a forgone conclusion that Kasab as per law in India is likely get death sentence. These legal experts and other political commentators were also unanimous in saying that Kasab will not get respite like the Kashmiri native, Afzal Guru (who is sentenced to death but not hanged for the last 4 years despite Supreme Court upholding his death sentence) because unlike Parliament attack for which Afzal is sentenced, 26/11 has claimed Central Home Minister, Chief Minister and Home Minister of Maharashtra and has generated unprecedented public outrage not only in India but also world over due to foreigners having killed in 26/11.Therefore in view of the above, the Supreme Court / Mumbai High Court should immediately take the cognizance of this matter otherwise the practices and system of entire criminal jurisprudence in India and its sovereignty will come in ridicule and disrepute and under adverse comments in view of the given below:-(1)- Other accused in 26/11 case (non-State and State actors of Pakistan as named by Kasab and Headley who is in USA) were legally expected to be tried with Kasab in view of Section 319 (1) (2) of Cr.P.C. (Criminal Procedure Code). (2)- Though Cr.P.C. grants discretionary powers to the Court under Section 319 (1) Cr.P.C. to either try these new accused with Kasab etc or to try them separately but Section 319 (4) (a) Cr.P.C. mandates that the proceedings in respect of such persons (new accused) shall be commenced afresh and witness re-heard.(3)- Obviously if these new accused are brought to Court from Pakistan then it will be Kasab on whose statement (giving detailed account of the activities of new accused in relation to 26/11 including identification of places where training & other activities were carried out regarding 26/11 by these accused in Pakistan) these Pakistanis would be made accused. Hence these Pakistani new accused will have every legal right to demand from the Court of not only India but also of Pakistan (without which extradition is simply impossible) to cross examine Kasab.(4)- But if by then Kasab is already hanged then no trial of these Pakistani new accused is possible in the Indian or Pakistani Courts. Hem Raj Jain, Greater NOIDA VII Rajasthan Home Minister Shanti Dhariwal has alleged that the BJP 16 months ago suppressed the evidence in possession of Rajasthan Police namely the SIM cards and the details of the mobile phones which could have helped crack the Ajmer blast case at that time. According to him the BJP scuttled the blast probe in order to protect certain groups involved in it. If this charge is true Shanti Dhariwal should not be satisfied with merely casting accusation. He should charge and prosecute the persons involved for the crime against the state. And if the charge is false as alleged by BJP state President Arun Chaturvedi, the BJP should haul Dhariwal over the coals. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West,Mumbai   Indian Muslims are suspect Keeping a proper surveillance and vigil over each of the persons is the prerogative of all the governments, and whithout it, the effective administration cannot be ensured. However, when only one group or community is targetted for this purpose, it definitely depicts some presuppositions and prejudices against it. The same is exactly true about Indian Muslims. On 3rd this month after sunset two L.I.U.( Local Intelligence Unit) persons came to me, saying that they want to collect my personal details and political activities. When I asked them the reason, they simply said that they have instructions to gather information about all the prominent Muslims of the city who are involved in Muslim politics.Anyhow, they evaded the reply when I asked them ‘ Is it about non-Muslims also’?. From my residence they proceeded to Mr. Manzoor Ahmed, a Retired IPS officer and former Vice Chancellor of Agra University who stays a little distant away from me for the same purpose. Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,Lucknow   In the Red corridor, dialogue is the answer The Operation Green Hunt in its sixth or seventh month is farther away from achieving Home ministry’s goal of eliminating Maoists in 2/3 years. KN Rammohan who formed the one man committee inquiring into the Dantewada massacre hardly has anything complimentary to say about the operation and the course the Home ministry has been pursuing. He says that the issue is socioeconomic and an operation should be conducted to set right the wrongs of 1000 years. The military solution is unacceptable. Among other things he wants the government to enforce land ceiling, enact laws which ensure tribals get maximum benefit from forest produce and mining, cut out intermediaries and stamp out corruption. Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh has said that there has been systemic failure in giving the tribals a stake in the modern economic processes that inexorably intrude into their living spaces. Their alienation, he says, has taken a dangerous turn. The suspension of hostilities and opening a dialogue for which the civil society, intellectuals and the NGOs working with tribals should be on government’s agenda. Noted economist and Rajya Sabha member Arjun Sengupta says naxalism is a cry which should be heard. Mahasweta Devi the much revered Bengali writer in her eighties says whatever the issues if Maoists want she is willing to mediate. The Home Ministry has refused to come to table for talks  because of Maoists’ conditions that the state too suspend hostilities and that intellectuals and human rights activists also sit at the table are not acceptable to the government. Instead of giving excuses for avoiding a dialogue, the Ministry should always look out for opportunities for talks. After the Dantewala massacre P. Chidambaram’s attitude has become more inflexible. He says the talks will mock the supreme sacrifice of the 76 jawans. Any interaction the Human Rights groups or intellectuals maintain with the Maoists will be seen as advancing the ideology of a banned outfit and the Home ministry has threatened the intellectuals with 10 years’ imprisonment. The latest news it that the Bengali writer Mahasweta Devi has dared Home Minister to incarcerate her for ten years. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali,Santacruz West, Mumbai   Indian society still biased against Dalits Indian society is riddled with many evil practices, some of which are tantamount to atrocity on one or other section of the Dalit/deprived sections of society. One such atrocity is the manual scavenging; the removal of human excreta by humans, with the minimum aid of brooms, metal scarpers and buckets. This practice was officially supposed to have been banned in 1993 by the Government of India. Official lapses and apathy apart, the surveys by the activists working against this practice show that even now over 14 lakhs of scavengers are still suffering ignominy and nearly 95% of these workers are women. These scavengers are the untouchable section of Dalits, who have been trapped in this occupation as a birth based work. During past decades the pressure of the social movements is forcing the State authorities to abolish this practice and rehabilitate the scavengers. As usual the State response has been half baked and there is a lack of affectivity in the same. The steps of the social movements to advocate, campaign and exert pressure, to ensure that this practice is put to rest is very significant. One knows that the popular opinion and efforts of all sensitive people to end this are needed at this point of time to remove this blot on Indian society, irrespective of its sanction by the Religious Scriptures and traditional practices. Enough is enough, this atrocity on a section of our society has to be stopped forthwith; they need to be rehabilitated to the life of dignity, come what may. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Reason behind deteriorating condition of Muslim Muslims conditions are deteriorating at a rate which are worst than Dalits, observed ex-Justice of Supreme Court Ranganath Mishra. For this, the Government, political parties and Muslim themselves are also responsible. A news item from Virginia (USA) attracts great attention that a grand Mushaira 2010 ‘Arbab-e-Adab’ is to be held on May 1, at Comfort Inn, Dumfries Road, V.A. – 22025 with a Tel No. for enquiries. But on the other hand, news about a coaching institute, Super-30, Patna, giving coaching to 30 poor but intelligent students with fooding and lodging facilities for IIT competition since past 5 years with 99% success results go without much notice. Super-30 mentor Anand Kumar visited Chennai and gave lecture to poor and intelligent students and guided the teachers. It is ironic that while other communities realize the value & importance of time and use it to achieve their goals in life, many Muslims like to spend their time for Mushairas. S. Haque, Patna