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MG   Milli Gazette is the voice of the Indian Muslims and I deeply admire MG. Ibrahim B. Syed, President, Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc., Louisville - 40213 II The Milli Gazette has proved to be a best solution in lieu of stringent print media. It has cremated all the suspicions thriving in one’s mind and demolished the lop-sided ideology of Indian media. May Almighty Allah give it success in every aspect and help its team. Shayan Ghani, Patna III I have been reading this news and views fortnightly voraciously. I look forward to receive your every issue as soon as it is published. I support your every view whole-heartedly. Nurul Islam, West Bengal III Indeed MG should be called Jaam-e-Jahaan Numaa showing everything happening in the world with a lofty longing to make man behave like man - not like Modi. S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh- 392150   Islam does not prohibit intra-gotra marriage Islam does not permit caste or the related gotra system. For the purpose of discouraging this, Islam does not prohibit marriage on grounds except those mentioned in the Quran-e-Karim (chapter 4, Sura Nisa). Apart from the prohibited categories, nikah is permitted between any believing man and believing woman (Wa uhilla lakum ma waraa’a zaalikum: 4.24). Also, the Prophet (s) said in the last sermon that there is no precedence of one person over another in any manner except because of the level of righteousness. Zakat Foundation of India strongly appeals to the Muslims of Haryana to follow Shari’at and should not object to a marriage unless it is un-Islamic.                Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood President, Zakat Foundation of India, New Delhi 110025   We are Indian Muslims Indian Muslims are those who believe in one God. They love Truth. That is a total answer to the questions. Kashmir is a part of India. And Indian Muslims know that there is a dispute. Until we come to a solution, let the present status quo be there. All the illegals should be ousted from India, our land. But it should be on the basis of law and order. While a Bangladeshi Muslim is ousted. A Bangladeshi non- Muslims can’t get special attention. To an Indian, Bangladeshi or anyone else is not an Indian. What one has to dress is his/her individual right. Indians have the freedom to dress burqa or not to dress burqa. Muslim Law is the most modern and it is divine according to them. The law here means only the Personal Law. It has nothing to do with the General Public like Penal Code etc. Let them enjoy their own Freedom in the Personal Laws. There is no priesthood in Islam. Deoband has no right to impose anything on Muslims and Deoband issued no fatwa. Prathiba   Unfit CM                 When an unfit fellow is made CM                 It embarrasses many CMs and every PM                 After filling with blood every field and vale                 Police officers make a line to go to jail                 Thus a coward CM's heinous game for fame                 Gives to India a very bad name. S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh- 392150     Hashimpura Police killing needs justice  Patna High Court Division Bench comprising chief justice Dipak Mishra and Justice Mihir Kumar Jha expressed concern over an incident and passed a suo motto public litigation on the letter written by Arjun Mishra, father of the victim whose son Sarvajit Mishra was killed in Police firing on 15 December 2008.  Police argument was that in self-defence it fired shots and the post-mortem report revealed that Sarvajit was hit by bullet fired from local-made pistol. The judge said that police has to change its working and mentality. The justices concluded that Sarvajit Mishra was killed by police bullet, the state government has to pay Rs 2 lakh compensation. In Mishra case, merely on the basis of a letter judiciary instituted CBI inquiry but when Atif and Sajid were killed by police in a fake encounter, judiciary denies enquiry saying it will be an attack on Police morale. One remembers PAC killing of Hashimpura's 42 Muslim youth on 22 May 1987, the PAC (Licensed Killer) collected these 42 Muslim youths and took them in the name of interrogation to Hindon River and killed them there in cold blood. It is a great shame that after 19 years (August 2006) the statement of the first witness was recorded in court and till date justice eludes the victims. This raises questions on the double standards of judiciary. S. Haque, Patna   Media’s humpty dumpty The Humpty Dumpty pair of Balakrishnan and Wajihuddin of TOI had great fall. Their storm in the teacup fizzled out. Even the so-called liberals could see through their vicious games and English media rose to the occasion with more considered editorials and articles shredding the headline grabbing conspiracy to sow seeds of division in the ranks of Indian Muslims. The following article by a confirmed liberal, Syeda Hameed, delving deep into the whole gimmickry of media manipulation, had come out with insights into what was the real worth of Deoband fatwas and how Deoband was hounded for the ‘crime’ it has not committed. I would think, there is a fit case of defamation on merits against TOI and the two mischief-mongers, which Deoband should proceed with in the courts of law, so that TOI should be more careful in future and refrain from committing deliberate campaign of vilification and division between communities. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   "Plane udne wala hai...? Nurul Huda said and was arrested, released, but actually the lady who complained ud gayee. Questions to be answered by Delhi police: 1. Why the NRI lady was allowed to go? 2. Who is that lady, what is her name? 3. Where is she from? 4. Whether any such woman exists who made such complaint or it is just another hoax created by DP as usual? 5. When the charges were withdrawn finding them false what action was taken against the lady for lodging a false complaint and creating sensation? 6. Whether FIR under section 182 IPC was registered against the NRI lady, for providing false information to a public servant to use his lawful power to the injury of another person? 7. Whether any case was registered against those police and air ways personnals who committed a very serious crime of disrupting normal air traffic under relevant law? 8. Whether the Delhi Police is being greatly influenced by the NRI status of that myterious lady S Farman Ahmad Naqvi(Advocate), Allahabad,U.P.   Hijab is for safeguarding the modesty of Women This is with reference to the wonderful article, “The econmics of Hijab’’ by Dr. Javed Jamil M.G.1-15th May 2010, is an eye opener for not only Muslims but also to the non Muslims. He has authentically narrated the place and the importance of Hijab in a right perspective. Hijab {Veil} is the command of God through Holy Quran for safeguarding the modesty of women. I thank the editor for publishing such fantastic articles like Hijab and Personality Development in order to make aware the youth of India Mohammad Azam, Karimnagar. AP   Who killed Karkare? vs. “Yes, you are guilty” I am amazed to see the sales promotion propaganda of the book (likely to be finalised) “Yes you are guilty” written by Ujjwal Nikam, the council for government in 26/11 Mumbai attack. Mr. Ujjwal Nikam with the book picture was given first page exposure in English and Hindi dailies. But no national or state Hindi and English dailies gave any first page space in even last page space to the book “Who killed Karkare” written by retd. IG Maharashtra SM Mushrif. This difference shows that the media is infected by saffron mentality. S. Haque, Patna   Attempt to tarnish CBI in fake encounter inquiry The lawsuits against the Gujarat police related to the fake encounter killings have landed 15 senior police officials behind the bars. While the Supreme Court ordered CBI inquiry has the potential to indict several prominent politicians and ministers in the Narendra Modi administration. The Home Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Amit Shah, has reportedly gone into hiding fearing arrest by the CBI. In order to subvert and discredit this CBI inquiry, a massive advertising campaign has been launched in the Gujarati media by unknown entities to defame the CBI and dub it with various defamatory labels. This is nothing but an attempt through these advertising campaigns which is aimed to create a political atmosphere where it would not be possible for the CBI to conduct a fair investigation. As such, this constitutes active interference in the judicial investigative process and may result in the subversion of justice. A sincere investigation by the CBI into these fake encounter cases has, for the first time, the potential to implicate many powerful politicians within Narendra Modi’s administration who have been involved in terrorizing minorities in the state of Gujarat. Hence a strong action needs to be taken against the people behind the anonymous entities running the advertising campaign and as it is nothing but a tactic of subverting justice at the altar of manufactured public opinion. However, without the basic security and rule of law, no level of economic progress either lasts or earns the nation a global leadership status it may otherwise deserve. Farzana Z Khan,Nagpur   Shunning of Muslims becomes widespread Two news items, one in Mumbai Mirror of The Times of India and another in Free Press Journal of yesterday, 1st of May 2010 are greatly disturbing to the Muslim community. A couple had rented a flat on the first floor of Chembur’s Venkatesh Sadan from May 1. They had signed the agreement, gone through police verification, and had even shifted their belongings. But on Saturday morning, just minutes before guests were to arrive for a house-warming party starting at 10 am; the flat owner Jyoti Rege called the man to say that he would have to move out. The reason? His name was Khan. Majid Khan. The housing society and locals disapproved of Muslims. The second news item comes from Australia. A firebrand retired politician Pauline Hanson with an intention to move to England listed her house for sale with an estate agent with a stipulation that no Muslim buyer should be entertained. Apparently this slight to the Muslim community was her parting patriotic gesture for Australia because she believed that Muslims are not compatible with “our life and culture” and she believed Muslims will cause problems for the country further down the track. The episodes of Shabana Azmi and Emraan Hashmi, both film actors, not being allowed to buy houses of their choice are not forgotten. Dr. Rafiq Zakaria in his book “Communal Rage in Secular India”: “They should do some introspection and ask whether they have genuinely tried to contribute to the strengthening of Hindu-Muslim relations since Partition. The answer will be no. (Page 191) “Indian Muslims must open their eyes to the ground reality that an increasing number of Hindus have begun to hate them.” (Page 193). “This is not confined to a small section; it has infected the rich as much as the poor; men as much as women; the young as much as the old; even children are no longer free from it.” (Page 201)“This is the ugly reality that Muslims have to face in today’s India. They have to do their best to bring about a change in the hostile attitude of the communal Hindus towards them. This is as much in their interest as that of the nation. Muslims continue to live in a make-believe world of their own. [Page 202] Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai   Is Islam being jeopardised? Islam is the best and the most sacred religion. But these days it is being hijacked at global level by putting label of terrorism, fundamentalism, extremism and all other dreadful synonyms as per their strength and vested interest. A true follower of Islam will under no circumstances indulge in any act of terrorism or anti nationalism. A true Muslim is guided only by Quran and Hadith. According to his qualities he will be awarded hell and heaven. The life in this world is of very short duration. He has to adhere to strictly in discipline, law and order, morality, trade, earnings, dress, food, expenditure etc. The allowed things have to be consumed and forbidden things to be abandoned. He has to abstain from paying and collecting interest, consume alcoholic liquors, prostitutions, robbery snatching and all other malpractices that are forbidden in Islam. If a Muslim is not loyal and faithful with his nation there is no place for him in Islam. Peace is his mission and service should be his motto. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, who eat full belly, when his neighbour is starving, is not related to me. Likewise he ordered to pay the remunerations to a menial before his sweat dries. As per the Holy Qur’an a Muslim has to believe and respect the Prophets Ibrahim (Abraham), Moosa (Moses), Isa (Jesus), Muhammad (PBUH) etc, but should not worship them. He must worship only The Almighty Allah. There is a separate chapter in Holy Qur’an glorified about Mariam (Mary, The Mother of Jesus (PBUH)). Moreover in Holy Qur’an It is said when selling things don’t reduce the weight and measures and consume things not to pake more than the actual weight and measure. Hoardings are totally banned. He ordered to give the proper tax (Zakath) @ 2.5% from his savings without fail. Observations of 30 days fast are compulsory to a Muslim. Islam always follows communal harmony. It never tempts to violence. Let the leaders jointly take steps to lower tensions among youth and create brotherhood among the communities in the countries for which let us pray for a bright and peaceful future. Khan Vellayani, Trivandrum   No Urdu newspapers of Bihar are impartial – why? Media plays an important role in making opinion of the people in any direction they like. They can make a simple issue as a big one and big issue as a negligible one. They are governed by big business houses all over the world. The American and Western Medias are controlled by Jews. Here in India too the electronic and press medias (excluding Urdu newspapers) are in the hands of anti-Muslim forces. The Muslims of India are target of propaganda campaign by the media leading to the outbreak of atrocities against them. The propaganda has made the root in the common non-Muslims mind that they are the people who are not loyal to this country. The problems faced by the Muslims of India have no place in electronic media or press media other than Urdu newspapers. The Urdu newspapers (Bihar) too have lost their impartialities. They publish only those articles which are pro-government. They do not report negative attitude of government in solving the problems faced by the Muslims. The publishers of the Urdu newspapers do not want to annoy the government by publishing anti-Muslim attitude of the government. They are of the opinion that any article which goes against the government (though based on facts) will deprive them from getting tenders. It is also a fact that the Urdu newspapers cannot survive without the income through tender or through wide circulation. Hence it is our duty to widen the circulation of Urdu newspaper. This is a matter of great concern for Muslims as such they have no media; non-Urdu print medias are against the Muslims. Even the Urdu media (newspapers) are pledged to the government. The rich Muslims are responsible for this scenario. They should come forward and publish Urdu Hindi and English newspapers and start TV channels to complete with anti-Muslim propaganda. Al-Haj Syed Fakhruddin Ahmad, Muzaffarpur   Importance of water in Islam Water is of profound importance in Islam. The Arabic word for water ma’ occurs sixty three times in the Quran. Paradise is described as "Gardens beneath which rivers flow." All human beings rely on water for life and good health but, for Muslims, it enjoys special importance for its use in wuzu and ghusl (ablution and bath). Islam accepts that water is life. Clean water is needed for drinking, washing and agriculture. Water is considered a blessing from Allah. Although humans are the most favoured of Allah’s creation, we also are responsible for ensuring that Allah’s gifts are available to all living things. We must not waste water. Allah hates waste. We must learn to save water. It is every Muslim’s duty to save water and save environment because description of paradise is all about environment. The recent awareness of environment is mentioned in Holy Quran. Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat, Gujarat
Media gagged?   Was a Muslim journalist deliberately gagged when Door Darshan (DD) telecast resorted to go off the air at Indian Prime Minister’s Press Conference? Was a deliberate gag manufactured to silence Masoom Moradabai of Urdu newspaper Khabar-e Jadid, when he asked the most crucial question engaging the 200 million Indian Muslims as to how Prime Minister will act on the recommendations of Sachar Commission and Justice Ranganathan Misra Commission reports. The Urdu journalist was the fifth journalist in the line to be given the chance to address the questions to the Prime Minister. However when he posed the sensitive question about Muslim plight, all of a sudden the DD telecast went dead. Can one imagine a national TV Channel to be so inefficient and callous about breakdown in its telecast of Prime Minister’s Press Conference, without some sanction from the authorities? Was the breakdown of the telecast was designed specially to shield the Prime Minister from replying to embarrassing questions about the abject failure of his government?

One can see the last flashes of Prime Minister’s instant distress while the Muslim journalist reeled out the question on behalf of his Urdu newspaper, when the telecast went off the air. Later, TIMES NOW’s Arnab cited one more gag by technical breakdown in the same Press Conference telecast when TIMES NOW representative posed a very uncomfortable question that Prime Minister probably would have found difficult to reply to.

These sequences will point to a possibility towards a deliberate policy by Indian Government that had arranged a rare public relations event of the current Prime Minister’s Press Conference, was to run away from public scrutiny on major issues by blanking out the very live telecast, when Prime Minister was supposed to reply. That is most reprehensive and Prime Minister should clear the air, by appearing to press again and respond to these two blocked out questions that Government is bound to reply in able to take the press and general public in confidence.

As it is Muslims are most worried that Indian National Congress under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is merely playing with the community and has no intention of giving an inch to Muslim’s rightful demands. The recent meeting of Muslim community leaders, including from Jamiat ul Ulama, Jamat e Islami, Majlis e Mushawarat and others with both, the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi is reported to be a dodging game that Congress is old past master of. Both leaders have been arrogant as if they would be doing a favour to the Muslim leaders by even giving them the time to press their demands and that should be the end of it.

India is a democracy, but the way the Prime Minister replied about a job given to him which is not yet complete and unless that is complete, he is not going to retire or resign. The TV channels were agog as to who was the ‘real’ authority that had given him the ‘job’ and apparently he was categorical about Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi not being in the picture, as far as his stay as PM is concerned. It will be a big gaffe, if a perception is formed by press and public that he was referring to an outside power that could have given him the ‘job’ and India’s democracy is just a sham.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai