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Long queue for hall ticket in AMU Ya Allah! Such a long densely crowded queue of students barely 15 years old, melting down in 45 degree Celsius temperature of scorching summer, agony of incessant sweating. All tribulations just for Hall Ticket (Admission Card), for entrance tests of XI/ Dip. Engg of AMU- a University with promises of being made international. But sections of our accomplished alumni, enjoying their lives in US, UK etc would say, "You Indians/ Aligs deserve nothing more than this, you must learn how to live with all these beastly deprivations". Neta type teachers are however able to manage to get admission cards through short cuts/ back doors, trampling upon the queue, therefore, thankful to the whole administration which not only refuses to have Patna as its centre, but also ensures that the Hall Tickets are not delivered in time. (Some say the dispatch started mostly on 10th May only). This long melting queue of the candidates (for AMU administration, read cattles) have journeyed for 15-25 hours, scarcely with rail berths, coming from Bihar, Jharkhand, and now exposed to the hottest summer to collect their Hall Tickets. Girls had their mothers/fathers, some of them old, also. But some morally-intellectually arrogant alumni will ask me not to criticize all these failings of AMU. An alumnus of AMU, former Secretary, AMUSU, and the then Minister of State for HRD, from Bihar, preferred not to have Patna as a centre. JMI, IIT, BHU, CBSE, AIIMS, UPSC and all do have their centres at Patna. Is it ironical? Or disgusting? Or both? How to explain this psychopathic sadism of AMU administration? Zafar Khan, New Delhi-25   End of a heritage tongas in Delhi Decision of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to phase out remaining just 232 tongas out of thousands about four decades ago is a blow to heritage-culture of walled city of Delhi. It is really shocking that the decision comes from a civic body ruled by BJP which talks big about ‘swadeshi’. Instead MCD should have done something extra to finance existing tongawallahas to refurnish and beautifully paint their tongas as part of tourist attraction during forthcoming Commonwealth Games in the capital city. Pakistan has done a lot to save its ancient culture by retaining ancient beauty and cultural heritage in Lahore and elsewhere. Even buses painted and inserted with decorative pictures like were even in India also after independence, can even now been seen plying on Pakistani roads. Even Mumbai’s famous victoria-bugghies were retained as part of tourist-attraction and joy-rides. Likewise tongas in Delhi should be used at selected routes/roads for joy rides and tourist attraction. Even in Agra, only tongas are allowed under park-and-ride system to go near Taj Mahal. Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6   Lot of issues remains unresolved between India and Pakistan In the run up to July Indo-Pak resumption of dialogue, Sherry Rehman (the member of National Security Committee of Pakistan parliament and its former information minister) in a article in prominent India media has expressed lot of pious wishes but it will be better if Sherry and Pakistan concentrate only on those matters which concern Pakistan and can be sorted out (without much international upheavals). As far terrorism and Kashmir problem are concerned these are already heading to such a situation which will stun the entire mankind for the simple reason that both these problems are going to be solved once and for all. When India will insist on extradition of Headley from USA and 20 other Pakistani accused (declare so by Mumbai court which awarded death sentence to Kasab in 26/11) from Pakistan. The diversionary tactics of government of India (of magisterial access to Headley in USA) will simply not satisfy Indians because legally it is meaningless as far as bringing all the accused of 26/11 to justice. When Pakistan will insist on extradition of Kasab without which extradition of 20 other Pakistani accused is legally impossible. Regarding river water sharing issue, Pakistan is at receiving end because these rivers originate from India. But similar is India’s position regarding rivers (such as Brahmputra) which are in India (and also in Bangladesh) but originate from China. Therefore India will readily agree for a commission (having members from China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh including the member’s expert on international law especially on water sharing issues). Hem Raj Jain,Greater NOIDA   Shinning Bihar Ruling parties (secular JD (U)+RSS political wing (BJP) established NDA to get power. JD (U) led coalition Nitish Kumar is head. Like shining India, Bihar shining image is being built with the help of Brahmin dominated media but is following to RSS agenda. RSS planned demolition of Babri Masjid on 6th December. 6 December is the date of BR Ambedkar birth, this day Dalits celebrate and Muslim observe black day. RSS made plan to develop conflicts between Muslims and Dalits. In Bihar, Jehanabad administration constructed SC/ST hostel on the Land of Urdu Middle School. Is this secularism and burning example of shining Bihar? Boundary of Primary School at Bahadurpur under Naubatpur Block encroached Qabristan. Maha dalit of Andauli Village, Kishan Pur Block, Soupaul with the help of circle officer captured Qabristan land. This is Sushashan? S. Haque, Patna   Commonwealth Games a litmus test for authorities concerned 'As of today the Commonwealth Games in October are a disaster'. This was a startling confession made by a very senior member of the 2010 Delhi Organising Committee. The warning bells are there for everyone to see if you look closely and beyond the tall claims that are being made every day by the officials. Sports Minister MS Gill has been promising games better than the Beijing Olympics and with better facilities. For him every venue is better than Beijing. Mr Minister, if we can come near even 50 percent of what Beijing achieved then it will be a miracle. Since February Delhi has been hosting various test events and needless to say that each and every one of them have been an organizational disaster. The overwhelming view prevalent at the moment is that the stadiums are running behind schedule and infrastructure projects are not complete. Remember what Mike Fennel and the Commonwealth Games Federation said in October last. They seriously questioned the Organising Committee's ability to deliver successful games. And based on the test events so far they have every right to be worried. Knowing people like Suresh Kalmadi, Randhir Singh and Lalit Bhanot personally it is easy to see how many hours they put in trying to ensure that everything runs perfect. But the minute you step out of their office rooms and go to other offices, you will find terrible lack of coordination with the classic case of 'the right hand not knowing what the left is doing'. Wake up people! The Common Wealth Games are meant to make us proud but at the moment it feels like they will be nothing but an embarrassment to us. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur   Maoist Menace It is hard to fight out terrorists but harder to the betrayer – the Indian Maoists, who are brought up, nurtured in the beloved country but leaving no stone unturned to weaken it. India has been facing newer challenges by every passing day. It has been facing terror challenges, pressure to increase literacy rate, eradicate food scarcity, improve law and order situation, international pressure of nuclear summit, etc. At the time such Maoist attacks shake the nation to the core. It has been seen that after the untoward incident illegitimate pressure is mounted to the home minister for failing to protect the lives of police personnel as well as non-combatants. It is quite unfair because a home minister is also a human being not equipped with supernatural qualities to reach to every corner of the country before the unfortunate incident takes place. After the attack the Union Government might be thinking of launching some offensive schemes and anti Naxal squads to root out the menace forever. It would be possible but not quite certain. But if the government launches some defensive schemes and pro-Aadivasi and tribal squads it is likely that it will yield some fruitful results. Shafaque Alam, New Delhi   PC’s fresh offer of talks is of no use This could be a futile effort to offer talks to Maoists. This experiment was already done in AP some years before. That yielded no results. This shows the under rating of the movement. The best solution lies in the Islamic principle of Zakat and forbidding the collection of interest on loans. Instead of using the police or CRP Mr. Chidambaram should take the help of NGOs of the country who voluntarily come forward to take up this Herculean task of approaching the Maoists and help them in their programme of economic equality. All the rich persons from the state make contributions to upgrade the conditions of the poor youths in the state the government can add some funds to their welfare schemes. These schemes are prepared with the consultations of Maoists. No police, CID, SPOS or government officers are posted in this venture. Let the Maoists stick to their arms but they will not use their arms against the NGO’s personnel’s. Let Mr. Chidambaram use this methodology and see favourable results. There is no use of using the police or army. Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi,Gulbarga   Chidambaram’s wonky operation? The whole approach of the “Operation Green Hunt” is wrong. It is a socio economic issue for which a military solution is unacceptable. How can you kill your own people? An operation should be conducted to set right the wrongs of 1000 years. The Government does not want to touch the net of corruption. So joint operations are resorted to. The spin-offs from the sale of tendu leaves in Chhattisgarh and AP reach right up to Delhi. Enforce land ceiling, enact laws which ensure tribals get maximum benefit from forest produce and mining, cut out intermediaries and stamp out corruption” “How can you get actionable intelligence from the ground if you treat people there like dirt?” “I feel BSF would have been better at counter-insurgency operation.” This is not any Arundhati Roy speaking while walking with comrades. Nor is it an outburst of any Himanshu working among Adivasis. These are the words of former Director General of BSF KN Rammohan who has submitted his report on Dantewada massacre on Home ministry’s instructions. Hardly the words the Home Minister would be happy to hear. “It is an absolutely wonky idea,” said Rammohan when asked about P Chidambaram’s plan of lateral entry of Central Paramilitary Force into Indian Police Service. Can we hope that P. Chidambaram will now think of suspending this operation which may not be Operation Green Hunt; and think of opening a dialogue? Dr Mookhi Amir Ali,Santacruz West, Mumbai   Tharoor and Jairam Ramesh became a soft target What do Shashi Tharoor and Jairam Ramesh have in common? Both are incredibly bright, articulate men with impressive profiles. They represent the best class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect. And yet, both these fine representatives of India’s liberal and cosmopolitan traditions find themselves under siege in a political milieu that appears to share an uneasy relationship with the English-speaking professional turned politician. Tharoor was undone by the seeming impropriety of having acquired sweat equity for his sweetheart without informing the world. Ramesh is being pilloried for having questioned the Home Ministry’s policies towards China. Both are perhaps guilty of forgetting their constitutional responsibilities as union ministers. Tharoor paid for it by being banished from a ministry which could have benefited from his wide experience as a global diplomat. Ramesh may yet pay the price of his indiscretion by being switched from an environment ministry which has acquired a renewed energy and a forward-looking profile under his leadership. For the traditional, feudal Indian politician, who survives on caste and family loyalties, Tharoor and Ramesh are gatecrashers into a closed system. The duos are threat to the prevailing political order because they challenge the status quo: neither are they dynasts who are the beneficiaries of being the sons and daughters of politicians nor are they caste chieftains who will nurture their vote banks. They are instead, like millions of others, children of middle class Indians who have become upwardly mobile through scholarship and hard work. Indeed, if politics is to prove aspiration and attract the best talent, then it is important that the likes of Tharoor and Ramesh succeed. Mohd Ziyallah Khan, Nagpur   Learn a lesson from History Wise persons learn lessons from history. History bears testimony to the fact that brave Afghans are invincible. In 1839, colonial super power the British had invaded Afghanistan. Puppet monarch Shah Shuja was placed on the Kabul throne. The Afghans refused to be controlled by any foreign power. A full-scale rebellion against British invaders broke out and two most senior British envoys were murdered. On the disastrous retreat that followed 18000 East India Company troops were slaughtered by Afghan fighters. It was greatest humiliation ever suffered by a western army in the east. In late 20th century, Soviet Union invaded and captured Afghanistan but met the same fate. The Taliban freedom fighters with America’s moral and material help defeated and expelled Soviet invaders. Later on Soviet Union was disintegrated. Now the same brave Taliban freedom fighters are being termed as terrorists by American-NATO combine who has been staging dance of death and destruction in Afghanistan. History is repeating itself and they would meet the fate of Soviet Union.             G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara(MS)   USA needs to redefine federalism There couldn’t have been worst time than this for prominent media reports to appear that ‘Arizona law (for tackling illegal immigrants) splits US wide open’ and ‘Los Angeles boycott Arizona and other States may follow suit’. When the entire world acquiesced to the trend of unethical huge bailouts & fiscal deficit started by USA and emulated by other countries then it was argued that otherwise global financial / banking system will destabilize and collapse and this will be fatal to global economic order. Now what these reports of deep political differences and disturbances in USA on Arizona law means for the recovery of global financial / economical order is any body’s guess. Therefore it is also moral global responsibility of Obama to set the house in order and to take effective measure for the political stabilization of USA. USA is in urgent need for constitutional amendment in view of the reported economic boycott of Arizona by LA (and likely such by others), Obama aught to immediately summon ‘Constituent Body’ to amend US Constitution. In a nutshell USA should take commensurate territory from Mexico etc. before Obama or any other State or Local Body or US citizen criticizes said Arizona Law. Fortunately for Obama situation is not at all daunting from within USA, because as per media reports 73 % of Americans support harsh anti-alien bill as per study published by reputed Research Centre of USA. Hem Raj Jain,Greater NOIDA   Mean-minded media What a mean-mindedness! They blacked out recent Mid-May news. Almost in all big cities in Pakistan rallies against USA and Israel were taken out and the flags of both the countries were burnt. Only Iran Radio gave this news. Down with all truth-suppressors. S. Akhtar , Khanpur Deh, Gujarat   The Krishna-Qureshi dialogues be open As reported that joint discussions between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan is being held in the month of July. The people of India and Pakistan are very anxious to know the concrete results of the meet of the two nuclear power and neighbouring countries. In the past the two countries have fought two wars that resulted in internecine. In these meet at least minor issues can be settled. The dialogues must be open to all the viewers of India and Pakistan. The TV channels of India and Pakistan should relay the proceedings of the both sides. We have passed the right of information bill in our parliament. The Pakistan minister will also agree to this proposal. The parties will participate seriously and sincerely in the discussions to solve the long pending disputes between the two neighbouring countries Dr Maqdoomi Gulbarga Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi,Gulbarga   Belgium bans burqa Belgium has become the first country in the European peninsula to impose ban on wearing burqa, passing a bill in the lower house of Parliament. If the bill is enacted as law the women, if spotted clad in burqa, will be fined 25 pounds or face a week of captivity in jail. The Belgium government’s statement indicates the move as a concrete step towards liberation of womanhood. But the worldwide reactions indicate it as a step towards unveiling the modesty of womanhood rather than liberating them. Some fear that burqa is a security threat as it can help to conceal weapons which could lead to untoward incidents. This fear cannot be ruled out, but if recent terror attacks are analysed one can hardly find a burqa clad woman behind the plot. Islam does not impose burqa on a woman. In religious scriptures burqa is cited as the adornment of women. Hence most of the Muslim women willingly prefer themselves to clad with it. It is unpleasant to see that the more we are being civilised the shorter being our clothes – from sari to salwar-kameez to pants to shorts to bikinis. But no one imposes ban or even thinks it immoral and vitiating, rather such women are encouraged to do so in the name of women empowerment. Such so-called advocates of women empowerment plead that women have legitimate right to wear as they like. If this is the logic then the women who willingly want to clad themselves in burqa must not be barred from their legitimate right. Shafaque Alam,New Delhi
Ex-Cong. MP becomes BJP State President
Dr. C.P. Thakur is an ex-M.P. elected on Congress ticket from Patna. When he lost, he quit Congress and joined BJP. He was sharp enough to foresee that after Bhagalpur anti-Muslim riot of 1989 the Congress graph would nose-dive. In 1985 election, 200 Congress MLAs won but now Congress has only 10 MLAs (2005-10). On 23 April, Dr. C.P. Thakur became the BJP State President. We have seen cooperation between BJP and Congress for 33% Women Reservation Bill. Why? Incidentally Kishore Kunal, who is now the President of Bihar Dharmik Nyas Parishad, was once with the Special Cell directly under Prime Minister Narsimha Rao for Babri Masjid-Ramjanambhoomi dispute. What a co-incidence and unity between Congress and BJP (RSS). S. Haque, Patna