Katju Tears Apart “Sons-Of-The-Soil” Theory

Thane: Press Council of India Chairman Markandey Katju has trashed the “sons-of-the-soil” theory, saying people propagating such concepts should be ostracised.

“What is this sons-of-the-soil theory of some political leaders here (in Maharashtra)? Who do they think are the original inhabitants of this land? Even the Marathis are from outside. Their theory of only Marathi people being sons of (the) soil is completely anti-national and clearly violates constitutional provisions,” he said.

The retired Supreme Court Judge, without naming anyone, said people who were propagating such theories should be ostracised.

“Except tribal communities, none of us are the original inhabitants of this land. These people first targeted South Indians in Mumbai, and then they attacked Biharis and other North Indians. The Constitution gives everyone the right to stay anywhere in this country. Such violators of the Constitution should be kicked out of social circles.” He was speaking at a symposium on ‘Unity in diversity’ in the powerloom town of Bhiwandi near here on Sunday night.

The PCI chief called for unification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. “The time is not far off when these three countries will come together as one nation, like before, under the leadership of a secular government,” said Katju, adding that he considered Pakistan a “fake” country created by the British to divide people of the Indian sub-continent.

The eminent Judge slammed India and Pakistan over the condition of minorities in both countries. “A civilised society is judged by the condition of minorities in it. Both India and Pakistan have failed on this front as neither of them has been able to give a fair environment to its minorities.”

Katju, who is often in news for his statements, said he is not publicity hungry. “Seeking publicity is a form of vulgarity. I dont chase publicity, but if controversy chases me, what can I do? When I see something wrong, I will continue to speak out as a citizen of India. I have no desire to be in politics or create a vote bank.”