JIH raises national and international issues

New Delhi: Jamaat-e Islami Hind (JIH) raised a number of national and international issues during its monthly interaction with the media on 4 May.  

Indo-Chinese Relations
JIH said that India and China, on the basis of their populations, economic and political power etc., are among the most important countries in the world, and China is our neighbour as well. The combined population of the two countries is over 2.5 billion and this consists of more than one-third of the human population. It is of much importance to us that our relations with our neighbours remain cordial and peaceful. This is in our own interest and also necessary for world peace.

JIH noted that a border dispute has emerged at Daulat Beg Oldi in the North-Eastern region on the Ladakh border. It is a matter of grave concern that Chinese army has established military outposts on the Indian side of the actual line of control (ALC). This is in contravention of international principles. It is natural that grave concern is being expressed in our country. But it appears that some politicians are busy accentuating the issue so much so that China is being dubbed as our biggest enemy. This is not the right line of thinking. Cordial relations with our neighbours are in our interest. The real requirement of patriotism, instead of adopting a sentimental attitude or talking of armed response, is to solve the differences with mutual dialogue. The parties should desist from making statements which can further sour the relations between the two neighbouring countries.

JIH statement said that owing to worsening relations, both the countries will have to spend more on defence which will pose an extra burden on the poor people. JIH expects of the wise and sagacious diplomats of India and China to solve this border dispute in a cordial way so as to help cordial and lasting relations grow between the two countries.

 Reacting to the tragic death of the Indian Prisoner Sarabjit Singh in a Pakistani jail, JIH said that the assault on the Indian prisoner by jail inmates which resulted in his death was most unfortunate and condemnable. Likewise the attack on a Pakistani prisoner in Jammu jail by some unscrupulous inmates is equally unfortunate and condemnable. It is theresponsibility of each state to behave humanely with its prisoners. It is the duty of jail authorities that they must protect prisoners according to law, but sadly they are exposed to inhuman behaviour.

JIH further said that America, which claims to be the champion of human rights but kept about 700 persons in its infamous  Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba since the past 11 years, and later transferred a majority of them to torture houses in other countries. It is still keeping 166 persons, against whom there is no charge, and now more than 100 of them are on an indefinite hunger strike. JIH demanded that these prisoners should be released forthwith.

JIH also raised the issue of the jail inmates in Yerwada Jail of Pune killed an under-trial Qateel Siddiqui of Darbhanga in June 2012. JIH asked the National Commission for Human Rights to thoroughly probe this callous crime, punish the guilty and offer an adequate compensation to the victim.

JIH expressed its surprise that a large section of media in our country continues to write about the assault on Sarabjit but maintained silence on the murder of Qateel Siddiqui. JIH demenade that these double-standards need to be corrected.

On the outbreak of sexual crimes and obscenity, JIH said that the  way news of sexual assaults on innocent girls is being published has caused grave concern to the thinking persons in the country. Huge demonstrations, sit-ins, rallies, hunger strikes, articles in newspapers and TV discussions are going on to demand an end to such crimes and advocating stringent punishment in order to contain them. However, this bestial crime is not showing any sign of abating. Figures say that 48,338 cases of sexual assault on children were registered during 2001-2011. In 2001 the figure was 2,113, which rose to 7,111 with 336% increase in 2011. It remains a fact that only 25% cases of rape are registered while 75% cases do not come to light due to different reasons, and even in the case of registered cases only 3% culprits are punished.

Severely criticising these shocking incidents, JIH said such incidents cannot come to an end unless and until all the factors that lead to such crimes are checked. JIH drew the attention of both the government and the masses towards their respective responsibilities. The government should ban alcohol and other intoxicating substances, blue films and obscene literature while the masses should check obesity and revealing clothes. Besides, it is also necessary that moral education is made mandatory in the educational system. JIH said that free mixing of men and women too should be curtailed and stringent laws are enacted.

R D Nimesh Commission Report
JIH said that in its manifesto of Uttar Pradesh elections, Samajwadi Party had promised to release Muslim youths arrested on false and concocted charges of terrorism. In this regard, the then Mayawati government, under much public pressure, had formed the RD Nimesh Commission, which, in its report submitted last year said that Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Qasmi, languishing in jails for the last five years, were innocent. The Akhilesh Yadav government has failed to  table this report in the Assembly as yet. But human rights organisations have obtained this report and put it on their websites.

JIH demanded that Samajwadi Party respect its promises made to the public and formally present the action taken on the Nimesh Commission Report. This will pave the way for the release of innocent Muslim youths implicated in false cases.